Foster plans to reorganize Education Voters of Idaho, but the famed tweeter has quit chirping

Controversial political consultant and lobbyist John Foster says Education Voters of Idaho won't appeal 4th District Judge Mike Wetherell's order that the group disclose its contributors to Secretary of State Ben Ysusra.

"We want to focus on promoting and assisting with education reform, not fighting with the Secretary of State," Foster told me Thursday.

The group, which raised over $640,000 in less than three months to back Propositions 1, 2 and 3, plans to play a role in recasting reform in 2013 after voters widely rejected the laws.

"We definitely intend to be involved in education issues in the upcoming session," Foster said. "We're still figuring out the complicated unwinding from our issues with the Secretary of State's office and just trying to figure out how to reconstitute the operation, but yes, it will continue is some form."

The nonprofit Education Voters of Idaho board is comprised of Gov. Butch Otter's two-time campaign manager Debbie Field; Phil Reberger, a lobbyist and former chief of staff to Gov. Dirk Kempthorne; and College of Western Idaho Trustee Mark Dunham. Foster has been the group's spokesman and a fundraiser.

Meanwhile, Foster said he's shut down his Twitter account and an associated political blog, Reading the Race.

Foster said a heavy workload associated with the campaign, building his new lobbying and consulting business, Kestrel West, and raising a young family prompted him to withdraw his electronic presence, a move he made before Election Day.

"The reality is I don't have time to be blogging personally and I decided to take a break from Twitter, just like I decided about a year ago to take a break from Facebook," Foster said.

In 2010, Foster's election night concession tweet on behalf of his boss, then-Democratic Congressman Walt Minnick, was named one of the "Ten Most Powerful Tweets of 2010" by Twitter.

"Ever since then, I've gone through some evolutions about how I approach the medium and decided that I wanted to explore the medium by not being on it for awhile and see if I miss it," Foster said. "Having four kids under the age of 10 means Twitter's not a very high priority. I can always reactivate it whenever I choose to do so, but it's on hiatus."

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Idaho's Karl Rove

Come on your congrssional candidate Walt Minnick got slaughtered and your sleezy EVI got exposed plus you got creamed in the election on 1, 2 & 3 perhaps its time to look for a new career.

What Shape-Shifting Form Will You Adopt This Time?

"our organization has been maligned by some and misunderstood by many due to the same politicization that is bogging down reforms and our state’s schools. We are not an arm of any other organization. We do not exist to support any one person. We were not founded to represent a specific set of political interests."

While telling that whopper, you claimed to be a grassroots organization formed to give voice to the concerns of everyday Idaho parents. So what shape-shifting form will you adopt this time? Single moms? Disabled vets? Stray dogs in need of adoption into loving, caring homes? How about those sad-eyed kids painted in pastel tones on black velvet?

You're about as trustworthy as a scorpion, Mr. Foster, and you grow increasingly irrelevant by the minute.

Our evil plan has succeeded!


Nothing happened and what if it did?