New college football playoff includes access for Big East champion

By Brian Murphy

If the Big East champion is the top-ranked champion among the Mountain West, Conference USA, Sun Belt and Mid-American Conferences, it will be assured a spot in one of college football's top six bowl games when the new playoff structure takes hold in 2014.

Boise State joins the Big East in 2013. In 2013, the Big East champion is assured of a spot in the BCS.

In 2014, the Big East champion (or the highest-ranked champion from one of the other leagues) will be assured of a spot in one of three "host bowls." Those games are expected to be the Fiesta Bowl outside Phoenix, the Cotton Bowl outside of Dallas and the Chick-Fil-A Bowl in Atlanta.

If this system had been in place in the past (and using the BCS Standings for the rankings), a team from the Big East would've been the highest-ranked team of the five conference champions in seven of the last nine years:

2011: Boise State (No. 7); Highest non-Big East: Southern Miss (No. 21)

2010: Boise State (No. 10); Highest non-Big East: Hawaii (No. 23)

2009: Cincinnati (No. 3); Highest non-Big East: None in top 25

2008: Boise State (No. 9); Highest-non Big East: Ball State (No. 22)

2007: Hawaii (No. 10); Highest Big East: South Florida (No. 21)

2006: Louisville (No. 6); Highest non-Big East: None in top 25

2005: Louisville (No. 19); Highest non-Big East: None in top 25

2004: Boise State (No. 9); Highest non-Big East: None in top 25

2003: Miami (Ohio) (No. 11); Highest Big East: Boise State (No. 17)

A Big East team is also eligible for the four-team playoff if chosen by a selection committee.

College football playoff to have 6 games, not 7

By The Associated Press

The new college football postseason system will have six games as originally planned, but now a spot in the marquee bowls will be reserved for the best team from a group of five conferences that includes the Big East.

The tweak to the postseason format that will start in 2014 was made Monday during a meeting of conference commissioners and university presidents.

In September, a proposal was put forth to add a seventh game to the format that would match the best team from the Big East, Mountain West, Conference USA, Sun Belt and Mid-American Conference against a team from the Pac-12 or Big 12.

But ultimately that plan was dumped, and instead a guaranteed spot was created to give those conferences access to the top games.

The national semifinals will rotate through six bowl games, setting up two playoff games and four major bowl games every season. The title game will be bid out each year through a separate process similar to the Super Bowl.

The six games will include three "contract bowls" and three "host bowls." The spots in the contract bowls are reserved for teams that have deals with those bowls.

The Rose Bowl has a longtime relationship with the Pac-12 and Big Ten. The Sugar Bowl just agreed to a deal with the Big 12 and Southeastern Conference. The Orange Bowl over the summer signed a deal with the Atlantic Coast Conference and is working on a deal to have a team from the SEC or Big Ten, or Notre Dame, play in the Miami-based game.

The top team from the other five conferences without ties to a contract bowl will be assured a spot in one of the host bowls. Under the original plan, teams from those five leagues could get in only through an at-large bid.

A selection committee will pick the four playoff teams and fill the spots in the host bowls.

The commissioners and presidents also announced that a higher portion of the revenue from the new format will go to the conferences of the four teams that qualify for the playoff and participate in the other games.

Also, part of the revenue sharing will be based on the NCAA's academic progress report scores.

Official BCS release

Presidents and Commissioners Announce Final Agreement on Playoff Structure

Four-Team Playoff Moves Forward On Schedule, with Agreement Reached on Revenues and Format

Denver, CO - The BCS Presidential Advisory Committee and the Group of Commissioners today unanimously approved additional details to implement the new four-team playoff for college football’s post-season, beginning as scheduled in the 2014-2015 season.

In the group’s first meeting since June 26th in Washington, D.C., unanimous agreement was reached to:

· Lock-in a four team seeded playoff. The teams that will play will be chosen by a selection committee.

· Create three “contract bowls” and three “host bowls” as part of the post-season format. The highest-ranked champion from the five conferences that are not in contract bowls will be guaranteed a spot in a host bowl.

· Share revenue, for the first time in college football history, based on academic performance as part of the funding formula.

