Still long way to go for Big East in TV negotiations

By Brian Murphy

It could be weeks or months before the Big East is prepared to announce a television contract, Commissioner Mike Aresco told the Idaho Statesman on Thursday.

"I don't know whether we're in the second inning or the third inning. We have a long way to go," Aresco said.

ESPN's exclusive negotiating window with the Big East expired at the beginning of the month. Aresco said the league is still talking with its current TV partners, but has also had discussions with other networks.

Aresco said the league has talked with "unconventional distributors" as well and the Big East "is not going to leave any idea out of the mix," including a digital network.

"There's a lot of interest in this product," he said.

On other topics:

• On divisional alignment: Aresco said Temple was on board with being placed in the Big East's West Division. He said Temple understood that when it rejoined the Big East this year it might have to be in the west.

Aresco said the plan is to minimize travel as much as possible.

"We owe it to the student-athletes and the players not to have to burden them with too much travel," Aresco said. "... We don't want the western teams having to come to the far eastern part of the country twice if we can help it."

• On divisional scheduling: Aresco said it more likely that teams will play the same three cross-divisional schools in 2013 and 2014. There had been talk of playing three in '13 and the other three teams in '14, but the logistics might be too complicated.

• On determining who hosts the conference championship game: "Conference record would be a prime candidate," Aresco said.

• On access to the new playoff system and top-tier bowls: The Big East champion is assured of a spot in one of the top six bowl games, provided it ranks higher than conference champions from Mountain West, Conference USA, Sun Belt and MAC.

"We've given our teams a chance. We've given our teams a pretty clear path. Would I like the Big East champ to have it all to our own? Of course. But you play the hand you're dealt," Aresco said.

"We think we deserve it. We have to share in the sense that we have to win it, it's not just automatic. We think that will happen because of the strength of the league."

Aresco said he prefers a six-game set-up to a proposed seventh game as it will give the Big East champion (if it qualifies) an opportunity to play in one of the "access" bowls.

The "access" bowls are expected to be the Fiesta, Cotton and Chick-Fil-A games.

Aresco said the revenue will be comparable to other bowl games outside of the Rose and Sugar, which are worth $80 million. The Orange Bowl is worth $55 million.

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The Headline is not true....Bstats has informed all of us that

Boise State tv contract is in mega-millions, and the viewers love Boise State....

Are we trying to say, 'The Big East [could] be a Big Mistake'?

Ugly will laugh in 2014 if Boise State wins the Big East, but a MWC team is BCS ranked higher....By laughing, I mean it is the Vandal in me....not laughing at Boise....

Boise good luck....

ugly, it might help if you read the article first,

before commenting......

BSU4342....I did read it and thanks for your

inputs and angles on the Big East issues....

The Big East move will be interesting....I know you are 100% in favor....I have my reservations and believe that it will corner Boise State in other financial areas, so it will be a 'wash'....

ugly, then how did you post what you did?

Your comment had nothing to do with the article......

Oh well....... did too....Please read the articles and then the

posts, before you post....

not a big deal and I understand....

The Big East for Boise will be an interesting move....on tv stuff, we know the monies will be better....

"Are we trying to say, 'The Big East [could] be a Big Mistake'?"

You got this from the article?

Where in the article did you get this?

Digital network

I hope this means it will be open to streaming the games. I'm not sure why most sports (all channels for that matter) don't offer a streaming package. They could offer their sports and even tv shows for around two to five dollars each. That would be a lot better than paying $100 a month for junk channels you never watch.

I don't think I'm alone in cutting the pay TV cord. I use over the air for TV (around 20 channels, most of them HD). And use Netflix for movies. It's great not getting that DTV bill every month.

RE: Digital network

You are 100% on point. The cheapest plan with ESPN that I can get here in California is $75 a month, not to mention the extra for NBC Sports, Versus, etc... that Boise State is currently on. I love my BSU football, but not enough to pay for all the garbage that comes with those packages. Add to that I "cut the cord" 2 years ago. Now, if there was an ala-carte option or I could subscribe to "The Big East Network" or something like that akin to NBA League Pass that I could stream on AppleTV, Roku, PS3, PC, etc... then we are talking. I would pay $99 for the 4 months of football for that...


Aresco comes from CBS Sports, is leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else in delivering HD quality games over the net (you can watch a couple of SEC games every Saturday [free] on their site).

