Name the Score contest for Boise State-Colorado State (with Murphy audio)

By Brian Murphy

The Chicago Connection "Name the Score" contest is back for its fourth season here at Murph's Turf. Many thanks to Chicago Connection for providing the prize (a gift certificate for a free pizza) each week.

The rules are pretty much the same as they have been, but for any newcomers here they are:

Colorado State visits Boise State on Saturday (1:30 p.m., NBC Sports) and here is your chance to predict the score and win a prize.

Place your guess (whole numbers only, no fractions) with a winner and both teams' score in the comments down below and we will pick one winner. (Please limit one guess per commenter.)

The closest to the actual score of the game wins.

You can listen to my audio prediction.

All entries must be received by 11 a.m. MT on Saturday.

When you register to make comments at, you put in an e-mail address. I will contact the winner through that e-mail address.

If it comes down to tiebreakers, closest to Boise State's actual score, closest without going over and then first received will be the tie-breaking order.

Congrats to SunnySloper for last week's victory.

Live chat Thursday


CS -17

Boise Seniors run off the Blue with a Win

BSU - 29
Colorado St. - 13

BSU 49, CSU 14

49-14 BSU WINS.

BSU 40 - 14

BSU 40
CSU 14

BSU 38-12

Boise State 38

CSU 12

Big day for DJ


Big day for BSU Seniors indeed

Broncos 41
Rams 17

BSU Seniors Reestablish Dominance on the Blue

Broncos 42
Rams 7

Hmm, tough one ...

Broncos 30
Rams 10

And congrats to Sunny. :-)

Thanks, Lilly


Rams 24 Broncos


The cold, humid air will both Broncos....

So I gotta ask

Has anyone else paid their 99 cents?


I take the print edition, so I'll be paying $0.60 a week to stay on....Sunny...


Now I'm pizzed..... :)

Rams 24 Broncos


Cold air causes it....

Hey ugly, news flash

it's an afternoon home game.....

You crack me up sometimes!

Φ That degree

in meteorology (with a minor in clock) is paying huge dividends. That is, until negative interest, insighted myoptic vision, and Spandex futures begin eating into that pizza you didn't win.

what 99 cents?

what 99 cents?

First month fee

for digital access.....

Φ Love seeing 99 cents

on my credit card bill. The .99 is normally preceded by 37 or 375.

Last 99 cents on the Visa was from Amazon for downloading "Fool If You Think It's Over". Should have been "Tale of Two Hosers".

My last .99

Was a IPhone app on figuring out why BSU scheduled UT Martin....... :)

Φ You might be interested

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It was almost like finding a nice sack of root potatoes in the cellar. You know, the kind you throw in the dirt.

"Sarc Central®" is kind of an "auto-translator" that has only two buttons: "Mild Sarc" and "Extreme Vandal Hatred Sarc". You can even drop your "Enemies List" into the window to auto-select "Extreme Vandal Hatred Sarc" for those who constantly need a spanking.

You enter text in your normal, measured, pleasant style and then, depending on who needs "adjustment", you click on "Post comment" (no sarc) or either of the two levels of spank. Repeated clicking on either of the two "Sarc Central®" options gives a nearly infinite selection of verbiage options. The included "Heat Meter" provides a visual guide as you go.

I might have to charge for this one. $6.95 per month sounds about right.

razor - you owe me money

I read you post and you say about charging $6.95 for it.

Well, it wasn't worth any money to read it. It didn't answer any question I have posed to these blogs, or any questions from anybody at all.

In fact, You now owe me $6.95 for me having read it.


razor....please do the right thing and

pay VNDL the $6.95 you owe him....

Now that these blogs have changed, we must be civil with honor....paying shows your honor.

Φ Darned right, ugly.

When I write the check, do I make it out to "vndl", "VNDL", "aqfunk", "Huskyswagg", "Steve Lane", "weisberg", or BAA #¼½¾√≠∑ ??

Since you are so adept with meteorology and clocks and all, should I date the check (out of respect for the Mayans) Dec. 22? That way you, the monitor of the interest clock, can calculate 5+ weeks of interest on this significant principal that may or may not land on vndl's noggin. If the Mayans had it wrong, vndl picks up another day or so of interest. If the Mayans were right, ahhh ... what's another 13 cents?

