Boise State football team falls out of BCS standings for first time since 2007

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team fell out of the Bowl Championship Series standings Sunday for the first time since Oct. 21, 2007.

The Broncos had appeared in 41 straight releases of the standings. That had been the longest active streak in the country.

Boise State remained in the two polls that are part of the BCS formula — at No. 23 in Harris and No. 24 in USA Today.

Louisiana Tech of the WAC is up to No. 20 in the BCS and replaces Boise State as the team from a non-BCS conference with the best chance of getting a BCS bid.

Jerry Palm of produces extended standings. Boise State is No. 28.


The Boise State football team remains in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll despite the 21-19 loss to San Diego State on Saturday night.

The Broncos fell 10 spots to No. 24.

The Broncos also stayed in the Harris poll, at No. 23. That’s a six-spot drop.

Boise State paid a much stiffer price in The Associated Press Top 25. It tumbled from No. 19 to 34th, with 11 points.


This didn’t get in the newspaper because of our deadlines, but coach Chris Petersen said senior defensive tackle Mike Atkinson’s leg injury does not look good. He’ll update the situation at his press conference Monday.


Right now, it looks like Boise State has two possible bowl destinations:

— If the Broncos win out, they likely go to the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas for the third straight year. They would be at least Mountain West co-champs, have the conference’s best overall record and likely be the only ranked team available. The opponent would be a quality Pac-12 team (fifth selection).

— If the Broncos lose a game, MAACO would be tempted to take the Fresno State-Air Force winner as long as that team is 7-1 in the Mountain West. The Poinsettia Bowl doesn’t want Boise State because it already has BYU. That could send Boise State to the New Mexico Bowl and a date with the No. 7 team out of the Pac-12.

The Pac-12 teams most likely to be available for those bowls are UCLA (7-2), Washington (5-4), Arizona State (5-4) and Arizona (5-4). That assumes Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford and USC are taken earlier in the process.


Here’s the full AP poll:

Record Pts Pv
1. Alabama (60) 9-0 1,500 1
2. Oregon 9-0 1,421 2
3. Kansas St. 9-0 1,395 3
4. Notre Dame 9-0 1,318 4
5. Georgia 8-1 1,198 7
5. Ohio St. 10-0 1,198 6
7. Florida 8-1 1,112 8
8. Florida St. 8-1 1,057 9
9. LSU 7-2 1,029 5
10. Clemson 8-1 931 10
11. Louisville 9-0 862 12
12. South Carolina 7-2 836 11
13. Oregon St. 7-1 796 13
14. Oklahoma 6-2 765 14
15. Texas A&M 7-2 700 16
16. Stanford 7-2 655 15
17. UCLA 7-2 446 25
18. Nebraska 7-2 441 21
19. Louisiana Tech 8-1 355 22
19. Texas 7-2 355 NR
21. Southern Cal 6-3 237 18
22. Mississippi St. 7-2 187 17
23. Toledo 8-1 146 NR
24. Rutgers 7-1 99 NR
25. Texas Tech 6-3 97 20
Others receiving votes: N. Illinois 64, Kent St. 61, Michigan 53, TCU 38, Northwestern 32, Oklahoma St. 27, Ohio 22, UCF 15, Boise St. 11, Washington 9, Penn St. 8, San Diego St. 7, Tulsa 6, Arizona 5, Utah St. 4, Fresno St. 2.


Here’s the full USA Today poll:

