Boise State football team doesn't mind late kickoff: 'The crowd's going to go crazy'

By Chadd Cripe
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Four weeks after playing one of the earliest games in school history, the Boise State football team faces one of its latest.

The Broncos will battle San Diego State at 8:30 p.m. Saturday at Bronco Stadium — a time slot selected by CBS Sports Network.

The Broncos have played at least three home games after 8 p.m. in recent years but none that I could find that started this late. They played Oregon at 8:15 p.m. in 2009, Nevada at 8:08 p.m. in 2009 and Oregon State at 8:07 p.m. in 2004.

“It won’t affect us at all,” quarterback Joe Southwick said. “It’s just a little more time to sit on Saturday and get focused.”

Said cornerback Jamar Taylor: “I love it. The crowd’s going to go crazy.”

Coach Chris Petersen interrupted a question about what he would do with the extra time on Saturday.

“Worry? That’s what I do,” he said.

He said the late start isn’t a concern, even for a team that practices in the mornings.

“Usually it’s different days and bye weeks,” he said of the Broncos’ ever-changing schedule. “Hours, that’s not that big a deal for us.”

The Broncos played at 10 a.m. Mountain on Oct. 6 at Southern Miss.


One of the reasons that Boise State uses the swinging-gate two-point conversion plays is the work it forces opponents to do to prepare for them. San Diego State coach Rocky Long mentioned that in his weekly press conference in San Diego.

“They line up in what we call swinging gate, but they line up in 14 different formations for the extra point,” he said. “And if you don't line up correctly, they run it in there for two points. If you line up correctly, then they all come back in there and they kick the extra point. And out of all the games they've played there's been 13 different formations that they've been in for extra points. … We can line up against every one of those, which we will in practice, and then they'll give us a new one come Saturday.”

Long said the Broncos have taken a similar approach with their punt team.

“I think there's 20 variations on how they line up on punt,” he said. “So obviously you gotta spend a lot of time in practice making sure that you're lined up correctly so they can't run those fakes on the extra point or they can't run it in for two points or they can't fake a punt and get a first down. So you practice against every — you practice against the 20 punt formations they have and you practice against the 12 extra point formations they have and then they'll give you a new one on Saturday.”


Long on the Broncos’ defense:

“They have, I think, nine new starters on defense. Even though they're a lot better on defense this year than they were last year, they have nine new starters or something on defense and you sure can't tell. But they're doing a few things a little bit different than they did last year on defense, too. That's a smart coach.”

His statement that the Broncos are “a lot better on defense” is a bit odd until you think about where Boise State was for the San Diego State game last year. The Broncos had been torched by TCU the week before and gave up a lot of yards to San Diego State while working through the series of injuries in the secondary.


The website produced a chart this week ranking college teams by sack differential — a stat that is a pretty good indicator of who’s winning and losing.

Boise State ranks fourth in the nation at plus-16 — 20 sacks and four allowed. Tulsa is No. 1 at plus-31.


I’m trying to identify Boise State’s fan favorite for this season. I’ve taken votes on Twitter and Facebook. Here is the Facebook page (scroll down to find the poll). Or, you can vote by adding a comment to this post — just put the word favorite somewhere in the post so I can find it easily.

Here is the full chart.

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I think this years defense is great...

...but not sure its better and/or deeper than last years. I dont know how much Long is saying is "coach speak" or some real praise.

Love the sack stat you gave Chadd. I think thats been a real key to the Broncos success. Can you get to the QB and can you protect the QB...seems like a great indicator.

Does Jamar Taylor list any reasons why the crowd will be crazy other than its a Saturday night? New uni combos? New intro?

Edit: Kinda weird on the sack chart. #1 Alabama is ranked 57th, Ohio St. 64 and undefeated Louisville is 76. Odd.


i think the crowd may be in a fenzy from refreshments.

All day long refreshments?

My thoughts too...


I know I will be, so I'm staying home and watching the game as usual. Should be good...Sunny..

Doesn't sound

like you guys are going to be worrying like coach Pete! I'm going to be at the game, so will have to wait a little longer to imbibe. No worry either.

Gotta Go, Gotta Go, Gotta GO RIGHT NOW!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Chadd, I apologize for misspelling your name in the past!

I am on board now!

Another good article, by the way!

I hope the guys can get a small nap, break, etc. to regain their focus after the morning workout.It can be a very long day, but I am sure the fans "will bring it"! I look forward to this late night game whereupon we will have a much larger audience due to being one of the only games left on the Saturday schedule. Go BRONCO's!!!

SDS will put pressure on our defense...

Peterson is one of the best coaches at getting teams ready mentally. But what always worries me is they are college kids and regardless of what the coaches say, sometimes it goes in one ear and out the other. I hope the Bronco's are not taking this weeks opponent lightly. Just being Boise State means they get everyone's best shot in the MW.

I'll have to read all about it on Sunday...

too late for me on the east coast. Probably record it.

No worries about that Rodster

I dont remember the last time the Broncos didnt take an opponent seriously. Maybe ECU in the Bowl game in Hawaii. I think that was out of disappointment. If the Broncos get beat its by a better football team. Its the reason why the Broncos havent trailed by more than 7 points in any game in 5 years.

Except the first one, maybe...I forgot with all the wins.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<