Mayor Bloomberg, Albertson's heir Scott gave combined $450,000 to Education Voters of Idaho

Education Voters of Idaho complied with a court order Wednesday afternoon and reported raising $641,160 since its formation in August. The disclosure frees the group to spend $392,500 it had banked as of Oct. 21.

The top contributors are Joe Scott, a longtime backer of school reform, who gave $250,000; and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who gave $200,000 and was among the first three contributors. The next largest contribution -- $50,000 -- came from the Republican Governors Public Policy Committee.

Bloomberg has clashed with teachers unions, who have spent more than $2.5 million in leading the opposition to Propositions 1, 2 and 3 on Tuesday's ballot.

Scott, a grandson of the grocery-store founder, did not respond to my request for comment last week. He chairs the J. A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, a major supporter of school reform efforts. Scott has been a large investor in K12 Inc., an online education company. The foundation ran full-page newspaper ads in support of Idaho School Superintendent Tom Luna's "Students Come First" reforms last year -- the laws subject to repeal Tuesday.

Bloomberg's spokeswoman did not reply to my email Tuesday, but the mayor obviously has more important matters on his mind.

On Monday, 4th District Judge Mike Wetherell ordered the group to disclose under Idaho's Sunshine law, giving EVI until 3 p.m. today. Spending reported by EVI includes an already disclosed $200,350 for broadcast ads by an affiliated group, Parents for Education Reform, and polling and consulting in support of the propositions backed by Luna and Gov. Butch Otter. EVI had argued it was exempt from the law.

Wetherell's order barred EVI from raising or spending money until it filed Sunshine reports. EVI's lawyer had originally said the group would appeal to the Idaho Supreme Court. But by late Tuesday, EVI said it would comply. Now, EVI can reactivate in the final days of what polls show to be a tight contest. EVI was sued by Secretary of State Ben Ysursa, who said failure to disclose would "eviscerate" the Sunshine law.

Other contributors include Foster Friess of Jackson, Wyo., ($25,000), Hagadone Hospitality ($15,000); John Bryan of Lake Oswego, Ore., Clear Springs Foods, Idaho Forest Group, Intermountain Gas and M3 Eagle ($10,000 each); Larry Williams of Boise ($7,500); Frank Baxter of Los Angeles, Farmers Group Inc. of Los Angeles; John Fisher of San Francisco, William and Susan Oberndorf of San Francisco, the J.R. Simplot Co. and 13D Research of the Virgin Islands ($5,000 each); Premier Technology and U.S. Ecology ($2,500 each); John Fery of Boise, Ed Johnson of Wilder and Kevin Settles of Boise ($2,000 each); Harry Bettis of Emmett ($1,500), and GSA Direct of Boise, a company owned by partners who consulted on behalf of the Dynamis waste-to-energy project ($1,000).

The first three contributions came Sept. 18, about a month after the group's Aug. 16 formation. The three Sept. 18 donors were Bloomberg, the GOP governors group and Friess, a key donor to Rick Santorum's presidential campaign.

On Sept. 19, M3 Eagle, the developer of a large planned community north of Eagle, contributed. Scott's check arrived Sept. 21.

The read the full reports -- for the periods ending Sept. 30, Oct. 21 and a 48-hour notice -- click here.

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What is Bloombergs interest in this?

If he helps

getting this one passed, then he can start on nationwide gun control.

Bloomberg is in the top echelon of the GOP. The gullible

GOP voters here in Idaho really have no idea what the National GOP has in store for them. This is actually entertaining to watch.


enlighten us? It's hilarious when people (like you) come into some internet MB with stupid statements like you made...indicating somehow YOU know the answer and it is horrible.

Tell us what you (think) know...What is it? And don't spew the typical rhetoric you can hear at any corner liberal block party. That's old.


Get up on the wrong side of the bed?

not at all...

asking someone to backup what they are posting. I want them to share their information that are indicating they know.

Fact is the GOP is not going to do anything more drastic than the Dems would do. It's would just be for a different side. They are both special interest groups that will not help the average person/student in Idaho.

Hey little Billy #1, have I posted enough for you?


Not enough for me stud..

I guess you don't have anything to say. Then you resort to a vulgar code. Too funny liberal.

But then I guess the millions spent by the NEA is OK.


why does he, or anyone else, owe you anything? if you don't agree with it, so be it. But to demand substantiating a remark...whatever.

so in other words...

His post is nothing more than words. Nothing to but typical liberal spewing of idiocy. No actual facts.


Right... if conservatives had some kind of monopoly on facts. Hahahahahaha!!!


I agree that sweeping generalizations are worthy of your sneering indignation. However, I thought your 'typical liberal spewing of idiocy' comment was an excellent example of the same.

And I was amused by your subject line of 'so in other words,' to comment about a post that you declared was nothing more than words. If you scorn words, how can offering other words be anything other than scorn-worthy, too?

