Boise Senate candidate Martin says he voted 'yes' on all three ed propositions, Richardson pounces

Republican Fred Martin has judiciously avoided stating his position on Propositions 1, 2 and 3, the education reforms that were opposed by retiring GOP Sen. John Andreason.

At a forum on Monday at Centennial High School, Martin twice avoided the question, saying, "Is it perfect? No. I have reservations on each one of them. But again, they need to be looked at very closely."

Later Martin said he agreed with Democrat Betty Richardson that Superintendent Tom Luna didn't reach out to teachers as he might have. "I agree that maybe the teachers weren't included fully in negotiating with this or setting up the laws. I wish they had been."

Richardson said flatly: "I'm going to give you a very straight answer. I will be voting 'no' on Propositions 1, 2 and 3."

Finally, Paymon Shariat, the student moderator from the Centennial Political Action Club, pressed Martin, asking, "Just to clarify: How will you be voting for these propositions on Nov. 6?"

Martin: "I've already voted. I voted absentee several weeks ago. I voted 'yes' on each proposition. I believe, again, that it's important that we start someplace."

Martin explained his reluctance to state his view before joining the Senate, which will again deal with education issues. "I want to be part of the solution, not going in them thinking I'm part of the problem."

Richardson criticized Martin in a news release Thursday, noting that he'd avoided a direct answer in a September meeting with the Idaho Statesman editorial board and in October in the Statesman Voter Guide. Richardson sent a mailer this week saying Martin "WON'T SAY!" where he stands on the propositions.

"The mailer was completely fair and accurate when it left our hands," Richardson said, "but now that my opponent has come clean, I want to be sure the record is straight. He finally told us how he voted. And it was the wrong vote for Idaho's kids."

Richardson said District 15 voters largely oppose the propositions. "Fred Martin is in step with his political party, but he is out of step with educators, out of step with parents and out of step with the district."

On Friday, Martin told me he answered the question about his vote as a citizen, not as a potential senator. "The question was how had I personally voted."

Martin said he agrees that the propositions trail in District 15 and statewide, but that proponents have gained ground in recent weeks. He said a new ad with Gov. Butch Otter is helping. "I still think they have an advantage, but it's much closer. I don't think it will directly necessarily affect my race. I think it'll be a wash."

The following is a video excerpt of the exchange between Martin and Richardson, provided by the Richardson campaign:

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He's in lockstep..

Martin voted the party line because he knows he'll be punished by the Gestapo if he isn't in lockstep. Sounds as if he had reservations about the props. Is this the kind of politician we want representing us? More of the same. I don't think so.

How many IEA members vote for Props 1, 2 & 3?

The union boss acts like Hitler imposing a supreme race mentality to fire up the minions.

Are those the kind of union thugs we want working against improving our children's educational future? More of the same? I don't think so.

This applies to the Idaho Education Assn and the NEA too.

'Clearly the union placed the welfare of its membership above that of the students, so it's somewhat misleading that it calls itself an "education association."'

Vote YES on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!



I have met many, many teachers in Idaho. I have never me a thug.

I am so sick of the "union thug" label. For goodness sake, it's not like we're talking about union dock workers in New Jersey or some other stereotypical union boss in New York. We're talking Idaho teachers. I have never met a union thug among Idaho teachers. Could we stop with the name calling and talk about the actual items to be voted on?

Honestly, the more "union thug" language I hear, the more I want to vote "no". I intend to vote "no" but it has nothing to do with the unions (I'm not a big supporter). It has to do with financial viability and the proper role of government.


Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs - Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs - Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Snap! Crackle! POP!

Rice Krispies!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<


You can't even vote on it anyway.

Ed proposing isn't the news, it's the pouncing...P2 triangle?



Union boss?

Union boss? Hitler? TowM8r has reached his daily limit of Faux "News"

Bitter man


When are you going to quit spewing hatred towards teachers? You need to go away, because you have nothing worth listening to. I feel sorry for you. You are a very bitter man and need to look at yourself and ask why you hate teachers so much. I for one am tired of listening to and reading about the hate coming from the YES side. There message has nothing to do with improving education and everything to do with lining the pockets of online for profit companies.

Did you read the first comment on here?

I'm not spewing hatred. I'm merely expressing my opinion and backing it up with facts.

Why do you hate the students? Why do you hate the idea of providing a better education for Idaho's students? Why do you hate those that oppose your viewpoint? Why do you hate the taxpayers that are funding education? Why do you hate the legislature for doing its job?

Why are you such a bitter teacher?

See how easy that is...

The teachers' union IS the problem. The SCF laws ARE the answer.

Vote YES on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!

Not spewing hatred?

Equating teachers with Hitler is not spewing hatred? Anytime someone plays the Nazi card they know they have lost the argument.

My comment didn't equate teachers to Hitler...

