Idaho will play two quarterbacks against San Jose State

By Brian Murphy

Idaho senior quarterback Logan Bushnell will start but junior Taylor Davis will play Saturday against San Jose State, Interim Head Coach Jason Gesser said Monday.

Starting quarterback Dominique Blackman was dismissed from the team last week.

Bushnell started the season opener when Blackman was suspended earlier in the year. Davis started three games last season, including the Vandals' victory against San Jose State.

Bushnell has played in five games, completing 14-of-30 passes for 178 yards. He has two interceptions and no touchdowns. Davis has played in one game this year, completing 6-of-8 passes for 41 yards.

Davis is likely to enter the game in the second quarter for a series or two, said Gesser, who is the team's quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator.

The Vandals will not pull the redshirt season of true freshman quarterback Chad Chalich, a standout from Couer d'Alene High.

"(Logan) wants to have a chance to prove himself again and so does Taylor Davis," Gesser said. "They have the capability and they have the physical talent and the mental capacity to go out there and be our starting quarterback."

He wants the quarterbacks to be smarter with the ball and take less risks than Blackman did. Blackman threw 13 interceptions and nine touchdowns in seven games for the Vandals.

"It can be something to where they can eliminate that, can be smarter, can make smarter decisions and make better decisions to not force the ball in there," Gesser said.

Gesser did not disclose the reason for Blackman's dismissal. The Spokesman-Review reported it was for multiple failed drug tests.

"You have policies and you have rules for a reason. If you step over those lines and break those rules, there are consequences," said Gesser, who was alerted to a possible problem with Blackman on Thursday.

Senior linebacker Conrad Scheidt was also kicked off the team. Gesser said it was the same situation as Blackman.

Tight end Taylor Elmo is serving an indefinite suspension. "It's something we'll revisit later on and it something that we are looking at weekly," Gesser said.

Gesser said that Elmo's suspension was for more than just his tweet that implied Athletic Director Rob Spear fired head coach Robb Akey to save his own job.

Football players are allowed to use Twitter — unlike at other schools like Boise State — but Gesser said the football program and the athletic department will consider a more detailed policy in the offseason.

"We will be talking about it," he said.

The school's current social media policy is pretty clear, allowing for suspensions if players post "comments, videos or posters degrading coaches or other athletic department personnel."

Fired Head Coach oops

I think you meant Akey, Murph...

DDS, It's a Freudian slip,

Spears really shoulda fired himself, not Akey....Sunny...

Coach Gesser is cleaning

Coach Gesser is cleaning house. Good for him.

Too bad he can't fire his boss.

RS needs to go.

Two Quaterbacks

At the same time?

The vandals will lose even

The vandals will lose even if they start 10 QBs. That team is just no good.

Kicked off the team

Can someone tell me if a player is on scholarship and is kicked off the team during the fall semester, does he need to pay tuition for the spring semester in order to attend school?

Scholarship ...

... that issue came up today. Blackman is still enrolled in school and, Gesser seemed to imply, that he will keep his scholarship until the end of the semester. He is unlikely to have it in the spring.

-- murph

Dear Dominique

I'll bet you are already far away from campus and Moscow State will not remember your name come spring semester.

Pray tell

Please tell me KXX2TQ where you get this Moscow State from? You crap attitude towards the school implies that you are a BSU homer, and that you and your school are superior. Where does this sense of entitlement come from? I'm eager to know...

Methinks they fancy themself a HAM!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

I have watched

parts of Idaho's last 3 games. As I've mentioned, I thought the players looked like they were just going through the motions. It will be interesting to see how they come out for this game.

Also, anyone think a 2 and 2 finish gets Gesser the job?

Φ Very interested to see what happens

against SJSU. I'm hoping the kids rally around each other and the remaining coaches ... and not just for the first five minutes of the game.

If Gesser lights any kind of fire, he should get all sorts of credit and at least consideration. That's a beat-down football team. Just getting them to play hard and fly around should get serious notice.

I don't even know who the Vandals have left

If Gesser goes 2-2 with this outfit then he deserves the job.


the Vandals will be lucky to go 4-7 and more likely 2-9 next season. Maybe Gesser wouldn't want that record starting out the 2014 season with even more body-bag games lined up. How will he even recruit good players with no conference to showcase, no conference championship to look forward to, and no shot at a bowl game?

You have to think that at this point is it all about the university wanting that FBS money, and the destruction of the once proud Idaho football program is just an unfortunate means to that end.

Our once proud football team

Our once proud football team is a distant memory to anyone who is old enough to remember. Anyone who's been on campus for the last decade expects the team to win 1 game minimum. That's it. The Humanitarian Bowl and the follow season were flukes of nature.

Two, Two...



Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<