· Share revenue with a higher portion of revenues going to the conferences of the four teams that qualify for the playoff and participate in the other games. Distributions will also be made to conferences whose teams don’t qualify for either a contract or host bowl. Since the new format is projected to be so popular, there will be more revenue for all conferences and independent institutions.

· Move forward to complete a television rights agreement for the new format.

· Begin hiring staff so the new structure can begin operating.

“Today’s meeting is a unanimous ratification of what we announced last June in Washington, D.C., said Charles Steger, the Chairman of the Presidential Oversight Committee. “I’m delighted that additional details have been resolved and that everything is on track so fans can enjoy the post-season they’ve been asking for. College football, with its great regular season, is strong and popular – it’s about to get stronger and more popular.”

“This format is good for college football in both the short-term and long-term and I think it’s great for the game,” said Bill Hancock, the Executive Director of the BCS. “The four-team playoff will be wonderfully popular and because fans can’t get enough college football, the other bowls will benefit too. I’m proud of how everyone came together and that agreement has been reached.”

Additional details, such as the name of the new structure, details of the selection committee, and location for the first playoff games, including the championship game, remain to be announced.

This is real news to


Wonder who was saying this first ????

Sure ugly...

You've had it right all along.......


Φ Murph,

Before you head off for your "Murphy Monday" stint with Caves and Prater (which is a nice break with someone who actually has gum on his soles), how about a "Name of the New Structure" contest before the BCS releases more details?

I have a few names in mind, a couple of which actually could be posted.

Are we gonna recruit Merit Scholars now?

I found this part of the above article, very interesting:

". . . Share revenue, for the first time in college football history, based on academic performance as part of the funding formula."

I am guessing the high school GPAs of the prospective recruits will play a large role in the recruiting process, in the future?

What Top Notch CFB team is going to want to sign up a bunch of dummies? Maybe they can burn a fast 40, but can they name the capitols of all 50 states and read a book without any pictures?

Looks like it is time for Bronco Bob to lower the graduation requirements at BSU again. This time going down from 120 credit hours required to maybe about 60 or so, with Full Time Students having 5 credits per semester for the 6 years it seems to take to graduate.

Maybe the BGS (Bachelor of General Studies) degree will be the only degree option that Bronco footballers can sign up for, now that diesel mechanics has been moved over to the College of Western Idaho?

Kinda looks like Stanford will be getting a large portion of the dough all the time.


You should probably just fade away already

You've been embarrassed twice by funky in the last 24 hours, once on both blogs. You have zero business commenting and get outcla.s.s.ed at every turn.

Φ That won't work.

He'll just morph (pretty much already has) into one of those walking dead guys like you see in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. Starts out like the little mermaid, but quickly changes into a ghoul with seven fingers on one hand and a crab claw for the other, 4-7 eyes, seaweed and flotsam for hair, flounder entrails for brains, and squid testes for eyes.

Chop off one of his driftwood legs during the sword battle and he just sprouts 3 more. Eventually he winds up as a pile of dust, but he doesn't know that.

Then, the lot cleanup crew comes in, sweeps up his rubble, mixes in some ground cork from his "private reserve" discards, molds the refuse mixture into a dartboard, and sells it on eBay for $.81, which tfunk wins while outbidding the rest of the world.

Its Bronco Bob

He rubs vandies the wrong way. He really gets under these guys' skin.

vndl is one bitter, bitter dude and he drags his two little buddies who have low IQ's with him. Ugs has admitted flunking college way faster than he has ever changed boxer shorts and the other dude admits hes a "nobody" on planet earth and tweets the Erin Andrews like shes interested in what he has to say. She isnt. Its funny, if it wasnt downright strange. And creepy.

Bronco Bob has his shortcomings, to be sure. But the job he has done has been tremendous. And if he makes vandies wanna kick kittens and write 800 word posts at 2 in the morning, well dang, hes doing a great job.

razor funky dex...

Whats your take on the WSU situation? A legit accusation or a prima donna who couldnt handle tougher conditioning? What are your early thoughts?


You have the Pirates reputation..... then again, word is that the kid became a prima donna after last year.

