Big East announces divisional alignments for 2013, 2014

By Brian Murphy

Boise State will be in the Big East West division with San Diego State, Houston, SMU, Memphis and Temple, the league announced Tuesday.

The East Division will have Rutgers, Connecticut, Cincinnati, Louisville, South Florida and Central Florida.

The champs will meet in a conference title game at the home of the highest-ranked divisional champ.'s Brett McMurphy reported the divisional alignment earlier in the day.

"My goals have been from the very beginning to minimize travel, to make sure we keep some natural rivalries and to make sure that the divisions have clear identities," Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco said during a visit to Boise last month. "I think sometimes you see divisional play where there's not a clear identity. You don't know who's in this division or that division."

The Big East will announce home-and-away games on Dec. 3. Boise State will play all five opponents in its division and three from the East.

The divisional alignment will be revisited before 2015, Aresco said, when Navy joins the league.

The league could get away from geographic divisions at that point. McMurphy reported a proposed Blue Division would be Boise State, Cincinnati, Central Florida, Houston, Rutgers, Temple and the 14th team. A Red Division would consist of Louisville, Connecticut, Memphis, Navy, San Diego State, South Florida and SMU.

"western divison"

sounds better than "red-headed step-child division", but it think they essentially mean the same thing. I thought "separate but equal" was overturned years ago. This ought to keep the chip on the shoulder of the new arrivals to the Big East for a couple of years, since they have essentially made a division out of MW/CUSA additions.

I'm looking forward to the 3 games BSU will get with eastern division opponents. There will be a lot to prove.

A Blue Division with the Broncos...

Sounds awesome...

But Temple? Cant wait for Road games at Navy, SD State UCF/S.Florida to name a few...

Murph, I believe that McMurphy

has changed his tune on the 2015 non-geographical divisional breakdown.

The geographical divisions are exactly what Aresco wanted and they will give that to him. And no way they set up stability and cohesion for 2013-2014 then completely turn the Big East upside down and around and destroy budding and long term rivalries with all new nongeographical divisional shakeups. And how can you negotiate a media contract with such longterm uncertainty as that?

In 2015, Navy and the new #14 will go to the west and Temple back where it belongs in the east.

Cincinnati makes a little

Cincinnati makes a little bit more sense than Temple, but trips to CA and TX are great.


That western division "WEAK" as usually BS has placed themselves in a sure win situation....boring the Eastern Division....looks pretty tough. Are you sure that Blaimeyer is still not pulling the strings from begind the curtain..guy was a MASTER at playing the BCS.


isn't a commodity the Big East has. While I would prefer a schedule which had teams like Cincy, Rutgers or Louisville, it just isn't practical. As schedules of old, they play with what they're are dealt with, and sometimes even that gives them trouble. These last three years are a testament to that. I am really excited that BSU will play three teams from the east and that the conference will have a championship game. Can't wait! Does anyone know if the conference will hold the championship game at the highest ranked team's home? I read that somewhere and didn't know if that was still a go or not.

From what I have read

They are shooting for a championship game at Yankee stadium.


Now that you mention it, I do remember reading something about that.

Here's the list of schools

Here's the list of schools that should be in their own conference:

Boise State
Utah State
Washington State
San Diego State
Fresno State

Call it the Big West or something. The BSU fans are going to get real tired of those outrageous travel costs in a year or so.


Why don't we just add Oregon, Oregon St., Washington and USC while we're at it? Apparently all we have to do is say the word.

oh, and...

...Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA, Cal, San Jose State. Nebraska's pretty far west, isn't it?


Why SMU and not Houston? Why Fresno St. and not San Jose St? How did you come up with this list?


with you both.

Will never happen

Utah and WSU each get $40 to $35 million per year in TV money.

I would guess the rest don't get that together.

BSU will be LUCKY to get $7 million in the new big east.
And then they pay the Big West to take the other sports.

The MWC looks better each day.

PAC-12 the conference of Champions!!

Travel Costs

Travel costs don't mean a thing. You can fly to the east for the same price that you can fly to places in the west with advanced purchases. I fly to announce rodeos every now and then, so know this.

We have no choice but to go to the Big East or go independent. We can't continue to play in Mickey Mouse conferences with all those muskateers! I am sick and tired of Boise playing teams with one or two wins a year.


Do we call this the Big East West, or the West Big East?

