As personnel losses mount for Boise State football team, kickoff coverage suffers

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team’s personnel shortage isn’t expected to improve much for this week’s Senior Day game against Colorado State.

Senior long snapper Chris Roberson returns from a two-game suspension, coach Chris Petersen said Monday. Freshman defensive back Eric Agbaroji returned from suspension last week but didn’t make the trip to Hawaii.

Sophomore safety Lee Hightower and freshman tight end Hayden Plinke remain suspended. They have been out for three games each.

Junior tight end Gabe Linehan, the starter going into the season, will not return this year, Petersen said. He has a hamstring injury.

Senior nickel Dextrell Simmons might play this week and senior safety/special-teamer Hazen Moss is questionable.

Senior wide receiver Mitch Burroughs is out but there’s hope he’ll play Dec. 1. Sophomore wide receiver Matt Miller, who left Saturday’s game early, is OK.

Junior offensive lineman Jake Broyles aggravated the same injury that had sidelined him since the Sept. 29 game at New Mexico. He’s doubtful.

The missing pieces have been most evident on the kickoff team, which has allowed a touchdown each of the past two weeks while missing four starters — Hightower, Plinke, Simmons and Moss.

“We need to tackle better,” Petersen said. “Guys need to get off blocks better. I think that the health of our team has showed up there. So it’s all those things. We’ve got to get it fixed. … There are excuses for everything and that’s not what we’re about here. It’s just interesting how in a couple weeks we can go from a great kickoff coverage team to all of a sudden we’re on our heels.”

Here is audio of Petersen’s press conference.

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Sounds like Pete is really tired. This sounds like the most trying of all of his seasons at the helm.

All the suspensions, injuries, scholarship losses, and lack of offensive production, must keep him awake at night.

There May Be Other Reasons.......

that Coach Pete is not sleeping. There is a very good chance that Mike Leach at Washington State may be fired over player issues. And Chip Kelly at Oregon is being considered for an NFL gig. Just have to wait and see.

Coach Pete isnt going anywhere...

and in no way would go to WSU. If he wasn't interested in Stanford, he's not even thinking about the Cougars in any way.

Oregon has always been a possibility. But even with Chip Kelly and the flirt with Tampa Bay last year, Oregon AD was ready to promote from within and OC Mark Helfrich is the next man up. He would get consideration over Coach Petersen.

Couple of the kids...

are sure impressing me as they get more playing time. Burks and Ajayi are stepping up to the plate. Both looked great last game. Seems every week some of the younger guys step up, future at BSU looks great to me.
Really after some close nail biters, I found the blowout at Hawaii to be a long and somewhat boring game. Hope most the other BSU fans are starting to enjoy the close games.


You took 2nd place in a 5k race in Hawaii? And WE have to ask about it? Pstcttttttt

That's stretching it...

...there were probably only six people in my age group

So, let me get this straight

While Murph was out with the other local meatballs throwing back some adult beverages, you were running a 5K?

Not sure what I think of that....... :)