Junior college kicker commits to Boise State football team

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The Boise State football team will add a scholarship kicker in January in its continued pursuit of field-goal reliability.

Tyler Rausa of Riverside (Calif.) City College committed Thursday night when the Broncos offered him a scholarship, he said Friday. It was his first scholarship offer.

“They said that they just need a guy to come in and compete for a spot,” Rausa said. “I haven’t earned it, but a guy like me who will come in and be consistent inside of 45 (yards). They’re not looking for a huge leg. They want someone to just be himself, to not be overwhelmed by the crowd or the situation. A guy who will work hard and do what he has to do.

“It’s not given. I have to come in and earn that spot. I have to work my butt off.”

Rausa, a freshman, is 12-of-15 on field-goal attempts this season with a long of 48. He’s 43-of-44 on PATs.

He made a game-winning, 40-yard field goal in overtime two weeks ago in a matchup of the No. 3 and No. 4 teams in the Southern California junior college ranks.

Rausa (5-foot-10, 180 pounds) originally planned to walk on at Nevada this season. But the school admitted too many students and increased its academic standards to handle the problem, Rausa said. He was bumped.

Rausa went to Riverside instead. Nevada still wanted him, he said, but he would have needed to complete two semesters at Riverside. He can enroll at Boise State in January.

ESPNLA named him the special teams MVP for the Inland Empire Region of California in 2011. Rausa made an Inland Empire-record 19 field goals (on 22 attempts, long of 50) as a senior at Vista Murrieta High. The Californian newspaper reported that the 19 field goals tied for the national lead.

Rausa is from Temecula, Calif. He has played football, basketball, baseball and soccer. He began kicking as a high school freshman.

Boise State has two scholarship kickers this season — redshirt freshman kicker Jake Van Ginkel and true freshman punter/kicker Sean Wale, who have not played. Senior Michael Frisina is the starting kicker. Sophomore walk-on Dan Goodale is the backup.



— LB Joe Martarano, 6-3, 215, Fruitland HS
— TE Alec Dhaenens, 6-4, 235, Fruitland HS
— QB Ryan Finley, 6-4, 180, Paradise Valley HS (Phoenix)
— OL Eli McCullough, 6-5, 255, Rocky Mountain HS
— C Andrew Tercek, 6-3, 285, East Central HS (San Antonio, Texas)
— LB Tanner Vallejo, 6-2, 220, Nevada Union HS (Grass Valley, Calif.)
— LB Durrant Miles, 6-4, 225, Bingham HS (South Jordan, Utah); expects to join in 2016 because of LDS mission
— WR Jack Austin, 6-3, 205, Chino Hills (Calif.) HS
— N Mat Boesen, 6-4, 210, West HS (Torrance, Calif.)
— RB Aaron Baltazar, 5-11, 198, Eastlake HS (Chula Vista, Calif.)

— DL Justin Taimatuia, 6-1, 280, so., Fort Scott CC (Waipahu, Hawaii)
— CB Mercy Maston, 6-1, 190, Bakersfield College (Bakersfield, Calif.)
— PK Tyler Rausa, 5-10, 180, Riverside CC (Temecula, Calif.)

— LB Chris Collins, 6-1, 208, Santa Monica HS (Santa Monica, Calif.)
— WR/S D.J. Dean, 6-1, 190, Eagle HS
— OL Archie Lewis, 6-4, 255, Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) HS

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We finally determined that kicking WAS in integral part of the game of football.

Kyle Brotzman

at one time was the leading scorer in the NCAA.

Φ Might this mean

that Van Ginkel is Van Goner? Scholarship kicker who has not overtaken either Goodale or Frisina. That's 1/83, or in BSU's case now, 1/80 or less.

Is Rausa getting a scholarship, preferred walk-on, or straight walk-on?

Van Ginkel is gone

I think its why he was offered this week.

Φ Give a scholarship

to a specialist and you have high expectations. Year and a half, maybe two, and he can't get by the walk-ons?

Hope Rausa can really boot it, because those expectations are now on him.

Its off field issues

He has never been able to really compete on the field because he finds himself in trouble at every turn off it. I think an announcement is coming sooner rather than later.


I hope he isn't some shrimpy guy. This Frasina guy looks scared on the sidelines.
FYI Brotz was one the best kickers we ever had. Mike Black wasn't a giant either but he could hit and be hit as hard as anyone, never once did I see Black or Brotz wuss out.

Φ Careful ...

richfrog could show up at any moment.

Who is he

...another transplant, fair weather BRONCO?

No, he's a

Bronco-hating troll that's usually off his meds, therefore off his rocker....Sunny...

thanks Sunny

There are so many psycho's who get banned it hard for me to keep up.

