Brick Oven Bistro in Downtown Boise is closing

After nearly three decades of serving home-style meals, the Brick Oven Bistro, 801 W. Main St., is planning to close.

The restaurant — still known to diehards by its old name, the Beanery — posted the news on its Facebook page today: "You have until 8:30 p.m. Nov. 25 to enjoy Mom's comfort food and fine service, then you are on your own."


This is horrible!

This is one of my most favorite places in town. You will be missed, Brick Oven Bistro!

"Unlike" this story.


Never heard of them, must be downtown!

This IS bad!

I am sad to hear the Beanery (Bistro, whatever) is closing. I know I didn't get down there often enough since I moved from the North End, but I never dreamed the Beanery was in danger. I will definitely go as often as I can before they close in November, and order the cookbook. I love the Sage Nut Dressing with Corn Gravy, but oh, the juicy and crispy BACON! And the Citrus Marinated Chicken. This is so sad for Boise's downtown,and the community.


if we heard about these restaurants before they decided to close they wouldn't be closing...


someone just needs to get out more. Take a walk around downtown. It may surprise you of the treasures Boise has.


... You're new to town? Any place described as "still referred to by its former name" is clearly a place with loyal customers and a strong history. We'll miss you, Beanery.

Reply to Strategery

Did you read the part about "almost 3 decades"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where have you been?

They adveritsed for years, even if I never got there from here.


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Sad... sniff sniff ...

So many restaurants are closing shop. This is a fast (fat) food town. Richards, Sage, Neville & Neville, Milk Way. Too many more to mention. A Macaroni Grille can't even survive here. I will miss you Beanery. I used to go get lunch from you quite often from my 11th floor location in what was the "1st Bank" Bldg, then the West One Plaza Bldg. Miss Coffee News that used to be in that same complex. This town has all but dried up and is about to blow away. Miss the economic boom days of yesteryear Boise. Miss them much.

I agree...

I like your mention of the Coffee News. I miss it as well. It was a cool place to go and hang out for awhile. Unfortunately now everyone wants to go through a drive thru or snap in and out of Starbucks.


I hated it when they left the 5th street location and now gone away. Boise is becoming a fast food california. Too bad.

excuse me, but,

California has more good independent "slow food" restaurants in two blocks than we have in the entire state.


One of the few places in town that one actually feels better after eating at.

I think people

Who are sad about the closing don't know what good food tastes like. The food wasn't anything to write home about. Not saying it was bad it wasn't just for what they offered and how you got it it wasn't worthwhile. I do feel for the employees tough market to look for new jobs.

Agree! The food was never


The food was never really warm by the time we got to sit down and eat it. It was Ok, just not great!


There are a lot of fastfood...

There are a loty of fastfood places but there's a lot of great other options, unless you're too cheap to go to a decent place.

Just to mention a few:
Bar Gurnika
Stagecoach Inn
The Lift
Piper Pub
Hyde Park Bar & Grill
Lucky Fins
Smoky Mountain Pizza
Stagecoach Inn
Bittercreek Alehouse
The Reef
The Front Door
Highlands Hollow
Sockeye Grill and Brewery
...lot's of Mexican Restaurants
...and may more.


Guess I'm cheap...

I'd rather lose $5 on a bad experience at a fast food job than $50 at a "nice" restaurant.

Most of those...

aren't really all that pricey.

You can get a decent meal at Bitter creek for $12-$15 per person.

Also, let's not forget:
Boise Fry Company
Flying Pie
Chiang Mai
Sa Wa Dee (technically in Meridian)
Andrade's (Mexican)
Bombay Grill

All of these are local and none of them are very pricey.

That's what they want you to think...

add a soda, maybe an appetizer plus a tip and the cost is much more than advertised.

Why don't you just stay out

Why don't you just stay out in the sprawling, bland suburbs with all the chains, sounds like you'll be much happier.

Baloney sandwich in a bag is cheaper. Work got a fridge?


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and double it, unless you

and double it, unless you are a Steve Martin lonely guy "Table for one"...


you should just stay under your rock

The Lift? Really?

At the Lift, a meatloaf sandwich is a hamburger patty torn into pieces not to mention the surly "service." Good thing you don't do restaurant reviews!

My folks liked Nampa's old Denny's Line-A-Diner!


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Its ok....they will all find jobs now that the economy is

growing faster than ever, according to the dems....

if cant find jobs, then least can occupy????

if can't find friends, then

if can't find friends, then least blog???

Me LOVE Jane! Live with BOY.

The chimp, ya big apes! : )


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Speaking of fast food, have

you seen the line of cars at the Chik-Fil-A drive through? Good lord, have these people never had a chicken sandwich before? Just like when Famous Dave's opened--mobbed. Now, not so much.

It's more

about sending an anti-gay political message.

I doubt it.

Got proof?

uh... proof it isn't?

I didn't make the initial

statement, so I have nothing to prove. If someone makes a statement, they should be able to back it up. All I'm saying is that I doubt it, so prove that it's true.

I can make better chicken from scratch in a MICROWAVE!


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How 'bout the lousy food - why else would anyone eat that stuff?

Will miss the Beanery

I'll miss the Beanery. I really liked the food there, unfortunately my wife not so much. So i hadn't been back for a couple of years. Sad to see it go, hopefully something will take it's place. Typcial downtown thing, it ebbs and flows. Places move out to burb's for a while, then there will be another downtown rejuvination and so on and so forth. I still think downtown has a lot to offer, and i've always liked the "small size". At least compared to Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Toronto, Bay area, Houston, the other areas i've been around. It makes me feel the most at home and is similar to Buffalo except there is no waterfront area! :)

They must have tried

to sell rather than just shut down. Problem is, almost no one is writing loans for restaurants. A few years ago dead people could get loans. Now, you can't have one until you prove you don't need one.

What they need

is Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.

No....what is needed is QE3 and a



through Bain Capital...where do you think they get their money from anyway?

The U.S. Treasury, like all of us.


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Well put!

Beanery did a fine job, consistent, home cooked food. Boise is not better without it.

It's a sad day, but

There are many more great, local restaurants in downtown and around. You don't need to send your $5 to some national franchise when that or just a bit more will get you covered very well and keep the dollars LOCAL! After supersizing your chik fil a, is that any cheaper than the BFC just across the road? Certainly not as good...

Another victim

of a good successful downtown business being priced out of business by landlords who like to raise the lease year, after year, after year?

No, they're old f@rts now and wanna party 4 they split.


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A fond farewell!!!

Best of luck to the Beanery gang .... they helped put many students through BSU and taught us how to work with pride and a smile (most of the time).


Cobby's...tell them to put some meat on the sandwiches..i am tired of "wish sandwiches"...Rubber Biscuit!


Let's go! Get er done!


So there is no middle ground between $5 fast food and $50 Chandlers steaks?

Yes, places like JB's, Shari's, Killion's and DJ's in Ontario...


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