San Diego State ends Boise State's BCS hopes, seven-game winning streak

By Brian Murphy and Chadd Cripe

First quarter

SDSU — Colin Lockett 100 kickoff return (Chance Marden kick), 14:47. San Diego State 7, Boise State 0

BSU — D.J. Harper 1 run (Matt Miller pass failed), 8:41. Key plays: Quarterback Joe Southwick lofted a perfect strike to wide receiver Chris Potter at the sideline for a 12-yard gain on fourth-and-3. Earlier, Potter made a 9-yard catch and drew a face-mask penalty on the defender. Drive: 12 plays, 68 yards, 6:06. San Diego State 7, Boise State 6

Second Quarter

BSU — Harper 16 run (Michael Frisina kick), 2:14. Key plays: Freshman tailback Jay Ajayi busted an 18-yard run on the opening play. Harper broke up the middle for a 24-yard run and Southwick tossed a 7-yard pass to wide receiver Kirby Moore on fourth-and-4. Drive: 11 plays, 92 yards, 5:51. Boise State 13, San Diego State 7

Third Quarter

SDSU -- Adam Muema 3 run (Marden kick), 9:41. Key play: San Diego State blocked the punt by Trevor Harman. The ball bounced out of bounds on the Broncos' 8. Drive: 2 plays, 8 yards, :40. San Diego State 14, Boise State 13

Fourth Quarter

SDSU — Walter Kazee 1 run (Marden kick), 12:20. Key plays: Quarterback Adam Dingwell scrambled for a first down on third-and-10, diving to the line. On third-and-goal, Kazee fumbled at the goal line but the Aztecs recovered. He punched it in -- barely -- on fourth-and-goal. Drive: 10 plays, 80 yards, 6:16. San Diego State 21, Boise State 13

BSU — Dan Paul 1 pass from Southwick (Southwick pass failed), 5:35. Key plays: Southwick dinked and dunked his way down the field with eight completes in a nine-pass span. On fourth-and-15, he fired a bullet over the middle to Miller, who hung on despite a big hit that drew a flag. That put Boise State at the 1-yard line. Drive: 16 plays, 75 yards, 6:45. San Diego State 21, Boise State 19

Pregame notes

Boise State will be without several players for Saturday night's Mountain West clash with San Diego State at Bronco Stadium.

Safety Lee Hightower, tight end Hayden Plinke, defensive back Eric Agbaroji, kicker Jake Van Ginkel and long snapper Chris Roberson are suspended for the game.

Defensive tackle Greg Grimes and nickel Dextrell Simmons are out for the game with injuries, joining cornerback Bryan Douglas (knee), wide receiver Mitch Burroughs (arm) and tight Gabe Linehan (groin) on the injured list.

Kevin Keane will replace Roberson as the starting long snapper.

Darian Thompson has been starting in place of Hightower.

Corey Bell will start in place of Simmons.

don't mess with Coach Pete

Hey.........STUPIDS! If you mess with the bull, you'll get the horns!


Foolball players

See now why they are called Foolball players, cause they are a bunch of fools, time to start kicking names and taking a**es

Hightower suspension really hurts

Given other injuries in the secondary... You blew it Lee.

VanGinkel is suspended and is all but gone with the new JUCO

I will always wonder if he had the talent as displayed in high school. Has anybody seen him in practice or heard of his ability on the field? Off the field this guy is nothing but a bum. Poor Chris...

Bronco's are toast

and giving away their season. SDSU isn't better, Broncos just suck tonight. Home field, big crowd, and BSU doesn't want it bad enough. Good night Irene....Sunny...

would agree



Know it all .... have fun in Albuquerque. LOL!

Φ More like

burnt toast.

Not what was wanted, but not all that surprising. Looked a whole lot like the fall scrimmage.

You're wrong

SD was clearly a better team. Even the stats show it.


How far should you expect to go without a first class quarterback?

loner, it's not just the QB,

it's a putride collective effort by the majority of the BSU players. Now that the season is in the toilet, the younger players need to be given more time to play from here on out, and many of the so-called "experienced" players need to spend a fair amount of time on the bench. I feel bad for the team because I really thought they had something going, but I guess that was my mistake. I could say more, but I probably shouldn't....Sunny...

In the toilet?

Sunny...since when does 2 loses put a team's season in the toilet? Never! Sad to see this post of yours. Usually like your comments.
Stay strong Broncos!

How's that BCS looking now?

YEAH! Cupcake State!! Better get Maaco! When can coach "Cupcake" Pete ever win a conference title? BAAA HAAAAAAAA!

Φ You know something pony?

That's a very good question.

How about just going for a normal PAT and tying the score? How about not running sideways to have a punt blocked?

How about not giving up a 3rd and 15 with the game on the line with 2 minutes to go?

How about not hitting the receiver 3 yards out of bounds and giving up half the distance?

How about not giving up a 100 yard kickoff return to open the game?

Really, really stupid football.


you nailed it.

My sentiments exactly, especially the 2 point try on the first TD.
You're at home, favored by 14 and going for 2 in the first qt???

Φ Really stupid football.

And no excuses from Petersen next week about making progress.

That was major REGRESS.

Which way do you suppose a right-footed punter will roll to try the rugby style-kick? Not left, ya think? Think SDSU hadn't seen that? Nice kick, though ... right into the palm of the defender's hand. Really fooled them on that one.

time for a Percocet

and hopefully some tremulous dreams...
this game was nightmare and "regress" is the word for the day.
Once again the best coach on the blue wasn't a bronco.

