San Diego State practiced on blue turf during fall camp to prepare for this week's trip to Boise

By Chadd Cripe
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San Diego State football coach Rocky Long was the Mountain West’s most outspoken critic of Boise State’s blue turf.

He said Tuesday he has changed his mind.

The Aztecs practiced on a blue high school field during fall camp.

“After being on it more often, I don’t think it makes a darn bit of difference either way,” Long said. “… We went out there just to make sure that there wasn’t anything involved in that. After we practiced on it, we had a 2-hour practice on it, we scrimmaged on it.”

Boise State agreed not to wear all-blue uniforms at home as part of its contract to join the Mountain West last year.

At the time, Long thought the deal should have gone further.

“I think they ought to get rid of that blue turf,” he said in April 2011. “I think it’s unfair.”


Boise State defensive end Demarcus Lawrence blocked a field goal Saturday at Wyoming. It was the Broncos’ first blocked kick of the season.

“That’s really how they’ve practiced,” coach Chris Petersen said. “I knew it was just a matter of time till we got one of those because they’d been doing it in practice.”


Long’s 3-3-5 defense has confused many quarterbacks and coordinators over the years. There are some similarities to the defense BYU runs, but Long’s version is unique, Petersen said.

“Just how they move people and how you identify people, it’s different than anybody else does,” Petersen said.

The Aztecs have struggled against the pass this season. They rank 98th in pass-efficiency defense (143.16) and 90th in pass defense (257.9 yards per game). They are 31st in rushing defense at 125.4 yards per game.


Boise State quarterback Joe Southwick made a good point this week — those quarterback-center exchanges that were so problematic in recent years have not been an issue this year.

“I really appreciate (center Matt Paradis) and what he’s been doing,” Southwick said. “He’s been doing a great job. It just starts with the quarterback-center exchange. We haven’t really had any problems with that this year, which in years past we have. He’s done a great job recognizing pressure and getting us in the right calls. Just having his consistency of being a good player definitely helps.”

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Coach Long

So he thinks we should get rid of our Blue Turf because he thinks it's.... "Unfair"

Next he'll be saying he needs "A level playing field" or "Everybody needs an even shot" against BSU


In this case, everyone plays on the same field. So, everyone has an equal it should be. What's wrong with that?

Maybe they should all be on dirt fields.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Redistributionism exists in coaching ranks too.

He's clearly an Obama supporter.


This is the one place I can go anymore and not hear about politics.

What a whimpy, whiny reaction...

I realize it was last year, and now Long seems to be over it, but sheesh just be a man about it. I am pretty sure neither the field or the uniforms beat any teams. Just the guys in the blue uniforms on the blue field.

Rocky Long keeps being quoted as saying "I think......."

I see lots of his quotes saying "I think"..this....or "I think"......that, etc.

However, I THINK, that when he says "I think" he is giving himself WAY too much credit.

Shhhhh...don't let our secret out.

It's so much fun to get in their heads with the magic powers of blue turf and blue uniforms. You mean Boise State wins games at home because they outplay their opponents? Who knew?

Joking aside, I will give Long props for admitting he was wrong.

Blue Blue Blue

I hope the blue field rubs off on them and they go home blue, miserable and sad when they lose 50 to 13.

Hey Chadd

Have you heard about the guy they're going to pull off his Redshirt?

Rumor has it being Donte Deayon.


Boise State is not going to say anything officially until game day. My sense is that they're going to prepare somebody to play but that whether that guy actually plays will depend on how practice goes this week.


I like the blue field and

I like the blue field and hope that it stays. Is it gimmicky? Sure! But it is our gimmick. BSU football popularity is 99% winning and 01% the blue field.

Fair's fair

The field is more visible on TV than other home team advantages, but I'm sure there's a psych effect to playing Georgia between the hedges, or playing TCU in Cowboys Stadium, or playing Oregon with their striped field, or playing Air Force at high altitude, or playing Notre Dame with touchdown Jesus looking down at you.


"We went out there just to make sure that there wasn’t anything involved in that".

I'd say we're all VERY lucky that the high school they practiced at didn't divulge the secrets of blue turf. I mean it's not that hard to figure out...first you take the heal of your left foot and put it in front "PFFFFTT!" of yooour other...whaaat? Waaait, I feeeel slee...sleeeee...."thud!"

I guess Rocky forgot

about coaching on the blue in 1999 when he was the coach of New Mexico. He should have learned then. Maybe being beat twice by BSU on green turf since that game made him rethink his claim. He has to get over it because BSU will be wearing blue on blue again next year.

Once again...the Statesman

Once again...the Statesman trying to build up a horrible San Diego team so it looks better when mediocre BSU beats them. Get a real schedule then you can brag.

Mediocre comment.

Mediocre comment.

I think...

Long is just trying to get into Boise State's head with his comments.