Boise State football team moves up two spots to No. 19 in BCS standings

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman


The Boise State football team moved up two spots to No. 19 in the Bowl Championship Series standings Sunday. The Broncos are 23rd in the computers, which is offsetting their better marks in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll (14th) and Harris poll (17th).

Boise State needs to get to the top 16 to have a shot at an automatic BCS berth. They also need to finish ahead of a BCS-conference champion.

Nebraska is the Big Ten’s top team. The Huskers are No. 20 and almost certainly will finish ahead of the Broncos if they win out, but that seems like a long shot. Nebraska (6-2) plays at Michigan State, vs. Penn State, vs. Minnesota and at Iowa, then would need to win the Big Ten title game. Northwestern is the only other two-loss team competing for the Big Ten title and the Wildcats are not in the top 25.

Boise State also could finish ahead of the Big East champion. Louisville is undefeated and ranked No. 10, but the Cardinals likely will tumble if they lose. No other Big East team is in the top 25.


The Boise State football team jumped four spots to No. 14 in the USA Today Coaches’ Poll on Sunday — a big boost to the Broncos’ Bowl Championship Series hopes.

The Broncos climbed two spots to No. 19 in The Associated Press Top 25.

Boise State needs to win the rest of its games, finish as the top-ranked champion of a non-BCS conference, finish in the top 16 of the BCS standings and finish ahead of a BCS-conference champion to get an automatic berth.

The Broncos are clearly the top contender among non-BCS teams. Louisiana Tech is next at No. 23 in the Coaches’ Poll.

The Broncos are closing in on the top 16. They were No. 21 in the BCS standings last week.

And they have at least two possibilities to finish ahead of a BCS-conference champion. In the Big Ten, where Ohio State and Penn State are ineligible for the postseason and the BCS standings, No. 21 Nebraska is the top team in the Coaches’ Poll. Nebraska and Northwestern are the only possible two-loss Big Ten champions. Nebraska could jump Boise State if it wins out, but the Cornhuskers face a difficult schedule. The Big East champion also could finish behind Boise State. Louisville is undefeated and ranked No. 10, but Rutgers fell to No. 25 and still is a serious contender for the conference title.

The Coaches’ Poll is incredibly tight in the middle of the poll. From No. 13 Oregon State to No. 18 Mississippi State, the margin is 115 points.

In the Harris poll, which like the Coaches’ Poll is used in the BCS standings, the Broncos moved up two spots to No. 17.

The BCS standings will be released at 6:30 p.m. on ESPN.


Here is the complete AP poll:

Record Pts Pv
1. Alabama (60) 8-0 1,500 1
2. Oregon 8-0 1,412 2
3. Kansas St. 8-0 1,382 4
4. Notre Dame 8-0 1,344 5
5. LSU 7-1 1,216 6
6. Ohio St. 9-0 1,158 9
7. Georgia 7-1 1,145 12
8. Florida 7-1 1,075 3
9. Florida St. 8-1 1,046 11
10. Clemson 7-1 914 14
11. South Carolina 7-2 823 17
12. Louisville 8-0 817 16
13. Oregon St. 6-1 762 7
14. Oklahoma 5-2 758 8
15. Stanford 6-2 627 19
16. Texas A&M 6-2 580 22
17. Mississippi St. 7-1 559 13
18. Southern Cal 6-2 418 10
19. Boise St. 7-1 406 21
20. Texas Tech 6-2 388 15
21. Nebraska 6-2 249 NR
22. Louisiana Tech 7-1 209 24
23. West Virginia 5-2 126 25
24. Arizona 5-3 106 NR
25. UCLA 6-2 103 NR
Others receiving votes: Toledo 88, Rutgers 74, Oklahoma St. 72, Texas 55, Kent St. 33, Tulsa 17, N. Illinois 12, Washington 8, Northwestern 7, Ohio 4, Wisconsin 4, Michigan 2, Louisiana-Monroe 1.


