Boise State football team returns to BCS standings at No. 22

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State returned to the Bowl Championship Series standings at No. 22 on Sunday after missing two weeks. The Broncos are 30th in the computers, but did well enough in the polls (see below) to crack the top 25.

Kent State is the only other non-BCS team in the standings. The Golden Flashes are No. 23.

Arizona is No. 24, which could set up a BCS Top 25 matchup in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas between the Wildcats and Broncos.

Here are the full standings.


The Boise State football team remained at No. 22 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll on Sunday.

The Broncos gained 82 points — about 50 percent — in voting, which could help them move back into the Bowl Championship Series standings today.

The other non-BCS teams in the rankings are Northern Illinois at No. 23 and Kent State at No. 25. Utah State is 26th and Louisiana Tech is tied for 28th.

The Broncos moved up two spots in the Harris poll to No. 21. They gained 102 points, about a one-third increase. Northern Illinois is No. 24 and Kent State is No. 25.

Boise State is in a three-way tie for 27th with Northwestern and Washington in the voting for The Associated Press Top 25. The Broncos are behind No. 23 Kent State, No. 24 Northern Illinois and No. 25 (tie) Utah State.


If Arizona beats Arizona State this week, the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas could have an interesting decision between USC and Arizona. USC would finish 7-5 if it loses to Notre Dame; Arizona would finish 8-4 with a win. And the teams are in opposite situations — the Trojans’ season is a disappointment and their quarterback might be hurt; the Wildcats’ season is a success and a new coach has energized the program.

If the Pac-12 doesn’t get two teams into the BCS — Oregon’s loss makes it likely that the conference will — then MAACO could end up with an even better option, like Oregon State. There is little chance the game would opt for Boise State-Washington.


The Broncos rank in the top 10 nationally in pass defense (third), turnover margin (third), scoring defense (sixth), total defense (eighth) and pass-efficiency defense (fourth). They allow 293.3 yards and 14.4 points per game.

The offense is 50th with 30.7 points per game.


Here is the full AP poll:

Record Pts Pv
1. Notre Dame (60) 11-0 1,500 3
2. Alabama 10-1 1,399 4
3. Georgia 10-1 1,316 5
4. Ohio St. 11-0 1,292 6
5. Oregon 10-1 1,246 1
6. Florida 10-1 1,171 7
7. Kansas St. 10-1 1,064 2
8. LSU 9-2 1,048 8
9. Texas A&M 9-2 1,028 9
10. Florida St. 10-1 1,026 10
11. Stanford 9-2 991 14
12. Clemson 10-1 874 11
13. South Carolina 9-2 795 12
14. Oklahoma 8-2 734 13
15. UCLA 9-2 624 17
16. Oregon St. 8-2 599 15
17. Nebraska 9-2 559 16
18. Texas 8-2 498 18
19. Louisville 9-1 362 20
20. Michigan 8-3 282 23
21. Rutgers 9-1 265 22
22. Oklahoma St. 7-3 240 NR
23. Kent St. 10-1 155 25
24. N. Illinois 10-1 144 NR
25. Mississippi St. 8-3 82 NR
25. Utah St. 9-2 82 NR
Others receiving votes: Boise St. 20, Northwestern 20, Washington 20, Arizona 13, Southern Cal 12, Tulsa 10, San Jose St. 8, Fresno St. 7, Louisiana Tech 4, Wisconsin 4, San Diego St. 2, Baylor 1, Iowa St. 1, TCU 1, Vanderbilt 1.


Here’s the full USA Today poll:

Record Pts Pvs
1. Notre Dame (56) 11-0 1,469 3
2. Alabama (2) 10-1 1,386 5
3. Georgia (1) 10-1 1,348 4
4. Oregon 10-1 1,227 1
5. Florida St. 10-1 1,199 6
6. Florida 10-1 1,166 7
7. LSU 9-2 1,062 8
8. Kansas St. 10-1 1,056 2
9. Clemson 10-1 1,029 9
10. Texas A&M 9-2 994 10
11. Stanford 9-2 934 13
12. South Carolina 9-2 853 11
13. Oklahoma 8-2 798 12
14. Nebraska 9-2 654 14
15. Texas 8-2 593 15
16. UCLA 9-2 590 16
17. Oregon St. 8-2 563 17
18. Louisville 9-1 453 18
19. Rutgers 9-1 408 20
20. Michigan 8-3 289 23
21. Oklahoma St. 7-3 258 24
22. Boise St. 9-2 243 22
23. Northern Illinois 10-1 149 NR
24. Mississippi St. 8-3 99 NR
25. Kent St. 10-1 86 NR
Others Receiving Votes: Utah State 74; Northwestern 59; Louisiana Tech 36; Washington 36; Southern California 14; Tulsa 14; San Jose State 7; San Diego State 6; Arizona 5; Vanderbilt 4; Wisconsin 4; Fresno State 3; Middle Tennessee 3; Arkansas State 2; Cincinnati1; Texas Tech 1.


Here’s my AP ballot. I spent a lot of time on No. 2 and decided on Ohio State. I’ve been skeptical of the Buckeyes all year, but Saturday showed the value and difficulty of winning all your games. Plus, I just don’t like the other options — all have pretty significant flaws in their resumes. I’ve had some people question Alabama over Oregon because Oregon’s loss was better (it was). But I’m more concerned about wins — and Alabama has two wins (Michigan, LSU) better than any of Oregon’s wins. At the bottom, I finally forgave Kent State for its loss to Kentucky because it needs to be ahead of Rutgers. As I’ve said a couple times, Boise State needs to look impressive against Nevada to get back onto my ballot.

