Gem State Tea Party to Otter: you know better, so oppose Idaho health insurance exchange

In a Nov. 12 letter released Friday as an "Open Letter to the Governor," Tea Party Boise President Chad Inman quotes Gov. Butch Otter's own words in arguing against a state-run exchange under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

Inman's letter includes part of Otter's foreward in one edition of the late LDS President and U.S. Agriculture Secretary Ezra Taft Benson's booklet, "The Proper Role of Government," which Otter often gives to guests visiting his office.

Wrote Otter: "Politicians, bureaucrats and judges in all branches and at all levels of government are using the law to accomplish incrementally the very ends that our form of government was created to prevent."

Inman writes on behalf of the umbrella group Gem State Tea Party that Obamacare "is just another example of the unending federal quest for power over our lives; exactly what the founding fathers anticipated! It is the option of the state, the duty of the state to intervene. States created the federal government. It is time for states to intervene."

Inman said a state exchange "subjects citizens to many anti-liberty sections of (the law) that otherwise are not imposed on citizens if the federal government sets it up."

Otter appointed a work group to study whether Idaho ought to form the exchange, which voted 10-2 to recommend a state exchange. Inman's letter suggests members of the panel were advancing their self-interest.

"Do some of the study group members have a personal interest thus ignoring the best interests of the state and country?" Inman writes.

The 10 members who voted for adopting a state exchange were Sen. John Goedde, R-Coeur d’Alene, who sells insurance; Rep. John Rusche, D-Lewiston, a retired physician who worked for Regence Blue Shield of Idaho; Zelda Geyer-Sylvia of Blue Cross of Idaho; Scott Kreiling of Regence Blue Shield; Dave Self of Pacific Source Health Plans; Tom Shores, an independent health insurance broker; Kevin Settles, owner of Bardenay; Dr. John Livingston of Boise; Alex LaBeau, president of the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry; and John Watts, president of the Idaho Chamber Alliance.

The two no votes came from Rep. Lynn Luker, R-Boise, a lawyer; and Wayne Hoffman, a lobbyist for the free-market group Idaho Freedom Foundation.

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The people serving on the

The people serving on the committee were there because they have knowledge and expertise in areas which would benefit the discussion. The question to be asked is how they would have benefit from the committee's decision. NOT AT ALL. The results of the committee did not benefit the participants individually or collectively. The paranoia and conspiracy thinking of the fringe group continues to the detriment of Idaho citizens.

Registered voter to Gem State Tea Party: Stuff it.

What ever small amount of usefulness and credibility you may have once had, has long since diminished to the point that you have become laughing stock...Sunny...



Yes, yes, yes!

Yes, yes, yes!

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Hit the nail on the head sunny.

Tea Parties

are for little girls....


The British.


somehow it posted that twice...

Good practice...dems always post or

vote twice from what I hear....


that made me laugh...

wake up

Either get on the bus or get run over by it.
Your choice Tea Party.


When were we asked to get on 'the bus' and vote for it?

Typical tactic of the predictable FAR LEFT LOONS: bypass 'the people', ram it through the courts, then make it the law of the land.


Then the only choice left is: "Either Get On The Bus, Or Get, Run Over By It".

Nobody got to vote on it ??

We just had an election where it was one of the chief issues -- you lost , so now you claim fowl -- grow up and accept the peoples decision .
Or , and this is what you will more than likely do -- keep whining about it .


I missed the election where the 'PEOPLE' got to vote 'yes' or 'no' on the largest tax increase in human history called PPACA.

Or do we just submit to the 111th Congress, along with the president, (who said 'screw jobs') who held a knife to the throat of the 'people'and said; "You're going to take what we give you, and you're gonna like it'?

I don't have a right to question that, and tell my Governor to stand up and say 'NO' and tell the feds to pound sand and go **** themselves?

Still don't quite get it, huh?

Since when do citizens vote for ANY tax increase? (other than referrendums...) We vote for our Reps and Senators, and they act with the President to create new laws. That's how representative Government works. Keep up.

United States of


Born: July 4, 1776
Died: November 6, 2012


You're right...

The Radical, Unreasonable Far LEFT has driven America to it's knees, and according to them, we're just supposed to 'get on the bus or get run over'.

Just call us Eur'O'merica

It's funny

You're so far right that a mostly centrist government appears "Far LEFT" to you.

America has been dead. America Died November 7, 2000

at the hands of the newly elected president, Dick Cheney. George Bush was just his sock puppet.

Go back alittle further to


yes, Peanut Head....

Our union

has dealt with problems that were much, much bigger than what we face now. Today's issues might seem epic, but they are not. Not by a long shot.

Is Obama a bigger issue than:

-Great recession?
-Great depression?
-1960's unrest, including Vietnam and civil rights?
-Soviet Union?
-Issues addressed by the original progressives around 1900 (to deal with the affects of industrialization)?
-Slavery? Confederate States of America? Civil War?
-Wars with Mexico, UK, Spain?

The Teamsters' Union couldn't even save Twinkies...

they couldn't even keep their bakers' unions in line.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Seems like it was the good

Seems like it was the good ole boys that your party elected, that appointed the judges that confirmed the health care. Maybe you are a bit too red.