You'd make a lousy teacher simply for the fact you cannot understand what you read!

By the way, where's your fake outrage over the first comment attached to this article? Now you see just how gullible teachers' union members are when it comes to their union bosses!!!

Anytime someone fakes their outrage like you have, well, we already know they're a teachers' union member.

Just sayin' it like it is...

'Clearly the union placed the welfare of its membership above that of the students, so it's somewhat misleading that it calls itself an "education association."'

Vote YES on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!

Disgusting. You might


You might seriously consider counseling. I think your hatred for the union and your utter paranoia have far surpassed the point of reason.


You said "union bosses" were like Hitler- union bosses could mean anything, and here in little old Idaho it could easily be seen that you were talking about teachers. Hitler- someone responsible for the murder of millions of people. That is a horrible character attack. It is also making light of one of the worst atrocities in recent history. Shame on you.

Faking disgust again?

I feel no shame whatsoever.

I'm not a union member stealing taxpayers' money.

Vote YES on PROPS 1, 2 & 3!!!

I'm disappointed that you

I'm disappointed that you chose to disrespect the holocaust victims by using Hitler in a political discussion about laptops, merit pay, and union power. It shows a lot about your character.

And now it's union members, not bosses? So teachers are stealing money? That means YOU are stealing my money, because your kid benefits from from those teachers.

It also means that police officers, fire fighters, and judges are stealing taxpayer money.

Poor baby got his feelings hurt.

It's hilarious you would demonize someone for mentioning Hitler. Show me where I said anything good, bad or indifferent about holocaust victims.

You're a pathetic union shill that can't handle nor understand the truth.

My child sees no benefit whatsoever in taxpayers paying for union activities. Neither does your child nor anyone else's in the Boise School District.

That's the real problem you have, isn't it? I found that master contract, located the clauses, plastered them in posts for all to see. Boise School District's subservience to the teachers' union proves the SCF laws are justified.

And that's just too hard a pill for you to swallow, now isn't it?!?

Vote YES on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!

I said you cheapened the

I said you cheapened the tragedy by likening your opinion of a small town group of teachers to Hitler.

I am not a union member. I am not even a teacher. Although I do have friends who are teachers; some belong to the union and some don't. What's funny is that the ones who don't are just as against the laws as the ones who are.

I am a concerned taxpayer. I am someone who cares about kids. I am someone who is anti big government, which means I don't like it when bureaucrats like Tom Luna ram stuff down my throat with help from their billionare friends.

I think that nothing should hold great students back from maximizing their opportunities. But I think that the current AP class offerings and existing concurrent credit opportunities are already doing the job of earning college credit while in school without costing the taxpayers 180 million dollars. I also think that poorer kids with less parental involvement have the most to gain from a great teacher. I think merit pay and mandatory online clsses will put them at disproportionate disadvantage.

I see you care how your tax dollars are spent. So do I. I see you care about your kid- I care about mine. Please stop referring to everyone who disagrees with you as a union member.

I am against these laws because I think they will hurt poor kids. I am against these laws because I don't think billionares should be able to buy legislation. I am against these laws because I want to buy laptops for kids who can already afford them.

You are for them because you hate unions.

Again, show me where I said teachers were likened to Hitler?

You can't! It's that fake outrage rearing its ugly head.

Interesting how you've made yourself official spokesman for all teachers in Idaho.

I really don't care to know who you are. Your outrage is as fake as you are.

Vote YES on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!

You said that union members

You said that union members were like Hitler. I said that you compared a group of teachers (which is what the teacher's union is) to Hitler It's quite obvious, really.

I haven't made myself an official spokesperson. I actually care about people who the laws are going to affect though. I guess someone who is fueled by fear of and hatred for unions wouldn't understand that though.

Call names and make assumptions about intentions, by all means. You are not doing yourself, or the yes props, any favors.

You can't read, can you?!?

It's hilarious to see your attempts to twist my words around!

I hope you aren't a teacher. I wouldn't want you grading my kid's writing simply because you have no reading comprehension skills.

Why do you hate the students?

Why do you hate the taxpayers?

Why do you hate SCF supporters?

The only person tossing around the word "hatred" is the teachers' union. They know the SCF laws are necessary.

Vote YES on PRops 1, 2 & 3!!!

Clearly we are both literate.

Perhaps I misjudged you. I assumed you hated the teachers union because you compared them to Hitler. If you don't actually hate them and just think that they are: thugs, like Hitler, and steal from the taxpayers, my sincere apologies.

Clearly we are both literate or we wouldn't be having this conversation via typed words.

I care about the students. And you know what? I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you do too, in addition to your feelings (whatever they may be) on the union. Again, I would have to say that your rhetoric really isn't helping the yes people. There are a few yes people on here that are willing to have thoughtful dialogue, and sadly you are not one of them.

