Boise State football team climbs two spots to No. 22 in USA Today Coaches' Poll

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team moved up two spots to No. 22 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll on Sunday but remains barely on the radar in The Associated Press Top 25.

The Broncos are sandwiched between USC and Michigan in the Coaches’ Poll with 161 points. Michigan is only 17 points behind.

The Broncos received 14 points in the AP poll.

Boise State also stayed in the Harris poll. Its ranking is unchanged at No. 23.

Boise State failed to make the 25-team BCS standings for the second straight week. Washington is in the standings at No. 25, giving the Pac-12 six ranked teams. One of those teams likely will be in the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas, Boise State’s most likely postseason destination.

Kansas State is No. 1 in the BCS. Oregon is No. 2, Notre Dame is No. 3 and Alabama is No. 4.

Here are the full BCS standings.


Boise State improved to fifth in the nation in pass defense (168.6 yards per game) and remains sixth in pass-efficiency defense (100.08). The Broncos are eighth in scoring defense (14.4 points per game) and fourth in turnover margin (plus-1.6). They are tied for fourth with 29 takeaways, one behind Fresno State, Kent State and SMU.


San Diego State beat Air Force and Fresno State beat Nevada on Saturday to clear up the Mountain West championship race a bit. Remember, there are no tiebreakers for the championship; multiple trophies are awarded if there’s a tie.

San Diego State is 6-1 and finishes the season Nov. 24 at Wyoming, which is playing better lately.

Fresno State is 6-1 and finishes the season Nov. 24 vs. Air Force in Fresno.

And Boise State is 5-1 with games left against Colorado State (Saturday in Boise) and Nevada (Dec. 1 in Reno).


Here’s the full AP poll:

Record Pts Pv
1. Oregon (45) 10-0 1,485 2
2. Kansas St. (14) 10-0 1,451 3
3. Notre Dame (1) 10-0 1,382 4
4. Alabama 9-1 1,259 1
5. Georgia 9-1 1,223 5
6. Ohio St. 10-0 1,212 5
7. Florida 9-1 1,089 7
8. LSU 8-2 1,046 9
9. Texas A&M 8-2 1,031 15
10. Florida St. 9-1 1,024 8
11. Clemson 9-1 907 10
12. South Carolina 8-2 848 12
13. Oklahoma 7-2 798 14
14. Stanford 8-2 766 16
15. Oregon St. 7-2 556 13
16. Nebraska 8-2 549 18
17. UCLA 8-2 541 17
18. Texas 8-2 496 19
19. Louisiana Tech 9-1 374 19
20. Louisville 9-1 322 11
21. Southern Cal 7-3 297 21
22. Rutgers 8-1 179 24
23. Michigan 7-3 135 NR
23. Texas Tech 7-3 135 25
25. Kent St. 9-1 93 NR
Others receiving votes: Oklahoma St. 79, N. Illinois 77, Mississippi St. 48, Wisconsin 26, UCF 16, Boise St. 14, Arizona 6, Cincinnati 6, Fresno St. 6, TCU 5, San Jose St. 4, Tulsa 4, Utah St. 4, San Diego St. 3, Northwestern 2, Toledo 1, Washington 1.


Here’s the full USA Today Coaches’ Poll:

Record Pts Pvs
1. Oregon (44) 10-0 1,460 2
2. Kansas St. (14) 10-0 1,427 3
3. Notre Dame (1) 10-0 1,346 4
4. Georgia 9-1 1,260 5
5. Alabama 9-1 1,243 1
6. Florida St. 9-1 1,143 6
7. Florida 9-1 1,079 7
8. LSU 8-2 1,040 9
9. Clemson 9-1 1,033 8
10. Texas A&M 8-2 967 14
11. South Carolina 8-2 903 11
12. Oklahoma 7-2 799 13
13. Stanford 8-2 793 15
14. Nebraska 8-2 653 16
15. Texas 8-2 615 17
16. UCLA 8-2 494 19
17. Oregon St. 7-2 490 12
18. Louisville 9-1 442 10
19. Louisiana Tech 9-1 413 18
20. Rutgers 8-1 354 20
21. USC 7-3 343 22
22. Boise St. 8-2 161 24
23. Michigan 7-3 144 NR
24. Oklahoma St. 6-3 111 NR
25. Texas Tech 7-3 106 NR
Others Receiving Votes: Northern Illinois 105; Wisconsin 68; Kent State 39; Cincinnati 35; Mississippi State 32; Utah State 20; Central Florida 18; Northwestern 10; San Diego State 8; Tulsa 8; Washington 7; Fresno State 4; Middle Tennessee 2.


