Idaho Statesman bowl projections: Boise State-Stanford in Las Vegas, Utah State-Kent State in Boise

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team appears headed to the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas for the third straight year — but, unlike the last two, the matchup possibilities are enticing.

It’s possible the Broncos could fall to the New Mexico Bowl if they lose one of their final two games, but their name appeal, TV ratings history and ability to deliver fans to Las Vegas make them the preferred choice.

Either way, the Broncos figure to play a Pac-12 team. MAACO gets the fourth choice after the BCS (fifth or sixth overall) and New Mexico gets the sixth choice after the BCS. Here’s a breakdown of how I think the Pac-12 race will fall:

Oregon (10-0, 7-0): Wins vs. Stanford, at Oregon State, vs. Pac-12 South champ USC. Projected: 13-0, 9-0, BCS No. 1.

Stanford (8-2, 6-1): Loses at Oregon, wins at UCLA. Projected: 9-3, 7-2, outside top 14.

Oregon State (7-2, 5-2): Wins vs. Cal, loses vs. Oregon, wins vs. Nicholls State. Projected: 9-3, 6-3, outside top 14

Washington (6-4, 4-3): Wins at Colorado, at Washington State. Projected: 8-4, 6-3

UCLA (8-2, 5-2): Loses at home to USC and Stanford. Projected: 8-4, 5-4

USC (7-3, 5-3): Wins at UCLA, loses vs. Notre Dame, loses at Pac-12 North champ Oregon. Projected: 8-5, 6-3

Arizona (6-4, 3-4): Wins at Utah, vs. Arizona State. Projected: 8-4, 5-4

Arizona State (5-5, 3-4): Wins vs. Washington State, loses at Arizona. Projected: 6-6, 4-5

Utah (4-6, 2-5): Loses vs. Arizona, wins at Colorado. Projected: 5-7, 3-6

In the Pac-12, bowls have to take the available team with the best conference record or a team within one game. For example, a bowl can take a 6-3 team over a 7-2 team but not a 5-4 team over a 7-2 team.

Here’s my selection order:

BCS: Oregon

Alamo: Washington

Holiday: USC

Sun: Oregon State

Las Vegas: Stanford

Kraft Fight Hunger: UCLA

New Mexico: Arizona

At-large: Arizona State

Two key notes: If a second Pac-12 team makes the top 14 — and it will be close — everyone moves up a slot. That could put UCLA or Arizona in Vegas. If UCLA beats USC this week, the Trojans could slip to Vegas.

New Mexico (MW vs. Pac-12), Dec. 15, Albuquerque: Nevada vs. Arizona: Fresno State would be a better matchup, but the conference has indicated it would rather not send the Bulldogs to Albuquerque again.

Famous Idaho Potato (WAC vs. MAC), Dec. 15, Boise: Utah State vs. Kent State: If Utah State beats Louisiana Tech this week — and I think it will — the Potato Bowl can make a run at the MAC champion. But regardless of which MAC team it lands, it will be a quality foe for the Aggies.

Poinsettia (MW vs. BYU), Dec. 20, San Diego: San Diego State vs. BYU: They might as well announce this game now and start selling tickets.

MAACO (MW vs. Pac-12), Dec. 22, Las Vegas: Boise State vs. Stanford: The last two Boise State teams deserved a better situation than MAACO, but this year’s team is a perfect fit and will be challenged by whichever Pac-12 team lands here.

Hawaii (MW vs. C-USA*), Dec. 24, Honolulu: Fresno State vs. San Jose State: This would be a fun way for the Bulldogs to celebrate a share of the conference title, if they get it, and put a new twist on the rivalry with the Spartans. With all of the openings expected in bowls this year, there will be some trading and San Jose State to Hawaii makes sense.

Armed Forces (MW vs. C-USA), Dec. 29, Fort Worth, Texas: Air Force vs. East Carolina: Air Force’s invitation could be locked down early, too — the Falcons appear to be the clear choice.

Rose (Pac-12* vs. Big Ten), Jan. 1, Pasadena, Calif.: Notre Dame vs. Nebraska: I still think the Rose will take a Pac-12 team to replace Oregon if one is eligible. But if Oregon wins out, that means no other Pac-12 team will have fewer than three losses, so I’m projecting an opening. Notre Dame is a no-brainer to fill it. However, if Kansas State finishes No. 1, the Fiesta will get first crack.

