Big East now free to negotiate with all TV partners; Live chat on Wednesday

By Brian Murphy

The Big East is now free to negotiate a television contract with any network. ESPN's exclusive negotiating window with the league, which was supposed to expire on Oct. 31, ended Monday night without an agreement.

The expiration date was twice delayed because of Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath on the East Coast.

ESPN reported last month that the network and league would not reach an agreement before the end of the deadline.

The end of the negotiating window does not mean ESPN will necessarily be shut out of Big East television rights. NBC and Fox made presentations to the league this summer — and league officials have contended all along that there is heavy interest in the television rights.

Boise State joins the Big East as a football-only member in 2013.

"Our goal has been essentially two-fold. One, to make sure we give financial security for our conference and give our schools the resources they need. That’s criticial. And also to make sure they get the exposure they need," Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco said.

"A school like Boise is joining the Big East because we play football at the highest level. They can play a national schedule. The will have access to the highest tier of the bowl system. But they want to make sure they get the kind of national exposure that the program can go evern further. This program is already terrific. But it’s our job in this negotiation to provide that. Various platforms and as much national exposure as possible — that will be one of our sub-goals."

The Sports Business Journal asked experts where the Big East would land. Most said the league would end up split between ESPN and Fox.

Former Boston Globe sports writer Mark Blaudschun wrote on his blog that several different networks could end up with part of the Big East television package.

"Before it’s all over there will be some other media companies involved beside ESPN," Boise State President Bob Kustra said.

He expects to get an update on the negotiations next week in Chicago.

"It's fair to say there hasn’t been much to report from Mike’s end. We have great faith in a guy who spent as many years in the big media business he has. We're content with waiting this out. We've been reassured by him more than once that our expectations about what this Big East relationship would mean to us will be realized. I have no reason to doubt that we’re going to come out of this thing whole."

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I still feel that

NBC gets the lions share.......

NBC=Not Bummer Cable


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

The best is only

Based on the linked info. The best could be only $6.5M per year to $3.0M

Not much when you compare the Pac-12 at $30 Million per school for cable $20 Million and $10 Million for own network.

Well, I read both the links

and I have no idea where you come up with the "best" is only $6.5M to $3M......

Care to point out where you get this out of those links, or anywhere.....

From ESPN - First Link

"It's uncertain what the Big East's new media rights deal will bring. Media estimates have varied drastically, putting the Big East's media rights worth between $60 million to $130 million annually.

Based on a 14-team football league (with four football-only members) and a 17-team basketball league, a $60 million deal per year would be worth $4.06 million each for the 10 full members; $3 million each for the four football-only members (Boise State, San Diego State, Navy and TBA); and $1.06 million each for the seven non-football members.

A $130 million deal per year would be worth $8.8 million each for the 10 full members; $6.5 million each for the four football-only members and $2.3 million each for the seven non-football members."

Looks like I missed that link

Although anyone that thinks that the Big East is going to get a lesser deal than their current one has their head in the sand.

OWN Network must be doing better or Oprah would close it.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

We'd better enjoy the live chat Wedenesday,

because it looks like come Nov. 14th. we'll be paying, or in many cases paying extra, to access the Staesman electronically....Sunny...

hmmm, did I miss something?

What's the scoop........

Φ Sunny,

Where did you see that? I looked around the home page, blogs, and editorials and didn't see anything.

I'll leave further comments for later, given that pay-to-view and participate is pending.

razor and B43S42U

In the print edition of 11/03 (and also online I believe) was an article by Michael Jung, the Statesman's new top dog, addressing the fact that advertisers and home subscribers have been shouldering the costs of all the online stuff, so come the 14th. it's gonna be pay-to-play (so to speak) for folks. It doesn't say how much or exactly who, but things are changing. Gotta run, but you guys see if you can find it...Sunny...

Φ Access online for $ in the works.

Here it is. Currently there are only 17 comments on this opinion piece, effectively placing it beneath the radar:

"Starting Nov. 14, we will be offering Idaho Statesman Plus, a digital subscription plan that allows you to read and enjoy the Idaho Statesman in all its forms.

If you’re a current print newspaper subscriber, you will be able to enjoy one inclusive print and digital subscription package that gives you access to our mobile, website and electronic replica of our print newspaper, including our smartphone and tablet apps. If you aren’t a current print subscriber, you’ll have the option of getting a digital-only package with access to all of our digital products."

"Regular digital readers who do not already subscribe will be asked to do so after viewing a set number of stories, depending on the type of device they are using.

This approach has a few different names: the metered system, the all-platform-access program, the digital subscription, but mostly folks just call it The Paywall. You will be able to see our home page and section fronts — like local news and sports — but the count begins when you call up the stories, blogs or photo galleries."

In all likelihood, this means the count (tracking) for computers is done via cookies (tipoff: "depending on the type of device they are using"). This will be interesting. What will this do to the sports blogs? Doesn't sound promising.

I don't read the Argus Observer anymore because it's CRAP too!

GOOD LUCK and happy job hunting,


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Φ No


If we're going to be charged for gracing this website with our e-presence, get the thing into the 21st. Get full-time mod and real forums (with all the accoutrements). If you think I will pay to access this lame-azz "gublog" as it is, effin forget it.

Betcha no plans to upgrade ... didn't see that in the opinion piece (i.e., Rate Increase Notice). Nothing about "Here are the improvements you can expect" (as a result of our going Pay-Per-Plop).

I'll pay if there are improvements which can be seen before the "counter" hits zero. The current state of this website doesn't suggest that happens.

I agree. I wont pay for anything...

