Who is to blame for Boise State's offensive woes? Fans offer their opinions


It's a coaching problem. They are the recruiters, trainers, team analysts, and play developers/callers. It's on them.

Gotta agree

The coaches have to adapt their personnel to fluid situations. They must put them in the best positions to be successful.

If you get nothing but a headache running headlong into a rock wall, then maybe you should try running around it, instead!

It's YOU Murph

and the rest of the media that may be expecting too much.

Right On!

Coach Pete is head and shoulders above most coaches in the country for his talent and ability to motivate and coach young football players. He also has an excellent staff of coaches supporting him. You don't lose the likes of Kellen Moore, Doug Martin, Shea McClellin, etc. and face the rash of injuries without it having an effect on the team. Bandwagon fans and the media who like to stir up controversy can just fall off the wagon. True Bronco fans understand the difficulties with replacing the talent that was lost last year. Give these kids another year to develop and then the "bandwagoners" will be clamoring to get back on with BSU. It will be real tempting to give them a boot (or hoof) in the face, but that isn't OKG way. Let's support this football team through its growing pains, people!

Coach Pete is in top 3 or 4

Coach Pete is in top 3 or 4 coaches (Saban, Patterson and ?) in the nation. However... great coaching staffs build for the future DURING runs of success. Have you heard the term "We don't rebuild, we reload." True championship programs should be plugging in new personnel that accomplishes that goal. BSU has done that in spade on defense. We lost how many defensive starters to the NFL and look at guys like Lawrence, Kukajawatchufuzu or whatever his name is, Taylor yada yada yada the defense hasn't missed a beat. BSU hasn't recruited well on offense period. With all the momentum created by the Kellen Moore regime, BSU's cupboards should have some top flight athletes. Instead the cupboards are stocked with mediocre grinders. Those you need... on special teams and fullback.... at the skill positions, you need skill. We don't have much of that beyond Miller and occasionally Kirby. I still don't know why Ajayi isn't elevated into the feature back and Harper isn't used on slot plays, counters and the quick screen game. BSU had just as many or more injuries last year and still overcame. Hate to say it but the offensive coaches have done a poor job. Same O line that made Martin a first rounder can't run block? Emphasize it! The offensive coordinator calls a one man route on the biggest play of the SDSU game (the failed 2 pt conversion). Have a script made before the fur starts flying. This crap is elementary and our offensive staff is being outcoached. "True" fans only show their ignorance when they say its ok to suck.

Saban? Seriously?

When he can succeed without automatically getting the top recruits, then I will consider him one of the best. The reality is he would never be able to pull off what Chris Petersen does with the 2- and 3-star talent Boise State gets. Yet, Coach Pete still manages to build his players into great players, not just take great players and let them play the game. That's a fact.

Saban has done it at three

Saban has done it at three schools and his predecessors couldn't even scratch the surface with the same resources. The Tide hadn't won squat since Gene Stallings. Saban is a by all accounts an anal crazy man but he can flat out coach. Discipline is the key to football success and Saban is #1 in that category. Pete promotes a culture of discipline as well and thats why BSU keeps churning out the wins even with less resources and less ability to recruit the number of quality people. Les Miles would be a better example of a monkey with keys to a Ferrari.


@ Michigan State

1995 6–5–1
1996 6–6
1997 7–5
1998 6–6
1999 9–2

As you can see, not great by any means


2000 8–4
2001 10–3
2002 8–5
2003 13–1
2004 9–3

Not bad (great 2003) but Miles was 51-15 his first 5 years.......

I also think it's telling that Saban was 7-6 in his first year at Alabama

Are you telliing me Miles is

Are you telliing me Miles is a better coach than Saban? That's a joke. Once again raw numbers don't mean much outside of baseball and elections. What did Miles do at OK State? Less than what Saban did at LSU... and the Big 12 aint the SEC and OSU has more money than god. I'm sure any 2 cent hack who covers the SEC would tell you a comparison of pure coaching between Miles and Saban is apples and oranges.