Orange (ACC vs. BCS), Jan. 1, Miami: Florida State vs. Rutgers: This will be ACC-Big East — just a matter of who wins the leagues.

Sugar (SEC vs. BCS), Jan. 2, New Orleans: Alabama vs. Clemson: Alabama and Georgia will meet in the SEC championship game knowing that the winner gets this at worst, and a spot in the championship game at best. Clemson is the beneficiary of the Pac-12 coming up short.

Fiesta (Big 12 vs. BCS), Jan. 3, Glendale, Ariz.: Oklahoma vs. Texas A&M: Sounds like a Big 12 game, but it’s not. Texas A&M makes a lot of sense as an at-large pick because of its fan base, proximity to Arizona and star quarterback.

BCS National Championship Game (1 vs. 2), Jan. 7, Miami: Kansas State vs. Oregon: Both teams will be tested down the stretch, but I think they’re too good to blow their undefeated seasons now. Hard to imagine Notre Dame getting left out of this game with a perfect record, but that seems like the way it’s going.

* indicates conference won’t fill its spot

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Poor Notre Dame

It's a shame that Notre Dame isn't going to be in the national championship game. They're a better team than Oregon and they've played a much tougher schedule. Somehow, though, that's a point that only seems to come up when Boise State or TCU is in the picture.

Oh well, perhaps in a couple of years, when the new "fairer" system is in place, they'll get a chance.

As to the BCS bowl matchups, check this out (if Chadd's predictions hold true):

Fiesta: #12 vs #8
Sugar: #4 vs #11
Orange: #10 vs #22
Rose: #3 vs #14

Now, anything can happen on any given day, but outside of the Fiesta Bowl, I'm not holding out much hope for an exciting game. I really hope that the "new" system will look a little more exciting (and fair).

As for the Broncos, I'm good with any of the PAC12 choices that Chadd predicted, but I'd really like it to be Stanford.

Good lord - talk about clueless

Obviously this clown is some sort of Notre Dame buffoon. Your statement about Notre Dame being a better team than Oregon is simply laughable and absurd.

Are you so seriously deranged that you believe that a Notre Dame team that BARELY managed to beat B.Y.U. (at home in South Bend) this year could stay with Oregon's fast paced offense? If so then you must be smoking some SERIOUSLY strong stuff.

Examples of how utterly PATHETIC this year's Notre Dame (and VASTLY over-ranked) team is are:

A. BARELY beating 4-6 Purdue - AT HOME in South Bend, Indiana - 20-17

B. BARELY beating 4-6 Pittsburgh - again AT HOME in South Bend, Indiana - 29-26

C. BARELY beating 6-4 B.Y.U. - again AT HOME in South Bene, Indiana 14-17.

Oregon would outscore Notre Dame 10 to 1 this year - and anyone who "thinks" otherwise is either insane or completely clueless. But thanks for the knee slapping LAUGHER you posted here.

P.S. Notre Dame will lose their final regular season game AT U.S.C. and it won't even be close. And U.S.C. looks to be 4th or 5th in the PAC 12 this season.

Please, if you're posting

Please, if you're posting positives about Notre Dame, then admit you're a catholic up front so you can be ignored. Your opinion isn't educated, it's biased beyond discussion.

Maybe THAT'S why they are in the BCS Championship. PSYCH!


Nothing happened and what if it did?


Do you realize how many bowls and National Championships ND has bought because of their name ONLY... tell me about ND playing Oregon State in the Fiesta Bowl a few years their lilly whites kicked and Gold Dome polished ..didn't they...bought that bowl game and they got all the money and did not have to split it with a conference..they are a one team conference in the BCS..go figure?? how did the Pope pulled that one off in the BCS..all about money money and money...

Tough Crowd

All I'm saying is that ND's schedule, at number 4 whomps Oregon's at 67, using the NCAA method.

Notre Dame's foes have a combined record of 97-56, 7 have winning records and 9 have played in bowls.
Oregon's foes have a combined record of 76-74, 6 have winning records and 6 have played in bowls.

ND has played more ranked (at game time) opponents than Oregon. And they've faced more top ranked defenses than Oregon. The dispassionate BCS computers have ND ranked first or second.