In fact Aresco helped broker the SEC/CBS deal. Looks for the Big East TV deal to not only bring in more cash than anyone thinks, but also look for some input of some innovations.....

BSU4342....Have you tried....

KBOI 670AM and ESPN's gamecast at the same time? Good stuff !!!!

ugly, I watch all the games

on the net. No use for "gamecast", but I do have a KBOI account to listen to pre-games and such. I have 40Mbps coming into my place, so quality is not a problem.

I haven't had cable in over 2 years.....

ugly - correct me if I am wrong, but . . .

. . . hasn't the Bstats guy told us many times he is a member of the BAA and has season tickets to the Bronco Stadium games?

He watches all the games on the net?????

He has even said how he has seen razor and others of their group at the games and they have yakked about their seat assignments and such. What a bunch of little nontruth telling little weazels.

Somehow, I don't think we can believe everything that Bstats says, as I don't think he is a member of the BAA like you and I and SIF and many other Vandals are.

The truth comes out in time, lolol.


you're wrong, you've been corrected...


Thanks dex

I guess the train wreck missed the part about me moving to Arizona earlier this year.

It has been strange not going to the games. I must confess that have secret motivation for the Big East move. See I am routinely in Big East cities on business (Louisville is the one I don't go to). Anyway, I have it in my new contract that I get to set up meetings in cities where BSU is scheduled to play next year. My goal is to make every road game (of course I wouldn't miss the fall scrimmage).

I do have one problem I could use some advice on. I have an invite to the WSU/ASU game Saturday (in a suite no less). Problem is, my Broncs play at the same time. Now I have the radio subscription, so I could listen. But to be honest, I can't remember the last time I didn't see a BSU in person or on TV.

I have inquired about the WiFi in the suite, if it's better than a meg or 2, I'll be able to watch it. But if I can't, do I go to the ASU game?

Φ Excuse my jumping in.

I'd go to see if Leach stuffs someone into an electrical closet and then turns on the fire hoses.

When you are munching your shrimp cócktail, think of us miserables hunkered down at the Ram.

ps - The new website enhancements are quite improvement, no?


My spam box trapped 8 e-mails on "enhancements" today, alas, none from the Statesman.........

Φ This clearly is a matter for

a small person with small ideas and small (i.e., no) protrusion.

The Vandals' new conference: The Big Small.


They're incredibly, wretchedly simple and how are they going to make money if they can be easily breached?

You are the computer worm, you take a guess.

PS ain't bad. I've seen at least one poster on there as well (from there?) and it's a good read...

plus I haven't encountered their firewall yet but if I do I will investigate that too.

McClatchy can do better.


Nothing happened and what if it did?


That's a tough one, I like going to games in different stadiums and seeing what others do... However, I don't like missing bronco games either. Maybe you can find someone to dvr the game for you and you can catch both. I wouldn't be surprised if the suite doesn't have wifi though.

If I take in a road game next year, I will let you know.

You going to make the MAACO?

I'll be there.....

undecided about Maaco

We've been the past two years, and will likely make it a 3rd. I will let you know.



If I'm not mistaken

The Big East can't take official bids until Jan. 1 (due to their current contract)

Good to here that they are looking at "unconventional distributors" as well. This probably means "Net access". I think the "Internet" will become the 4th tier in these TV deals.

All in all, good news.

Φ Once again you are

spot on! A key 4D-vision post based on far more than simple "insightedness".

You've taken all the dimensions into a whole new dimension with your forward thinking while being the Most Astute Poster on the blogs.

It's just amazing that the few, downtrodden Typical Vandal Malcontents can't get off their dime.

Yes, the reigning roadMAP of the blogs. Able to operate in 5D while explaining things (mostly for free) for the Unfortunate Vandals who are perpetually mired in 1D. Sometimes they try to switch to 2D, but wind up the Same Old Ditch, in a daze.

Yes they are lost.

And mired.

Why do you suppose they are lost, mired, and searching with their "myoptic vision" goggles? Do you suppose they actually found the bell tower, head down while slogging through the mire, and became concussed?

Could have happened and now they are lost, mired, and concussed. That would explain things. They simply need to be purchasing sturdier, used kiddie BSU helmets at their local thrift. That would tend to curtail the innumerable concussions they've obviously suffered from running headfirst into the bell tower at 2am.