And while Miles does indeed

And while Miles does indeed find a way to win despite trying to screw it up each week with mismanaging the clock and ill-timed reverses and fake field goals, it would be interesting to note the win/loss record the previous season by the coaches that Saban at replaced at MSU, LSU and Alabama. He turned programs around like that and built them all into respectable overnight. He's a great coach... I don't like him per se, but I respect the fact he's put together the best program in the country. Patterson I don't care for either but he straight up outcoached Pete 2 out of 3 times (especially last season when TCU punked BSU at home and ruined my day) so what can anyone say. Chip Kelly is a genius and deserves to be in the conversation. He's changing the way football is played across the country. Look at his record... by that alone Chip probably deserves to be #1 if we're going on pure numbers. He's on Pete's pace out of the gate and I"m sorry but putting up 700+ yards against USC is a little better than BSU struggling to put up points on Cal Davis.

As for the TCU game

last year. Pete did not get out-coached. If it weren't for 4 blown plays by a depleted secondary, Boise wins that game by 3 TD's.

Boise last played UC Davis in 2009.

700+ yards vs SC is impressive, giving up 530 yards to Arkansas State is not (forget about the 615 given up to USC).

Not at all

I was merely pointing out that the "monkey with the keys" had the same record over the same period of time, at the same school as your "disciplined" Saban.

How about: nobody's fault

Texas was 13-12 in 2010 and 2011. USC was picked 1st in the preseason and is now 4-3 in conference. Va Tech had the longest streak of 10-win seasons broken by a losing record this year. Auburn won the national championship two years ago and their only two wins are against New Mexico State and an OT win against LA-Monroe.

Meanwhile, Boise State has the same conference record that they had the last two years under Moore, and they're only ten years removed from having never beaten a BCS team. They just lost virtually their entire starting defense and this year's defense is better. And if you think San Diego State isn't a respected team, don't tell that to the coach of last year's Sugar Bowl champs.

You want a real tragedy, look at all the teams that used to be great but have been losing for years. Check them out and you'll find a pattern: the second they had a couple down years, they got torn apart from the inside after everyone started blaming everyone else about who was to blame.

Union Thugs

I blame school teachers - union thugs.

It's the scorekeepers fault!

If Boise just had more points at the end of the game than the other team all would be "Hunky Dory".

"Hunky Dory" is a David Bowie album.


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.


You got it right. BSU fans should be proud how a very, very young team is playing and what character and hard work look like.

Last week's loss

was less an offensive problem and more a defensive and special teams problem. There was a breakdown in discipline and preparation, that's a coaching problem.

Ummm.... its an offensive

Ummm.... its an offensive problem when your offense scores 19 points at home against a team that has been routinely giving up 40+ to mediocre teams. Hate to keep bashing on Southwick but he kills so many drives on shooting high late to too many receivers. Moore did the same things at time but he was bailed out by great receivers like Titus and Pettis. Even Miller would have brought that key third and long on the sideline that Potter missed. Its not Potter's fault he's 5 foot whatever. Its the coach's fault for being arrogant enough to think BSU can keep steamrolling people by plugging in tiny little over achievers. It was that same attitude with runningbacks that got Mike Shannahan run out of Denver after two Super Bowl wins. Someone made a good point the other day. Coach Pete (who I hope stays forever) had to be forced by the defensive coordinator to offer a scholarship to Kellen Moore. Pete and the offense then recruited a bunch of dud QBs none of which are capable of putting up good numbers although they've been in the system now for several years. That's a problem.

Coach Pete from 2006 thru 2011 was living mostly off the


Harper is last remnant from Hawk era....now all Coach Pete and Coach Prince in 2012 and beyound....

Kellen Moore was a Hawk recruit, and so were the many others that made Boise a BCS success....Coach Pete had Hawks recruits and Hawks Playbook....

Now, in 2012, we are seeing Coach Pete's....

LOL not that I want to get

LOL not that I want to get into it with you Ugs but are you kidding me? Pete has HAWK's playbook???? Prior to Pete installing HIS offense when Hawk came to BSU, Hawkins ran the FLY SWEEP as his primary offense at Willamette University. Pete made Hawk look like a genius. Hawk was the showman just like Houston Nutt was and just like Pokey Allen was. The real genius at BSU was Al Borges, Dirk and Pete... followed admirably by Harsin, a Pete disciple. Justin Wilcox recruited Kellen Moore. If Pete was still calling the plays instead of Prince BSU would be scoring 40 a game even with Southwick.


