Boise River's prime recreation, even in winter


We just put Nov. 15's Idaho Outdoors section to bed. That's old newspaper talk for finally completing the section and wrapping it up for the press.

It's about recreation along the Boise River, even in the colder months.

There's lots to do along the river, so don't hibernate.

Check out the Idaho Statesman tomorrow morning and dig into the Sports section to find Idaho Outdoors.

Photo: an angler stalks steelhead along the Boise River - by Pete Zimowsky/Idaho Statesman.

Those are beautiful fall colors....had those 2 weeks ago in

Pocatello, but the leaves are now gone....

Great colors this fall

Zimo: We had incredible colors this fall. The yellow gingko leaves are on the ground now and make stunning scenes in Boise area parks and downtown.

Nice Photo

Some of the best fly fishing is during fall and winter...