I am voting no because I am a compassionate person, and a fiscal conservative. I care about teachers, and I want people to want to become teachers. Incentives for bright young students to become teachers will be dramatically reduced after these props go into effect. I want to live in a society where kids are challenged to think critically- not taught by laptops or in huge clsses where it is difficult for teachers to provide feedback. I think parents should have the choice of whether or not their kids take an online class, and if they want them to, they can use their own computers. I think that I shouldn't have to pay for laptops for every high schooler in the state. If you're going to side with socialist, laptop buying liberals like Obama's crony Bloomberg, more power to you :)

I watched Luna on the local news last night, and it only reaffirmed my thoughts on this. Since you really seem to care about your kid, I urge you to reconsider your votes. Vote no for parental control snd for fiscal responsibility.

I can't wait until it's over and y'all shut up. ALL y'all.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

I how you read all the

I how you read all the comments, and then talk about how much you hate them:)


You think Penny is Hitler? Ha ha ha. You know nothing. Please post more rants. You are a fool that creates "no" votes with each of your posts. How much would we have to pay you to say these things on TV and radio so more people could discover you crazy Hitler theories? The other parents at our kids' school already know what a wacko you are but it would be nice for all of Idaho to be privy.

Great Elementary School!

I already asked him how he felt about our kids' teacher receiving a bonus, and he didn't reply. I know he thinks Ms. C, from last year is overpaid. I wonder if he even went to parent-teacher conferences this week?

Faking outrage again, I see.

Where's your outrage to the very first comment following the article?

Oh, that's doesn't bother you unless it involves the union boss.

Vote Yes on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!

Yes or no?

Do you think every teacher at North deserves twice the bonus of every teacher at West?

Ha ha ha..gonna slash my tires too?!? ha ha ha

There's something very thuggish about where you think you're going with your comments

Ah, but you already knew that. When apray paint isn't enough, sick the little ankle-biter dog on 'em!!! :)

Vote YES on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!

Merit pay?

Point taken. I shouldn't be so rude, that doesn't help either. But seriously, please just let us know if you really think the way merit money just got paid helps anyone. This is really important and your rhetoric is not helping improve education.

Everything in his comment

Nothing in that comment was as "thuggish" as likening someone to Hitler.

Also, you should refrain from your constant accusations of vandalism to the union. Tom Luna is lucky the union didn't go after him for libel/slander after that little episode. For all he knows it was a random neighbor a kid playing a prank.

Union members should refuse to accept the SCF bonus...

The IEA president demanded the SCF bonus payouts even as they oppose the laws that made those payouts possible!

The only way the teachers' union will have any integrity in this campaign is if they refuse to accept the bonuses they so adamantly oppose!!!!

Problem is, they aren't about integrity. They don't exist for the students. They exist solely to control school boards and engage in political advocacy on the taxpayers' dime.

YES on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!


The money was taken out of the teacher's pockets a few years ago to fund these detrimental laws. Whether they are members of the association or not, the money belonged to them before and belongs to them now. It also belongs to those teachers who had their own students meet the new merit pay standards but didn't get a bonus because their school didn't qualify because of English learners and special education students. It's amazing how clueless and blind you are to the truth. How much time have you spent in a classroom? The teachers, association members or not, are about integrity and exist for the and the greedy politicians are not.

Oh, they were "entitled" to that money all along, huh?!?

Prove it. You're entitlement mentality is part of the problem. It comes from the teachers' union.

Vote YES on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!


No pay was cut a while ago to fund the laws...I teach in a building that did not get the merit pay bonus. We didn't get it because of English learners (those that don't speak English and are taking a test written in English) and special education students and their scores. My students were 96% proficient and above, qualifying me...but because my building failed, the money taken from me went somewhere else. No entitlement...just facts. Oh...yeah...I'm not an association member either.

If anything, your pay was cut due to declining tax revenues

But you can lie about that all you want. Just like the teachers' union ads claiming the legislature has been "underfunding" education.

It never ceases to amaze me how far-fetched the claims are when compared to reality. The legislature is required to balance the state budget. Tax revenues were down...way down. They made the hard decisions.

Then you turn around and claim they cut your pay to fund "the laws". How much was your pay cut to fund Prop 1?

Vote YES on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!

Wow...are you misinformed...

Money was taken from the salary pool to help fund the laws. That not only decreased my salary but also increased my class size as the number of teachers went down. But you wouldn't want to know those kinds of facts. I notice you didn't say anything about what I said about not receiving merit pay even though my students achieved what they should have. Merit pay in this form will have all the best teachers leaving the most needy schools, which is where they should be, so they can receive a bonus for their good work. The needy schools will become more needy. Oops, sorry...another fact that you will ignore.

Substantiate the claim

If you can't, it's just hot air.

Vote YES on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!

