UPDATED: Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus — 24/7 on two Boise radio stations

Update 11.14.12: There also is a a rumor that Variety Rock will change formats pemanently after Christmas. I have not confirmed the flip, but I have reason to suspect this might be true. Radio stations are notoriously tight-lipped about such matters, so we will probably have to wait. (Another country station? FM talk?)


Sing with me!

“Dashing through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh. O’er the fields we go, flipping stations all the waaaay!”

Two Boise radio stations cranked up Christmas playlists this week — Lite 107.9 FM on Saturday and Variety Rock 105.1 FM on Monday — for a non-stop barrage of holiday tunes through Christmas Day.

For Lite, it’s an annual tradition. The station has flipped formats temporarily to Christmas music since 1994. But for Variety Rock — to be called Variety Christmas for the next several weeks — this is a first-time venture, explains Journal Broadcast Group radio general manager Roy Williams.

“We feel that there is room for two all-Christmas music stations in a market this size,” he said in an email. “It is not uncommon in markets of this size or larger to have two or more all-Christmas music stations.”

I have just one request: Somebody please play the Heat Miser song.

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...I know a Sunday night show that can play this whenever you want.
local radio is a good thing.

But Tim,

any chance they'll play Pi$$ up a Rope, by Ween? It's not a Christmas song, however...Sunny...

Waste of airtime

if you ask me. Can't stand Christmas music. The old stuff is way overplayed, the new stuff is just a poorly done version of the old stuff--sounds like they rushed the album to cash in on the holiday. Very few new original songs that are done well.

105.1 might as well be called Gay-105 now.

No One Asked YOU!

Really don't care what you think.

I have WAY better Christmas music!

It's going out to my audio group for XMAS and on an NAB reel with my GX-636 to Mom's for Christmas, then we'll watch the kids sing on KBOI hopefully...I loved it last year and it helped Mom a lot after Dad died Dec. 10...

Every gift they got together for us was PERFECT as well. Mom wasn't going to have dinner but I did all I could to pitch in and it broke some ice. I'm glad.

This year her mom had to go to a care center though...Life is a breeder sometimes and guilded others.


Nothing happened.

I rarely listen to Variety Rock-The Eagle wins again.

Quite frankly, you could trade it to Salt and Light for KGEM and I'd be jazzed.



Bah Humbug

and all that goes with it. Seriously, starting Christmas music 2 weeks before Thanksgiving is awful. Save it for the actual season. As for J105, they lost me several years ago. Their choices have been poor for a long time.