...unless there is improvements. And that includes information.

If they want cash for this as it presently stands its going to fall apart.

It will fall apart anyway because....

too many liberals in most newpapers with too much of an anti-conservative bias....

Why would I pay for that? Yes, it needs more better information on both sides and it also needs more indepth coverage of Bronco stuff such as Coach Pete basically saying nothing....the Big East is a Big Mistake--I want to read the pros and cons, just nothing but Bronco Love....

It will fall apart....

It will fall apart anyway because....

too many liberals in most newpapers with too much of an anti-conservative bias....

Why would I pay for that? Yes, it needs more better information on both sides and it also needs more indepth coverage of Bronco stuff such as Coach Pete basically saying nothing....the Big East is a Big Mistake--I want to read the pros and cons, just nothing but Bronco Love....

It will fall apart....

Φ When you write things

like "Yes, it needs more better information ...", you come off as a complete idiot. Nothing that precedes or follows such a statement carries any credence.

If you are going to post-quit-post-quit-post-quit ... and persist ... at least respect the language. Geeeeeez!

It's "good, better, best" ... and you go with "more better"?

You need to be charged more double when "Pay-Per-Spew" starts.

Two advanced degrees? You cannot be serious. Quit when you are behind.

well, it depends on the POV

You can have "better information" in some articles.
or you can get "more better information" by including it in all articles.
maybe you just translated more incorrectly.

Φ "More incorrectly"

Good one.

Here ya go.....


I have no problem with this (as long as the price is reasonable). I wonder if this will include some new "use" rules?

Not coming out of my medicine co-payments!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

PS The dummy can't even spell the name of his newspaper.



Football at the highest level???

More like football with the highest bidder....

Sho me da moneeeeee....

The Big East is a Big


Not much monies and inflation is coming fast....9% today, probably 15% in near future....

Think SDSU was a fluke? More to come in Big East....4-8 to 7-5 seasons will be the norm....

Statesman to charge? Times are changing and expenses are rising for eveyone. This election shouldnt even be close, but is....

Online charges are just like the app stuff....I'll pay, unless too expensive....

Boise will rebound next two weeks with 3-14 teams....Nevada? Nevada wont be a conference champion or contender, but may spoil Boise's ???? Dont know?

OK, I had 5 days...

Do I win the pool?

Φ I had it

at 17 hours. So you ran right by me.

Why do you hate ugly so much....


Φ I don't.

I do enjoy watching him play dodgeball, though. "ugly on a Hot Tin Roof" ... can't beat it. Literally, even with a stick.

I wonder if ugly will come up with the silvers for the subscription. He's a top-level BSU supporter, so I expect he'll ante-in.

There are some who loiter here who we know/suspect don't have jobs ... and free is a pretty good way to "hang" and harangue. Will we see dropouts after the "Enter your credit card number below" box appears?

No Extreme Vandal Hatred from me. I'm more Extreme Vandal Ambivalence. Call me EVA!

I'm sure they are standing in line ...

to cover the new Big Least stinkeroo football conference. Louisville will soon be gone and I'm sure the big bucks will flow to cover Army, Navy, Cupcake State, Temple, etc. No BCS bowl access - basically just a mid major conference of teams from coast to coast that the big boys with the money have no need for. Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.

Another ignorant post

by pony.....

surprise, surprise..............

pony is

a fumb duck. and a coward.

Look at the Big East for Boise....

Whose idea was it anyway? did anyone vote on ot, or just cronys....

Blue Division of Big East is:

Boise State
Temple (Philadelphia)
Central Florida

Wow, I hope they love to travel alot....

Also, Big East will 'share' only one of the 6 major BCS bowl with at least 2 other divisions....

The Big East Champion will never be in final 4 playoff system, unless they play at least one SEC and one Big 12 team as an OOC....

Good Luck Boise....

Leave it to ugly

to leave out SDSU and SMU......

Good luck ugly..........

Φ Why should he be expected

to count correctly when he cannot spell "cronies", "Cincinnati" ... not to forget his famous "myoptic vision" and "insighted"?

You are asking too much of ugly. At least his rationale sinks on its own.

He desperately needs reinforcements. Forthcoming shortly, I'm sure.

Other than some former WAC members.....

I find the MWC conference teams as exciting to play as a trip to the doctor whether we win or lose. Its been a wreak from the git go. We left tv money behind to leave the WAC just knowing we would get er back with trip in bcs in 2010. Course the kids never read the paper so I'm sure they didnt know the school big wigs was planning on them winning out to cover that money hole......
About the same deal in 2011 with MWC trying to get BSU's schedule worked around so they had better shot at beating TCU.....

Ball State Wins !!!! Ball State Wins !!!!

Ball State beats BCS #25 Toledo....

Many more upsets coming....when Boise beats their next two opponents with combined records of 3 wins and 14 losses, and many other BCS losses of others, it is possible that Boise will be BCS rated around #22 by Nevada....

its not over....

America is over, but Boise is not....

Φ ugly is over,

but ugly is not....

ESPN or not ESPN

I just want to be able to stream games.

Forget ESPN, I want OTA PERIOD.


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.

Bonwell is a UK website that does a live feed from virtually all college games. I haven't been on it but friends say you'll need to navigate through the site to find the game(s) you want. It's a little time consuming though. The website I used last season, which was also a UK site, was seized and shutdown by the U.S. Government for illegally re-transmitting games....Sunny...

Φ Close, but not quite.


Both sites will work but I think the one you listed appears to be way easier to navigate....Sunny...

Φ Interesting

I couldn't locate