Record Pts Pvs
1. Alabama (59) 9-0 1,475 1
2. Oregon 9-0 1,399 2
3. Kansas St. 9-0 1,370 3
4. Notre Dame 9-0 1,289 4
5. Georgia 8-1 1,218 6
6. Florida St. 8-1 1,147 7
7. Florida 8-1 1,091 8
8. Clemson 8-1 1,013 9
9. LSU 7-2 998 5
10. Louisville 9-0 940 10
11. South Carolina 7-2 880 11
12. Oregon St. 7-1 807 13
13. Oklahoma 6-2 800 12
14. Texas A&M 7-2 736 16
15. Stanford 7-2 705 15
16. Nebraska 7-2 513 21
17. Texas 7-2 485 22
18. Louisiana Tech 8-1 363 23
19. UCLA 7-2 333 NR
20. Rutgers 7-1 264 25
21. Northwestern 7-2 234 NR
22. USC 6-3 224 17
23. Mississippi St. 7-2 186 18
24. Boise St. 7-2 126 14
25. Toledo 8-1 108 NR
Others Receiving Votes: Northern Illinois 88; Texas Tech 68; Michigan 48; Oklahoma State 41; Cincinnati 38; TCU 37; Ohio 34; Kent State 32; Wisconsin 25; Utah State 13; Central Florida 12; San Diego State 7; West Virginia 7; Fresno State 4; Louisiana-Monroe 4; Tulsa 4; Washington 4; Arizona State 3; Middle Tennessee 2.


Here’s the full Harris poll:

Record Pts Pvs
1. Alabama (108) 9-0 2,867 1
2. Oregon (6) 9-0 2,735 2
3. Kansas State (1) 9-0 2,664 3
4. Notre Dame 9-0 2,533 4
5. Georgia 8-1 2,345 6
6. Florida State 8-1 2,223 7
7. Florida 8-1 2,154 8
8. LSU 7-2 2,011 5
9. Clemson 8-1 1,969 9
10. Louisville 9-0 1,825 10
11. South Carolina 7-2 1,654 11
12. Oregon State 7-1 1,588 13
13. Oklahoma 6-2 1,556 12
14. Stanford 7-2 1,431 14
15. Texas A&M 7-2 1,320 18
16. Nebraska 7-2 992 21
17. Texas 7-2 860 22
18. USC 6-3 690 16
19. Louisiana Tech 8-1 659 24
20. Mississippi State 7-2 603 15
21. UCLA 7-2 587 NR
22. Rutgers 7-1 475 23
23. Boise State 7-2 297 17
24. Northwestern 7-2 259 NR
25. Texas Tech 6-3 203 19
Other teams receiving votes: Toledo 160; TCU 142; Northern Illinois 110; Michigan 89; Kent State 74; Ohio 72; West Virginia 64; Oklahoma State 63; Cincinnati 34; Utah State 22; San Diego State 18; Central Florida 9; San Jose State 8; Wisconsin 4; Arizona 3; Arkansas State 2; Tulsa 1.


Here’s my AP ballot:

1 Alabama
2 Kansas St
3 Oregon
4 Notre Dame
5 Georgia
6 Florida
8 S. Carolina
9 Ohio State
10 Florida State
11 Clemson
12 Oklahoma
13 Louisville
14 Oregon St
15 Texas A&M
16 Stanford
18 Nebraska
19 Texas
20 Texas Tech
21 TCU
22 USC
23 La Tech
24 Toledo
25 Northwestern

Dropped out: Boise State, Mississippi State, Arizona
Also considered: Kent State, Rutgers

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Remember the old rodeo adage:

Never was a horse that couldn't be rode
Never was a rider that couldn't be throwed.

Just feel awful right now!

The injuries coupled with the timing of the critical suspensions of Hightower and our long snapper was our undoing. Much like Tcu of last year. It hurts. These suspensions continue to impact us in the biggest games or so it seems. Our offensive line just could not open up holes in the 2nd half the way Prince had designed them. We also are not using our tight end effectively the way we used Efaw and others in the past. I do not want to play the blame game but I think our minds were still in Laramie upon the opening kickoff. I wish Ajayi and Wiiliam-Rhodes could have played more as well. Matt Miller continues to impress! I do not know what to say about Southwick except he needs to be more assertive out there in his decision making and pstart rifling the ball on short pass situations to allow our receivers time to make a play after the catch. He just seems slow out there and is thinking instead of reacting.

Still ranked?

I guess this is payback for the years of not getting enough respect previously. It's hard to imagine many other teams that would still be ranked with losses to a bad MSU team and SDSU at home.

Too bad LSU couldn't hold on last night. They had Bama by the, well, lets just say they let one escape.

I hate to say

I told you so... but to everyone who was appalled by the objectivity of those who said that we weren't a BCS bowl quality team this year (for MANY reasons)... I told you so.