Here’s the full Harris poll:

Record Pts Pvs
1. Oregon (90) 10-0 2,844 2
2. Kansas State (23) 10-0 2,774 3
3. Notre Dame (1) 10-0 2,634 4
4. Alabama (1) 9-1 2,494 1
5. Georgia 9-1 2,398 5
6. Florida State 9-1 2,175 6
7. Florida 9-1 2,113 7
8. LSU 8-2 2,082 8
9. Clemson 9-1 1,972 9
10. Texas A&M 8-2 1,842 15
11. South Carolina 8-2 1,732 11
12. Oklahoma 7-2 1,631 13
13. Stanford 8-2 1,621 14
14. Nebraska 8-2 1,239 16
15. Texas 8-2 1,095 17
16. Oregon State 7-2 1,081 12
17. Louisville 9-1 943 10
18. USC 7-3 886 18
19. UCLA 8-2 870 21
20. Louisiana Tech 9-1 728 19
21. Rutgers 8-1 571 22
22. Texas Tech 7-3 325 25
23. Boise State 8-2 324 23
24. Michigan 7-3 264 NR
25. Mississippi State 7-3 159 20
Other teams receiving votes: Oklahoma State 118; Northern Illinois 116; Kent State 94; Wisconsin 94; Cincinnati 43; Utah State 31; Northwestern 21; TCU 15; San Diego State 12; Tulsa 9; San Jose State 8; Arizona 7; Fresno State 5; Toledo 4; Washington 1.


Here’s my AP ballot. I struggled with the top three and will be debating this each week. Decided on Oregon at No. 1 because I just think they’re the best team, but I worry about it being an Alabama situation — the Tide seemed unbeatable until they faced tough competition the past two weeks. The battle between Notre Dame and Kansas State is close, but based on my ballot Notre Dame has more quality wins. The mess of SEC teams was difficult to deal with, too — I went Alabama at the top because of the win over LSU, but you could order those a lot of ways.

1 Oregon
2 Notre Dame
3 Kansas St
4 Alabama
5 Georgia
6 Florida
8 Texas A&M
9 South Carolina
10 Ohio State
11 Florida State
12 Clemson
13 Oklahoma
14 Stanford
15 Oregon State
17 Nebraska
18 Texas
19 Texas Tech
20 USC
21 Michigan
22 Wisconsin
23 Louisiana Tech
24 Louisville
25 Oklahoma State

Also considered: Kent State, Rutgers
Dropped out: TCU, Toledo, Northwestern

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At least no-one can call you a

homer anymore....that is two weeks in a row where BSU not in your AP; and BSU not in your considerations this week....

My opinion is that Boise State will move up to BCS #28 after 6:30 PM today....

ugly - not to change the subject - but,

what do you think the Broncos going to the Big East willl do to recruiting for top notch players?

Will BSU refocus recruiting targets and energy on Cali, Oregon, Washington, and Utah, type Western states that don't really have a presence in the Big East, because they are closer to Boise and because BSU is well known to high school players in those states from past Bronco Greatness, or,

will BSU shift the focus recruiting targets and energy on Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania type Eastern states, because most high school players don't really know much about Idaho and thir naivete can be exploited and marketed.?

I would imagine if a top notch high school player in New York had the choice of playing at Rutgers or Boise and living there for 4-5 years, they would really be motivated to go to Boise where there is excellent white water kayaking, hunting, fishing, and camping.

Those outdoor activities, alone should be a Big Draw to attract inner city kids who can really play football.

Maybe BSU has not relied on recruiting players from Western States and is now going to concentrate on the original 13 colony states to get great players.