What I am saying is that in 2012 and beyond, 100% of the recruits and Broncos are from Coach Pete and Coach Prince....

In 2006 thru 2011, there were many starting Broncos that were from the Hawk era....those players were very talented and made, as well as great coaching by Pete, Boise State a BCS busting success....yes, some of the plays were from the Hawk....

I believe the final recruit of the Hawk era is DJ Harper? But I could be wrong (rare)....

The 2006 thru 2010 Broncos were almost all from the Hawk era....

The 2012 Broncos is Coach Petes....so will be the one and only AQ Big East season....

ugly, come on man


"The 2006 thru 2010 Broncos were almost all from the Hawk era...."

One of the dumbest things you've ever posted here.

Just for giggles can you name 5 starters in 2010 that signed with BSU prior to 2006

How about 2009?

You really need to do some research before you post.

ugly - thanks for setting the record straight

I have been wondering about that, and you laid it out very well and easy to understand.

Also, the term 'Era' as in the 'Hawk era' is very encompassing and mostliy inclusive.

For example, Coach Pete was Hawkins protoge and OC for a long time and implemented basically the play book that was the 'Hawk era' play book.

One could make the argument that the 'HAwk era' playbook is still partially impacting on the formulation and implementation of plays that BSU continues to use, this very day - years after Hawk left Boise. The 'Hawk era' can, last, for many yers when one looks at it.

For that matter, the 'Lyle Smith and University of Idaho creation of Bronco Football In The Beginning era', is still lasting at BSU, per some of the museum exihbits at the BAA offices at Bronco Stadium.

It is basically true, that the 'Vandal era' (Coach Lyle Smith was a Vandal and not a Bronco - just a mercenary to the Broncos) sewed the seminal seeds to create what has become to be known as Boise's State University Broncos Football team.

The University of Idaho, should, in all reality, be accorded all the credit for creating the Bronco Football Team and helpin make the BSU Broncos whqat they have become today.

ugly - as usual - your posts are very thought provoking and make me think and reflect as to how fortunate the BSU Broncos are to have had Idaho Vandals create them in the first place and mold them into the image of what Joe Vandal looks like.

It brings a tear to my eye if I think about it long enough, while peeling onions and eggplant for 'eggplante-torta' made with 100% Pure Idaho Ground Lamb.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

Peterson was always the offensive brains...

...behind the offense. You are correct sir. Peterson made Hawkins look good.

Hawk's recruit??? are you kidding?

Explain how Kellen Moore was a Hawkins recruit? Hawkins' last season here was 2005. Kellen Moore redshirted in 2007, and took over in 2008. A bit of a gap there for it to be Hawkins' recruit.

I'm pretty sure that a lot of the guys from last year's team (who are now playing in the NFL) were here as a result of the first Fiesta Bowl win, and were recruited by Petersen.....And I'll acknowledge it was Hawk's recruits that helped BSU win that Fiesta Bowl.

A birdie told me that Hawk

A birdie told me that Hawk was PISSED about the Fiesta Bowl. Like when George Costanza bought the big salad and didn't get credit for it.

Because it was NOTHING!


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.

Gotcha! Definitely no

Gotcha! Definitely no excuses moving forward and I've been pretty vocal that the offensive recruiting is lacking. A lot of coaches have come in and won championships with other's players (Coker at Miami, Chizik at Auburn) and flopped when they were exposed. Pete is head and shoulders above those guys but BSU keeps coming up short in the big games with guys recruited by Pete's regime so its all in front of them now. Any thoughts on my Mike Shanhahan comparison up above? Is it feasible that because Pete is a genius that some sort of arrogance has led to poor recruiting on O? (ie Shanny drafting a bunch of bum RBs thinking he could just plug em in when he only won the SB's because of Elway).

knowslittle....Yes I see your analogy of

Shanahan and Pete....

Both excelled as Offensive Coordinators, and both had a successful 'early' run at head Coach positions....

Also, I agree. I believe Shanahan when OC took many risks and was not afraid to do unorthodox type stuff. Then at head coach, he took over a very talented team of Elway, Sharpe, and many others....Kind of similar to Coach Pete....