Running headlong into a brick/concrete ... or is it papier-mâché ... bell tower explains their waking up in a daze in a ditch. Clearly, this is nature's way of culling.

Maybe if they can actually roll off their dimes, they can pool their aggregation of dimes and buy a one-month subscription to the Big East Western Division webcast audio-only replays for next year. I hear it's only 99 cents for the first month.

Apart from the plight of the lost, mired, concussionaries, this is good news.

razor....ugly has actually paid one-year for the Statesman....

Also, I get all Boise State games for free via KBOI 670AM and the ESPN gamecast where cripe himself posts on the live-feed....

I paid one year for the Statesman mainly to see if estate sales in Boise may have some copper or silver....secondarily, I have the Statesman as a blessing to you guys....

I want to know what is going on in I will try it one year....

Razor, no P.S.?

Thanks, just ruined a keyboard.

'Sokay, I can't type and am constantly correcting myself/


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Getting ahead of myself a little

2013 (proposed) schedule

@ Washington
v UT Martin
v S. Miss
@ Houston
v Rutgers
v Memphis
v Cincinnati
@ Temple

v Louisville :)

Should have stayed...

in the Mountain West. Much better for all other sports and the access for football to the BCS will be the same or easier in 2014. The new Big Least stinks and Louisville will soon be gone. Horrible decision by Kustra and crew all to placate coach "Cupcake" Pete.

Pony....those are very good


you can see the things that I see....

In 2014, the MWC is no different than the Big East. So why not stay in MWC and schedule good teams like Nebraska as OOC to boost BCS SOS and Bowl or NC opportunities....

Really ugly, please enlighten us

On how the MWC is no different than Big East.....

Take your time....

Φ ugly might be busy

doing asearch for two QBs who didn't wind up at BSU while making afrantic phone call for assistance.

ugly is learning how to do more than one thing at atime.

Poor ugly.....

He won't answer my question, he never does. That's OK though, I know when he doesn't, he gets it (he just can't admit it).

The average BCS rank of the new MWC teams the last two years....85th (which ties the Sun Belt)

The average BCS rank of the new BE teams the last two years.....56th (which is 4 spots ahead of the ACC)

Φ Shaky

And then there's that unknown TV contract. Could be a bad move ... shaky at best.

You know about the custom boxers ugly may or may not be sporting, possibly embroidered with: "Big East, Big Mistake"? Second day it's: "ekatsiM giB ,tsaE giB".

ugly (TP) for commissioner, he'll say anything.

Ugly's right and what if he WAS ugly?

Every good thing steps out of bounds and BSU has as well. I'd hope to think most fans of BSU don't care if we're superstars, it's does the team play well and uphold the good name of the Broncos?

When you forget that, it all goes down the crapper.

Coach Pete is telling us now that the stadium expansion has become counterproductive to the fans who would come in and watch and costs too darn much.

The spirit in 1974 was a lot nicer and we all enjoyed our team and cousins and their friends got along and had a great time, them moved on to help their parents farm or started a business...or simply had the skills and knowledge to get a good job and raise a family.

All this snobbery stinks like Dynamis' smoke. Where do you all get off with this garbage?

I demand to have the University back! Back for those who realize it's a SCHOOL, not a FRANCHISE!


Nothing happened and what if it did?

Bronco Fans....

I have technical difficulties with laptop....maybe a 'short' in it....

will answer questions but must fix problems--surprised to get this thru....

Φ Sure you have "difficulties".

We've all known that for the past decade.

Tell us all how your laptop is having problems and you still are able to be online, logged onto the Statesman, able to enter text, and post.

That's ugly, he'll say anything ... even in Mach 3 retreat.

ugly - what did I tell you?

razor wasn't really quitting these football blogs, as he is addicted to reading our posts and attacking Vandals, due to his Extreme Vandal Hatred.

Without you and I, his life would very meaningless. It is already shallow, but it still continues to be meaningless.

Vandals complete him.

I am surprised with that windex guy, though. I see he is developing a mean streak in him, too.

It is interesting from a psychological perspective how typing and responding to just words on a computer screen to real nameless and faceless fellow posters, brings out the aggression in some posters.

I can see how windex has had, I am sure, based on raw population statistics and probability, some serious anger issues in the past that have cost him some problems.