Φ Don't worry,

he'll be back. richfrog (ostensibly a TCU fan) probably made 300-400 always-negative posts about BSU and Brotzman after the Nevada loss.

He essentially redefined "insufferable".

TY for the heads up....

I am sure he is bitter this year. But I have to honestly say that TCU is a class act almost on par with the BRONCOS.
After their fluke win last year I am sure I have made a new friend.

When you mentioned his name, the song "Aqualung" seems to be going through my head .....hummmm

Ordinarily I'd agree with you about TCU

being a class act, but not this year. Earlier in the year four players were kicked out for failing drug tests and dealing drugs. One said that up to 60% of the players would fail a drug test. Starting QB Casey Pachall was recently kicked out for DUI (I believe he also had one last year off season)and he admitted to using cocaine and ecstasy. I think the program needs a little cleaning up. One thing I do agree with you on though, is Aqualung...Sunny...

good point Sunny

enuf said

Φ Sunny's first chore

every day is to check on the weather. He's more country than city. Both guesses, but I'd bet I'm right. Second chore: is it bacon and eggs with hashers, or ham 'n eggs, or waffles with kielbasa ... "Quick, the Redhead (always capitalized) is coming down here soon. Better get on it! Gotta have her for stringing some barbed wire before lunch."

Always enjoy reading the updates between PUCA, mateo, YPmule, Sunny, and others when weather is news: bad storms, fires, barometer readings, wind chill, pheasant counts, what's up with the vegetable garden, neighbor's fence blew down and his cattle are crossing the road just like the sign says.

Good to see him posting more on the sports side. Says much in few words.



Φ Will leave

well enough alone.

razor, you're on the right track, more right than wrong,

and hopefully soon I'll have the opportunity to explain myself more. Born in Boise, live close to Marsing now, attended my first Bronco game at the old green wooden stands at the corner of University Ave. and Broadway. Attended BSU in the formative years (BJC, BC, BSC, etc.)...Sunny...


Do you know if he'll be on scholarship or a walk-on? In any case, great news!


I haven't talked to him yet, but I expect he will be a scholarship guy.

READ much Chadd?

"Tyler Rausa of Riverside (Calif.) City College committed Thursday night when the Broncos offered him a scholarship,"

Says right there, in YOUR OWN WORDS, that he was offered a SCHOLARSHIP................

Φ Settle down.

Notice that Chadd updated at 3:12? The "when the Broncos offered him a scholarship" clause was not in the original thread-starter. That's why a couple of us asked. Chadd updated without making an acknowledging post. Game day tomorrow and he's probably pretty busy.

When blog threads are updated, that means additional or corrected information. If you didn't see the original or don't re-read, you may make a false assumption.

You did in this case.

Time stamps on the commenter posts are an hour short, while the time of the thread topics (Chadd, Murph) seem to be accurate MT.


Well said razor.

JC Transfers

This young man may well be a great kicker and student-athlete, I don't have any way of knowing.
But many JC athletes have gone to JC rather than four schools because:
1. Not good enough to play at FBS schools like USC, UCLA, etc
2. Academic problems
3. Disciplianary problem children.

If he could not get into Nevada last year what are his academic qualifications?


I haven't spoken to him, but my understanding is he had the grades to meet NCAA standards but Nevada made some change that prevented him from getting in there until after he took some JC cla$ses. So he would have been eligible there for next season. ... You're right about the reasons a lot of guys go the JC route. But Boise State has done a good job of identifying the right JC transfers in recent years.

Nice to see we're not the only one with clas$es as a typing


"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

or they

want to get more playing time rather than sit on the bench for two years.

kickin it!

Jumpin Jiminy Chrime, finally, maybe, someone who can be depended upon? For the record, Brotz sucked. Two chip shots missed in one game. And two more losses because he COULD NOT do the job that was his, yes, his that was the only thing he had to do except show up. Brotz makes the kicks, we are in the top 5 two years running. Right? We still have a problem that WILL bite us in the azz before this season is over. Take it to the bank.


"For the record" Brotz sucked.......?
After the Meth wears off you may want to review his stats.

Here I'll give you a hand, my friend.


Read down where it says> The man is the all-time leading scorer in college football history, after all. His 439 points are more than any kicker has ever scored, and his mark of 118 straight extra point makes will probably stand forever.


stats schmatz. He cost us several games. AGREED? a LOT of xp kickers have missed very few. How about the chip shots??? what say you ? after the 420 wears off, you can review the losses and who caused them.

Look Heidi....

Your a woman so I wont be disrespectful too much. And I want to be your friend.
I agree he cost us some games but he won us A LOT of games. But can you honestly say to yourself that you have never "lost a big client" or " Been overlooked on a promotion". Or "lost a game when you did your best" according to your ability at the time?.
To hammer a person for human mistakes is wrong. The same way I would denigrate you for any mistake or errors you have ever made. That is why I will never make fun of or denigrate young men/women with school issues or substance abuse issues. They are unpaid athletes;students.