It really wouldn't cost any more money to go to the East Coast and recruit, when one stops and realizes how much more money can be made in the long run by joining the Big East Conference for football. All costs of recruiting (travel, meals, rental cars, and etc.) would be more than offset by the amount of Bronco Gear that would be going on sale in New York, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and etc., and the marketing royalty revenue stream generated by those sales.

ugly - here is the boiled down question for you:

Will moving to the Big East Conference and Eastern/New England states for most of the away games, help or hurt Bronco Football recruiting efforts to attract top notch quality players from high schools in that area, or,

should BSU recruit kids from Western States and use the opportunity to play several thousand miles away from their friends and family as a recruiting incentive?

I dunno, the more I think about it, the more I am not convinced that the Broncos going to the Big East Conference in 2013, will really be a 'Recruiting Plus or Bonanza for the BSU Broncos.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - I honestly don't believe the Broncos will ever go to the Big East and there will be more football conference realignments in this coming January-March, with the formation of a new SuperConference to better align Western Teams with Eastern Teams, and increase the profit margins for all, by reducing expensive travel costs (which is the point of semi-pro CFB to begin with - making Big Bucks for the schools).

VNDL....Those are good questions and filled with paradoxes

that, when, your questions almost answer themselves....

I hope you are right when saying Boise will not enter the Big East....if they do, they are stuck, just as you have said that alignment will be done....I hope they have really, really, really, good 'frequent-flyers-mileage' club memberships....they will need it....

On recruiting?

if you lived in the East Coast, would you prefer Rutgers, Cincinatti, Temple, or Boise State?
if you live in Oregon, would you choose Oregon or Oregon State or Boise State and head east?
if you live in Texas, would you choose Texas, Texas AM, Texas Tech, SMU, or Boise State?

Yes, Boise will have a recruiting problem. Heck BSU hardly gets anyone here in Eastern Idaho....Percy #48 was a walkon and not a recruit....Taysom Hill from Poky went to BYU....others from this area went to oregon and oregon state....

There are several good athletes again in eastern Idaho and they probably will be at Utah State, BYU, Utah, ISU, Montana Schools, and even Idaho; but maybe not Boise State. Im not sure if Boise State is recruiting any of them? Time will tell....

Instead Boise will go mostly to California and bring back the 2-star athletes and act like they will always turn them into superstars....wont happen anymore....

The model that Boise State needs to copy is Nebraska....they havent and they will fail on the National Level....

My question: Did BSU get rid of their Marketing program? I ask because I see a very lousy Marketing of their best product, 'Boise State Bronco Football'....

just curious....

2013 BSU Recruits so far

Here is an updated list of the recruits BSU has so far for 2013, per OBNUG:

Ryan Finley, QB, Paradise Valley High School (Phoenix, AZ)

Joe Martarano, MLB, Fruitland High School (Fruitland, ID)

Alec Dhaenens, TE, Fruitland High School (Fruitland, ID)

Jack Austin, WR, Chino Hills High School (Chino Hills, CA)

Aaron Baltazar, RB, Eastlake High School (Chula Vista, CA)

Tanner Vallejo, LB, Nevada Union High School (Grass Valley, CA)

Durrant Miles, LB/DE, Bingham High School (South Jordan, UT)

Mat Boesen, LB/TE, West High School (Torrance, CA)

Justin Taimatuia, DT, Fort Scott Community College (KS)

Mercy Maston, CB Bakersfield Community College (CA)

Andrew Tercek, OL, East Central High School (San Antonio, TX)

Eli McCullough, OT, Rocky Mountain High School (Meridian, ID)

Tyler Rausa, PK, Riverside City College (Riverside, CA)

I was kinda surprised to see so many Treasure Valley Idaho boys on the list. Maybe those summer Football Camps at BSU are improving the quality of high school football in Treasure Valley?

And just one from Texas?

This Ryan Finley kid from AZ is supposed to be better than Patti and much bigger and a stronger arm. I wonder how long Patti is gonna stay in Boise or if he enrolls for Spring Semester at some school in the SEC or the Big East?


Summer camps-ya think? Me too.


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.


