Boise State rolls to seventh straight victory

By Brian Murphy and Chadd Cripe

LARAMIE, Wyo. -- No. 21 Boise State's offense got hot Saturday at frigid War Memorial Stadium.

The Broncos, who had not clicked offensively this season, thumped the Wyoming Cowboys 45-14. They converted 11 of 12 third downs and didn't punt while the first-teamers were in the game.

The Broncos rushed for 214 yards and five touchdowns and threw for 223 yards.

“All year, we’ve had a good plan,” said junior quarterback Joe Southwick, who was 20-of-28 for 198 yards with an interception. “Just sometimes we were not getting it done. But we did a good job — we were clicking today.”

The Broncos (7-1 overall, 4-0 Mountain West) ran away from the Cowboys (1-7, 0-4) with three third-quarter touchdowns, highlighted by sophomore nickel Corey Bell’s 19-yard fumble return.

Defensive linemen Beau Martin and Darren Koontz sacked Wyoming sophomore quarterback Brett Smith after Bell disrupted the play with a blitz. Bell fell to his stomach during his rush, got up, scooped the football and cruised into the end zone.

“I’m just really glad and grateful for how much time our coaches put into emphasizing that we need to finish every play,” Bell said. “Everybody on that play was finishing that play. Fortunately I got to score, but it was an 11-man play.”

The Cowboys (1-7, 0-4) are now ineligible for a bowl, after going to the postseason two of the past three years. They had lost their previous three home games by a combined total of six points.

Smith was terrific early, but once the Broncos adjusted to the no-huddle, no-back system he didn’t do much. Smith finished 24-of-35 for 216 yards and rushed for touchdowns in the second and fourth quarters.

The Cowboys moved 151 yards on their first two possessions of the game. They covered 1 yard on the next five — four punts and the fumble.

“It was a tough one today in that we couldn’t get the defense off the field,” said Wyoming interim coach Pete Kaligis, who filled in for suspended coach Dave Christensen. “Boise was phenomenal on third-down conversions. We just couldn’t get the punt team on the field.”

Boise State lost cornerback Bryan Douglas (on crutches after the game), defensive tackle Greg Grimes (on crutches after the game), defensive end Kharyee Marshall and nickel Dextrell Simmons during the game. Coach Chris Petersen did not provide any details on their injuries.

Petersen said he expects suspended safety Lee Hightower and tight end Hayden Plinke to miss next week's game against San Diego State.

First quarter

BSU — D.J. Harper 8 run (Michael Frisina kick), 5:22. Key plays: Harper gained 19 yards on a toss sweep and wide receiver Shane Williams-Rhodes rushed twice for 18 yards. Drive: 11 plays, 78 yards, 4:54. Boise State 7, Wyoming 0

Second Quarter

UW — Brett Smith 4 run (Stuart Williams kick), 12:38. Key plays: Boise State sacked Smith on first-and-10 at the Broncos’ 24-yard line, but an offside penalty nullified the play. Smith juked defensive end Sam Ukwuachu in the open field on the TD run. Drive: 15 plays, 75 yards, 7:44. Boise State 7, Wyoming 7

BSU — Frisina 29 field goal, 6:40. Key plays: Wide receiver Matt Miller made a 24-yard catch to get to midfield and quarterback Joe Southwick kept the drive alive with a third-down completion to Kirby Moore. Southwick threw incomplete on second-and-7 and third-and-7 before the field goal. Drive: 15 plays, 63 yards, 5:58. Boise State 10, Wyoming 7

BSU — Harper 9 run (Frisina kick), 3:40. Key plays: Chris Potter returned the Cowboys’ punt 36 yards to the Wyoming 37. Three straight running plays did the rest. Drive: 3 plays, 37 yards, 1:14. Boise State 17, Wyoming 7

Third quarter

BSU — Williams-Rhodes 28 run (Frisina kick), 13:01. Key plays: Miller and junior wide receiver Aaron Burks started the drive with nice runs after the catch. Miller gained 12 yards; Burks picked up 18. Drive: 5 plays, 65 yards, 1:59. Boise State 24, Wyoming 7

BSU — Corey Bell 19 fumble return (Frisina kick), 10:12. Boise State 31, Wyoming 7

