Otter: Props 1, 2 and 3 will ensure quality Idaho schools for generations

Gov. Butch Otter is making a late pitch for Idaho voters to uphold Propositions 1, 2 and 3 — the K-12 overhaul he signed into law 19 months ago.

In a guest opinion today, sent out by Yes for Idaho Education, Otter made his appeal that mixed the political and the personal.

An excerpt:

"Beyond my constitutional responsibility as governor to help the Legislature 'maintain a general, uniform and thorough system of public, free common schools,' it is my job as a father, as a grandfather, and as a citizen and taxpayer to support and indeed insist upon quality educational opportunities for every Idahoan.

I want my grandkids and their children and grandchildren to grow up in a state where quality public education is a priority. That doesn’t mean spending more money than other states to show our commitment. What it means is ensuring our public schools are providing the best education possible for our children with the resources we have.

Here's a link to the full guest opinion.

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Giving a kid a laptop ensures he will have a quality education? Nope, Butch, it just ensures every kid will have a laptop to play with, and many other quality programs and educators will be lost.

Looks like you managed

To get a pretty lousy education without the benefit of a laptop based on your reading compensation deficiencies. What's the matter, are you afraid your children will have a chance to be better educated than you are if Props 1,2, and 3 pass? Or are you just another Teachers Union shill afraid of losing control control of the public purse?

what is

...reading "compensation?"

reading "compensation" is...

the money under-educated Idaho students won't make because of the under funding of education and the demonization of teachers here in Idaho.

LOL, this reply is so stupid

LOL, this reply is so stupid it speaks for itself!

America has Donald Trump...

....Idaho has Frank Vandersloot.

Why should

anyone believe anything Otter says, after the sleazy, secret fundraising tactics of he and his co-conspirators?

What secret fund raising

What secret fund raising tactics. Do you think the NEA and IEA have been above board; take a good look at those organizations funding. What a joke if you think those efforts are for students first. Not hardly.

Horrors, these organizations

Horrors, these organizations are funded by TEACHERS. Teachers who love to teach and have the best interest of students in mind.

These organizations are nothing more than.....

Money laundering operations for the Dem Party and most teachers are too naive to understand how this works.

Boy, thanks, tet..

How much more safe we feel knowing that you're not naive about how fundraising works. What do you call "gifts" of 6 figures from investors in online providers? Yup, I trust my kid's teacher more than I trust the mayor of New York or the Albertson's heir.

I hope so! Not communists or anarchists or bluefin tuna at least


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Funded by a

bunch of whiners whom I wouldn't want anywhere near my kids. On the other hand I would not object to my kids being in a school where the teachers are additionally compensated because of outstanding performance.

Pendleton, these

Pendleton, these organizations are funded by some teachers, not all teachers and some of the members are not teachers but bus drivers, lunch cooks, school janitors. And not all teachers have the best interest of students in mind but thrive in a controlling, dominating environment and would not survive themselves in another work environment.

The right and proper role of Government

Really, Governor? Signing laws that placed "emergency" clauses on the SCF bills you signed the month before was really responsive to Idahoans? The only event between the two signings was the start of the signature drive to place SCF to referendum. No natural disaster, no civil disorder, no force of nature or act of terrorism, heck the petitions were not due back for days!

As a constitutional officer, how can abuse of the emergency clause be justified to deny the civil rights of us all in expecting this serious question to be delayed until our collective voices were heard? Fighting for the citizens of Idaho should not be a matter of political convenience.


I have yet to see any convincing evidence against the propositions.

I just see lots of junk like "every kid will have a laptop to play with".

For one, that is a GOOD thing. A person going into the workforce needs to be familar with computers, laptops, high-tech cell phones, and the latest programs being used on them.

Two, most high school students are responsible. Adding the point of "we trust you with this laptop" adds to this.

Three, if teachers are doing their job the students will be plenty busy on their laptop instead of playing.

Four, lots of students in Idaho are economically disadvantaged when it comes to technology. This will help those students.

Cost- Yeah, maybe we are getting screwed. But the cost/benefit is more important.

When we can replace paper books with electronic books, the costs should be offset.
Kahn Academy is just one of the new potential uses when every student is connected. Lots of opportunities exist.

All teachers should be embracing this as a tool to make their jobs easier and better.

The effect will be minimal

This infusion of technology at grades 11 and 12 is too late to hasten any true increase in academic preparedness. The first grades should be 7 or 8. These are the grades when most students set their expectations about post secondary education and career path. They are the ones who could make best use of the support technology can provide. And, by starting there, they will finish 12th grade as the first term of the lease concludes. That is not the case and the potential for true "reform" is diminished to near nothing.

Rifleman, you are evidently

Rifleman, you are evidently out of the loop and have not been inside a classroom in some of the larger schools; in fact, check out some rural schools which have computers. Vote YES. Even the playing field for Idaho students in our global society. Don't be afraid to let students learn more than their parents and other citizens. Let them have the advantage of moving on in our technological society. Vote YES.

Check the data

from grant programs like Gear Up Idaho (you can find it on the SDE website) or results from ACT's EXPLORE testing. I live in rural Idaho and work closely with several teachers and their paraprofessionals.

Yeah Right Butch

Did John Foster & Debbie Field write this for you? You wouldn't know good government if it bit you in the backside.

I will be so happy when this goes away...

so the next stupid pain of an issue can clog the discussions, of course!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

DrugsStore Cowboy has spoken

Otter is all hat and no cattle. What a DrugStore Cowboy.

Chuck, how do you know he

Chuck, how do you know he does not have cattle. He certainly has horses. Jealous? Can't fit into a pair of tight jeans?


For letting us know what your priorities are. I'm sure he has a few calves around so he and Mike can chase them around with ropes and hollar Yippee and Eehaw....