Rasmussen poll finds 68 percent think global warming is a serious problem

Sixty-eight percent of people surveyed by the Rasmussen Reports as likely voters said global warming is at least a somewhat serious problem.

Coming off of its election call that the race was a dead heat, the Rasmussen Reports, a Republican polling company, came back with the highest numbers its seen acknowledging the threat of climate change. It found that 38% think it’s very serious and only 30 percent don’t think it’s serious.

Twelve percent in the telephone survey said global warming not at all serious.

Of the 1000 people surveyed, 41 percent think global warming is happening because of human activity. 38 percent said they think it is because of planetary trends.

Considering that neither candidate made it much of an issue the new survey shows the public is coming to its conclusion on its own. In 2009 a Rasmussen Reports survey found only 46 percent said global warming is a somewhat serious problem or worse.

The 68% wont think it is serious when they get their

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