I thought he was a better person than he is turning out to be.

Isn't it interesting how much time razor spends on the Statesman's blogs reading our posts and spending so much time trying to pick them apart and analyzing them for any flaws from opinions of his?

I use these blogs for mindless entertainment, while razor uses these blogs to just attack other posters for having opinions which are counter to his own opinions.

Oh well.

I knew razor would pay the money and come back.

You and I and SIF are firmly embedded under his skin. Any Vandals really get him angered and lathered up. Just the mere fact of us being Vandals sends him into orbit. He is very predictable.

I am convinced he must have been rejected from either graduate school or a job with Idaho to hold such extreme hatred for all things Vandal, when he isn't even connected with BSU or any Idaho schools whatsoever, being a carpetbagger from Eastern Washington Community College in Cheney, southwest of Spokane.

It is very interesting how BSU has scheduled a hack 1AA team (Tenesee-MArtin) for the second game next year (2013) season followed up with a bye week (rest week) before the next game - and - also are playing another body bag game with Southern Miss. The SOS for BSU is not really important to BSU as we can see. What is important is getting Wins and not Losses on the record books for the season and making money to keep BSU afloat academically and for BSU having a reason to exist by having a Nationally Prominent Football Program. BSU has already gotten 2 guaranteed Wins for the 2013 season and hasn't even played a down of that season.

There was another poster who said he didn't want BSU to play 1AA hack Tenesee-Martin because he thinks they are real good and possibly could beat BSU. In essence, it could be a 'trap' game for our Broncos. We have seen in the past with the Appalachian State thing-ama-jig game a few years back, how on any given Staurday, any CFB team can beat another CFB team (regardless of being a 1AA hack team or not).

Ugly - I know you have completed your Psychological Doctoring Degree with those on-line cla$ses and are these blogs most foremost expert on what makes people 'tick' and about the 'ticks' that some people have when they get nervous.

Ugly - are the two related and if so is it good or bad?

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

More dribble from the train-wreck

Thanks again for the totally worthless posting.

The great thing about your posts now is we get to watch you pay to be stupid.....

This is another of your ignorant comments:

"also are playing another body bag game with Southern Miss."

2012 will mark the first losing season for Southern Mississippi since 1993

Keep posting Lindsey......

"As, I understand it, Coach Pete has been Head Coach of the Broncos since February 2007 until the present." - vndl

"I never had the understanding that Hawkins coached BSU in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl. Wasn't me." - vndl

B12345 - Gracias

for taking the time to thoroughly read my posts.

Unfortunately you did not comprehend what I was posting. But hey, that's alright:

The great thing about my posts now is that you get to read what I post.

It is a symbiotic relationship.

Sorry about not understanding that you moved to Arizona a year ago and didn't actually go to Bronco Games at Bronco Stadium. I thought you actually went to the Bronco home games.

After reading your posts last Spring and throughout the summer months, I thought you watched the Broncos in Spring practice and attended all the home games and was a season ticket holder because you were a BAA Member.

Sorry, I was off base about all that.

I now understand you live in Arizona and have it written in your contract that you can visit the cities the Broncos are playing their away games so you can attend all the BSU Away Games in the future.

That is a very flexible contract.

I am guessing that to have such a flexible job, it is the result of contract where you lease your semi-tractor and are an OTR and run midwest and soon to be east?

Did you ever get to that huge truck stop outside of Grand Island, NE where they serve the doughnuts that are like 4 pounds and oh so yummy? I can't think of the name of it but it is real popular with all the 18 wheeler drivers to stop at and 'eat up' and 'coffee up'.

It is just a crying shame that BSU no longer has the OTR program and it is now housed at the College of Western Idaho.

Maybe someday, BSU will be able to get it back on track and get the OTR program returned to where it should be. BSU got robbed on that one.

Again, thank you for paying money to read my posts, in depth, and then taking time from your busy driving schedule to respond to them.

I always look forward to reading your responses and will try to post more often and post on deeper football subjects, to get your responses.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

Stupidity at it's finest

Thanks Lindsey.......

B12345 - thanx again

for reading and digesting another of my finer posts.

It means a lot for me and also denotes how willing you are to pay to read them.

I shall put my Thinking Cap on and come up with some even more in depth and thought provoking posts for you to read, study, and then comment on.