If nothing else comes out, Leach survives this, but is put on a short..............leash... :)

Φ If Marquess Wilson

gets corroboration (which shouldn't be too tough if what he alleges is true), Leach will be fired.

That Wilson quit mid-year, provided a fairly eloquent statement (as opposed to the ramblings of a dumb malcontent) as to why, and with WSU and the Pac-12 jumping on this immediately (plus the Texas Tech firing) makes this look ominous, at least.

I need to look at some of the Spokesman-Review articles. Don't pay much attention to 2-8 Cougs ... or 1-9 vndls.

agree with

you on the corroboration. the prez of wsu requested the independent investigations by the school & the pac 2. the ad attempted to gloss over the whole thing issuing a statement that players will leave during a transition of coaches. if leach is gone, one would have to think this is the end of the line for him.

Φ And if Leach goes,

Moos might not be far behind. Jump in with the support Moos is stating, if wrong ... you're gone.

"PULLMAN — Washington State athletic director Bill Moos on Monday expressed strong support for football coach Mike Leach in the wake of school and Pac-12 Conference investigations into charges of abusive actions by WSU coaches.

Junior wide receiver Marquess Wilson, WSU's all-time leading receiver, released a statement Saturday that claimed "physical, emotional and verbal abuse (is) being allowed in the locker room and on the field."

"Categorically denied," Leach said Monday at his weekly press conference in Pullman.

"I have not seen it cross that line," Moos said on his weekly radio program in Spokane.

both are on big contracts

leach would certainly be terminated with cause. moos, less certain. moos is credited with getting the program infrastructure turned around. that would be a big shake up.

Φ But the "turnaround"

is sitting at 2-8.

4-8 in 2011
2-10 in 2010
1-11 in 2009
2-11 in 2008 (by some horrendous scores)
5-7 in 2007
6-6 in 2006

Doesn't exactly make 2 or 3 wins per season look all that abnormal. Without having looked, I wouldn't have realized it was quite that bad.

Now, if it's the football "program infrastructure" that is priority #1 in year one, I can buy that ... even if that's mostly intangible to those of us way on the outside. If it's the overall athletic department infrastructure that needs revamping, that is an entirely different, and much larger, proposition. I don't know the extent of the work ongoing at WSU; don't follow them. If you encounter department-wide problems (i.e., personnel), that makes everything complicated (and slow).

Maybe Moos is getting it done at an 87% success rate in non-gridiron areas. The (perception) problem is the big tangible, which is, of course, the football team and its' record.

When you have a relatively high-profile player quitting and then venting over an even higher-profile (and somewhat of a renegade) coach, it's just a real bad look. That's the kind of thing that costs upper-tier management.

funky, razor

Thinking along the same lines. And the Pac 12 was quick to jump-in. Theres history with the "Pirate" and WR Wilson too obviously knows this. And he knows that Leach all season has called out the character and manhood publicly of his leaders. And yet I understand how many young players today dont get "tough love" and cry "abuse" over tough demanding conditioning. Programs that failure to get their players to sweat it out year round cant win. Fresno State Coach DeRuyter said somethink like that earlier this season. The way coaches communicate with their players and how that message is recieved is always evolving. "Junction Boys" just isnt allowed today (and rightfully so) and what a coach could do and say even as little as 10 years ago is now considered rogue.

Thats why I have no idea how this played out up there. Did Leach go too far, again, to change the culture of a program whos fallen on hard times or is Wilson soft and not want to work for it? Little bit of both? A lot of both? Guess we'll have answers soon enough.

leach installed a sand pit

the players referred to as "leach beach." no one say what it was used for other than to strengthen ankles;)


I'm reserving judgement, but I was on E$pn today and the wazzu faithful seemed to be taking Leech's side calling the WR a prima donna and a quitter. I think Leech is an old school hard nose guy and has no problem calling his players out, he's bound to hurt some feelers.

Φ We've all discussed

the demarcation point and have agreed on the when and why. Talk about not being able to accept reality ... those 3 are the veritable definition of denial.

ugly is probably the kind of guy who gets two days out of his shorts by using the old reversal technique. I'm assuming he knows the label side from the other ... and that's stretching.