Here is the USA Today poll:

Record Pts Pvs
1. Alabama (59) 8-0 1,475 1
2. Oregon 8-0 1,391 2
3. Kansas State 8-0 1,366 4
4. Notre Dame 8-0 1,307 5
5. LSU 7-1 1,225 6
6. Georgia 7-1 1,149 11
7. Florida State 8-1 1,121 10
8. Florida 7-1 1,024 3
9. Clemson 7-1 976 13
10. Louisville 8-0 888 14
11. South Carolina 7-2 838 16
12. Oklahoma 5-2 758 7
13. Oregon State 6-1 684 9
14. Boise State 7-1 634 18
15. Stanford 6-2 626 19
16. Texas A&M 6-2 592 21
17. Southern California 6-2 583 8
18. Mississippi State 7-1 569 12
19. West Virginia 5-2 326 22
20. Texas Tech 6-2 284 17
21. Nebraska 6-2 283 NR
22. Texas 6-2 200 24
23. Louisiana Tech 7-1 191 NR
24. Oklahoma State 5-2 166 NR
25. Rutgers 7-1 151 15
Others receiving votes: Northwestern 77; UCLA 61; Toledo 59; Northern Illinois 39; Kent State 26; Tulsa 19; Wisconsin 15; Arizona 14; Michigan 11; Louisiana-Monroe 10; Ohio 9; Cincinnati 8; Iowa State 6; Utah State 4; Western Kentucky 4; Mississippi 3; Arizona State 2; Michigan State 1.


Here is my AP ballot:

1 Alabama
2 Kansas State
3 Notre Dame
4 Oregon
5 Georgia
6 Florida
8 South Carolina
9 Ohio State
10 Florida State
11 Clemson
12 Oklahoma
13 Louisville
14 Oregon State
15 Stanford
16 Texas Tech
17 Texas A&M
18 USC
19 Boise State
20 Mississippi State
22 Nebraska
23 Arizona
24 Louisiana Tech
25 Toledo

Dropped out: Rutgers, TCU, Ohio, Michigan
Also considered: Tulsa, Kent State, West Virginia


Here is Mike Prater’s Harris poll ballot:

1. Alabama
2. Oregon
3. Notre Dame
4. Kansas State
5. Georgia
6. Florida
7. LSU
8. Florida State
9. Clemson
10. South Carolina
11. Oklahoma
12. Louisville
13. Stanford
14. Texas A&M
15. Oregon State
16. USC
17. Mississippi State
18. Texas Tech
19. Boise State
20. West Virginia
21. UCLA
22. Louisiana Tech
23. Nebraska
24. Texas
25. Toledo

Dropped out: Rutgers, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan
Also considered: Tulsa, Oklahoma State, Northwestern, Utah State, Northern Illinois

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Oh boy...

The haters are going to be coming out of the wood work......

Those stupid coaches, what do they know about college football anyway....

Love it.



You will always have complainers no matter what. Everyone thinks the SEC is all that. If you were to take Alabama and LSU out of the conference, they would not be any more stronger than the other major conferences out there.

If BSU were to win the Big East next year, you will still have complainers. I guess we need the dark side to help make the bright side shine all the more!

And if you took the starting 5 off the original dream team they

would not be as good. What is your point. I love BSU I hate "old boy" southern football. but the SEC is the best in the country. To argue otherwise is ignorant. And it isn't just LSU and BAMA for years it was Georgia and Auburn and Florida, even Tennesee.

Your way of thinking is incomplete, so you want to take LSU and Bama out of the SEC to show that it is just like any other conference. Ok using simple algebra principles you then have to take the top 2 teams out of each conference.

That is easy with the B1G. The top 2 teams ARE taken out this year, and look at what you are left with. Take oregon and USC out of the PAC. Take La tech and whoever out of the WAC, take BSU and whoever out of the MWC, take Notre dame and navy out of Indie schools.

Uh oh, the SEC would still be the best conference.

logic my friend, use it embrace it.

I hate the SEC bias, I hate the way the system is set up to favor them. But I'll be danged if throwing tons of money and history and tradition at a problem doesn't yield results. The SEC is hands down the best conference there is. You may not like it (I dont) you may not think it is fair, (it isnt) and you may even try to take teams out to prove your point and it still doesn't work.

