Idaho kicks starting quarterback off football team

By Brian Murphy

Idaho starting quarterback Dominique Blackman and linebacker Conrad Scheidt have been dismissed from the team for violating team rules, the school announced Sunday afternoon. Tight end Taylor Elmo has been suspended for violating athletic department policy.

The (Spokane, Wash.) Spokesman-Review reported Saturday night that Blackman and Scheidt had failed multiple drug tests and that Elmo was suspended for tweeting about Athletic Director Rob Spear after football coach Robb Akey was fired last week.

Blackman was suspended for the first game of the season. He has started every game since for the 1-7 Vandals. Blackman, a junior, completed 167 of 265 passes for 1,610 yards. He had 13 interceptions and nine touchdowns.

Schedit, a senior, played in the first three games of the season and recorded 23 tackles. He has not played in the last five games.

Elmo, a junior, tweeted "U of idaho is stupid as hell for what they did. Fire a man to keep your own job???" last week after news of Akey's firing broke. He was referring to Spear. The school did not specify a length on Elmo's suspension.

“It depends on how Taylor responds,” Spear told the Spokesman-Review on Saturday.

Idaho did not play this weekend. The Vandals will return to the field Saturday with Jason Gesser serving as interim coach.

If The University of Idunno was a horse

I think someone would have the sense to just put a bullet in it's head and put it out of it's misery.

Vandals..........your school is nothing but a REALLY BAD JOKE any more.

A. Get rid of Spears. He's an even bigger joke than the University of Idunno.

B. Get rid of that gawd-awful football team. Seriously. It's completely worthless and does nothing but cost millions of dollars.

C. Move your remaining sports to the Big Sky Conference.

2/3 right

I'd definitely get rid of Spears and I'd certainly move sports to the Big Sky, but there's no need to dump the football team. It can be a good performer in FCS football.


multiple drug tests??? I would be curious to know how many failed drug tests are just enough to get suspended?

Excellent point

I hope this little detail comes to light. I'm real interested to see how the vandal fans spin this.
Maybe they're following the MLB example where it's no longer team chemistry that makes for a great
season, but the team chemist.


of speech doesn't exist in Vandal nation. Wow.

The drug thing is what it is.

Suspending the kid for saying what half the state is saying just proves that Spear is stupid. Buh-bye Stupid.

Ugh, not good

Don't know how it could get worse, but losing players, especially starters, is bad.

Idaho Has Been Irrelevant

Since Rob Spears Has Been Athletic Director.

How is Spear employed?

This guy is beyond ridiculous.

Okay, I'll ask this then...

What if there was an Athletic Department at Idaho and most or all of the players, pf ALL sports just quit in protest?

That's one way to get a guy fired...

Just playing the Devil for a minute.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<


Why in the world should they do that? Most of those kids are playing for an education, not to go pro. I wouldn't give up my scholarship just because the AD is running an already sinking ship onto a reef.

Coach Pete

Should offer that Elmo kid a scholarship. We have a policy of free exchange of ideas down here. Why would you go to a school that, for all intents and purposes, is pretty much obsolete?

Not so much

Actually, like many programs, BSU football players are not allowed to use Twitter.

Not pros, Twitter is a waste of time and breath. Okay, NEXT!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Idaho releases 2014 Football Schedule

Tonight, the University Of Idaho released the football schedule for 2014. The schedule includes road games at Motown St., the University of Phoenix, DeVries and Meridian Tech. Homes games include the University of Idaho and the University of Idaho. The school also announced that they have a contract with Idaho Bits to host a bowl game in Moscow. The bowl will be named "The Kibbie And Bits Bowl according to Idaho interim quarterback Bobbie Booshay.

Hope he didn't TWEET THAT...


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Not allowed on Twitter...

to many characters

My Two Cents

Neither a U of I nor BSU alum.
U of I President should fire the AD, direct that the Athletic Dept proceed to move the entire athletic program , including football to the Big Sky, and that the new AD, whomever he or she may be, will be instructed to put recruiting emphasis on young men and women from Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Montana.