Couldn't agree more

What the heck was that all about. Seriously? The PAT kick is usually a gimme point, and they decide to go for two. WTF! I still can't figure that play call.

P.S. I realize that the PAT kick doesn't always assure a score but I think, and no, I don't have any stats to back this up, a one point kick has a higher percentage of completions vs the 2 point method.

Wow, you really are a


I love nervous tics.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Say it ain't so, Joe

If Joe Southwick is truly the best quarterback in the program, then the Broncos are in a sorry and worrisome state.

Southwick shut down with his slow slow release...

...and decision making is also too slow. Where were the deep balls to Burks and Boldjewin tonite? Too many sacks when he could have gotten the pass off much quicker. Just sick of it! Patti anyone?

Not just the slow release,

but it's also the 'lofting' of the ball. It's like a stretch handoff, you know where it's going, you can read it like a cheap novel....Sunny...

I agree on the lofting of the ball with no zip...

He needs to watch a few tapes on Green Bays QB Rodgers! Peyton Manning too! I don't understand why Prince can't see it...makes no sense!

Need some mystery

I agree. From the stands, we can easily predict the play and who is going to get the ball. There does not seem to be any effort to disguise it. Too make it even worse, even the interceptions are easily anticipated well before they occur. A little mystery would be nice.

Broncos had ZERO Fire and Desire tonight...

Across the board. They had every chance to win... and just didnt seem to care.
Worst BSU playing I have seen in 10+ years.
Ouch-- too bad... seemed to be getting better.


We are in trouble. New Mexico bowl here we come.

Our D played well despite the suspensions and injuries

But the offense simply has to score more than 6 points in the 2nd half. That punt block was a real killer as it was inside our 10 yd line too! At the end they converted each and every time. What a heartbreaker on the blue for Coach Prince!

Also... come on Coach Prince and Pete..

Run on EVER first down.. right up the middle? Pathetic!!
They didnt even seem to want the win!!

You hit it on the head.

The number one problem, without a doubt. Throwing away the first down over, and over, and over with a pathetically predictable run up the middle that NEVER goes anywhere. Guess who's making that decision. It certainly isn't Joe.


Prince needs to go and we need to put out an APB for our defense. Probly the worst I've ever seen the Broncos play.

bozo state donkeys lost yippe

They were ranked 19, yeah right, who were they blowing and paying off. They only payed teams with losing seasons until they played san diego, and (well michigan st) started off well. By by toilet bowl donkeys, you suck so glad you fuxxkers lost.


Coach Pete! Please stop your Quarterback from wearing flannel shirts that look like he is covered with tattoes. He looked like he was a nasty qurterback. It was as though he wanted to look like her was bad. She wasn't. Now your team lost. STOP LETTING THEM LOOK UGLY...

It was camo, and yes it

It was camo, and yes it looked like sh it

Don't worry bronco fans....

Chad Crape will move bsu up 3 places in his AP poll anyway. Can't believe bs lost at home against a Big East, err, Mountain West team. Even the refs tried to help out by calling 10 penalties against SDS and only 1 penalty against bs.
On the plus side all talk about a BCS game is now where it should have been since the Michigan State game, downt he drain.

FYI....Michigan State lost today. AGAIN!!

No doubt ..

Poor Crappe .... He won't know what to do if he can't vote for Cupcake State in the polls this week.

Coach Prince loves running the ball up the middle and Rocky ...

Took advantage of us throughout the game by forcing us into 2nd and 3rd and long. We just didn't seem to adjust!

Grant or Jimmy?

We need a qb bad.

Φ His name is neither ...

... but "Neither" apparently won't be playing this year.

The hoped for ascension by JS didn't happen and won't.

Tcu all over hurts!

This team wanted to prove the naysayers wrong. Well it appears our lack of big plays from our offense once again made the game ugly and tight. This time we were unable to pull it off...

MWC is much tighter

the MWC is much tighter than was thought. SDSU looks like they may have a lock on the conference championship. then again, nevada had them beat until a phantom pass interference call gave sdsu the ball on the goal line. nevada hung 38 on sdsu in their 39-38 loss. so if AFA loses to either sdsu or fsu, they end up 6-2. if bsu loses to nevada, they end up 6-2. if sdsu loses to either afa of wyoming, they end up 6-2. if fsu loses to either nevada or afa, they end up 6-2. if nevada beats fsu and bsu, they end up 6-2. it may not be likely, but there is a scenario with a 5 way tie!

Φ Who cares much now?

That was the end of it. 2nd-3rd-8th tier bowl game and then speculation about next year.

It's not just the weather, either. This team has underperformed ... and that's on someone.

Stop with the banal, vanilla coachspeak and go kick a few arses.

Hold your head high, Bronco Nation.

So you can look up on the Vandals. Remember when you were too good to play the Vandals? Maybe they'll give you a game now. At Moscow. If you ask real nice.

How'd the Vandals do tonight?

Just curious....

Lost again


SandHugger is lonely again.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Looks like hugger wants to

take credit for another schools win, typical.....

What's the matter, Murphy? Take an early nap?

The game is over and you aren't finished!

WAIT! It isn't? WTH?

Oh! Now it is.

I thought Vinnie Barbarino was CONFUSED!

Okay. So I forgot it's Saturday. Whee.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Dear Brian, How do you know it's over?

The rest of the teams could be swept away in a superstorm.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

BSU Cub reporters ...

Poor Murph and Crappe thought they were headed to the Orange Bowl - now to the New Mexico Bowl. boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.