I'm sure one of them doesn't sound stupid.

I don't know idaduck

I'm still trying to figure out what to call your conference....The PaCMnT 12, or the P10+M2, or the Westerly 12.......

Decisions decisions.......

Utah and Colorado

in the "Pacific" is a little less of a stretch than putting Philly or Anapolis in the "West" along with Boise and San Diego.

Also, FWIW, I liked the Pac 10 better than the Pac 12.

Just given ya a hard time

I could care less what they call the Big East, as long as we are in it.

Staying in the MWC would put an end to the growth of our athletic programs.

That's debatable

As it relates to BSU's non-football programs.

The Big East is clearly the best choice for BSU football, though.

For the Olympic sports as well

Not sure anyone knows that Olympic run about a $3M deficit each year. Without the money football brings in, the Olympic sports were looking cutting budget by up to 50%.

Trust me, the Big East is better for the entire athletic department at BSU

Fair point


What about

Stanford and Cal? Replying to Brobocop

Sure why not?

All we have to do is ask apparently!

Don't forget about ECU as that 14th Team

I know ECU has lobbied hard

for this. But I just don't see it happening unless someone leaves the big east. The 15th team will almost have to be a west of the Rockies team.

I hope...

they can come up with better division names than Big East West and Big East East, although Big East Squared isn't bad.

Going to happen?

Sill move,now we might find out ,how good of a football coach we have.One more idea,Student Athletes, will have plenty of tome to study on the very long flights.

"how good of a football coach WE have." ? a mouse in your pocket?

East division

does look stronger now per "Treestand" with Louisville, Rutgers, and Cincinnatti; however, if Houston returns to its past level and joins BSU and SDSU as the top three teams in the West, it could get interesting and competitive. I just hope BSU schedules the top three teams in the East right away for their SOS.

Charlie - if SOS is so important, then why . . .

. . . have the game with Tenessee-Martin next fall:

Sat, Sep 07 Tennessee-Martin Boise, ID

It is on the current BSU schedule for the 2013-14 season, per the Bronco Team web page.

I really don't see where a game like that with a team like that (a 1AA team), will help BSU with the SOS arguments which always crop up every season.

I the thinking behind BSU going to the Big East was supposed to put tougher competition on the schedule and improve the SOS.

Maybe BSU will try to get out of that game?

I am guessing that game never happens. I sure hope not, as it would only serve to weaken what could be a real good SOS for the Broncos for 2013 season.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - Maybe somebody/anybody knows if this game is going to get cancelled or not? If so please weigh in. Thanx.

I'm wondering

if BYU and Air Force will see the light (reflecting off the piles of money) and rethink their positions about joining the conference--and soon.


As a Rutgers grad living in Eagle can I say it????
Beat the donkeys!!!!!!!!!
We are now conference rivals.......seems a bit funny though...


Maybe we could call it the

Maybe we could call it the Best of the West Conference; Western America Conference, no that's too close to the WAC. How about the Lower Mountain Athletic Organization or LMAO for short?

How About..

Western Territory Federation, or WTF.

To friends foes and lovers....

apparently the statesman is going to start charging. I have not really seen the announcement for this I have just caught snippits of what people are saying.
I definitely will not be paying for this and here are a few thoughts as to why.
1) I dont subscribe to the actual paper for several reasons. They dont have good news, and it is very very biased and the reporting is sub par. Why whould I ever subscribe to an internet service.
2) This blog is one of the worst and most poorly moderated blog around with absolutely embarrassing format.
3) The statesman has held different standards for different posters. I got banned for messing with a poster with no recourse and yet AQfunk ugly, richfrog, pony, FO, duck et al have been given carte blanche for years. Sometimes writing absolutely obscene stuff. The statesman excuse for this is that they do not have the resources to moderate and create a quality blog so now they are going to "charge" well forgive me but I'd rather see if you can produce a quality site before I jump in to give money to such a ridiculous thing. Your past track record does not make me ever want to blindly give money to this site. Also it is just a pittance to the paper anyway. Nickle and diming the public will not work out well.
4) There are many reasons why "old" newspapers all over are failing and disappearing. First off journalism is a lost art that is embarrassing now and also they have not figured out what the public wants. The statesman has gotten worse and is defiantly a true journalistic "dinosaur"
5) I have been on record as saying that some here (me included) have a possible issue with an "addiction" to posting on this site. The statesman charging for this makes them more like a drug dealer than a business. I finds it insulting and I am too proud to give in to this kind of crack mentality. (hook em with the free stuff then charge em)
6) The paper is obviously trying to find whatever they can and squeeze the public for any thing it can. That is fine. That is business but I still get to choose if I will be a bich to your organization.
7) The closest parallel to these blogs is a radio call in show. Imagine if KTIK started charging people to call in?
8) It is honestly a pay site for verbal po.rn.
9) There are better sites offering better quality FOR FREE!!!!!
10) In general, the newspaper and journalism business has historically been the champion of freedom of expression. Of the very American way of the first amendment and freedom of the press. I hardly recognize our country anymore. From the government forcing a religion to submit to socialism being the flavor of the day. And this is an example of this censorship and pay to have a voice thought that is creeping into our world. I have witnessed radio stations, call in shows and actual churches bullied into having to be silent about political issues or be punished. Yet the rev wright, Jesse jackson et al can spew their views because the established religion of government benefits from them. They do so without fear of losing a non profit status because they are on the "right political side" It is freaking scary.