Φ Maybe someday

in the near future we will learn what Robb Akey's thoughts about all of this (his tenure and exit). Maybe once he lands a new position he'll pop up on KTIK or give an interview to Murph or Chadd. I'd expect he'd be diplomatic (and likely constrained under terms of severance), but probably could offer some things we don't now know. If/when that happens, I'll be listening.

Idaho is the unfortunate victim of big-time dollars just for the ante, big-dollar bowls, and massive new TV contracts. All tied to markets. When the WAC crumbled (due to the innumerable, oft-discussed factors), Idaho was cooked. If the WAC had been able to survive in football, Idaho would have been fine. I doubt the athletic department long-range plans included a "man the lifeboats" section. It didn't take all that long for the conference to fall apart. Could/should Idaho have seen it coming? Idaho really had no chance.

Facilities upgrades: yes. Leadership in the athletic department: change probable. This is looking like something that is going to take a long time to fix ... whether surviving as FBS or going FCS. I'd bet that happens with a new AD.

Sometimes the coach goes first; sometimes it's the AD. It's not uncommon for both to go. [See Lambright, Hedges, Neuheisel, Willingham under "fiasco".]

Good or otherwise, football programs are reflections on (and marketing vehicles for) a university ... especially at the FBS level. Sure, football doesn't mean all that much to many people and a majority of prospective students. It is (along with other athletics), however, headlining media coverage. That matters.

Well put razor


Φ For Gesser's sake,

I hope it was Gesser who lowered the boom on the three players. It seems evident that people in the program (probably everyone) knew what was going on with Blackman and Scheidt. Did Gesser know before last weekend? If he did and now made that call, great move in grabbing the reins before your first game as "interim". Even if he learned after Akey was out, still a big first move.

Elmo simply sounds like the typical Twidiot we hear about 20 times every week. He probably did the knee-jerk rushing to defend his coach and guy who recruited him. Likely what most/many of the players felt.

Could be a good deal for Gesser. He's just 33 and may get the chance to continue if progress (of any sort?) is shown in the last few weeks. He was a real pest as a QB ... last to take Wazzu to the Rose Bowl. Let's see if he can get the Vandals to show up and play hard against SJSU.

What if he and Vandals pulled off something special? 17.5-18 point dogs. How cool would that be? This is a situation in which sometimes weird things happen.

Basically everyone in Moscow

Basically everyone in Moscow knew what was going on (I'm a current student).


This is a situation in which weird things ALWAYS happen at Moscow State.


...Murph, Cripe, and those two fools on the radio are so coverage in Boise will always be bent toward the mouth breathing blorange horde.

Spear has one swing left, he best think long and hard before taking the plate.

Ya, I guess the BOISE media is biased...

I wonder if Spokane/ CDA market is biased?

Will someone please call the LA Times. I heard they had some bias against Sac St.

Φ Out of control bias

AP has BSU at 19.

Coaches puts BSU at 14.

Harris has BSU at 17.

Cripe votes (AP) BSU 19.

Prater votes (Harris) BSU 19.

Terrible bias. Just terrible.

Very true

Cripe does everything he can to look objective. He hates it when fans of other teams call him out. He'd rather scratch a chalkboard and watch reruns of Roseanne.

If one follows writers of other teams, the bias is always present. Look no further than the teams the Broncos play this year. BYU, Fresno and UNR have some of worst homers covering those programs.

A 20+ minute link to Akey's thoughts on a Spokane station

Good find SIF


Φ SIF, listened to the replay

all the way through. Thanks for the link.

The one thing that stood out (apart from a subtle jab about support) was the dissolution of the WAC.

He did mention once that he felt his dismissal mid-year was financially motivated.

Throughout that 20-minute talk, Akey didn't sound bitter. However, I'd like to hear just a bit more about "support" and his relationship with Spear (Nellis?). That's where the answers are.


