An Old Book -- New Again

If you are not familiar with Idaho author, Laura Lee Guhrke, let me introduce her to you via an eBook reprint of one of her earlier books.

To Dream Again 

Laura Lee Guhrke

eBook release 2011

eBook: $3.99

Publication Date: August 29, 2011

Laura Lee Guhrke writes historical romances. This book was previously published as a paperback but she recently re-issued it as an e-Book. She is a strong writer, including many details about the era of her story that demonstrates her talent in story-telling.

In this book, Mara Elliott is set to lose the factory she has poured her heart and soul into. It was her husband's factory but he was more interested in leaving her to run it while he searched for treasure and adventure. In the four years since she had last seen him, she had worked hard and had just succeeded in pulling the business into the black, when she receives news that her husband had died in America.

Unknowns to her, while in America, her husband had formed a partnership with inventor Nathaniel Chase to use the factory to manufacture toys. Nathaniel arrives just as the bank holding the business loan on the factory calls it in, unwilling to trust their investment to a woman's business acumen. Nathaniel offers to honor the contract and pay off the factory's note, if she will use her factory to begin toy production.

Left with no other choice, Mara reluctantly accepts his help, knowing that she once again will be left trying to run a company with a dreamer.
This book is about second chances, following a dream, and learning to love again. A very sweet love story.  

My rating: 5 out of 5