SIF is a sycophant who pants and drools. I don't mess with Twits, so have no knowledge about his "arousal index" relating to EA. Don't doubt that he's "creeping" along, though.

vndl has been admonished online and off (Wiz gave it to him pretty good) and doesn't care. The rest of us and even a few occasional visitors have nailed him time after time for the lying, threadjacking, off-topic, never-ending bs. He doesn't care because these blogs are all he has for his "e-social" outlet. He's been adamant that he doesn't participate elsewhere ... particularly after being called out by SIF as a reject from Vandal forums. With his bs, he CANNOT go anywhere else. vndl is a reject, loser, pariah ... we, us, you/me/others kicked him to the curb. He deserved it then and deserves it now. There you go vndl. Suck that.

Go Broncos from Bronco Athletic Association member 10515059.

ps - ugly, go ahead and try it.

D@.m.n you razor...

Always gotta one up me! I seriously about lost my dinner...

Φ Hélls bells, JL

You asked. I just gave you my short response. No intention of trying one-up.

Will bag Pitt-KC tonight (ughh!) in favor of watching the potential fireworks here. By fireworks, I mean the three peashooters possibly mounting an attack.

Here you have the all-blog misfits and dregs holed up trying to avoid being shoved off the peninsula. Maybe something interesting will occur.

razor - you still gonna be here . . .

after the 14th, or are you gonna quit like you have told us are going to do?

I know you will still be here, cuz you are addicted to my posts, like you are addicted to ugly's and SIF's, too.

Heck, for that matter, any Vandal on thee boards gives you reason to stay.



PS - Let me know if you are gonna be here so I can get a bunch of posts written for you. Thanx. I have some doozies, in mind, that should keep you occupied reading them and commenting on them for a long time. It will give you something to do. I don't want you to get bored with this board. Snuggles and snoozies, VNDL.

VNDL....What started venom night? I left for few hours to check

all my silver hiding spots and to verify silver was still there and then came back to the venom....

Are Bronco Fans now discovering their impossibilities for an NC in the Big East, thus have lowered their goals to teaching Youth Football? and also just hoping that each week they play just alittle better than last?

Bronco Fans you guys seem to be under some pressure?

ugly - It is some more of that 'Friction Stuff'

As we have discussed, Clausewitz pointed out that too much friction will lead to a collapse of the effort and a changing of the strategies and goals and objectives.

Basically stated:

If you are not good enough to get what you want - change what it is you want to match your abilities.

We can see where many in Bronco Nation have come to realize that a National Championship was taken off the list of possibilities for the Broncos after the MSU loss, first game of the season.

We started seeing 'friction' these past 6-7 games, where the QB is blamed or the OC is blamed or the players that got suspended got blamed, so on and so on. One only has to go back and read these past threads on these boards and over at OBNUG or BroncoCountry to see how Bronco Nation is rubbing themselves raw with all the 'friction'.

Now the Broncos have lost 2 games and therefore, more friction.

A lessening of goals and the metrics to determine what a 'successful season' is and what the Long Term Goals for the Bronco Football Team should be and what the focus of the Head Coach should be.

A successful season is now just finishing the season in a potential 3-Way tie for the MWC Conference Title for 2012 and possibly getting to the MAACO Bowl. The Long Term Goal for the Bronco Football Team has eroded from winning a NC to providing place where young kids can go and work toward their 'potential', with the focus of the Head Coach being to develop the Bronco Players into being good and doing the best they can and working toward their 'potential'.

The goal of winning a NC is a goal for the Broncos that a few of us Vandals and a few Broncos that have joined the BAA, have in mind. Maybe that is the determining factor of who really wants to join the BAA and contribute to the expansion of Bronco Stadium or not - joining the BAA is the determining factor.

It is quite easy to lower expectations to meet actual results obtained, to make a person 'feel good', and to rationalize and justify less than expected results.

So basically, there is growing friction in Bronco Nation among those who are not members of the BAA or are not deeply committed to supporting the Bronco Football Team fully.

We stated a year ago, you and I, that 'If They Stumble, They Crumble.

