Boise State 42, Colorado State 14 (final)

By Brian Murphy

First quarter

BSU — D.J. Harper 80 run (Michael Frisina kick), 12:18. Drive: 1 play, 80 yards, :12. Boise State 7, Colorado State 0

BSU — Harper 2 run (Frisina kick), 6:52. Key play: Quarterback Joe Southwick rolled to the right and flipped to fullback Dan Paul wide open in the flat. Paul rumbled for 24 yards. A Colorado State personal foul pushed the ball to the Rams’ 14-yard line. Drive: 7 plays, 54 yards, 3:17. Boise State 14, Colorado State 0

Second Quarter

BSU — Chris Potter 12 run (Frisina kick), 11:48. Key plays: Southwick completed four straight passes for 44 yards to get into Colorado State territory. He added a 10-yarder to Harper and a 13-yarder to Kirby Moore. Drive: 9 plays, 81 yards, 2:19. Boise State 21, Colorado State 0

BSU — Matt Miller 5 pass from Southwick (Frisina kick), 4:14. Key plays: Freshman tailback Jay Ajayi carried three times for 43 yards, including a 24-yarder on which he broke several tackles. Drive: 6 plays, 55 yards, 2:17. Boise State 28, Colorado State 0

BSU — Holden Huff 18 pass from Southwick (Frisina kick), 1:35. Key play: Boise State took over at the Colorado State 37-yard line thanks to an interception by defensive end Demarcus Lawrence. Drive: 3 plays, 37 yards, :35. Boise State 35, Colorado State 0

Third Quarter

BSU — Grant Hedrick 1 run (Frisina kick), 11:19. Key plays: Southwick found Huff running down the left sideline for a 33-yard gain. Potter gained 11 yards on a wildcat run. Drive: 7 plays, 75 yards, 3:41. Boise State 42, Colorado State 0

Fourth quarter

CSU — Marquise Law 30 pass from Conner Smith (Roberts kick), 4:09. Key plays: Shaq Bell recovered a fumble by Boise State punt returner Chris Potter on the Boise State 40. Law caught his TD pass on fourth-and-12. Drive: 4 plays, 28 yards, 1:13.

Pregame notes

• Boise State will wear black helmets, along with black pants and blue jerseys, against Colorado State on Senior Day. The black helmets were a hit with players when Boise State wore them for a "black out" against UNLV.

• Safety Lee Hightower and tight end Hayden Plinke are out for Saturday's game with Colorado State.

• Cornerback/special teams player Hazen Moss is not dressed out for the game. Moss has missed the last few games with injuries.

I didn't know BSU could wear

I didn't know BSU could wear a blue jersey at home conference games. They just can't wear all blue?

Sorry to be negative, but...

The 'black' helments / uni's don't belong. Stick with an identity. I know the uniforms don't make a difference how the Bronco's play and we have a great winning tradition. But the uniforms are a big part of the brand identity. Believe it or not, people in the rest of the country know and respect Boise State, but they expect two things, predominantly blue uniforms and blue turf. IMHO, all the different uniform combinations look schizo and seem small time.


you are a player or recruit who think they are very cool and like the uniform opportunities that come from Nike. They definitely don't think it's "small time".

Nike's overrated, my high school did fine in Riddel and Pumas.

Or was it Bike?


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Good luck to the last of the 2007 recruiting class...

The last home game of the unbelievable recruiting class of 2007

Mitch Burroughs
D.J. Harper
Dan Paul
Cory Yriarte

2007 - Coach Pete's second recruiting class:

29 recruits, 21 became BSU starters, 10 currently in the NFL.

Φ I will be surprised

if Jamar plays any more today.

CSU is pretty bad.

[Ooops, wrong. Short-term doghouse sentence.]

One thing for sure

Best play calling of the year. Even the plays that didn't work were good calls....

And it's about darn time,

because I was starting to get very impatient. Of course, patience has never been one of my strong suits....Sunny...

Φ Think it's safe

to put that rope back in the barn.

BSU will handle Nevada, no problem. Wouldn't be surprised to see New Mexico come back to beat the Pack today (21-17 Pack, early 3rd).

Φ Dont' get carried away.

Almost anything ... practically everything ... works against CSU. That defense is slowwww and the secondary looks like a fire drill.

I'll agree there seems to be better variety and imagination. Bodes well for the Nevada game.

Ever notice that the Always Awry Assn. (particularly its Fearless Leader brandishing his BAA number) are never around to comment how well their adopted team is doing? Big boosters, big fundraisers, big fans, big-time BAA members ... only around to carp before and after, but never during games. In all likelihood they are, right now, curled and cringing that Bronco Bob and BSU are off to another 10-win season.


It's not just that it is CSU. The play calling has been much more diverse and few run up the guts. I thought the Ajayi sweep on 4th down was a great call (it didn't get the first though).

Φ So what you are saying

is that Prince has been reading your posts, in their entirety? He has adjusted his play charts, sequences, diversifications, and gut feelings, and helmet color after reading your myoptics?

And he values your posts and takes them to heart and doesn't view them as "dribble"?

CSU D is terrible laterally, primarily because of no speed. That's why everything is working.

You didn't know?

Prince and I meet once a week at county fairs around the state to discuss play calling as well as BAA membership drives.....

This is what it sounds like...

When Doves Cry?


Nothing happened and what if it did?