"I wonder how long Patti is gonna stay in Boise or if he enrolls for Spring Semester at some school in the SEC or the Big East?"

Nick Patti wasnt really recruited heavily. The only BCS schools interested were Indiana and South Florida, both of which need a LOT of help. What could possibly make you think an SEC school would recruit a 5'10" 2-star QB?

Brings a tear to my eye

seeing two Vandal homers so focused on BSU. I just love it! No one can disagree with your decision to abandon the sinking Vandal ship. They're done, over, lost forever in the abyss. Forget a has been, they're a never been. Please continue donating & watching our beloved Broncos climb higher. You guys rock! Thank you for ths support.

I severely doubt it.

Most of the regional students can drive home for the holidays and BSU is a good REGIONAL education choice.


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.

Inner City Kids

Inner city kids from the northeast don't give a bleeping bleep about wankstas on the river. They care about girls, hip hop, and winning football games. And they don't know the difference between Iowa and Idaho, because neither is relevant in their world of going to the shore in the summer. For the record...

Except that they'll have to get summer jobs REBUILDING the Shore


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.

Boise State will LOSE to Nevada

I say that based on what I've seen this season from Boise State (Great defense - horrible offense) and what I've seen this season from Nevada (great offense - average defense).

Additionally Nevada runs the sort of offense that has always given Boise State enormous trouble. Ever since that loss to Rice way back when Boise State has had LOTS of difficulty with any team that runs an option type of an offense. Nevada isn't specifically a true "option" offense but they run enough of that sort of thing to give Boise State trouble.

P.S. Be sure to take note of the huge difference between how Nevada's offensive line BLOCKS on running plays compared to how Boise State's offensive line blocks on running plays. It's like watching the difference between a grade school team and a high school team. Nevada's O-line CHARGES off of the line and actually BLOCKS effectively (and thereby creates lanes to RUN through). Boise State's O-line sort of TRIES to get a block on SOMEONE........ANYONE and most Boise State running plays end up getting stopped before they even get started as a result. It's actually pretty SAD.

You are forgetting one factor

Colin Kaepernick

It was only during the 4 years he was at Nevada did the Wolfpack provide good competition against Boise State. The years prior, and the years after CK were dismal for Nevada. Without him, they fell to irrelevance. Do you seriously think they'll be any good this season? No, they won't.

That so-called "average" defense

Gave up 500 yards and 52 points last night to a Fresno team that was able to get a single TD with 2 minutes left in the game against BSU. Also, your so-called "average" defense is 101st in scoring defense and 97th in rushing defense but your so-called "horrible" offense is 57th in scoring offense and 64th in rushing offense.

It would seem your opinion is a little flawed......


Nevada has one of the worst defenses in FBS:

93rd in total defense allowing 438.8 ypg
103rd in scoring defense allowing 33.9 ppg
99th in rushing defense allowing 199.1 ypg

The only category they get close to average in is passing defense:

68th in passing defense allowing 239.7 ypg


A vote from Cripe would have been nice. Way to support your home team.



My concern at this point with Oregon is injuries. The DL has been hammered, and much of last night featured 3 true freshman among the front 4 (and it showed at times). Patterson at safety going down is huge and it looked season ending - remember he moved up with the 1's when Boyett went down early in the year. Dargan should fill the spot pretty well but the depth behind him and Jackson at the other safety spot is very limited.

Healthy I honestly think Oregon is the best team in the country right now, but with the injuries wins against Stanford, @OSU and a likely rematch with USC aren't a given.

I was really looking forward...

to Oregon and Alabama and tho it could still happen, I dont see Kansas St. losing.

The Gerbil versus Saban would of been a great showdown. Two great minds, two intense dudes.

Im not quite sure how good KState is. I think their defense in underrated but dont know if they can stop the Ducks like LSU or Bama might. If Alabama wins out, including the SEC championship game, is it possible the voters view a 1 loss SEC team a better candidate over an undefeated KState or Notre Dame?


Needs two of Oregon, KSU and ND to get into the championship. I think USC will smash ND in a couple of weeks. KSU still has Texas and Oregon probably has to play USC again.