Then things changed when it became 'their' team....

Life not so easy, and winnings fewer in-between....

Then frictions, fans upset, and Head Coach gone....

Are you saying a parallel repeat of history????

Coach Pete

Recruited Titus Young, Kellen Moore, Doug Martin, Shea McClellin, Jeron Johnson, Nate Potter.....Coach Pete built that, not Hawk. It's been his team. Check your facts.

I think ugly is right !!! & DJ was a Coach Hawk Baby, too

According to Wikipedia re: Kellen Moore; he completed the 2007 BSU season as a redshirt and graduated from High School in 2007 (May I believe) and then went to BSU after BSU had completed their Spring Camp (not like Patti with early high school graduation and BSU Spring Camp).

So, Kellen was recruited his Senior football season (Fall of 2006) in high school which would have been 2006 when Coach HAwkins was still the BSU Head Coach and right before he left for Colorado - but still technically the Head Coach.

As, I understand it, Coach Pete has been Head Coach of the Broncos since February 2007 until the present.

It looks like Coach Pete was the OC for BSU at the time when Kellen was recruited by Coach Hawk and BSU.

Of course we both know that it was prolly Coach Pete who travelled to all the high schools and actually shmoozed with the kids and their parents and Coach Hawk didn't realy do anything but sdign papers and do photo ops and such, but I think we gotta give Coach Hawk the credit for beng the head coach of the Broncos when Kellen was recruited. If we are gonna hold head coaches accountable and responsible for the success or failures of their teams - then we pretty much gotta give them credit for the good things too. And, getting Kellen on the Bronco Team was definately a Good Thing.

So Coach HAwk, I think was the Captain of The Ship when Kellen joined the Happpy Crew at BSU.

I think the same would hold true for the other named players that ugly mentioned, as well.

In fact, with DJ being a 6th year player with Medical redshirts and such. It would appear to me as though technically, DJ is Coach Hawk's last surviving recruit wearing Bronco Blorange.

DJ wouild fall under the same synopsis and set of facts, as Kellen would.

I know it is splitting hairs, but I did check the facts and that is what I came up with.

If you have some different facts - please provide.


Go Broncos.


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Yup, BSU fans... sure...

"So, Kellen was recruited his Senior year in high school which would have been 2006 when Coach HAwkins was still the BSU Head Coach and right before he left for Colorado - but still technically the Head Coach."

Neat trick for Hawk, going 2-10 at Colorado in 2006 while still the head coach at BSU


BSU4342....not to slide into your convo with VNDL, but

recruiting actually starts in the Junior year of a High School athlete....no, the coaches cannot wine and dine at that time, but they can sure write nice letters and info about the school and program....

so the Kellen Moore recruiting era would be about 2004 to 2005, right there with 'The Hawk' !!!!

now just because Hawk left in 2006 does not mean that the 'Hawks' recruiting list was not left behind for another to follow....kind of like a map to Montezumas Gold....Yes, Montezuma buried the Gold and left a map for someone to find....

The Hawk left a recruiting map....

ugly, just stop, will ya.....

You are making a bigger fool of yourself than you already did with this statement;

"In 2006 thru 2011, there were many starting Broncos that were from the Hawk era.."

Now you are just being silly.......

And for the record

DJ made an official visit on 1/12/2007 and signed on 1/18/2007 (and was recruited by Brent Pease)


Dan Hawkins "officially" became head coach at Colorado on 12/16/2005

I hope not! I think Pete is

I hope not! I think Pete is less stubborn than a guy like Shannahan. If he continues to grow and embrace change (even something simple like multiple uniforms) and looks in the mirror then the ship will get righted. I truly believe that he looks in the proverbial mirror all the time and he has thick enough skin to put up with the criticism that comes his way. I hope he's here forever. You can tell Pete is not happy with how this season is unfolding. The cameras have caught him grimacing and dropping f bombs more this season than the rest of the years combined. True winners make adjustments and I have my fingers crossed that Pete will do just that.

I still blame Humphrey.

AND Johnson for quitting and Nixon for making it all fubar.


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.

I Blame Nixon....

We 'Right-Wingers' never heard the tapes....