Trey McIntyre Project keeps soaring — 'Gangnam Style'

The consistently ambitious Trey McIntyre Project previewed a new collaboration with Korean dancers Nov. 10 — "The Unkindness of Ravens" — wowing a Morrison Center audience during two shows.

TMP and the dancers from the Korea National Contemporary Dance Company will deliver the world premiere of "Ravens" tonight at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

In an example of the group's far-reaching influence, TMP also was featured Nov. 8 in The New York Times.

One of the best parts of the collaboration with the dancers' talented Asian friends was a surprise "Gangnam Style" welcome at the Boise Airport.

Totally. Awesome. I so would have paid to see that.

("Gangnam Style," of course, is the international dance phenomenon from South Korean pop star Psy.)

TMP's sense of enthusiasm and whimsy — not to mention the group's creative energy on stage — is what sets it apart from the rest of the dance world.

Who says the arts aren't fun?

That looks almost em-Ican'tsaythat.


Nothing happened and what if it did?