Finally you wrote (with nothing more than words, I might add) of an absence of facts in a comment of which you were belittling. How about you? Did you have any facts to offer? Or did you feel your 'typical liberal spewing of idiocy' sweeping generalization qualified?

Your words flow in a circle pointing back at yourself. You were demanding an essay as if you were worthy of receiving one. You may have to make a few changes before qualifying for such an honor.

Sounded pretty, what did you say.

I thought I was superfluous!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Still waiting

for your response to the comment asking for your specifications to what the GOP truly has in store for all of us...?
If you're going to make such blanket statements you should be prepared to offer at least a little detail, and proof doesn't hurt either.

Hey little Billy #2, have I posted enough for you?



Exactly what I thought. You know nothing and have nothing to say, except "I think the GOP are bad". Nice...this is the liberal answer to everything. No real resolution to any problems, simply talking about things they know nothing about.

Glad to know.

No Liberal resolutions to problems?

I don't pretend to know what the GOP has in store for Idaho or why Bloomberg cares about what happens out here...perhaps he stands to make some profit on the tech money...who knows.

But as far as Liberals not having any solutions...hmmm.

How about enabling voters, not suppressing them? Using the excuse that voter fraud is a big problem is dishonest and is thin veneer to the real reason which is to decrease the Democratic vote.

How about really committing to investing in solar and wind power, thus reducing air pollution? Whether or not you buy into the majority of climate scientists' consensus that Global Warming is human-caused or not, reducing air pollution makes good sense and will reduce energy costs. Name a good reason all new houses in Southern Idaho don't have solar heated water at least in the summer?

How about working to get universal health insurance for all? Thousands die each year in this country each year from lack of health care. This is a major moral failing by the greatest and wealthiest nation in the world. And it would save money.

How about ending Prohibition V2.0? How many billions of dollars have we thrown down that War on Drugs hole while enriching violent cartels outside the USA? Watch what happens to our neighbor Washington after they legalize pot.

How about letting same-sex couples marry? I mean really, how does it hurt anybody else's marriage? doesn't.

How about policies that help the middle class grow and the lower class shrink instead of just favoring the 1%? It is stabilizing in the long run.

How about we don't pretend the Libya killings are the evidence of a failed foreign policy and forget about who was in charge on 9/11?

Just a few off the top of my head.

Stifle yourself. Thou speakest, albeit ad nauseum.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Not so much

Bloomberg quit the GOP over five years ago because he was in opposition to the top echelon of the GOP. He was a Democrat until 2001.

He endorsed

Obama today.

Is he a doublecross? Maybe he's 006.5


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<


I moved west to get away from people like Bloomberg. I was about 50/50 on props 1,2,3 but this might tip me over to the no side. Anything that This guy and Mittens agree on can not be good for the common person. Rather deal with a teachers union than out of touch billionares...Vander-what-evers are you listening?

I call B.C! You were already

I call B.C! You were already planning on voting NO on the kids. Just reading your post tells anyone reading that.

In 5 more DAYS and I'll be voting yes for the kids! yes on 1,2,3

For the kids?

I am still waiting to find out what part of any of these three, other than a second computer, is "for the kids".

Keep waiting. You'll never

Keep waiting. You'll never find it.

Its the total package;

Its the total package; improve education in Idaho for all students. When was the last time you were in a classroom or better yet, take a tour of classrooms throughout Idaho. The legislation is about improving and providing quality education in Idaho. It is truly students first; not teachers first. Your choice. Teachers or students with quality teachers providing quality education. Simple choice.

How is education going to

How is education going to improve through these laws? Give me concrete examples.

Voting yes so your taxes can

Voting yes so your taxes can go up paying $1200 per computer - not including having to pay replacement value for them if they break or paying for electronic books? What kind of "conservative" are you? The GOP has lost all claims to fiscal responsibility.

Pendleton, your rhetoric is

Pendleton, your rhetoric is misplaced and without merit. All you are doing is repeating misinformation (lies).

Which part is a lie?

"According to the contract, the state will pay $292.77 per laptop per year under a lease, and they're on a four-year replacement schedule. That means over the four years, the state will pay $1,171 per unit." Eye on Boise, Oct 30, 2012.

“Laptops are vital, [Luna] said. “They become the textbook for every classroom, the math calculator, the research tool, the word processor for English. Teachers and students will no longer have to wait their turn for the computer lab because every classroom is a computer lab,” Luna said.” (Idaho Statesman, October 2, 2010)

Mr. Luna has repeated these words time and time again for 18 months, in speeches, on the SCF web site, in print advertisements, in TV and radio ads. It has been repeated word for word in Frank VanderSloot’s anti-union full-page ads published in newspapers throughout Idaho. The obvious meaning of this statement is that the laptop computers mandated by Proposition 3 would replace textbooks. There are no e-textbooks and there is no money for e-textbooks.