Now there will be potential benefits.
(Trolls will be fewer) But the ones that pay to troll ie ugs and VNDL will be more bold and have a louder and more unchallenged platform.
Multiple log in names will be fewer.

I will not pay to feed a guilty pleasure that is free elsewhere. And I will not pay for something that is so obviously lost in it's mission and way.

Forgive me if I do judge those that will. I think less of you. But not that it really matters anyway since we are all fake ids on the internet. But do realize that the statesman is depending on you to post controversial stuff to rile up potential readers to open their pocketbooks to have a chance to respond to you. You will not see a cent of this money but the paper will and that makes you the paper's slave.

Obnug is free, has good content, is moderated well and fairly, and has more intelligent funny witty posts.
Hope to see you all there!

---------End righteous rant.

P2 out

Good luck and God bless.
(Can we still say God? Or will we be charged for that too.)

obama bless will always be no charge!

Φ And that, folks,

is the unquestionable post of the year.

Argue P2's points if you must. I find no argument with any of it ... hearty agreement.

I have not visited OBNUG much since electing to sign on at BroncoCountry about a year ago. I suspect they are more similar than dissimilar ... and both moderated.

Potato Head 3

Do you read any newspaper?

Speaking of multiple accounts


You were boring until the homoerotic stuff. Had no qualms before

You did yourself in. Now you will supposedly be gone once again in a couple hours.

Me too.

Sour grapes, Tater.


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.

Potato3....I would not worry about Statesman charging

a fee....Boiseans are way too tight....

I looked up Stadium Expansion on Fundly and only $35,000 in two years....18 other fund raisrs for the Stadium Expansion have raised a whopping $105....Heck, Ugly himself donated $200 from Eastern Idaho....

The last donation on fundly was two months ago and it was $11....

The best way for the statesman to raise money is thru a one-time users fee and thru an increase readership, thus increased advertizing dollars. If they charge a fee, the tight Boiseans will drop like flies thus so will the advertizers....

Go Broncos! Beat UT Martin in 2014 !!!!

2013 ugly


"Here We Go Again..."

Last line of the last post by Wiz: "Easy to say when you can't prove it...."

Even though it was a line many of us used then (borrowing from Corso), it still works.

Wiz, RIP and thanks.



The Mangroves is closing for renovation.

Further updates on reopening 12/22. Free bananas and banana daiquiris 2-11pm on 12/22 for all Mayans, SDSU Aztecs, Sioux, Nez Perce, Shoshone, Blackfoot, Absaroke, Clatsop, customers of Razor's Discount Outdoor Supply, and anyone else who cares to show.

Billy Shears hosts the grand reopening. A good time is guaranteed for all.

You'd be bananas to feast in my mangroves.

so it ain't so

not the furry guy. the one & only billy shears...

Hey Murph.......

bsu SOS rating as of 11/12/12 is .398. 111th out of 120 teams. Wow, put a cherry on that cup cake.

domer....those are very good


Ugly, you are spot on

very insightful.

Potato3....thanks, I try to be

helpful wherever I can....

with last election, America died.

Born July 4, 1776
Died November 6, 2012

With fraud and todays liberal free-loading attitudes, it is time to rethink all investments. And that includes newspapers and milk-toast football teams.