Statesman editorial endorsements, under one roof

Twenty-two hours until the polls open. Here are all the links to the Statesman's endorsements.

Propositions 1, 2 and 3: Vote no on Proposition 1, the collective bargaining law; vote yes on Proposition 2, the teacher merit pay law; vote no on Proposition 3, the school technology law.

Constitutional amendments: Vote no on HJR 2 (the right to hunt, fish and trap); vote yes on SJR 102 (jurisdiction over probation).

Congress: Raul Labrador, Republican, 1st Congressional District; Mike Simpson, Republican, 2nd Congressional District.

Ada County commissioner: Jim Tibbs, Republican, District 1; David Case, Republican, District 3.

Ada County prosecutor: Greg Bower, Republican.

Ada County sheriff: Gary Raney, Republican.

Canyon County sheriff: Kieran Donahue, Republican.

Legislature, District 10: Leif Skyving, Democrat, Senate; Travis Manning, Democrat, House Seat A; Darrell Bolz, Republican, House Seat B.

Legislature, District 11: Patti Anne Lodge, Republican, Senate.

Legislature, District 12: Todd Lakey, Republican, Senate; Robert Anderst, Republican, House Seat A; no endorsement, House Seat B.

Legislature, District 13: No endorsement, Senate; Brent Crane, Republican, House Seat A.

Legislature, District 14: Marv Hagedorn, Republican, Senate; Reed DeMordaunt, Republican, House Seat B.

Legislature, District 15: Betty Richardson, Democrat, Senate; Lynn Luker, Republican, House Seat A; Steve Berch, Democrat, House Seat B.

Legislature, District 16: Les Bock, Democrat, Senate; Grant Burgoyne, Democrat, House Seat A; Graham Paterson, Republican, House Seat B.

Legislature, District 17: Judy Peavey-Derr, Republican, Senate; John Gannon, Democrat, House Seat A; Sue Chew, Democrat, House Seat B.

Legislature, District 18: Mitch Toryanski, Republican, Senate; Janie Ward-Engelking, Democrat, House Seat A; Phylis King, Democrat, House Seat B.

Legislature, District 19: Cherie Buckner-Webb, Democrat, Senate; Mathew Erpelding, Democrat, House Seat A; Holli High Woodings, Democrat, House Seat B.

Legislature, District 20: Chuck Winder, Republican, Senate; no endorsement, House Seat A.

Legislature, District 21: Cliff Bayer, Republican, Senate; no endorsement, House Seat A; Tom Dayley, Republican, House Seat B.

Legislature, District 22: Sharon Fisher, Democrat, House Seat B.

Ada County Highway District: Carol McKee, Rebecca Arnold.

Eagle City Hall bond issue: Vote yes.

Garden City Greenbelt: Vote yes on Initiative A, opening 1 1/2-mile unpaved trail to cycling; vote no on Initiative B, requiring voter approval of future Greenbelt decisions.


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Journalistic cowardice.....

No endorsement for President. Endorsing candidates that the Statesman has blasted relentlessly during the year. Why does KR do this? Simple. The Statesman will compile their usual scorecard after the election. The first priority for Jung and KR is to show they are in the mainstream - that they endorsed most of those who won. They endorse a certain number of "winners" for the sole purpose of making themselves look like they are "at one" with the community. For this cowardly behavior the Statesman is going to increase our subscription fee and now charge us for looking at the paper online. We are going to pay more while the Statesman buries more stories, makes more meaningless endoresments and conceals more news to support their flaming liberal ideology. And this is their new business model? What's wrong with this picture?


I don't expect you to agree with our endorsements, and you've made your opinion about our decision on the presidential race clear in previous posts. We do make our endorsements and own them, and we put our names behind them. So, "tetpilot," I guess you and I define cowardice differently.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor

Agree with caution

Tetpilot's comments are pretty much reprehensible, but at least he/she is consistent in their lack of civility. I appreciate the Statesperson's willingness to "put it out there" and feel no need to have any heartburn over their endorsements. Many times I have learned of a point of view on an issue that I hadn't considered and it changed my conclusion and how I voted. Still, in the end, I vote for whom and what I want. I might point out, though Kevin, that the anonymity afforded on comment boards like this is a refreshing and useful phenomena that I wouldn't necessarily use as a hammer. The requirement to put one's name behind their words, in let's say a letter to the editor, can be a deterrent to open discourse. To use Boise as an example, we are a relatively small community. I happen to own a small business in the valley and, as most who read these comments on a regular basis know, I am pretty liberal. Were it not for the ability to live here as BroncoBro my opinions, to the extent they possess ANY value, would not be here for others to consider simply because it wouldn't be "good business". Rather, we should all do our best to stay on point (OK, guilty as charged), and treat each other's opinions with respect.