I'm not Catholic. Not even close.


well elder hardcase smith.. we will pray for you and your wives...all 5 wives

And their cats. Saw that a kilometer in proximity.


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Mr. Cripe Disrespecting UCLA

Mr. Cripe,changing your predictions every day,what else is new?UCLA is a better Football team than Southern Cal and Stanford this year.Fifth place team from the PAC 12, will play a MWC team,if it turns out to be the local team from Boise,it will be quite a teaching lesson given to the local team, hopefully they will learn football 101.


USC could be a good measuring stick since BOTH Oregon and Notre Dame play them.........twice (probably) in Oregon's case.

Also, keep in mind that this Oregon team will only be two season removed from their last championship appearance against Auburn. I'd say the players and coaching learned a few things about preperation and media distraction, hype, etc from that game and would be all the wiser playing against Kansas State in this year's game.

I will say this....I'll gladly take Nore Dame in the championship game over an SEC team any day so......

As I predicted at beginning of season....

Notre Dame will be #1....and,

Boise State will play USC at MAACO....

Φ Cite your prediction

with a link to it.

ugly - I was right, too

Remember when I said razor would want you to cite your prediction and a link to it?

You were right all along. Your predicted it.

If razor is too lazy to follow this board and keep himself up to speed, then its tough for him when the conversation on these blogs pa$sses him by.

BTW, wasn't it razor who just a week or so ago was adamantly NOT going to pay any money to post on these blogs.

Well, look at him now.

Paying for the opportunity to read and comment on other posts, just like everybody else.

Your predictions are on the money.

Keep up the great work.

If it wasn't for you, this blog would be going in circles. As it is now, you keep us in a rectangular motion.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - I remember when you predicted that razor would be too cheap and want The Welfare Ride Ticket On The Bronco Bus,m and not contribute a penny toward the expansion of Bronco Stadium or joining the BAA. You were right again. How do you do it?

VNDL....Thanks and yes I do remember you predicting that

our friends would deny the predictions made this summer....and them wanting citations....

I told them I was raised Catholic and that Notre Dame is one of my favorites....that is why I use Ara as some of my examples....

but my biggest example is that if Boise State is to succeed, they will need to become the 'Nebraska of Idaho'....they have failed, and will fail in future too....

The problems with this blog is not you or I or any is not of our friends either....the problems with this blog is that the Broncos are fastly becoming very boring and very irrelevant in the BCS world....they are back to 2002, where they started....

Im not saying this against the team because I feel Boise State is very good....I am saying this against their scheduling and OOC....if Boise is going to become recognized then they need to continue the Georgia and Oregon type stuff....

VNDL, in Big East, here is Boises division:


Do you want to stay up at night and watch that? No BCS busters at all....

Oh well....

And Ugly WINS! Mein Gott, flying monkeys rule!


Nothing happened and what if it did?

ugly - do you realize the hypnotic affect you, SIF, and I

have on razor and B123456?

Our posts are the first ones they make a beeline to read whenever they go -on-line. They do this so they can thoroughly read them and pick them apart and criticize our posts fro anything.

It is wonderful for us to be able to have such an influence on their lives.

Just think about all the time they spend reading and analyzing our posts and then going back in archives to find old posts of ours and other data link information to make their points.

We have accomplished the hardest part - getting the rings in their noses.

Now it will be easy from here on out - just pulling the rope wherever we want the beasts of burden to trod.

On another note: It is interesting to hear that Maryland and Rutgers might be making a jump out of the Big East to someplace else. I have no idea if that is a pragmatic possibility or not. But I do know it will water down, even more the SOS power of the Big East Quest for the Holy Grail for the Broncos.

As I have predicted for quite some time now:

I do not think BSU will ever play a Big East Conference football game. A new Superconference is gonnna be created in the Jan-Mar '13 time frame that will surprise us all.

Also, I would not be at all surprised to see BSU back in the Kibbie Dome in the future. As you know, I am adamantly opposed to Idaho remaining in the FBS and should go to the Big Sky and FCS or better yet - dump football all together, but I can see where some real Mental Midgets up in Moscow could get Idaho involved in such a stupid move as to join a new Superconference with BSU

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

Didn't Oregon LOSE last night?


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Now What?