I'm living it...

That's a better way to substantiate then leading everyone to read the SDE website with what they say is research on the Luna laws. They wrote them and as they mislead the public about the laws, they can make the numbers say whatever they want. I've spoken with many VERY good teachers in my building that will be looking elsewhere next year if prop 2 doesn't get voted down. Again...facts that you will refute with your blindness.

Living what? You said your pay was cut...

yet you can't explain why? When was your pay cut? Was it 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008?

See, you're full of it.

Vote YES on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!

This rewards good teachers?

Do you think EVERY teacher at North Junior High deserves twice the bonus as EVERY teacher at West? And no teachers at South deserve a bonus?

They must be typical Idaho Republicans

MUch like the way we complaing about the Feds and take Federal funding. Oppose ARRA and then take ARRA funds. It seems to fit the pattern. We shouldn't be surprised.

Can you provide any reason

Can you provide any reason to vote for these law that doesn't involve your feelings on the union?

Local control, paying good teachers better, better opportunities

I have failed to see any valid argument against Prop 1 that doesn't stem back to union power, limiting the power a local school board and its administrators have to make critical decisions that affect our children's education. If I don't like how my children's education is being handled, I want to be able to take that up with a locally elected school board that I can re-elect or vote out of office. If it is the union calling the shots, I have no say in who is in charge of that. The utterly false claim that this somehow silences our teachers in their ability to communicate with the school board about important matters in education drives me crazy. Nothing in Prop 1 says they can't talk to the school board. They just can't make some of those things the basis of their employment in a collective bargaining arrangement. I haven't heard any teacher complain about their school board brushing off concerns they brought up, and if teachers told me of school board members who disregarded their opinion without good reason, I would want to replace them with better school board members. Further, it says that in the annual review process for teachers and administrators, the school board should take into account the input of parents and guardians. I like that my input would actually make a difference in a teacher's evaluation, for better or worse. I'm voting yes for Prop 1 to give control of education back to the people I voted to be responsible for their education.

Prop 2 is about getting better pay to better teachers. The only anti-union sentiment is that I think unions oppose this because they can't control it. I'm not voting yes here to stick it to unions, I'm voting yes because I think it is a step in the right direction to getting our best teachers the best pay they can. Some argue it's not perfect, and I'm not here to say it is. But I also haven't seen anyone suggest a better solution to it that helps improve the pay structure for teachers. The idea of pay being strictly based on time served (absolutely no indicator of teaching skill level) and education level (marginal indication of teaching skill level) is a horrible design. I would hate for my pay to be based on those things, since I have ambitions to progress faster than the average worker. It is a system that economically encourages mediocrity, which I'm happy there are a lot of good teachers out there that haven't fallen victim to that incentive. At the very least, I am in favor of breaking the current failing mold, and if the new model isn't successful, it will be easier to fix the new system (less resistance?) than going back to the drawing board now where no one is offering up an alternative solution. I'm voting yes because I want good teachers to be paid for being good.

Prop 3 to me isn't about unions at all. It's about empowering our teachers with current technology in their classroom. I finished up with college a while back, but even then there were already starting to be a lot of laptops in the classroom there. I envision endless possibilities that teachers will be able to do when they know that every student can have a computer at their desk. There are either savings to be had for books or maybe students will actually get new books because of the reduced cost. All students being able to earn up to a year's worth of college credit during high school. These are all awesome things, none of which are anti-union sentiment. The primary 'valid' claim against this is the concern of costs being much more than anticipated. If costs really are excessively more than they planned like people are concerned with, I'd be fine shooting it down at that point, but I thinking it's fear-mongering to ask people to shoot them down just because there are concerns (by people already opposed to it for other reasons) of expenses being greater than planned. I'm voting yes for Prop 3 because I want our teachers to have the best tools they can, I want my children to have the best opportunities to learn, and I believe it overall enhances the education they can get.

Merit pay?

How does giving every teacher of juniors and seniors in a building a bonus, or not giving every one of them in a building, based on a test their students took as a sophomore count as merit pay? Do you think every teacher in the buildings that got merit pay deserve it and none of the teachers in the buildings that didn't qualify deserved it?

Ask the union why they supported it.

Call up your union boss and ask them. Then, ask them how to think and vote while you're at it.

And, if it's such a bad system then why did the union president demand the bonuses be distributed?

Vote YES on Props 1, 2 & 3!!!

Yes or no. Please just let

Yes or no. Please just let us all know if you think the way this money was given in the same amount to every teacher in each building is a good way to reward good teachers and motivate poor teachers?

Well Mr. Peabody, Mater took

Well Mr. Peabody, Mater took the time to throw out personal insults on one of my comments but interestingly is still avoiding your questions.

I'm guessing it's because there is no good answer to it.

That's not an answer.

That's not an answer.