Tea Party has lost it's way

It is sad to see the Tea Movement that started out as a good idea become such a foolish tool of the "I'm against it" crowd, whether it makes sense or not. ACA will march forward and Idaho needs to address the mess in their terms...not Washington's. To think civil disobedience when it comes to this law will change anything is out of touch and plain stupid and mean spirited. It's O.K. to be conservative and want a smaller, less intrusive government...I do...but dealing with reality is a must. Idahoan's will need to figure out how to deal with the "Exchange" environment and once people realize it does nothing to lower costs...only adds yet another entitlement program of monumental proportions...perhaps our Nation will elect to re-focus of true healthcare reform.

Tea Party Chad:

Obviously you don't understand that operating a state insurance exchange will benefit Idahoans far more than a federal exchange.

I do not support Obamacare, ACA, or whatever you want to call it. It is poorly done and the costs outweigh the benefits. But it IS the law and we ARE required to follow it - like it or not.

You are past your relevancy expiration date. Please pack up your party and leave the nice Idahoans alone.

NO to the State Run Exchange

Remember, the people running a state exchange are the same people that brought us the Luna Laws.

I beg to differ...okay. Okay I won't beg...

The people in Health and Welfare, or whatever you call them now (ours changes it's name thrice weekly) are good, hard working, CARING souls stuck happily in a state they love, but for all that PAPERWORK and RULES...

I know this for a fact as I spent time dealing with them in 1992 before finding a new place again back here.


Nothing happened and what if it did?


Next coup...your pensions.

Patriot ?

It must be hard to be you , to get up every morning and search around for something to be afraid of.
To associate yourself with a discredited "T-Party" you already loose all but a few followers .
You just keep changing topics when you find your message has fallen on its face - this one more silly than the last . Give up .

Correct name

Dan, you're still using the Republican's favorite term, "Obamacare," when, as you certainly know, the proper title is the Affordable Care Act. Be accurate and stop politicizing it.

Obama said during debate that he liked the moniker

In the Oct. 3 debate, Mitt Romney said ending Obamacare was among the cuts he'd make in government.

This from USA Today:

"Obamacare is on my list," Romney said, turning to Obama: "I apologize, Mr. President. I use that term with all respect."

"I like it," Obama replied.

Here's the link:

Dan Popkey

Weather he likes it or not .............

................ is not really the point . It doesn't really define what "it" is . the GOP are masters at renaming laws or programs to put a plus or negative spin on the outcome .
Obama was in front of the nation and would of looked petty to object to the name -- for him there was no way to win so he said he liked it . I thought that was pretty clear --------- curious you didn't pick up on it .

give the man credit where credit's due

If people want to praise him for his accomplishment by bestowing his name on it, more power to them.

It's going to be interesting to see whether Pragmatic Otter or Ideologue Otter wins this one. And even if Pragmatic Otter wins, will the House go for it?

You're a little behind the times...


just don't get it.

They just don't get it.

And they won't. As the man said: 'You can't fix stupid'. Keep running unattractive candidates with unattractive messages and see if things get better for you. BTW........ The first half of the 20th century is over, try something new.

Democrats just want a


Obamacare is not about free care

After all, people will be required to pay for the coverage. Now, when people that don't have coverage or money need care they go to the ER to get it and don't pay. This is part of why my insurance and healthcare costs are so high, and yes I do pay my way. Obamacare is about universal access to health care.

I am not a Democrat by the way, and this president who was recently RE-ELECTED by the majority of Americans and their representatives is not a liberal, he is a moderate.

You ultra-conservative types don't have ownership of the high moral ground like you would like the rest of the populace to believe. Fortunately the majority do not believe it.

You and the Teas are not traditional America like you maintain and would like us to believe, either. Matter of fact, my feeling is that you all would destroy most of what is great about this country if left in power with your own agenda.

We want a ride for under $1.75 a gallon...


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Chad Who?

Really Mr Inman nobody knows who you are and once you guys started to share your meetings with the John Birchers you lost any and all credibility.

Free stuff

is never free.


Idaho is the biggest Red 'TAKER' State outside the south.There are many more comparisons but I don't have time to make them. Anyway since we are picking up the tab for you in the 'Blue Maker' States why do the Tea Baggers care?

But I DO...

As I have not lied to you in five years and almost six weeks, my father is inurned in the Veteran's Cemetary in Boise and Mom is in Nampa with one of my sisters and her family, plus three generations of my family, many of them farmers.



Nothing happened and what if it did?

I Just Don't Get It

This whole Tea Party/ Republican rhetoric about less government interference makes absolutely no sense. They want to change the constitution to make gay marriage illegal; they want to do vaginal probes without a woman's consent; they want to ensure people who choose to die with dignity to have to suffer and die a slow and painful death; they want to force women to give birth when the pregnancy was conceived via forceable (aka legitimate) rape or incest. The list goes on and on and on--if the party wants to espouse less government, then then need to stay out of people's private parts.


they just don't get it when you point out this hypocrisy. Plus, you forgot how the tea party wants to control what you drink and smoke.

When they DRIVE US TO!


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Ultra Religious Radical Redneck Republicans

the URRRR are against everthing logical. We need a health plan administered by the Federal Gov. (actually should be universal health care) the URRRR certainly aren't capable of administering a plan. You didn't vote the Congressmen out like everyone was proposing.

While you're at it...

Why don't you resist all federal laws, do you get to pick and choose just because you lost? It's time to admit the fight is over and protect the rights of the citizens. This is not the United States of GOP.

Otter responds,

go pour yourself another cup. Remember, pinkies up!