Back to the drawing board Chadd! What a wild weekend of upsets. Not sure if Matt Barkley and the "Men from Troy" would be motivated to play the Broncos in the Maaco Bowl.

Ugly - no go for bronco

I am here on squirrel hill Pittsburgh, across the road of the famous house where the movie deer hunter was filmed. There is a local sports bar close and go there to watch sport and discuss college football.

Might as well be talking to mysel as sport fan in the east follow pro football,college and pro basketball and sulked racing, religiously.

I understand from talking to the locals the knew I was not from the east but must be the sout, Texas, or thw west somewhere, because of my interest in cab.

It is no wonder the big east is eroding, crumbling, falling apar, entering a chapter of irrelevance, and basically needing. 'Rubes' such as San Diego Houston, and us broncos to come in and help hold their heads above water with our. Money.

Ugly - I have a serious question for you or anybody else on these blog, as this is an open blog,where anybody can respond, preferably seriously and intelligently.

Here is my question:

Is president kustra making a grave mistake for us brondos, by taking the broncos fom the WAC to the mw and then to the. Big east.

Is kustra killing the bus football program in the long run only because he is greedy for immediate gratification of money.

Will there be a big east this time two years from now.

Shoul kustra find out if the bosons could stay in the. Mac .

As you know and all others on these blogs know, e,juveniles my detractors who hate vandals know too, I have never been against a bronco move to the big east or necessarily for it either. I have remained objective and impartial about the move wanting to believe that the b-guy knew what he was yakking about how the broncos would make bus and kustra rich and make academic at bus better and eventually bus would be a real college of destination. But the facts don't portray that per my independent research.

I have decided that the broncos going to the big east might not be a wise move and that that question should be put up to a vote if the residents of Boise city , as it is really only Boise that benefits from improved academics at bus, anyways.

I learned a lot from talking tot the sports fans drinking beer and watching football on tv. Not much interest in college football among the inner city crowd. Not much discretionary cash either.

Was reall surprised to see only terrible towels and sticking hats of steelers for sale in the stores. I asked and the used to sell more types of item but people don't have the money to buy them (the jl theory of bronco economics whereby broncos and other undereducated people just don't have the types of jobs to make any more money than to feed their kids, get beer and smokes and a bunch of lottery tickets come paydays) .

I know president krusty wants to make a lot of money by selling tons of brondo gear, bu I don't think it is gonna happen in the east.

The stores that I see selling sports stuff have, by our Idaho standards , a real limited selection. No college football items to speak of and a few labron James type stuff or old pictures of terry Bradshaw and be n rotthesberger drinking margaritas in Puerto Rico travel advertisement.

Bottom line:

Not as much interest in college football or spending money on cab as we would like too fool ourselves that there is.

Ugly - I guess the old saying is true:

If you want something bad enough you will get it bad.

Also, another way too look at it is kustra wants the notoriety of expanding to the east so fervently, that he either has his blinders on. Or is intentionally leading us broncos down a primrose path, so he can get more personal name recognition

Ugly - would love to read your thoughts or the thoughts of others.

Go broncos.


Baa member number 63799

Ps - sorry about the typing but I am doing this on an iPad the first times your question....

'Is Kustra making a mistake to go East?'

Ugly's answer--yes....

This will be Boise's downfall much like QE3 and the dollar....

Deer Hunter? Great show about terrible times. I remember those days....Was it Deer Hunter or Apocalypse that had the guy water skiing to 'Satisfaction'?

Vietnam Vets were never treated well by the fellow America when returned....too much Hanoia Jane and Walter?

I remember all Vets I talked to hated LBJ and Nixon....they distrusted the Government....many felt used by the system....

I wish all Vets well....

ugly, take it to e-mail

Your private discussions don't belong on this board

Φ The improvements

to the blogs have been remarkable, have they not?

What next, "pay per post"?

How does that work if you can clear the cookies and keep going?

Refresh and you won't even lose the page.

What good is a cookie based paywall?

After two weeks, the only thing I can't do is post to

But I Can like and flag just fine.

I'm encouraging the Statesman to find a real solution and also implement pay options that are both realistic and not totally dependant on my NON-EXISTANT CREDIT CARD.

So quit griping, you know it's completely PHONY.



Nothing happened and what if it did?