Yep...The manner and speed in which the WAC melted down changed everything. Idaho did not have a contingency plan to react to that type of a scenario.

I think if UI had the time to be in a stable WAC the current situation could've been avoided.

A lot of people hate Akey, Spear and Nellis and blame them for the situation. I didn't hear Akey criticize anybody and was impressed with his positive view of the world going forward. I have a feeling that within a year he'll be in much better place.

Same thing happened to Tom Cable...he's probably banking millions in the NFL.

The wheels have...

come off. Sad.

Wow, a true group of Bronco

Wow, a true group of Bronco Bandwagon Nation comments...keep the ill-informed and mean spirited comments coming. It will only make you feel better about yourselves and your small mindness. A little adversity is no reason to "throw in the towel" or "run and hide"...charge forward Vandals!

Add a little rum

And keep drinking that koolaid bro.
Not a BSU alum either. No ties either way.
Not in the same league as the Big10 scandals,
but for our little ole state, your football program is a total mess.

Kinda what you do on every Bronco thread huh?

Slackwater, you must hate yourself. Doesn't it finally feel good to be true to thyself?

Oh a real literary

Oh a real literary genius...already told you I am a Vandal, Duck, Beaver, Aztec, Sooner, Cowboy this weekend fan. I like everyone who plays Riverside Tech. Your memory span is a joke just like you.


I remember somebody referred to him as a mongoose.

Φ The mongoose

I was the one who made the comparison. JL knows when to pounce.

I like the nickname

Thank you razor.

I'm glad

Jl likes being a gopher.

Pot, meet kettle.

You make those types of comments all the time about BSU. Typical vandal...Sunny...


I read every comment above yours and I found one that did not make a solid legitimate point (The goofball with the schedule comment).

What exactly was written above that you decided was "mean-spirited" or ill-informed"?

Oh so you thought it was all

Oh so you thought it was all well intended comments...give me a break. Quite trying to defend the Bandwagon places you at their level...just realized maybe that is where you want to reside.

Actually harley

I ask you what your thoughts were on the comments.

You decided not to answer

I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Oh well, hate on......

Charge forward Vandals...

But, watch out for those open windows.

Idaho need discipline and leadership

The University is a study in what happens when leadership is absent. President Nellis has waited far too long to make decisions and demand his senior leaders act professional and ethically. He knows his senior leadership team fights like bullies on a playground but he is too afraid to show them the door. Far too many staff, faculty and alumni know that. Spear wanted to release Akey last spring. But Nellis knows Spear is a hothead, lacks vision and is not respected so he was afraid to let Spear make a needed change. Spear and Akey were allowed to act like little kids with their arguments and the team and Vandal athletics suffered. Another VP - Murray - has taken advantage of Spear's lack of vision and told Nellis to back Akey. Murray made big promises when he came to Idaho but he has done nothing to advance the University. He has harmed athletics with his demand for control. But instead of rising above Murray's tactics, Spear the hothead has engaged. Nellis allows them to complain about each other instead of demanding they move forward. It is time for President Nellis to lead and show a few people the door. It will be difficult but in the long run it is the only way to put UI back on track. As for the student athlete being suspended for tweeting. If there was not a rule about NOT tweeting, he should not pay the price for bad leaders wanting to save face.


Can you be a bit more specific? Who are your sources and how do you validate your allegations? I'm just asking so that I can understand. Please enlighten me on how and where you recieved this inside information. I would also like to know if you witnessed all of these behaviors or if you know an insider who witnessed it. Would they be happy to step forward and break this story wide-open to get the needed changes?


Facts are facts but going public is a risk and folks know it. President Nellis has allowed tactics to be used for too long. His leaders know that and use it. Why would anyone risk when they know nothing will happen?


Then I consider your comment a rumor and BS without validation.

Thanks foreducation

I always like to hear some insider scoop. I've heard many of the same things you just wrote. The reason some vandals don't believe you is the exact same reason the school is where it is today. Thanks for the insight.