Tet, what the heck is your

Tet, what the heck is your problem. I quit reading your comments once I see who they are from. Your rhetoric is misplaced and without merit.

If you quit reading them.....

how is it you are still commenting on them?

Tet, I commented because

Tet, I commented because your comment took up so much space it needed a response.

Did you use GPS?

Or was it seasickness pills?


If you still print the same stuff everybody else gets from AP, Reuters and Yahoo! without subtantive local content beyond this, you are doomed to fail wanting money from me.

I can't make the live chat at 1pm

I married a union thug:

My wife has been an outstanding overachieving teacher for 31 years and she did it all without a carrot pretending to reward teachers who already do what they went to school for....TEACH. Teachers become educators not because of the money, but because they care about kids, merit pay is a slap in the face to educators.

My wife is still paying off her education that she continues to receive to better herself and keep up with requirements by the State. Having protection from the Teacher Association makes sense! Teachers have many diverse students. All it takes is one parent who drops their kid off at school and sees that teacher driving a Subaru with a "Namaste" or "Free Tibet" bumper sticker and goes on a crusade to get rid of this teacher. Teachers could be discriminated against for their political or religious beliefs outside of school. This is just one example of the many challenges that teachers face and if you think I'm exaggerating I'm not.

Teachers need to be protected from that one parent who disagrees with their politics, life style and/or beliefs. An educator has enough to worry about like unqualified law makers, consultants and corporations deciding how best to teach or passing down new education programs. Teachers have many individual students who need special attention and extra time to process the classroom information. They don't have the time or the financial resources to defend themselves from frivolous accusations that could destroy their career. The Association can protect them from unfounded accusations. The Association or “union” does not protect bad teachers. It is the administration’s responsibility to weed out the ineffective teachers. The union assists with benefits, classroom or building safety and conditions, protections and keeping class sizes down. All of which support kids.

Teachers need a voice at the statehouse when they are working. Who's going to watch over educational decisions during the legislative hearings and sessions when they take place during school hours? I'm sure you don’t want your child’s teacher taking days away from the classroom to do this. Teachers need a voice.

My wife knows her stuff when it comes to the classroom and she knows her business when it comes to protecting herself and her students. She also takes great offense to constant opposition saying how our current education is falling behind. So many educators are changing professions due to the lack of respect and support. In 2001 "No child left behind" changed how students were taught. Creativity went out the window to “teach to the test” in order to meet the required scores. All students don’t fit in a box!

The Luna Laws were already in place this school year and my wife and her students have already been affected. Luckily she teaches for the Boise School District who support teachers and the Boise patrons who pass levies to support children. Others are not so lucky. Even in BSD class sizes have gone up and classroom budgets have been cut. Let teachers teach your kids and stop letting the government control classrooms My wife is not a law maker, she is a teacher with years of education and experience who belongs to the union.


I don't understand KR!

EVERYWHERE else you are sure to write (R) or (D) as you describe the politicians.
But not here in your summary....


Party affliations now added.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor



regardless of whether they agree with your endorsements

I hope people agree that they're valuable, and I appreciate your putting up the audio link so that people can listen to it and make their own decisions. Thanks.

Kevin - Did you notice you

Kevin - Did you notice you ran an ad yesterday from Vandersloot?the yes campaign claiming that you endorsed Prop 1? Don't you need to run a correction on that?


Good catch. I already blogged about that. We might do some sort of blurb on the page Tuesday, as well.

Kevin Richert
editorial page editor

Thank you Kevin!

Thank you Kevin!

comment to tetpilot

Name calling by calling someone 'liberal' as well as 'conservative' does nothing to illuminate issues. It's an old propoganda white washin technique older than the hills and only create division and for many it causes hopelessness...and I think we can agree we dont need any more of that.

Hopelessness? Nah, it's only annoying at best. Can be ignored...


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Have you hugged your

Drone lately....

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