Garden City voters have spoken on the Greenbelt. Really.

Here's a draft of our second editorial for Friday.

Elections generally have a way of settling public policy debates by lending a voice to the voter.

Things aren’t always so simple. And definitely not in Garden City, where the long dispute over a 1 1/2-mile walking path took one more abrupt turn.

Voters rejected Initiative A, which would have required the city to open the city’s Nature Path to cycling. But these same voters also said yes to Initiative B, which would allow cycling on all city Greenbelt paths unless voters specifically approve a ban via referendum.

Here’s where the argument ensues. Again.

City leaders say they will keep the Nature Path pedestrian-only, since 56.8 percent of voters rejected Initiative A. The group pushing for cycling access argues, in essence, that Initiative B trumps Initiative A, and requires City Hall to go back before voters with a request to ban cycling on the Nature Path.

This has become as exhausting as a long bike ride — or a long ride on a stationary bike.

Yes, it is disappointing — to cycling advocates, and to this editorial board — that Garden City voters rejected Initiative A. But Garden City voters have made their decision. It’s time to abide by it.


Can't you add one more paragraph:

"Both sides of the argument can agree that Mayor John Evans is a self-serving, dishonest jerk."

Bitter bikeboy

Sad you damage your credibility with a cheap personal attack. I doubt you really know John as your opinion would be much different.

You're right!

... I don't know John personally, so my attack is not "personal" at all!

What I do know:
1) He was the developer of Riverside Village, so obviously had good reason to know what property belonged to who.
2) He put up "private property - no trespassing" signs on the greenbelt, until the State of Idaho sued him to take them down. (It's always been public property. I don't know this, but I'd guess that the path was represented as being PRIVATE to prospective buyers.)
3) He falsely claimed that opening the path to bikes would require paving, and that it would cost Garden City's taxpayers upwards of $1 million to implement.

His handling of this issue from the beginning has been blatantly dishonest and self-serving, to anybody who's been paying attention.

Cycle Confusion

When i read the first article on the "two" G.C. measures I went HUH?? what in the heck are they trying to do here. I think the the folks have voted, but the two initiatives could have been easier to understand. Now that G.C. has a Nature Area...i assume all sort of wildlife will be allowed...beavers...mountain lions...wolves...mule deer.

Garden City Voters Have Not Spoken

Initiative B says to me that I can ride a bicycle on the path if I want to do so. The Idaho Statesman is not doing any service to the community by trying to put this issue to rest. If anything, the Idaho Statesman should aggressively pursue the issue until the community has a decisive legal answer. Right now the issue is no more clear than when Evans got an idea in his head to facilitate elitism. Boycotting Garden City businesses has merit at this point. Only The Costume Shop has made efforts to open the Greenbelt section to all, so I support their business fully.