NIFC sends 11 command teams and 28 crews to help after Hurricane Sandy

In the home of the National Interagency Fire Center the response to Sandy has special significance.

It has sent 11 incident management teams and 28 crews to New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, Connecticut and to staging areas in the region. These teams are the elite squads of emergency response and their role has long expanded beyond just fire.

For these teams and managers like them the partisan sniping and demagogy that comes from politicians of all stripes gets in the way of their jobs of protecting lives and property and restoring order. They appreciated Idaho Gov. Butch Otter’s involvement and support in the Idaho fires this summer.

I had a National Park Service official during the 1988 Yellowstone fires praise a Republican senator who publicly criticized the agency but stood by it when many were calling for people's heads. At the same time he expressed disdain for a Democrat who came to Yellowstone, not to survey the damage, but to simply do a photo op to say he also was mad at the Park Service.

They admired Gov. Phil Batt’s relationship built with President Bill Clinton during floods in the 1990s and Gov. Dirk Kempthorne with Clinton in 2000 during that fire season when the President then disdained by Republicans returned to Idaho during that disaster.

So what make good crisis management in these folks eyes?

Good communications, direct access to the people who are affected, and setting priorities for disaster workers are the key said Lauren Stiller Rikleen, president of the Rikleen Institute for Strategic Leadership in the Harvard Business Review.NIFC and its incident teams are experts are carrying out these tasks on the ground.

But it takes focused leadership to carry it through.

PROOF that when you get

PROOF that when you get government out of the way, things get done. I wonder how many are coming from the north (Canada) to help. A lot I bet. To bad those AMERICANS that wanted to help from Alabama but didn't belong to a Union got kicked out for wanting to do what they could to help those in need by the unions.

This just in, non union labor is allowed in.

But these workers must pay dues to the NJ union.

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They are all federal

They are all federal government crews, from the BLM and forest service fire service. You might not want to bash the government workers that go above and beyond to help with natural disasters, esp after this fire season.

Above and beyond?

That's called overtime and per diem.

Above and beyond are the people VOLUNTEERING to help.

Who cares? Some folks there would EAT Mayor Bloomberg if...

Concentrate on the sick, battered and weary CITIZENS, not crap like that.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<