It is very nice knowing my posts are getting read and every detail analyzed by someone.

You appear to fill that void.

Thanx again.


PS - I am filled with much gratitude for you and will continue to express my profound thanx after your postings that are in response to my postings.

vndl, if you continue to post mindless

and completely ignorant comments, I have no problem making sure you get credit for them.

You are certainly a credit to your education.....

BSU4342....VNDL has not had just mindless drivel on his


He has actually brought up many, many good postings that should have brought postings by many with their pros and con thoughts....for instance, subjects like.

1. National Championship goals and strategy
2. Frictions thru thoughts of Clauseswitz
3. Fogs of War thru Clausewitz
4. Bronco Fans should donate once to Stadium Expansion
5. Bronco Fans should join the BAA

Those are very good subjects that should have generated thought, much like physicists giving ideas of energy so that the scientific public can generate thought and ideas....

If two people always agree, one of them is not needed....

Good discussions usually leads to a good debate where all sides are heard....

Excuse me ugly....

but don't be a lemming, you are better than that.

BTW I'm still waiting for the 5 "Hawk" starters that played for BSU in 2010.....

Or is that a little too much for the "scientific public"?

BSU4342....not dissing on your response to VNDL, just

saying that he has had many good postings that should have generated lively debates from an intelligent cfb community in Boise....

I havent posted on the Hawk yet because my laptop has a burning wire and I must turn the laptop off when I smell the 'wire-burnt' smell....I would fix it, but the heated-wire is next to the CPU....

I will post on it when I can have the time without a wire in the way....

ugly, here's your chance

Post one quote from vndl that has any redeeming value to this blog, college football, or BSU.

Remember, don't be a lemming, be a free thinker, be the Bronco fan you have repeatably said you are.....

ugly, as for the hawk question

You must realize by now that there are not 5 "Hawk" starters on the 2010 Bronco's...........

Φ B3.1415926535

Thank you for continually reading, re-reading, and responding to my posts. In no case have you responded to anything I have ever posted in a castigating or admonishing manner. That is high praise indeed.

Your time is, of course, wisely spent in so doing. This validates me as the Supreme Poster on the blogs and stamps you as the Most Adept Judge of posting talent. This is, yet again, another seminal example of your 5D thinking and approach to pseudo-elitist mentality that sometimes, unfortunately, permeates the blogs.

Again, many platitudes for your reading and critical evaluation of my posts. I know that if you ever find Anything Awry, it won't be sideways for long. I am going to recommend to the Ram Committee that you take the on-blog role of Lt. Col. at Arms. Forget that Sergeant stuff. No time for sergeants.

Sergeants cannot direct traffic effectively, particularly train traffic. We've seen the train wreck videos and they never end well.

So, you've more than filled the void between the Supreme Poster and the Always Awry Assn., the pseudos who adore pretense. This is a chasm. Your spot-on essay about pretense and elitism put you over the top in the Lt. Col. at Arms investiture proposal I am preparing for the Ram Committee. I plan on bypassing the normal secret ballot and will ask for a simple, unanimous show of hands following my 1,823-word spiel. It will be imperative that nobody disagrees with my opinions, values, foresight, plans, or choice of beverage.

In addition to your Elevation as Excellency, the Ram Committee will, at its next meeting, take up the matter of Authorized Use Policy for participating, using, reading, looking, thinking, and commenting regarding the new and improved Idaho Statesman Excellent Electronic Edition. This AUP matter is one that has been widely discussed (privately) among those of us on the Ram Committee. There is confidence that all are in agreement after those discussions and communications with the Statesman. All that remains is a formal vote. Normal procedure requires presence. However, since the presence requirement was waived long ago upon your Public and Prominent Arizona Relocation announcement, your proxy assignment to windex has been accepted and tallied. Our proposed AUP will be delivered immediately following the next formal vote and draught.

Once submitted and accepted, the new AUP should reduce the need for Lt. Col. at Arms intervention. Thus, it will allow the Lt. Col. at Arms sufficient time and means to scour data, a primary means of identifying liars and fakers ... enemies of the blogs.

Again, thank you for your interest in the Supreme Poster posts, becoming the Most Adept Judge, Lt. Col. at Arms, and His Excellency, AUP.

Congratulations. On behalf of the Ram Committee membership, we look forward to your investiture ceremony (date tba).


no words......

call 911...