So.... look at Brotz's stats realize he is human and reply accordingly.



we gave brotz the chance to make all those points. Agreed? He could have missed 50% of those extra points and not cost us a game. Agreed? He missed the most important two field goals in BSU history at Nevada. Anything inside the 30 yard line should be about 99%. 100% if there is no wind and no hurry to kick. Sorry, Heidi got it right. He is the greatest cause we scored the mostest.




He is going from Riverside City College to Riverside Tech.

that's in

Oregone right?

I caint spell to wel I wet to a SEC skool


There's gotta be some higher meaning in this right, like the initials of his last name, RA USA, Really Accurate (in the)USA. ha ha.

I would like to know the

I would like to know the story behind JVG doing viscious pine. He was the LATimes place kicker of the year in high school to never kicking here. Plus he got left home from the bowl game with Jay Ajayi last year.

Kickers are a strange breed

I still remember standing in the lower section of the south end zone bleachers at that last open practice catching Frisina's kicks as he warmed up. Frisina would nail one, then Goodale would step up and blast one about halfway up into the upper bleacher section.Frisina was splitting the uprights time and time again, Goodale was a little closer to the posts, but was still making them. I starting thinking to myself their job must be about 50% technical, and 50% mental, why else would they miss. About that time Frisina slipped and finally missed one, then Goodale sent one about 10 feet wide right, they missed a few more, they talked for a second, pointed a few things out, then went right back to nailing them again....

Mr. Van Ginkel

I have been asking for week after week what is his status. Chadd did try to provide an answer that he wasn't good enough but based on his great highschool record it simply made no sense. Never could get an update on him and why he came to Fall camp so late. He is obviously a superstar that is in Coach Petes doghouse. We finally get a answer to our question at to what is his status.! Terrible news for a future NFL probowl type of talent!!!

Van Ginkel

If every player who is successful in high school were successful in college then recruiting would be easy. I can't provide any more explanation than what I've gotten from Petersen several times — Frisina is consistently the best kicker they have.

Jake Van Ginkel and Sean Wale??

Chadd,,, Can you give us anymore info on these two PK's? I really had high hopes for both but haven't seen them play at all.

Van Ginkel, Wale

I can't tell you any more about Van Ginkel than what Petersen keeps saying — he's not better than the other guys. I know people refuse to believe this, but I have no reason to think Petersen is lying. He also has obviously had some off-the-field issues, which doesn't help his cause. I'd be surprised if he's here next season.

As for Wale, he was more punter than kicker when he was recruited. They hoped he could compete for the kicking job in camp but he clearly was not polished enough as as kicker. But he's practicing both disciplines. With Harman being a senior in 2013, I would expect at the very least Wale will be the punter from 2014 to 2016. And he, Goodale and Rausa probably will compete for the FG job in the spring/fall (and Van Ginkel, if he's here).

Chadd, please read my most recent post which you guys deleted...

I used the word "outclassed"...and your sensors denied me the ability to post thinking I used a different word that was NOT part of my dialogue...a "naughty?? word",so to speak...

Φ You got censored?

Even Sanford doesn't get censored, deleted, or denied posting rights. And, he walks closer to the line than most.


I used the word outclases (wrong spelling) and it was interpreted as the word after outcl if you know what I mean. I was written up in red print. Oh well! Touchy topic!

Φ That explains it.

That's just the language filter that flags certain combinations of letters as "unsuitable". Not like there is anybody sitting in a small cubicle reading this stuff.

"What do you do for work, Trotterski?" "Well, I sit in a small cubicle and read poster's submissions on the IS articles and blogs. If anyone gets out of line, I drop the hammer on 'em. Either send a cranky message in bold red back to those idiots or mark it, in some mysterious way, as spam and it disappears. It's very rewarding work, except the IT people in New Delhi have disabled the "Eliminate User" checkbox on my screen. Kinda pi$$es me off. Písses me off, too."

Anyway, you have to work around this circ.umstance. Or, "they" will have your arse.

Thanks Razor!

Yes, they got me! So be it! Anyway, I am a banker turned financial consultant. I don't live in your area but have followed the Broncos sine 2002. Truly a fun team to watch and cheer! I love the blue turf and the way fans communicate on these blogs!

Φ Illinois?

Near Lake Michigan?

Yes, BSU is a good watch and never fails in the controversy department (whether internal, external, or both).

Keep your shield up as you post. And no, you do not need to be a BAA member to be a real Bronco fan.

I live off of the Ohio River...

Had an opportunity to watch Bsu at Bowling Green and Toledo recently as an FYI! Great to be a small part of Bronco nation here in Big East country!