1 Notre Dame
2 Ohio State
3 Alabama
4 Oregon
5 Georgia
6 Florida
7 Stanford
9 Texas A&M
10 Kansas State
11 South Carolina
12 Florida State
13 Clemson
14 Oklahoma
15 Oregon State
17 Nebraska
18 Texas
19 Michigan
20 Louisville
21 Arizona
22 Oklahoma State
23 Washington
24 Kent State
25 Rutgers

Dropped out: Texas Tech, USC, Wisconsin, Louisiana Tech
Also considered: Utah State, Northern Illinois, Boise State, Northwestern

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Is Ohio State eligible for the AP NC trophy?

NC Trophy

Yes, because the AP doesn't have to vote the winner of the NC game as the champion. A split decision has happened before - I think that the last one was about ten years ago.

Ohio State

Yes. But the BCS champion is going to have such a huge advantage in quality wins that it would be difficult to justify voting for the Buckeyes.

Ohio State

Can qualify for a split National Championship by being #1 in the AP poll at the end of the bowl season. This is highly unlikely, considering Alabama, Georgia, & Notre Dame are all ahead and one of them will likely win out. This would be a good year for an 8 team playoff, not 4!

Chadd I cannot believe you dont have us in thr Tpp 15

The announcers yesterday are sold on us now! Southwick has matured to the point we are a Top 10 team at this immediatel juncture. Please support our Broncos!

The announcers were pretty humous

at times.

Φ Woodson wasn't too bad

and I don't remember who the other guy was.

At least the ever-growing sports arms of the networks (meaning primarily CBS and NBC) seem to be finding some ex-players who are relatively articulate. That was probably the C team that came to Boise for NBCSports ... not because of quality, but they are relatively new. Rod Gilmore matured greatly as an announcer/analyst while doing a bunch of BSU games. Now we're seeing him in very prominent roles for ESPN.

btw - Did you see the comedy by Ed Hochuli today during OT of the Cleveland-Dallas game? If that doesn't make any of the "funniest moments in the NFL" for the year (RIP Steve Sabol), I will be amazed. Hochuli goes over to the hood to review a play (catch/drop) that was not reviewable. Dierdorf commented on it even before Hochuli made the hood. So, Ed takes his time, comes back on the field, and announces (while laughing) that the play stood because it wasn't reviewable. And, says he wasn't actually under the hood reviewing the play ... when 70,000 people saw it. Dierdorf says, "Yes you were, Ed." On the very next play, a similar catch/drop situation occurs and Ed calls an officials' TO to review that play. Extremely funny.

Agree, Woodson does a pretty good job...

Can't stand Gilmore. He's a condescending PAC 12 homer.

Φ "You were under the hood, Ed."

Video of Hochuli "not reviewing" the play.

Knew someone would post it.

The BCS to the is the gift that keeps on


Boise State at #22 just before Nevada, just as I predicted....

Why? because I feel the BCS wants a non-AQ in the BCS Bowls before the system is gone....and they probably owe Boise one, no doubt for 2011....

Yes San Jose clobbered BYU and MSU lost again....and yes, Boise plays teams with 52 wins and 81 losses, but there is still an outside shot at BCS Bowl....

Boise v Washington in MAACO ????

So if BSU can take care of business

next week. They will finish the season in the BCS top-25 for the 9th time in the last 10 years (prior 2003 they only provided the top-15).

There are now only 4 teams in the country that have finished the season in the BCS top-25 in nine of the past ten years.

Boise State

Pretty amazing accomplishment no matter how you look at it.

For the record....

(?) 2012
7 11-1 2011
10 11-1 2010
6 13-0 2009
9 12-0 2008
24 10-2 2007
8 12-0 2006
9 11-0 2004
17 12-1 2003

Pretty good doubt BCS shafted Boise


Who knows, Boise has a very outside shot at top 16 and Nebraska losing twice?

Now it looks like either Washington, USC, Arizona, or Stanford v Boise in MAACO....

Interesting 3 weeks coming to say the least....

Why did you drop Wisconsin?

Why did you drop Wisconsin? That was a battle against undefeated Ohio State!

What's the deal with Nevada?

Does anyone have insight to how good they really are?
10/20/12 vs. San Diego State * Reno, Nev. L, 39-38
10/26/12 at Air Force * Colorado Springs, Colo. L, 48-31
11/10/12 vs Fresno State * Reno, Nev. L, 52-36

And they lost to South Florida earlier in the season. Just wondering if anyone has a line on the wolfpack this year relative to the Broncos?

BSU keeps reloading

Another verbal commitment from a 3 star DT. Keep them coming coaches.

I'd give you the name, but I want the Statesman to have a chance to earn their keep.



Florida should be ranked as the best one-loss team with wins over Texas A&M, LSU, and South Carolina. Oregon has 0 wins over ranked teams. Georgia has only the win over Florida in a pathetic schedule. The BCS shouldn't be a beauty contest. Isn't strength of schedule all we've heard about the last few years? And Chad, I'm glad to see you are one of the few who sees what a sham Florida State is.

Florida State will beat