BTW BSU will win the big east next year and nope that is not the same thing as winning the SEC. I wish it was though.

Forget them! Trolls don't matter.

This program is going places and all of us are a part. It's so exciting!

Artanis - yes it is - time to join the BAA

It is good to learn you are an ardent supporter of the BSU Bronco Football Team.

I am hoping you are also, a member of the Bronco Athletic Association (BAA) and actually support the Broncos efforts to provide the players with academic scholarships and expansion improvements and coaches offices/players lounge at Bronco Stadium.

If you have not joined the BAA, please take a moment and do so. Your help would be greatly appreciated by Bronco players to help pay for their college credits and their books, food, and such.

Here is how you can join, if you currently are not a member:

Possibly you are a Vandal that is supporting the BSU Broncos Football Team and their quest to bring a National Championship back to our state.

You might not be aware, but the BAA has a little over 5,000 members, around 3,000 of which are Idaho Vandals, and the remaining 2,000 are either BSU Broncos or 'others'.

More Idaho Vandals suppport the BSU Bronco Football Team than BSU Broncos. It is a little known fact, which we discuss on these boards from time to time.

Your support for the Broncos Football Team will pay dividends in the future, I am sure, when the Broncos bring a Natty Trophy back to Boise, someday (I am thinking it will be next year - 2013 and ugly thinks it wil be 2014).

I am curious to learn when (what season) you think the BSU Broncos will win a Natty.

Go Broncos.


BAA MEmber # 63799

Why did the Statesman delete my previous post?

To which you were refering to VNDL;

My follow-up post (for those that didn't get to read it before it was so abruptly removed) simply stated that we're on our way. We're working our way up the ladder to the inevitable day when we will indeed play for a NC. When? Not sure. But it will happen. Sooner or later. Probably sooner than any of us might think. But this train is, and has been on track for years. We have nothing compared to the historic tradition and money of the elite college football programs in the NCAA. But, we are and will continue to be a national force to be reckoned with - a powerhouse, if you will. We do more with a fraction of the resources than the SEC. A fraction! Our day is right around the corner.

VNDL; You're one of the most influential contributors to these posts. You always have a level head, factual knowledge, and admired passion comparable to any fan that comes here. I look forward to your posts as much as I do a read from a Cripe or Murphy article. Without question.

Regarding Ugly, I don't know what to say. Between him and Weisburg, I don't know which I hated worse. But, weisburg is gone (or changed his name), and Ugly is putting forth some rather thought provoking comments here - if not coming out of the closet as an actual fan...respectfully.

Presently, my BAA membership consists of purchasing jerseys, hats, etc. I'm self employed as I have been for 20+ years. These past few years have been brutal for me and many other small businesses. I'm optimistic that things will change very soon and I will indeed have that certificate to proudly display on my wall as a true BAA member. That's my goal.

Ha Ha thats rich

I kinda figured Sinatra was little vndl all along.

Geezus geezer, couldnt hide it a bit better? I mean, its word for word what you post every time.

Too funny.

JL - not to burst your bubble

but, I am not Artanis.

I am guessing it is razor posting under one of his many on-screen names he uses.

Whoever it is, is really very good capturing the essence of 'me'.

As they say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

I don't believe Artanis is a real person, but is another poster who is just playing around.

I just don't know who it is.

But kudos to whoever it is.

They are quite good.

I am sure it is not you, as 'his' post requires advanced thinking, mental agility, and analytical skills, if not some downright out-and-out 3-D Thinking.

A Tip of the 'Ol Sombrero to 'him' for 'his' post.


PS - I didn't get the 'Sinatra' part until you mentioned it and then it took me a while to 'get it' that it was 'his' name backwards. I seem to remember razor saying one time in the past, that Sinatra was his Fave Of All Time. I am guessing it is razor. Pretty cool though, I gotta admit. And, he is the only one of your Gang That Couldn't Think Straight, that has the ability and potential to possibly have 3-D Thinking (UW genes coming out).