The problem for vndl is that he'd have to show up at the Ram to collect what could turn out to be little more than synthetic rubber. And, we all know of spies and cameras that are present at the Ram, scene of "vndl's ignominious drubbing" not too long ago. Would he dare return to face even more intensive and clandestine scrutiny of his own utterances and actions? Who knows? It could become the pilot for a new sitcom.

Razor's Discount Outdoor Supply and Pressure Wash Emporium is now conducting market research (using exclusively BSU Marketing majors, with shovels) into possibly developing an attendance, football revenue, travel miles, BAA and Fundly counts, and opportunity cost calculator. If it comes to fruition (based on the expected excellence of the market research), we will need a high-profile endorsement ($6.95 fee) from a high-profile endorser. The Ram committee felt you would be a possibility, given your high profile and all ... and your unparalleled myoptic vision. What do you say?


someday maybe....

the ACC just got a 12 year deal with the orange Bowl....thus the ACC champs gets an AQ to the Orange Bowl....

This puts the Big East to only one of the big 6 BCS Bowls....and that is only if the Big East champ is rated higher than 3 other divisions....

dang, I hate it when ugly is right....

Actually ugly

Your stance was that the move to the Big East would hinder BSU's chances for a BCS bowl (I can post quotes if you like). That staying in the MWC would improve BSU's chances for future BCS bowls.

Anyone that knows anything about football knows that being in the Big East moving forward is a huge advantage to BSU in making BCS games in the future.

It's just too bad all this didn't take place 4 years ago, BSU would have played in a BCS bowl 3 of the 4 years.

(and it's "4" other conferences)

BSU4342....No argument about Boise State

2007-2011....I agree, if in Big East it would have been 4 Orange Bowls, and possibly 4 victories....

but the influence of the Hawk era is gone now....

it is 2012 and beyond we must stay focused on....


just stop.....

it's not becoming...

BStats....Ugly is off to the


must wake early and check spuds....

Ill see if you and VNDL got the answer to UTM or SM tomorrow....

Sorry ugly

But I just can't give the answer to vndl....

You know what they say, give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats.......


BSU 35 Rams 10

Every senior that's healthy, plays....Sunny...

BSU 50 - CSU 10

Seniors go out in style.

BSU 37 CSU 13

Congrats seniors!!!

BSU 119 CSU 0

I never win anyways but it feels good to make the pick.

BSU 39 - CSU 17

Bosie 39
Colorado State 17

BSU 52 CSU 17

BSU 52 CSU 17

BSU Wins

BSU - 39
CSU - 24

PS - I did not pay anything, so far.

We will just have to come-online from time to time and see if we can still do it.

When we can't anymore, then I guess it's gonna be $00000.99

It is absolutely amazing how many of the Bronco posters have decided they are going to quit posting because they can't afford the fee.

I can imagine that 99 cents means the choice between getting only the top left side of a mullet haircut done or buying some Bronco Gear for half a dollar at the Thrift store and still having 49 cents left over to pass on for 'inheritance' to their kids, someday.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

Boise 38 / Rams 13

Boise 38
Rams 13

Hey Murph

I was pretty sure I won da pizza last week....

How do I find out?

(I'm a paying customer now, so I expect an answer!....jk)

Φ You were


You need to hire a deep-dish, Idaho Vandal lawyer. I know you know one ... well, at least he plays one here in his playpen. His retainer would be your hide and his ultimate fee would leave you with a greasy box containing a lone half-chewed slice and some smelly anchovies.

Hang on there

Kevin Costner! lets give Murph a chance to respond.

They have been pretty busy over at the Statesman lately.....

Φ Sure they have ...

... with all the upgrades.

The total remake of this website is a thing to behold ... for the myoptic visionary.

Now you're just being



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I might have to charge for this one.

Don't matter...

Sounds like a MUST have......

Φ See above

This one got messed up and out of place.

BSU 28 CS 9

BSU 28
CS 9


BSU 62


boise state wins

boise state 52
colorado state 10