I don't see a 1 loss SEC climbing over any of the three undefeated teams unless they stumble.

Funky, I think you are over stating the outdoor activity

desires of the Rutgers group. Their ideas of outdoor activities are waiting for a cab or riding the roller coaster at Cony Island.
But by increasing exposure of the BSU brand to the large population bases back East, we increase the size of the pool from which we draw. It can only help.
I can't believe there will be any lessor push to recruit in CA, Wash & Oregon, or Texas for that matter. But increased exposure from playing SDSU, SMU, South Florida and Rutgers will put us on more radar screens.


It is unfortunate that in the past WAC and MWC years, BSU has not had much national TV coverage and exposure, and not as much, by far, as the Broncos will get by being in the Big East Conference. Maybe belonging to the Big East Conference will translate into the Broncos being viewed by many more TV viewers than in the past years, placing us on (as you say) 'more radar screens'.

I hope you are right.

Apparently, the Broncos are not very well known West of the Mississippi River and hopefully, belonging to the Big East for football will also translate into much more Bronco exposure and money for BSU to operate on, due to increased exposure, more 'branding', vastly increased sales of Bronco Gear (based on raw population numbers of people living in the Big East area, and more TV viewer money coming into BSU).

Increasing the Bronco Brand is of vital importance for revenue generation for BSU. Imagine how many more retail stores and malls in the large cities on the East Coast will carry Bronco Gear and how much of it will sell. I know that we certainly buyll quite a bit of SDSU, UNLV, Wyoming, and Hawaii gear, ourselves, just here in Idaho because of the Bronco tie-in with the MWC and how BSU Bronco Fans want to get gear from other schools in the WAC and MWC. When the Broncos move to the Big East conference, the retail sales of Big East Team gear will increase in Treasure Valley outlets, as well, further helping keep BSU stay afloat financially. I am sure Rutgers and Cincinnati Fans and fans of other CFB teams on the East Coast, will want to buy Bronco Gear, too.

Maybe you are right and a move to the Big East will be a boon to recruiting by increasing the pool of eligible recruits. Most of these kids will, more than likely, come from the inner cities and will gladly jump at the opportunity to go out West to BSU, which provides a better potential path to the NFL than do East Coast Teams. BSU has sure placed many players into the NFL in the recent years. Instead of BSU getting the 2 and 3 star players as in the past, maybe BSU can now start getting the 4 and 5 star players and 'stealing' them away from the Notre Dames, the Ohio States, and the other East Coast school, when these high school players start finding out about the Broncos and our 2 Fiesta Bowl wins and our Blue Turf Field.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

I don't quite buy into that either.


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.

I think he was being sarcastic?

(I hope.) More likely though, I think AQ is ugly's "instigator" personality. Says stupid shtuff, so ugly can be the hero and come in providing "insight" to the situation. You know like dumb and dumber. Ugly isn't stupid enough to stick his tongue on a pole without someone else there. (Just barely though.)

You and P2 both think so, I'll bet.


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.

On another note.....

Its been fun discussing all things Boise State on this site these past many months/years. With the Statesman charging a fee to get on this site (effective Nov 14th) I wouldn't expect as many bloggers to be around here in the future. It was fun while it lasted, too bad the suits at the Statesman are so desparate for the money -- So long y'all!

tetpilot....hang in there....In Eastern Idaho I subscribe to

3 newspapers--Post Register (Idaho Falls), the Blackfoot News (Blackfoot), and the Idaho State Journal (Pocatello)....

The Post Register is doing the same as Idaho Statesman, but they did mention the online stuff was free to the paper subscribers....the fee is only to none-paper people that use their online paper....

Ugly will try the online Statesman for one year and then decide if it is worth it or not....

I believe what has happened at the Statesman is that the Boise State University may have dropped their Marketing Program, thus no marketing or salesmanship....could people in Boise please call Boise State and verify that their Marketing program still exists ????

I see no evidence in that their (BSU) best product, the Boise State Bronco Football franchise, is hardly noticeable anymore here in eastern Idaho....thus, that has led to my conclusion that Boise State no longer offers Marketing as a Business Major....