PPS - I just had to come back and do an edit. The more I thought about it, there is one other person who could be 'Artanis' and post very similar to 'me'. That would be TBK. He is a fringe (not full fledged) observer of the Gang That Couldn't Think Straight and he, I believe, is capable of 3-D Thinking. He is real sharp if you have ever taken the time to really read his stuff.



JL....Could it be ?

Benteen or Reno ????

Seems like something Benteen would pull


As for the AP poll

This is setting up to be the first split champion since 2003 when USC won the AP national championship and LSU the BCS national championship.


I didn't expect BSU to jump that high in the USA Today poll. It was a great weekend for Boise State, especially in the games that were out of their control.

BSU #19 in the AP rankings.... Chadd you are going to do some damage to your reputation as a homer by being so rational!

Φ If BSU jumps

four spots in the Harris, that would put them at #15. Haven't watched any of the BCS shows, but will tonight.

BSU in the top 16 with four games left and the chance to move even higher? Could happen today. Let the howling begin.

Surprised Oregon State didn't fall more than it did.

My bet is BSU

will hit 18 tonight in the BCS.

Φ Probably right.

Three spots this week and maybe a couple more the next.

About where th local crew and Learfield's guys figured.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Dont forget that the computers are pretty down on BSU

right now. But this looks real real good.

Well, Chadd, no one can accuse you of being a homer now huh?

What happened to all those guys who were attacting you for ranking BSU too high.

For the record and what it is worth (not much) I think your ranking is perfectly justifiable (but I'll take the coaches poll ranking any day!)


BSU fans come are moving up by beating some of the worst,most decrepit teams in college football..does that make you feel 6th graders beating on 2 nd graders..You can not fool the BCS...better call Maaco....

Yet another poster

who knows squat how college football works.


Stop beating up on that second grader!

He might bring a firearm to a knife fight. Get those three steps


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Good job BSU

Seems every week I see better play and someone else stepping up to the plate. Good job by everyone including the coaching staff.

On the subject of stepping up--Chris Potter

Over the years I dont remember all the times I kinda cringed when other teams punted. Guess when he graduates I can have some more excitement wondering if we're gonna fumble a punt. What a job he does across the board and he just flies under the radar.

Agree 100%

BTW, he's 19th in the country in punt returns this year.

Also agree

I commented before the season started, on, that he was are most underrated player. I still believe that. He makes very good decisions at a number of positions. We will miss him next year.

Chris Potter

He is the Vinny Peretta of this years team. Put the ball in his hands and something good happens.

Φ Showed yesterday

(and times before) that he is pretty tough over the middle. He caught a bullet from Joe and took a pretty good pop for his effort ... held on, too.

If not underrated, he's in there with the least-talked-about Broncos. has Chris with 14 receptions, 198 yards (14.14); 11 punt returns (136, 12.36); 3 carries (2); 336 total yards ... nice contribution.

Good move mentioning him.

Time to run up the score!

Given we're on the bubble of making a BCS bowl we need to run up the score over the next 4 games. The computer rankings are holding us back & we won't improve much with the remaining opponents. The only way to move up considerably is through the human polls. Perception is reality & we need these pollsters to see 40+ margins of victory.


the computers only look at wins, not by how much. I've said this in years past, since humans look at the score and who played who, BSU needs to impress. As you alluded to, the schedule is nothing to beat our chest about. This holds especially true when compared to other conferences, like the SEC, Big 12, PAC-12 and Big 10. Just hope the Big 10 dismantles itself and opens the door so BSU can stick its foot in.

Φ BCS #19

.047 behind #16 Texas A&M.

Nebraska is #20, .0555 back of BSU.

Go Michigan State!!

Kinda ironic really......

Φ You never know about your future friends.

Good that the game is in East Lansing, 1:30 ABC or ESPN2.

Early line is MSU -1.5.

Lots of Pac 12 teams to beat

Lots of Pac 12 teams to beat up on each other and lose to drop below bsu!!! Same with the sec!!!

So Chadd, when do we hear

....that Bryan Diddy Douglas has a torn ACL and that Hightower is done for the year for being a noob? And who is going to burn their redshirt this late...Chancellor James?

Never mind just saw your tweets...

Guess you'll post about it...