Now which part of those statements is a lie?

Calculators ar for old folks like me who can't add well...

Then I lose my place and scribble it down again :-/


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

You're not voting absentee? EHH?!?


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Bloomberg left the GOP.

Bloomberg left the GOP.

And Bloomberg just announced his...

Support for the Liberal how does this put him at the top of the GOP?

You're are a ph uk in

You are the next consumer of a bar of soap, Syncie/


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Seems it started with a speech given to MIT 11/2011

Interesting address he gave to MIT regarding teachers & teacher unions, and also interesting viewpoint on use of technology in the classroom. Just google "bloomberg-slams-teachers" should be the first story to come back.

At least he understands that

At least he understands that just adding a bunch of technology doesn't improve education. That is interesting that the money he gave to bust unions is also being used to waste money on technology he knows is a waste.

Absolutely, Bloomberg is a very intelligent man.

And I have very much respect for him. I can see his viewpoint too, espcially in New York where he probably does see some pretty bad boat anchors for teachers just waiting to collect their pensions and COLAS. And in no way does Bloomberg see technology as some panacea either. But let's open our eyes and see where this train is going. The Bloomberg Media/Software Company and the BGOV efforts and direction they are going in, they would certainly be missing an opportunity if they didn't try to cash in on the education sector. And really, Bloomberg is the the type of guy that subscribes to a philosophy of "if you want something done right, you'll have to do it yourself".

Amazed at all the rhetoric

Amazed at all the rhetoric about the money. Money is involved in everything, absolutely everything we do. The rhetoric of follow the money can be applied to everything, absolutely everything. Why not use that to improve the quality of education in Idaho? That is just exactly why the quality of education in Idaho is so poor because of the lack of funding and the quality in the classroom. Enough.

Stop and think do you not believe the text book publishers are not benefitting from their sale of books. Aw, I wonder if they are not supportive of computers in the classroom? After all computers in the classroom definitely affect the bottom line in text book companies. Think about it; really think about it. Would you rather continue supporting, paying for outdated information or pay for instant up to date and correct information in the classroom.

If you decline to support the legislation, all you are doing is saying Idaho's students are not worth educating. Vote YES.

You actually were making great points...

Until your last line.
Sorry. Gotta disagree...

School districts can't even pay for hard-copy textbooks

The state can't even fund school districts sufficiently to pay for hard-copy textbooks. What makes you think that they are going to be able to pay for e-textbooks?

Just a

typical Jewish oligarch who wants everyone to live under a one-world, corporatocracy government.

Bet you would love him if

He had Obama's "religious beliefs".

It's the BGOV Taking place and the ground work being laid

A few years back Bloomberg launched the BGOV, just Google it for yourself. The eventual direction this will go is that Bloomberg is trying to devlope a suite of software tools that will apply to all things goverment. In that same direction, it's only a natural marriage to tackle education as well, and being that Bloomberg is a software media company, education being taught by a teacher is pretty much over.

Come on people of Idaho? You don't have to be in the dark ages. Google is free. Look some of this stuff up.

Google the Following:
Bloomberg Administration Announces Free ‘Digital Toolkit’

And Google the following:
Bloomberg BGOV wikipedia

And Google some more, the dark ages have passed.
Bloomberg the-unholy-alliance-against-online-learning

And last but not least, run a Google search on this:
Bloomberg Chancellor Joel Klein, Rupert Murdoch and Education Reform Now

I was wondering whether Murdoch was involved

and if that was the Bloomberg connection. His bought a major online education vendor a few months back.

In summary …

Look at combined federal, state and local spending: $1,139B for healthcare (mostly private), $902B defense (public/private), $917B education (mostly public), and $751B welfare (public).
Now, what would be a good strategy to garner some sweet profit from the $3 trillion from defense, healthcare and education? Start with the "private sector does it better/cheaper" mantra, sing the "end Obamacare first day" chorus, and keep the drumbeat going on and on and on with ads, ALEC initiatives, PACs, SuperPACs, NFIB, NRA, US Chamber of Commerce, Walton family, Koch brothers, Bloombergs, et al.; and you have a formidable impact.
And to free up some of that remaining $715B of welfare money? Paint the unions as thugs, the poor as lazy ingrates and honey it with "class envy". Call the thieves "job creators" and be sure to rattle the swords and wave the flag. Most important, stay positive. After all, many Americans believe that selling out to corporate greed means "taking their country back".

Well said..

and, unfortunatly true.

Google is only good for searching XXX...or was.

P-Riot ruined that.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

What does "Bee Gees On Video" have to do with BS in CHN?

Oops! I did it again.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

What does a NYC mayor want

Why does a NYC mayor want to promote these laws? Does he own stock in online companies? Something smells fishy and its not passing the smell test. Of course if they want to donate more they can help the state pay for that contract they just signed. Funded mandate my behind.