Idaho Rep. Labrador renews call for Holder's resignation, calls Obama administration idiotic

First District GOP Rep. Raul Labrador was the first member of Congress to call for Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation in 2011 and says there's a new reason for him to go -- his handling of the Petraeus inquiry.

"Holder should have resigned a long time ago," Labrador said in a Wednesday Capitol Hill news conference. "Once again, it shows the incompetence or the complete neglect and dereliction of duty in Eric Holder's administration."

I blogged yesterday about Labrador's call on his party to press for immigration reform and reach out to Hispanic voters. I left out his comments on Holder and his view of President Obama's handling of immigration.

Labrador holds strong conservative views, but typically expresses them with a civil tongue. He got pretty hot on Wednesday, so, upon reflection, I decided it was worth amplifying here. For viewers who want to view the entire news press conference, it is archived on C-SPAN.

Labrador blasted Holder for failing to inform Congress about the Patraeus matter. Labrador said he didn't know if Holder was obligated to inform Obama of the investigation, "But he has a constitutional, a statutory duty to tell the Intelligence Committee what he knows about issues like this and he failed to do that."

In October 2011, Labrador called for Holder to resign over the "Fast and Furious" gun-running scandal in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms. A year later, an Inspector General's investigation found Holder was unaware of the strategy and tactics used in "Fast and Furious" and found no evidence Holder tried to cover up or mislead Congress.

Others joined Labrador in calling for Holder to go, including Rep. Paul Ryan, the GOP vice presidential nominee. Holder remained, but faces fresh speculation about his days in the Cabinet being numbered.

Labrador said he expects Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., to press Holder. "She's not happy. When she starts asking questions, we're going to get to the bottom of what's happening over here and I'm expecting and relying on her to do her job."

Labrador also sharp words for Obama, saying the president "poisoned the well" on immigration reform with his June executive order halting deportation of some young illegal immigrants who entered the United States as children.

To get reform, Labrador said, "We have to look past the idiocy of the other side and find a rational solution to immigration."

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Interesting comment on idiocy

I wonder if Rep Labrador would back a plan to have each candidate for office take an IQ test and require they score at 130 or greater before they could be run? I know it will never happen but wouldn't it be good to know that they are gifted when it comes to intelligence? I think it would.

Who's the real idiot?

Here's a clue: it's not President Obama. When are Idahoans' going to stop voting for representatives just because they happen to have an R by their name? Labrador has a big mouth but no other qualifications for the job. So glad I didn't vote for him!

(No subject)

So, does the Congressman

So, does the Congressman feel that it is idiocy to allow those young adults who have grown up in the US to remain here pending a comprehensive immigration solution? Is his alternative forced deportation? Voluntary self deportation? And how would that promote a comprehensive solution that serves the country and our communities?

Oh I see

"We have to look past the idiocy of the other side and find a rational solution to immigration."

A brilliant solution from your side like self deportation?

About time Labrador said something

smart and worth reading....

It is about time...

...and we're still waiting....

Oh the idiocy

Raul is not exactly covering himself with glory here. Name calling? Telling other people they should resign?

It's as if he's so effing smart that he's finished all his work and can kibitz how everyone else should do their jobs, except for one little thing. He hasn't actually done anything useful for that six-figure salary he's being paid.

I'm not in his district; half of Idaho actually does have a mature, functioning member of the House. Labrador should take lessons.

Oh, and Paul Ryan

I thought we were done with him. But no, he had such confidence in his chances on the Romney ticket, that he went ahead and stood for re-election in his other job.

He must have that big frog in a little pond feel on the inside, but he's still a little viscid on the outside.

fortboise....actually as a Republican myself and looking back,

I now know the election was a charade....

Both parties knew who was going to win, and the MSM knew it too and wanted it done by the 10 oclock news....

The election was fixed....

Fixed? How so?

How was it fixed?


As usual, allegations with no factual basis. Actually, a majority of the people disagreed with your choice. That's called democracy.

When is Labrador going to speak for IDAHO, not HIMSELF?

Raul, You are not an IDIOT, you are a FOOL.


Nothing happened and what if it did?