Boise State's Douglas (torn ACL) out for year, Hightower (suspension) out indefinitely

By Chadd Cripe
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The Boise State football team has lost cornerback Bryan Douglas for the season and safety Lee Hightower indefinitely, coach Chris Petersen said Monday (audio here).

Douglas tore an anterior cruciate ligament in Saturday’s game at Wyoming. He was the No. 3 cornerback but played enough that Petersen considered him a starter. His rehab could linger into fall camp next year. “If you do the math, he’s probably well into fall camp,” Petersen said.

Hightower and true freshman tight end Hayden Plinke are not practicing with the team and are suspended indefinitely, Petersen said. They were suspended for the Wyoming game.

Hightower is a starting safety. He is tied for sixth on the team with 31 tackles.

Those developments have Petersen considering using a true freshman defensive back who has not played yet this season. Petersen would not name candidates. Safety Chanceller James got a long look before the season, but a cornerback might be a better fit.

A true freshman would have to play quite a bit to make it worthwhile, Petersen said.

“We’re not going to waste anybody’s year,” he said. “If we’re going, we’re going, and that guy’s going to get good quality reps and it’s going to springboard him into next year.”

The other three defensive players injured — nickel Dextrell Simmons, tackle Greg Grimes and end Kharyee Marshall — are day to day or week to week, Petersen said.

On the depth chart, sophomore transfer Deon’tae Florence is listed as a backup cornerback and redshirt freshman Dillon Lukehart is listed as a backup safety.

Redshirt freshman Darian Thompson replaces Hightower in the starting lineup, as he did last week.

“Darian’s done great all season,” Petersen said. “We’ve kind of thought of him as a starter as well. He didn’t disappoint.”


San Diego State (6-3 overall, 4-1 MW) has won four straight games and comes to Bronco Stadium on Saturday with a shot at the Mountain West title. The Aztecs already have won at Nevada and lost to Fresno State.

“I’m excited for this game,” Petersen said. “The kids, they know that San Diego State is a very good team and we’re going to have to play our best. … I like to be around our guys when they get that vibe.”

Boise State (7-1, 4-0) can move a step closer to the title with a win. The Broncos can clinch at least a share by beating San Diego State, one-win Hawaii and two-win Colorado State.

“That’s something we talked about all offseason,” quarterback Joe Southwick said. “We didn’t get the job done last year and we have an opportunity this year to get it done, so we’re all in, we’re going to work as hard as we can and be as prepared as we can.”


Boise State has clinched its 15th straight winning season — a streak that started in 1998.


Third-string quarterback Jimmy Laughrea, who has not been in uniform for three of the past four weeks, has been practicing, Petersen said. He said the team has not been preparing true freshman Nick Patti for emergency duty.


Boise State’s players of the week were tailback D.J. Harper (offense), linebacker J.C. Percy (defense), nickel Corey Bell (special teams) and center Matt Paradis (lineman).

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Dang it.

Buy 'em books, and buy 'em books (or give 'em a scholly), and all they do is eat the pages (or get suspended).

Stupid kids.

Coach Pete's Audio Link Broken?

Don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but I get a broken link page when clicking on the audio link for Coach Pete's press conference.

Fixed it

Had a coding issue, sorry

Thanks Chadd

Thanks Chadd

hightower will be missed

but I think Darian Thompson & Corey Bell will be able to fill in. I hope he gets this worked out, but I support coach pete making tough decisions.

Losing Douglas for the year is tough on the depth at cornerback. I hope Taylor and Gavins stay healthy.

Hightower is probably done for the season...

Coach Pete wouldnt bother burning a Redshirt so late into the season if he just suspended Hightower for two games. He would "patch up" and play the Safety position by committee. I hope this doesnt turn out to be another QEB situation.

Its too bad #1 got hurt. Hes matured a ton and really stepped up in all phases of his life. I hope he comes back stronger than ever and has the work ethic DJ had when he tore two ACLs. Sometimes its hard when no one is watching.

Any word

on what he did? Seems like a big loss - he was good.

Theres some pretty serious allegations

...against Hightower and Plinke. They'll end up being false but the damage is done. Doubt they're Broncos very much longer.

If the

allegations end up being false, whatever they are, then they are innocent and should be back. Don't understand?

They probably forgot to return their

library books, for the third time (three strikes and out!)....

only Vandals do the serious stuff....

Good luck in the Orange Bowl, a real probability....


It's more complicated than that. Even if they are innocent of allegations, they still didnt do things the way Coach Pete expects. For Hightower, strike 3 will probably be enough to show him the door.

So, they may be innocent of some allegations but not others

It sounds like he repeatedly chooses to ignore team rules. That's a problem. It must be something a little more serious than not doing things the way Coach Pete expects or he wouldn't be on his way out.

That doesn't make sense

False allegations but they're done?

I wrote it exactly as I meant it


Its amazing that the Broncos can have the same

issues as Vandals....

See we are One....We are United.

Hightower, Laughrea, VanGinkel, Plinke

These guys are apparently done for the season. This is indeed a shame! Chris is a tough boss who commands respect! I hope we can recruit better kids in the future. I am sick of this nonsense!