Maybe VNDL is correct--just Spark Plug Gap Methodology....

ugly - the BSU marketing program appears 'vacant'

This summer I attended county fairs in Gooding, Jerome, Twin Falls, Lincoln and Blaine counties.

These fairs are typical of Idaho's 44 county fairs with rodeos, hypnotists, midways with rides, many greasy food stalls, exhibits, gardening and cooking and art judging and lots of cattle, pigs, horses and other farm animals, and such.

In the past, the exhibits have been about commercial and public organizations and business in nature, with the organizations/businesses renting space to exhibit their stuff (insurance agents, realtors, political candidates, home furniture and stuff like that.

Most years have colleges and universities with booths marketing their 'brand' and academic opportunities and programs, to local high school kids and others wanting to go to college. This year I saw College of Southern Idaho, College of Idaho, BYU-Idaho, ISU, and UoI booths/exhibits at all fairs I went to.

But I didn't see one. Guess which one?

That one is Boise's State University.

Nowhere to be found.

The fairgrounds in Gooding is 93 miles from Bronco Stadium, but Gooding is too far for BSU to go to set up an exhibit and try to market the BSU 'brand' to Southern Idahoans, I guess?

Apparently so.

It amazes me how BSU so arrogantly thinks that all Idahoans are enamored with BSU and are waiting in droves to apply to BSU and someday attend such a 'forward thinking' college, that BSU does not even set up a folding table and give out blue and orange car key holders or brochures about the superlative academic opportunities' to be had at BSU - only an hour and a half from their homes. It is no wonder that CSI is growing rapidly and is making overtures about becoming a 4 year institution.

It appears as though the marketing strategy that is employed by BSU is to make revenue off of royalties for retail goods stocked by retail activities such as COSTCO, Fred Meyers, WalMart and etc. This is the path of least resistance for BSU work-wise. No real labor expended nor overhead investment nor investment of capital for production of the gear - BSU just signs some agreements with suppliers and collects the royalties at point of manufacture.

And Kustra calls that 'marketing'. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I am just not convinced that BSU is doing all it can to market Boise's State University outside of Ada County. As a Vandal, it is Manna From Heaven.

It does really leave high school kids who want to study Marketing in college wondering where to go to school. I am guessing they will go where it is obvious that marketing seems to be part of the Organization's Survival and Growth Philosophy and Long Term Plans.

How much could it cost to rent a space in a fair barn and give away a couple hundred blorange pens and catalogs about the academic opportunities at BSU and then compare that dollar amount to how much is received in revenue from selling Bronco Gear and it is real easy to see where BSU places their priorities?

A Marketing Degree from BSU is really not worth much in the Real World, I am guessing, as I sure don't see any indication(s) of the results of any stuff that a Marketing Major learns at BSU, being put into practice by BSU, the college that puts on the marketing cla$ses and teaches 'how to do it' when it comes to marketing.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - In all fairness to BSU, I must say that I did see a Blorange t-shirt with the Bronco head logo on a carnie at the Twin Falls Fair Midway one time when we were waling through to get Elephant Ears and a couple dozen of those wonderful Mini donuts and a smoked turkey leg. So marketing Bronco Gear must be working someplace, or the carnie maybe worked a county fair in Treasure Valley earlier in the summer? I dunno.

I think they have just conceded,

the market for corn sileage researchers and the only other talent pool (that will ever leave) in South Central is spark plug gappers. Doesn't take a marketing major to sort this crowd out.


Idaho Press Tribune on-line readership skyrockets.

ϨϿЯϵώ the trolls

Which is somewhat ironic, since the IPT prints the Statesman.

You have to HAVE an online presense worth viewing first.


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.

Chad or others

If Fresno State loses & BSU/SDSU win out...Do the Broncos still tie for #1 in the MWC or will SDSU win because of the head to head win over BSU?

I can answer that

SDSU and BSU would be co-champs.

Thank you!

Watched the Fresno/Nevada game last night. Wasn't sure what would happen if Fresno lost.