It looks like the liberal

It looks like the liberal drug state is losing BIG time to BSU. RIGHT ON! :)

Φ Did you happen to notice

that the other "liberal drug state" represented by the Washington Huskies just dropped the Colorado Ralphies, 38-3?

Depends where it's grown, huh?



yes the libs want us to pay it all....

If you want it all you have to PAY it all.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Φ Nailed !!!!

Right in the middle of the 3rd quarter.

The paywall is up and running. What excellent timing!! I had the feeling it would happen before Sunday's edition.

Signup clearly states you autopay on your card $6.95/month after the first unless you cancel ... if you elect the $.99 first-month trial.

Here we go. Who stays and who exits?

Going to log off and then back on to see how that part works. Hope it does.

[Edit: Seamless log off and back on with the same username. I was prompted, when electing to sign up, for a password and used the same one as before. No problems.]

ps - tfunk, send me your AZ phone number via email please. Don't know about your old 208.

It's the same number

But I' email you.

You going to the MAACO? Just found out that the B-ball team plays in Vegas the next day.

Φ No MAACO for me.

What are the chances now that USC falls to the MAACO after losing to UCLA?

They look to be no better than 5th or 6th in the Pac-12 now, probably 6th. So much for preseason rankings.

I like USC for the game




The final score is fine and dandy BUT

are these guys capable of ever putting together a complete game? Seems like Prince's play calling went downhill (as did a lot of other things) when Hedrick came in. He looks like he prefers to run instead of doing anything else. Big let down starting about the middle of the third qtr. and the 4th was worse. Being outscored 80-43 in the 4th. qtr. this season ain't cool, and it may bite us once again. Great game by Southwick, but not at all impressed with Hedrick, looking forward to seeing Patti next year....Sunny...

They should

change their name to the Bron. Because the second half seems to always be missing.

Rutgers & Maryland to the Big 10?

Here we go again.

Been following this

I will be shocked if Maryland gets the OK for this move......

Rutgers has a clearer path...

I know. Total bummer. Was

I know. Total bummer. Was looking forward to that trip to NYC.

Don't be too quick

on changing your plans.

Seen 2 tweets that the Regents will not OK this move with Maryland.

Without Maryland, Rutgers is out as well.

The Big East is a Big


Just name it the Big CUSA + MWC....

new math [CUSA + MWC] = Big East

And I'll ask again....


Φ Is that nice?

I think you just like watching ugly go Mach 3 in reverse.

Look, we all know that ugly doesn't know squat about cfb. He's only looking to take over leadership of the Always Awry Assn. since it's become obvious that vndl cannot handle the job. I'd say ugly is odds-on to become their new Fearless Leader.

BSU, 9-2 and on the way to 10-2.

Ugly HAS got that old pushbutton Chrysler transmission...


Nothing happened and what if it did?

BSU4342....Just look at it it really worth it?

Boise is going so not a big deal, and it is a done deal for a while....

Again ugly, you say stuff and never back it up

What makes it not "worth" it?

You know ugly, you have moaned all year about BSU's weak competition, as well raising money for the football program. And here we have the Big East move that vastly improves both SOS and Revenue for the football program, and you think it's not "worth" it.

All you do is complain about the way things are, but when change is put in place for the betterment of the program, you complain even loader.

Remind you of anything?

Φ ugly

ugly "is going so not a big deal, and it is a done deal for a while...."


You are authoritative on that.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

BSU4342....not so on all accounts....but Boise is

there and maybe it will be great....time will tell....

doesnt matter now what the issues are because Boise will be in the Big East (minus all the good schools because they got out and went to greener pastures)....Boise is there, please collect silver and go....

Not so on what accounts ugly?

Can you name them?

Φ ugly states that

"all the good schools" got out of the Big East. Oh, which ones? West Virginia (5-4 and on the way to losing to Oklahoma), Syracuse (5-5 and losing at half to equally mediocre Missouri), and 4-6 Pittsburgh.

That's ugly, he'll say anything while standing in his pasture.

Yep, Boise will be there to collect the silver. Sucker.

Gold is better!


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Maryland's issues

* Just cut 7 sports to save $5M a year in athletic expenses.

* Has a $50M ACC buyout.

* Project a $17M AD deficit by 2017

* The Big 10 TV deal pays $22M, the ACC $17.1M

Rutgers has financial issues but not near as bad. And they are looking at $10M difference in the TV money.

Should be interesting.....

Could Boise State be anymore

Could Boise State be anymore pathetic? Seriously? You beat up on a collgee that ins't much better than a highschool team and think it's an amazing accomplishent? Coach Pete's stock has hit rock bottom and will be lucky to pull out a win agains Reno. A reality check is strongly needed by the Broncos. Congrats on a tough deserve a shot at at the NC you bowl busters!!


you goofball....

Get a life.

Can you disagree with me?

Can you disagree with me? Honestly??

Φ Look at the bright side, lame.

It will cost you only $6.95 next month to post the same old crap.

razor should look at the bright side too

razor it will cost you only $6.95 next month to read the same old crap.

Φ Don't be so certain

about your convictions (particularly this one).

There are ways. You wouldn't know. Don't bother trying, even tomorrow. You'd have then, as right now, no chance.

Congrats on the shortest-ever post to which you've subjected your insufferable underlings. Does that show a ray of hope?

razor....Ugly knows the ways....

when getting statesman dialog box for fee, I figured a way around it and got it for free for a few days....

then I felt guilty and paid it for one year....

Ugly knows....

ugly, the pay wall just went up today

You didn't need to feel guilty.