The Broncos are ahead of Vandals for 2012 on

players booted from team....

Broncos 4
Vandals 2

You are ahead....

Ugly, who has exactly been booted

from Boise State again?

Put on your little 3D thinking cap.....

Φ I see that ugly is speculating

in silver and gold futures. He's good at that.

Good ol' ugly; he'll say anything.

Give ugly a break..

Sometimes he's half right. Remember that friction thing he went on and on and on and on about last summer? Turns out he had the fiction thing right, he was just off a few hundred miles on it's location.

We need to give credit where credit is due.

Φ "Fiction"

"Turns out he had the fiction thing right ..."

Good one ... intended or otherwise!

I'll never tell.....



we have a conference, a head coach, and as many wins as the Vandulls have losses. I think we're ahead.

Those four...

Don't lump those four together. Neither Laughrea nor Van Ginkel is suspended.

That was a mistake by that poster...


I think he corrected himself in a later post.

Titus, Doug, Austin and Shea!

Maybe these guys can help us find better kids to recruit! They sure have earned Coach Pete's respect and are wonderful ambassadors for this great University!

titus -punched lion team captain - Pettis - had drug suspension

wonderful ambasadoors?

Some of you guys

imagination runs wild. Some is true. But some of you guys need a plastic belly button so you can see where you are going.

The look on

Coach Pete's face said a lot (unfortunately) when asked about a time table for Hightower and Plinke's return, way more than his response of there being no timetable. Two promising players with bright futures, we can only hope it gets worked out.

Φ charlie

Just watched the whole thing. You are right about coach Pete's reaction. Just plain not good.

Great job on the videoconference and getting it posted, Chadd.

Any discussion on Van Ginkel or Laughrea

I presume their seasons are over too! They are either in the doghouse or simply not the athletes we thought when we recruited them. I would love a progress report on Patti if only to know he OS progressing well and handling this transition fro Orlando to Boise successfully and keeping up with his classwork!

Φ No mention

of Van Ginkel, Laughrea, or Patti during the vidconf, as I recall.

Thanks razor!

Much appreciated!

glenview - RE: Patti

During the Wyoming game, on TV, I noticed him on the sideline, dressd up in pads with a set of earphones on his head. It appeared as though he was talking to Bronco coaching staff or somebody on the Bronco land line net that is set up for games.

I was left wondering about whether or not he has burned his Red Shirt by being dressed down on the sidelines on an away game.

I really don't know the rules that well, but I understand that he would burn his Red Shirt IF he had to play even 1 down in a regular season game. I am sure somebody will correct me if I am wrong, which I probably am.

This leads me to believe he is progressing well and is getting some 'travel' experience and game flavor experience with the team, but just not playing and burning his Red Shirt.

He seemed busy talking into the headset, so I assume he was doing something imporant with the OC or QB coach, possibly relaying something he had observed on the field.



Good observations! I know he has not burned his redshirt which is good. He appears to be #3 now with Laughrea likely to transfer.

Van Ginkel, Laughrea, Patti

Van Ginkel is still practicing. Not the best kicker on the team, so he doesn't play.

Laughrea has been practicing, Petersen said. He's been tight-lipped about what's going on but sounds like personal issues because it's not disciplinary.

Patti is still working with the scout team. I asked Petersen if he has been preparing him for emergency duty since he's been the No. 3 QB for several games and he said no.

Thank you for the clarifications!

Appreciate your good work!

not practicing

no timetable. wouldn't count on seeing them this year.

So why was Hightower

So why was Hightower suspended? The statesman will drag Vandal players through the mud, and give it it's own article... but only comment with one or two sentences for Bronco players... with zero detail?

too much detail

leads to less time listening to coach petersen. same deal with any program. kiffin walked away from the mic a couple weeks ago after getting asked questions he did not want to answer. you get what you get.

Φ 81

Send an email to JL if you want the lowdown. It needs to come from him, not me.

Yes, the secret society of the


The Illuminati keeping information away from the rest of us cows....throw the hay from the loft so the rest of us cows can get to it....




NannerMan....dont listen to any anti-Vandal and you must

remember, the Broncos have a very much, much, much, much, much higher standard than the Vandals....

this has to be a trivial issue because in BroncoLand nothing bad happens, only in Moscow....

my guess is they jaywalked and that was it....


It's not a real newspaper, it's a glorified BSu fan site. Expect little journalism and you won't be disappointed.

Now you're getting it

Glad you can join us. Except, you always seem disappointed. Cheer up man, this Bronco program is real good and here to stay for a long time.


I do not have any information that I can print. If I did, I would. Petersen does not tell us why guys are suspended. If they're arrested/cited for something significant, we print it. Hightower has not been.


It is tough for all of us to speculate on what may have happened. I hope the team can pull together through this adversity and maintain their ongoing improvement. Coach Pete has his personal method of dealing with negative issues such as these and has chosen to handle it internally. Not much has been given on Plinke but I assume he and Hightower were together when all of this came down?

Great video quality too Chad!

Coach Pete seemed really intense and focused! He was very short and sweet on the suspensions. It does not look good! Coach Pete is one heckuva coach! Lucky to have him!


I can't take credit for that. That was our photo staff.