Tough loss, but still good year left.

Well being an old fan, 10/11 years ago we would have been in hog heaven if we still had a chance at 10 win season, co-champs, including playing in a bowl game. Still a very respectful year left to play for the team.
Only problem I have with the bcs is over the years it has ruined a large number of fans in college football idea of what a good season is. Theres nothing wrong with a 2-3 loss year. Before the bcs most fans considered that a very good season.
Learn from the loss, throwing around blame does little good really and get back to winning rest of the year.
Git er done....

Good game SDSU

Does anyone have some "whipping cream" so my humble pie tastes a little better?

All the coaches ..

that vote must have dozed off or went to bed instead of watching that stinkeroo last night on the smurf turf. How the "Cupcake" State shipwreck can still be ranked is beyond me - maybe coach "Cupcake" Pete voted them #2 again to boost their vote total.


Once a doooche troll, always a doooooooooche troll. What a life you must have.

What a season...

With at least one more loss (Nevada) on the horizon and the only real team Boise played (Mich St) losing again, everything ever said about Boise has been proven staying power, no strength of schedule, no recruiting capability, embarrassing coaching, no depth...

A nowhere program with a nowhere future...Hello Big Least!! They are going to get dominated by Louisville, Temple, Navy and of course Rutgers.

Ahh the good old days of the WAC...LOL!!! Peterson has been exposed as an over his head coach who at least knew his own lame ability when he turned down all of the overtures from the likes of Ohio St, Florida etc. He knew that, just like Dirk and Hawk, a venture into BCS land would spell doom for his career...staying put in corn cobb pipeville just postponed the inevitable...Peterson and the Boise football program is a laughing stock...San Deigo St?????

Rack me again...good to be back on my blog...



"Rack me?"

Rack me? Didn't Rome use that about 10 years ago? :) Careful with kharma there cupcake. It's really easy to be right, but really really hard to be humble about it. You really get your kicks out of stirring people up. BSU might have been in the Pac 12 (3 good teams), but i think the Pac were affraid that a school with an atheletic budget of $33M (vs$75+M) might show them up with a team full of so called 3rd tier Pac 12 area recruits.

Your team is having a great year, but, as you can see you still need to earn enough respect to hit that #1 spot. Maybe this is the year, who knows. Since i'm a good sport, i'll wish you good luck for the rest of the year! I've actually been rooting for the Ducks and the Beavers along with the Broncos. Whatever happened to mutual respect? BTW, a little tease... Check out Doug Martins stats vs the Raiders today. Now compare them to Blounts stats. :)

The PAC 12 places a very

The PAC 12 places a very large emphasis on the quality of its member institutions off of the field. Boise State isn't on the same level as the other PAC 12 institutions off the field.

Don't worry...

They do have a total of four teams on their schedule that have winning records.
It that does not keep them up there in the rankings, then the fact that they play the following, should!

Southern Miss 0-9
UNLV 2-8
Wyoming 2-7
Hawaii 1-7
Colorado St. 2-7

The Last Time

we played the Ducks, they were lucky to escape with their feathers.

If BSU is ranked 19th.

San Diego ought to be ranked 18th or better.

Unless, of course, the ranking system is total crap.

God must be a Bronco

Christmas came really early.

What's With the Creamsicle Unis?

No wonder the no 'blue on blue' rule ruffled so many of ya burros.

Come on...admit it...those orange uniforms look gawd awful. Why on god's green earth would you try to look like the p!ss-poor Buccaneers of the 70s? The care bears on saturday morning cartoons? The clowns that give kiddos our balloons? The construction flaggers who only know 'stop' and 'slow'?

Sheesh...don't wear pansy things again. Pretty please.

okay...just a few things to remember for my blow-orange buddies:

1-Still a top 25 team
2- Still got the best coach in college football
3- BSU still a national name in college football
4- Gonna be ok

Go out and live like a Vandal- drink a few cold ones tonight to celebrate a loss. They don't happen that often in Bronco Nation.

Go Vandals, Go Broncos.

Thanks Galena...

You do know how to lighten a mood.