That is certainly turning out to be true today, a year later.

The Broncos stumbled (twice now) and Bronco Nation has crumbled.

Clausewitz should be read by all fans of any CFB team, to truly understand and appreciate the finer nuances of the purpose and intent of having and supporting a football team to begin with.

His book, can be found at any library or book store - even that Kindle thingy can get it.

Many on these boards think of you and I and SIF as Geniuses due to our 3-D Thinking abilities. It is not a secret how we arrived at this stage of mental development. We are Vandals.

'Nuff said.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - Coach Pete needs to set the record straight and assure Bronco Nation that he really has winning the NC as the Primary Goal for the BSU Bronco Football Team. The sooner he does that, the sooner healing will begin on the open sores and lesions that all the 'friction' has caused.

Frictions all around....I think Coach Pete may need to call a

town hall meeting to calm down Bronco Fans....

I think the Center of Gravity is shifting....

As Clauswitz stated, it is the frictions from within your own group that can cause the most damage to overall morale....

Φ The only friction

is between your cheeks.

ugly - Centers of Gravity are . . .

interesting things.

All organizations have them. All entities have them.

As you know, a Center of Gravity can be the Primary Purpose for the creation of an organization, or a Primary Mission Statement, or a capitol city for a country/state, basically many things.

The one thing that distinguishes a Center of Gravity from other important stuff for any organization, is the Center of Gravity is the One Thing the organization was established to do/be and cannot live without and represents the identity of the organization, and is the heartthrob.

The Center of Gravity of America is Washington, D.C. The Center of Gravity for Idaho is our agriculture (it used to be mining and logging as well).

The Center of Gravity for Boise's State University is the Bronco Football Team. Without a successful football team BSU would just be another entry on a long list of nominal/average quality public academic colleges. The identity of BSU is being a Football University of National Prominence. and not a Regional University of Residential Destination. If BSU were to lose the academic side of the school, there would not be much 'friction' as the Center of Gravity was not threatened. However, if BSU were to lose the athletic/football Bronco Football Team, the school would be lost and in chaos, and the Center of Gravity threatened with either survival or demise. A tremendous amount of friction would be created if BSU's Center of Gravity were ever changed.

Actually, how many members of Bronco Nation would have any friction if they learned that BSU was scrapping the music, chemistry, and engineering programs due to fiscal shortfalls and the death of those types of academic programs would mean the survival of BSU or not? Not many I am guessing - even if it meant BSU would tumble - as long as the Bronco Football Team could still be fielded, then Bronco Nation would be happy. I know I would, as a member of the BAA.

This brings us to what is the Center of Gravity for the BSU Bronco Football Team, to begin with. There is only one thing that can be the Center of Gravity for ANY college football team of National Prominence - and - that is seriously competing for a National Championship AND winning it.

So - if the Center of Gravity for the BSU Bronco Football Team is winning a NC - AND - the Center of Gravity for BSU is the Bronco Football Team - it therefore follows, that:

The Center of Gravity of Bronco Nation HAS to be for the BSU Bronco Football Team seriously competing for AND winning a National Championship.

Why have Boise's State University if President Kustra and Coach Pete are not serious about protecting the Center of Gravity for BSU.

As we can see, much frictions exists and it will become much worse in time, until President Kustra and Coach Pete come out very soon and have a Presser to publicly announce that the Primary Purpose and Goal of BSU is the existence of BSU as a Football University and to achieve and retain that standing, by winning a National Championship, is of Primary Importance and the reason that BSU even exists in the first place.

The frictions are caused because there is not any clarity as to what the Center of Gravity is for BSU.

Thank you ugly, for bringing the topic of Center of Gravity up for discussion. You and I and a couple other Vandal 3-D Thinkers will probably be the only posters who even attempt to discuss the Clausewitzian Concept of Center of Gravity.

It would prolly go over most Common Bronco Fans heads like a Predator Drone at 50,000 feet above sea level.

I don't expect any nibbles at such a heady topic such as the ones you usually propose for discussion on these boards.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799


Two qualities are indispensable: first, an intellect that, even in the darkest hour, retains some glimmerings of the inner light which leads to truth; and second, the courage to follow this faint light wherever it may lead.

