Idaho GOP mum on propositions vote; Luna says Idahoans have 'expressed concerns'

UPDATED, 11:59 a.m., with comments from Otter.

Here are the morning-after reactions from Tuesday's Idaho elections — headlined, of course, by the defeats of Propositions 1, 2 and 3.

Interestingly, the Idaho Republican Party's day-after statement contains nary a word about the propositions. If you recall, state party chairman Barry Peterson had carried no small amount of water on supporters' behalf during this campaign — criticizing the opposition's ads and calling on opposition consultant Brian Cronin, a lame-duck Democratic House member, to resign his legislative post.

Gov. Butch Otter issued two statements. Here's what he said about the presidential race:

“Governor Romney was a great candidate, and I was proud to be associated with his campaign. We had high hopes for a Romney administration, and we have serious concerns about another four years of bigger and more expansive government, increased spending, higher taxes, growing debt and more federal regulation. Fortunately we’ve already been taking steps to weather what looks like an uncertain fiscal future. Here at home we remain committed to charting our own course and keeping our own house in order. We remain committed to limited government and unlimited opportunity, to growing Idaho’s economy, to living within the people’s means, and to enabling individuals to be the architects of their own destiny.”

And here's what he said about Props 1, 2 and 3:

“The people have spoken, so I’m not discouraged. That’s how our system works. But it’s important to remember that the public conversation that began almost two years ago isn’t over — it’s only begun. Our work force, our communities and most of all our students still deserve better, and our resources are still limited. We offered these reforms not because we sought change for change’s sake, but because change is needed to afford our young people the opportunities they deserve now and for decades to come. That’s as true today as it was yesterday, so our work for a brighter and better future continues.”

Here's what the GOP chose to say.

Last night at the IDGOP Victory Party in Boise, our state Republican leaders drove home a message of unity and pride in Idaho and the United States as the greatest nation in the world. Our state leadership from Governor Otter to our senators in Jim Risch and Mike Crapo and Congressmen Mike Simpson and Raul Labrador all continued by reinforcing the importance of moving forward and working together to turn the nation around and get it back on track.

Through this election season, Idahoans rallied together in support of Governor Mitt Romney over the president by one of the largest margins of all states. Simpson and Labrador also won by similar margins, demonstrating the desire of Idahoans to extinguish the overreaching arm of the government and steer our country away from fiscal calamity. “Our two congressmen understand the fiscal problems of our nation,” stated Chairman Barry Peterson. “The large turnout and victories show the confidence of the constituency in our Republican leaders.”

The Idaho GOP is proud of all of its candidates and the hard-fought campaigns across the state. Republican candidates won 85 of the 105 seats in the Idaho Legislature. “Thank you all who gave your time, energy, and money to support our legislative candidates. Throughout the state, our candidates and their supporters worked hard ensuring our communities and people that care about Republican, conservative values are represented,” stated Executive Director Joshua Whitworth.

The high voter turnout shows that the people of Idaho care about the policies put in place by our legislators. “It was good to see such a strong involvement by the people of Idaho,” said Peterson. “Being gracious in victory and in defeat, we welcome the Democrat legislators and look forward to using their talents along with the talents of our Republicans for the successful leadership of our state, as well as pursuing to improve Idaho’s education systems.”

And here's what state schools superintendent Tom Luna had to say:

“I still believe that Idahoans want better schools through education reform. I still believe that empowering local school boards, phasing out tenure, giving parents input on evaluations, helping students take dual credit, paying teachers for more than just years of experience and amount of education, and making sure every classroom is a 21st Century Classroom are critical if we want an education system that meets the needs of every child. We have now had a 22-month discussion about what this should look like. I understand Idahoans have expressed concerns, yet I do not believe any Idahoan wants to go back to the status quo system we had two years ago. I am as committed as anyone to finding a way to make this happen. We must find a way because our children’s future is at stake.”

Otter talks about limited resources...

Where was the $180 million going to appear from to make Luna's magic happen?

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart


It is coming from the same place as Obama's funding for universal health care comes from.

It's all magic!

aka your pockets.

So why?

Why did you favor one and not the other?

What discussion?

What discussion took place Mr. Luna? I remember my letters and the letters of many others going ignored. I remember many teachers and parents not being allowed to properly testify at hearings. I remember you implementing these laws as an emergency when you realized that Idahoans were coming out to oppose these in big numbers. No, not once do I remember you encouraging discussion in the past 22 months.


Like the Party Press Release says, "Forward." (the Obama campaign theme)

Hey Luna

Hey Luna, Who do you work for? Once you answer this question, then you will know why you ended up with the emphatic result handed to you by your constituency. Oops, I just gave you the answer.

It's what got you into office and it will get you out of office.

Next Time Will Be Different, Luna

Bring it on, Luna. Understand, though, that this time we won't have to spend as much time educating people about your qualifications as a highly functioning puppet, nor as much time demonstrating the irrelevance of your laws to improving learning outcomes, nor as much time calculating the level of fiscal irresponsibility they entail. You've done much of that heavy lifting yourself these past 22 months. This time around, the focus will be on the puppeteers, privateers, and profiteers. We'll be connecting the dots between you and the billionaire school reformers and the hedge-fund hedgehogs working to cash in on charter schools and the privatization of public education. We'll lay bare your true motivation: greed. Bring it on.

Idaho GOP should remain


Idaho GOP should remain


Idaho GOP and other GOP will be doing just


Conservatives produce the 'real' economic and durable goods of this country....what we do, will affect it regardless of election outcomes....

If GOP is a sinking ship, the liberals will sink with us as well....

If liberals sink? Who cares....

You picked

an apt name for yourself. It fits your projection.

Not sure just how your comment addresses Luna's complete disregard of the voting public of Idaho and their decisions, though. Kind of off topic.

Well, I will give Otter

Well, I will give Otter credit in that his statement was better than Luna's. Otter's statement at least sounded like a concession speech. From Luna's speech you would have thought he had won. What a BFP.

Everything is going down the toilet, so FLUSH and REPEAT.

You are next, Mr. Looney.


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.