Your (4) points are very well taken.....

Donkey doings...

Still a top 25 team...well about 25 teams could be ranked in that 20-25 range...nothing to be proud of when your signature win is against Wyoming

Still got the best coach in college football...hardly...hasnt even won his own conference in what 3, 4 seasons? And that is playing nobody after nobody. If he really was the best he would be coaching in Ann Arbor, or Columbus or Eugene. Remember, he was passed over in Eugene and ran scared from Ohio St, Michigan and Florida.

BSU still a national name in college football...national joke is more like it. Losing to SDSU at home is a long way from the 14-0, statue of liberty, little team that could days...and its a long road back to just respectability with the likes of Rutgers and Navy and Louisville on the schedule. turds sure do know how to stay optimistic...battle cry...BEAT HAWAII!!!! LOL!!!! and by the way Rack me again baby!!!!

Rack me again baby!!

Are you wearing parachute pants with a set of "mutto chop" side burns? C'mon, it was cool when Rome was cool, and that was about 10yrs ago!!! Now he's just a blowhard that nobody listens too because he talks in cryptic bursts! Yeah, come to think of it you are just like Rome, nobody listens to your cryptic bursts!

Φ Good post.

Some of the posters have obviously been "toasting". That's okay; bound to happen.

BSU isn't top 25 material ... regardless the poll.

As much as it pains, who could argue that Chip Kelly hasn't taken the college game in a new direction? Is he (or anyone else) better than Petersen? It's a different set of circúmstances, but both are incredibly successful. Won't call what Chip has done a new level, just a completely different direction. Fastbreak football is rapidly gaining acceptance, as evidenced by what's going on in the NFL.

One thing is for sure: Chris Petersen does a whole lot with the talent and resources he accumulates.

What we haven't yet seen is how defenses will adjust to the fastbreak. It's a problem for them much more difficult than adjusting to the wildcat. I don't know what the rules are regarding defensive substitutions (i.e., on a dead ball, before the ball is marked for play, after the ball is marked for play). Defenses are placed at a large disadvantage without being able to sub. With the giddy-up, you are forced to play base (or with whatever alignment you start) when nickel, dime, or something else is in order.

Someone will need to come up with a way to fast-sub the defense to combat this. Oregon 62 - USC 51 ... where's the defense? Mostly exhausted.

Broncos will emerge from the transition. Will take another year or two. Like the trolls are bound to appear, so, too, is a less-than-great year.

ps - Attention Statesman autofilters: "circúmstance" is not allowed while "accumulate" is. Dictionary violation database needs updating.

Good News..Bad News... Coach Pete...

Well, let's just say I don't think anyone will come calling to steal Coach Pete away this year. And that's good news. But too many players being suspended and I hope it is for good reason. The bad news is, no one is ever going to steal Coach Prince. Play calling is appalling.There appears to be zero creativity from a coach that has numerous quality stars on offense to work with. What a waste of talent like Miller, Harper and many others. Losing at home to a mediocre team like that will keep me away from the stadium until a coaching change amd quarterback change occurs. Make the change now The season is lost. Be lucky to play in a New Mexico Bowl.


Every university goes through changes but something is wrong this year. Change is the hardest thing for human beings to accept. Prince,NO..Southwick,NO...those are incorrect choices for changing of the guards in the Bronco Nation's scheme of things. No horses no winners..only problem is "we have horses" but in the wrong stalls....look around year will be here before you know it and we hope we can accept CHANGE but not the changes you made this year. Suck it up BSU show the FBS we are still winners no matter what changes we make..but may be next year and not this year. GO BRONCOS

Not ready for primetime

There are lots of parts of the Bronco's right now that are "working". But this team is really tough to watch...too many mistakes...poor execution...bad decisions...some questionable coaching...they are simply not among the elite (top 30) right now. Lots of work to do to get there.

34 in the AP

I hate to say it but 34th in the AP poll is about right for this team. It hurts but its the truth. The OC MUST GO !!!!

Thanks Bacon

Your time here was too short. Get healthy and good luck at the next level.

Been Chewed and Spit out is getting olllllllld.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<