Idaho Power prepared to send linemen to help eastern utilities restore power

Idaho Power Co. has made 15-20 linemen, foremen and mechanics along with trucks and other equipment available to eastern electric utilities.

More than 8 million people are without power after Hurricane Sandy came ashore Monday. Utilities like Idaho Power cooperate through organizations like the Western Energy Institute.

Idaho Power’s offer is similar to that of other utilities. PacifiCorp, which is a larger company, is sending about 20 people. PG&E is sending almost 100.

Some are sending only linemen who will use the local utility’s trucks and equipment on site, said Lynette Berriochoa, an Idaho Power spokeswoman. Others are putting trucks on tractor-trailers for hauling them across the country. PG&E chartered a jet and sent crews who will meet their equipment in a few days.

By the way, the utilities will be reimbursed so their customers won’t pick up the tab.

They can meet up

with Idaho Power lobbyists in Washington opposing wind power.


While I'm usually not in favor of federal government programs, disaster relief is one area Obama could take (and should have already taken) advantage of if he wanted to do something good.

We KNOW there are hurricanes EVERY year. Earthquakes, flooding, etc. for us and for our neighors,,, and for our 'enemies'.

There needs to be a "US Disaster Corp"- ready to go any time disasters strike, like the Maritime Prepositioning Force for military supplies. A Disaster Corp would have the trained people ready with equipment and supplies to do the obvious work.

For the next attack on a skyscraper, instead of the site being cleaned up by EMT and NYFD??? Disaster Corp to the rescue.

Haiti? It's STILL not repaired (Hello Obama). Disaster Corp to the rescue.

Japan. Pakistan. Tsunami. Famine. Drop of a phone and the Corp is flown there.

It could easily be an extension of the Red Cross perhaps. Or AmeriCorp.

Am I the only person with this AWESOME plan?

might be a good idea, P2,

so, are you willing to pay additional taxes to fund it?