VNDL....You are right when you stated

vndl said in part, 'the frictions are caused because there is not any clarity as to what the Center of Gravity is for BSU'....

is so correct....

I have never read or seen any clear and defined goal coming from the Boise State Bronco franchise....when they arrive at the Big East next year, is it possible that they will have finally reached their Holy Grail. Is Mission Accomplished just as soon as the Broncos step foot in the new unfounded territory? BStats always talks of the tv contracts as an ends to the beginnings....

Has the Center of Gravity shifted for the Boise State Broncos?

vanduls left out

Since u of Idaho has a disgrace instead of a football team. They sadly will be left out. Maybe there can be a provision installed where schools are paid for number of drunk students who fall out of windows. Yea that will get you paid.

OIF5Vet....Why dont you ask your $3M Coach what his

goals are?

Do you think he may be looking at the NC? Or is Boise State crumbling before our eyes because the Hawk is no longer around?

ugly, is too much to ask for you to use Google?

Question: What is Coach Petersen's salary

Go to Google and type: "What is Coach Petersen's salary"

It's so easy even a Vandal can do it.......

B1234567 - but that wasn't ugly's question

ugly's question was:

"Do you think he may be looking at the NC? Or is Boise State crumbling before our eyes because the Hawk is no longer around?

ugly did not ask what is Coach Peterson's salary. Ugly wanted to know if the guy ugly was responding to thought Coach Peterson was looking at winning the National Championship as a goal.

You were waaaaay out in left field on that one, lolol. Maybe too many beers?

I know, I know. You are above having to actually read and understand the posts you are responding to. But please try to remember that it makes it easier for readers of these boards to follow, for continuity purposes if nothing else, the progress of a discussion.

Maybe go back and read the post you responded to and read it. You will understand what I am saying in this post responding to you, if you do go back and read it.

Not to change the subject, but tomorrow is supposedly razor's Last Day. Are we gonna get together for some pizza and libations and have a 'send off' for all those who are not coming back when the rate goes to $6.95 a month to use these boards?

I sure hope so, cuz you guys are the best.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799


Two qualities are indispensable: first, an intellect that, even in the darkest hour, retains some glimmerings of the inner light which leads to truth; and second, the courage to follow this faint light wherever it may lead.

For the record...

The new BCS guidelines call for financial penalties if BCS bowl participants has a 4 years rolling average APR below 930.

Boise State has a current APR of 989

Stanford? 977

Most likely ..

Stanford players aren't in communication or truck driving like the majority of Cupcake State players.

Most likely

you wouldn't have a clue either way.

Φ Isn't

it fun?

puny the dipshidiot

Name me one BSU football player in the last decade that graduated with a "truck driving" degree. Post something credible for once... I wish you could see how foolish this drivel you post makes you look.


... truck driving is now housed at the College of Western Idaho. Time to come up with a new jab.

So cute

to see at least one vandal still with the nuts to attempt college football post season smack.

Entertaining like watching monkeys throw poo at the zoo.

Aresco has got be

smiling from ear to ear. The value to the Big East TV deal just went up another $20M-#30M


In an article I read, it stated that the team from the "other 5" conferences that played in the big money bowl would get a smaller cut than its "power conference" opponent. Any idea what the percentage difference will be?



"Those non-BCS (Group of 5) schools currently share roughly 15 percent of the $175 million paid to the conferences. Beginning in 2014, a playoff had been valued at approximately $475 million. Fifteen percent of that figure is $71 million. reported Monday that percentage could grow as high as 20 percent."


I will not be on the boards after the 14th I guess Because there is no way I'd pay for this but over the next couple of days either you or JL let me know and I'll post an email you can have.

yup I did get the ax for flirting with FO/..... It was fun and worth it!!!


Shoot me that email, I still have your $150, would love to get it to you.


Got it tater2


I got it too tater 2.5

Dont blame ya for not wanting to pay for this...Ill probably try it and see how it goes...

Thanks guys

YOu can shoot me an email anytime!


Does it have to be an email?