For anybody - a few quick questions

How does BSU joining the Big East Conference for Football in 2013, benefit:

A. BSU - the academic side,

B. BSU - the athletic side,


D. Bronco Football Players,

E. Bronco Nation,

F. The City of Boise,

G. Treasure Valley,

H. Southern Idaho,

I. The State of Idaho,

J. The other football teams in the Big East?

This should be very interesting if posters respond in an intelligent and cogent manner with actual thought(s) supporting their opinion(s).


It doesn't and I don't need the post body to justify my answer.


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.

VNDL....Ugly knows the answers to each....but why is it

that so many Bronco Fans hate those type of questions?

Those are very good and very debatable questions, yet no-one in their Bronco arrogance ever tries to answer them....

In Nebraska, you see red from Scottsbluff to Imperial and Ogalalla to Oshkosh enroute to Lincoln....

In Idaho, how far does one travel outside of Boise to see zero Bronco Football influence?

The Marketing of Bronco Football could use some re-thinking....

ugly - yes excellent questions re: Bronco Fotball

You have hit the nail on the head.

Once again, you have done it. You are so very correct.

The only thing most members of the Out To Lunch Bunch (mostly Common Bronco Fans with a couple of weak sisters and easily led wannabees thrown in) want to do is engage in Extreme Vandal Bashing. They will spend more time and energy finding fault with the Vandal Football Program, than with seriously discussing how to improve the Bronco Football Program and BSU as a whole.

It is a very interesting concept as to how deep their Extreme Vandal Hatred is - considering the fact that Idaho is never going to play BSU in football again.

It has often been said, enumerated, and elucidated, that you are, without a doubt, a superlative marketing Genius, Par Excellence.

You are very 'on point' when you use the Nebraska Model. The color 'red' (signifying the University of Nebraska Cornhusker Football team) can be seen throughout all of Nebraska, any day of the year.

The Cornhusker Boosters number in the many thousands and if you are a business or an office, you better have your member certificate framed and hanging on the wall, or you are not going to get customers.

Why is it that way in Nebraska?

I believe it is because the Cornhuskers are Nebraska's Football Team, regardless of where anybody goes to college or university in Nebraska. It is called State Pride with an expectation of the Cornhuskers being serious contenders EVERY SEASON for a national championship.

You don't see some Cornhusker Fans bashing students of other universities in Nebraska for joining the Cornhusker Boosters and contributing money to help the football team and fund improvements to the stadium and such.

Why in Boise is there such a disdain for Vandals or Cougs, or anybody supporting the BSU Broncos, except those who claim somehow to have 'purity' and the Broncos are 'their' team and all others are not welcome?.

Why with some Bronco Fans? What is wrong with Bronco Nation being an open tent and trying to get along with other CFB fans?

I am beginning to see how many CFB fan posters from other states and schools have come on these boards and have been totally turned off by the ignorance, rudeness, and just down right meanness of some of these Common Bronco Fans.


These are usually Bronco Fans who have never attended BSU or set foot on the BSU campus and have absolutely no connection with BSU whatsoever other than to own some Bronco Gear.

The bottom line is it is about poor marketing and 'brand' placement. You are absolutely correct.

Just imagine how big the BAA could become if even 1% of Common Bronco Fans belonged to the BAA. That would be a huge 'plus up' from the numbers of BAA members that currently exist (over 5,000 members of which over 3,000 are Idaho Vandals and the remaining 2,000 are some Broncos and 'others' mixed in).

Again, the emphasis for Bronco Nation seems to be trashing the Vandals at every opportunity and not spending any time trying to improve the BSU Broncos in any meaningful ways, marketing wise.

I have posed good, fair, and thought provoking questions - and - as we constantly expect - there are no serious answers, as the questions require a depth of thinking which only a 3D Thinker can accomplish.

Who knows maybe some of these Common Bronco Fans will manage a response, but I doubt it.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

I remember a lot of trolls and Potato2 was their king.


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.

You sure are facinated with me

It is nice to know that we still have a connection....

Just when I think I might pay the $6.95

Up pops a post for a good reason not to.....

If the new AUP allows users to continue use this board as their personal e-mail server, then this board is going to be raking in exactly $13.90 each month.

Shut up.

None of us has anything to lose now.


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.

BSU4342....that is $13.90 more than they get


and less people...

...viewing the hobby lobby and AAA ads that said companies pay for.

BSU4342....look at the fees this way....

the Statesman will fail....

and I will tell you why, because ugly is a Marketing genious....

lets say the Statesman gets 1500 subscribers at $70 per year, and the rest of the bloggers are left out....that is about $105,000 per year....willthat save the Statesman????

would you advertise on a blog with limited viewers? What idiot would, besides a Boise State Bronco?

if you sold used cars like Fast Eddie, would you advertise on a blog with limited viewership? Heck no !!!!

You see, the Statesman's problem is not monies from bloggers, but monies from advertizers that feel it is worth their monies to advertize....if an advertizer has an audience and something to sell, they will advertize....

The Statesman should be thinking strategies that has 100,000 bloggers on here so that advertizers can see their potential customer base and are willing to put an ad in to sell their Wares-and-Tares....

But, ugly's opinion, is that Boise State University has dropped their Marketing Program for one reason or another....Ugly is very concerned....I would appreciate it if all Boiseans would call Boise State University and ask them if their Marketing Program is still available, or have they dropped it....

please lets us know what is found....

Ugly, can at least one of your personalities

drop the over-capitalization. Did you pass any of your English courses? (I had another word here that clsasis, but it was blocked?) By the way, the only Vandal bashing I see on here is in response to Vandals who have no where else better to go for anyone to hear them then here. Like you, yourself, and Irene. Touting BAA and at the same time bashing Broncos and their fans. You and tweedle dumb like posting lots of "questions" with no answers or specifics, so here are a few for you:

A. How does any conference benefit a schools academic side?

B. It benefits the athletic side with money and perhaps better OOC matches?

C. Not sure how it benefits BAA, you two are the experts here? I am just a leach with a sweatshirt.

D. Bronco Football Players, Money and exposure.

E. Bronco Nation, perhaps better games?

F. The City of Boise, we play in more cities with trees?

G. Treasure Valley, We find other people to blog than disgruntled vandals?

H. Southern Idaho, Not sure it has any affect here, but you and tweedle are once again the experts here?

I. The State of Idaho, more money and exposure?

J. The other football teams in the Big East? Better SOS and exposure?

K. Are you gay? Or do you just like to makeout with other dudes in public? (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

L. Do you have relations with AQ or SIF? Besides on blogs?

M. Have you passed any math courses since grade school? (Once again with blocking clsases?)

This should be very interesting if posters respond in an intelligent and cogent manner with actual thought(s) supporting their opinion(s).


Don't pull me into this "Dumb and Dumber" act that you and the train-wreck have going. If you have a legitimate question, ask it, and I'll do my best to answer it for you. Otherwise leave me out of your little circus.

Better ask now, because in a few short days you will have to start paying for the education you get here.

LMFAO, Dumb and dumber

my thoughts exactly. See above before I scrolled through the makeout session.


not sure of your response if you plan to pay the dues or skip them?

On Questions:

1. Do you think the Statesman is doing the right thing on dues?
2. Will you pay the dues for a start?
3. Has the Broncos been Marketed well outside of Boise?
4. Is the Big East really a good move for Boise?
5. What changes would you like the Statesman to do to make it a better online paper and more profitable to the Statesman and more productive to the online readers and bloggers.
6. Do you like Ugly?
7. Do you like VNDL or SIF?

that is it,


Borderline ugly....

But I'll answer these for you.

1.) Not my call, but makes sense, if they can offer quality content.
2.) I'll start out month to month and go from there.
3.) BSU is something like 38th nationally in NCAA merchandise sales (and they are not doing that selling shirts at the Boise Costco), so ya I do.
4.) Compared to all other options currently available to BSU, I love the move.
5.) I've already fired off an email to the Statesman folks. I see no need to share that here.
6.) yup and I've stated this many times.
7.) I have absolutely no use for vndl, I have no issues with SIF.

Hope that helps.

BSU4342....Thanks for you input and


Also, I would not mind seeing a summary of your email to the Statesman....there is nothing wrong with sharing your ideals with everyone in a summarized format and editted the way you want....

I am curious of your thoughts....