BSU — Grant Hedrick 1 run (Frisina kick), 2:41. Key plays: Boise State converted five third downs on the drive, including the TD. Harper gained 14 yards on second-and-17 early in the drive. Drive: 15 plays, 67 yards, 5:57. Boise State 38, Wyoming 7

Fourth quarter

UW — Smith 23 run (Williams kick), 13:02. Key play: Boise State recovered a fumble early in the drive but the play was overturned on replay. Drive: 13 plays, 77 yards, 4:39. Boise State 38, Wyoming 14

BSU — Jay Ajayi 15 run (Frisina kick), 10:07. Key plays: Dallas Burroughs returned the kickoff 43 yards. Southwick hit Geraldo Boldewijn for 9 yards on third-and-8. Drive: 6 plays, 42 yards, 2:55. Boise State 45, Wyoming 14

Pregame notes

Boise State sophomore starting safety Lee Hightower and true freshman tight end Hayden Plinke did not make the trip to Wyoming because of unspecified team rules violations.

Redshirt freshman Darian Thompson, who had two interceptions in the first seven games as the No. 3 safety, will replace Hightower.

Reserve running back Jack Fields (injury) did not make the trip.

Third-string quarterback Jimmy Laughrea was not in uniform for the third time in four games. Coach Chris Petersen has said it’s not a disciplinary issue but that Laughrea “has a few things going on right now.”

Boise State is wearing orange pants, white jerseys and white Pro Combat helmets.

So the rumor

was true.

JL, I wonder if Jimmy's "goings on" have anything to do with that discussion we had a while back?...

Yes sir

I'll email you guys in a bit. Its a couple things.

Oh c'mon!

Don't start a "I got a secret" thing. What's the speculation?

No secrets dude

The guy is going thru some personal things. End of story.

Sorry to hear that. Hope things improve.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Φ The O looks pretty good, so far.

Is Demarcus Lawrence any good?

Wyoming is doing a nice job with the short passing game. Blitzes to come if it keeps working.

Terrible first half by Joe

Not impressed at all...yet.

Come on Joe! You're the leader let's go!

Southwick in the first hal ...

7-for-12, 77 yards. 3 drives, 3 scores.

And a pick my grandma would throw

Sorry dude, that might be good enough stats for a flag football game at the C level but its not for this Bronco team.

It's Wyoming, not OU. I expect way better. You don't because you're a journalist. And before you think I'm hater who wants a different QB, I'm not. I know Joe and he would be the first to tell you that was a mediocre first half.

All that said, I expect a much more efficient half with Joe "leading" the team. He'll get it done.

Φ Cannot believe

he missed wide-open Dallas in the endzone. Yeah, Joe was rolling right, but it sure looked like he had time to see #81.

Just keep handing off and running through the Wyoming D, I guess.

Geez, the defense is finally

starting to wakeup a little bit. I was beginning to think all the praise they've been getting has caused their heads to swell to the point that they can't see to make the plays....Sunny...


= blur

8 minutes left in the 4th

Time to fake an injury.....

Hats off to Kent state....


Tied right now

And Ohio w Miami OH? Wow...

I'm watching it, Ohio is in FG range with 16



The QB took a sack, no TO's, time runs out

Thanks Miami

Fist pump for Michigan State!!


Φ Don't mind seeing Florida

going down ... not that it will matter much to BSU at present.

No, but USC going down

may help.

Φ Shhhh ...

don't tell anyone. Things are looking pretty good.

Go Cornhuskers!

I dont know funky

Do you think they would fall below the Broncos?

I do......



It doesnt matter JL

As long as they lose to oregon or lose the pac12 they will fall below BSU and open up another spot closer to that top 16.

Φ Relatively rapid

fall for preseason AP #1 and Coaches #2 after week one. Chances are pretty good that USC (9) loses twice more (Oregon, ASU, @UCLA, Notre Dame, and maybe Oregon again).

They fall to 17 or 18, at best. Mississippi State (11) falls 7 or 8 spots if they lose to the elephants (14-0 in the 2nd now). Texas Tech (14) may hang on at 25. Rutgers (15) falls out. West Virginia (19) may fall a spot or two even though they DNP.

A&M (20) is killing Auburn, so they move up. Texas (23) squeaked by @Kansas, but probably won't move. Ohio (24) and Wisconsin (25) both lost and are out.

BSU (21) could jump 4 (Miss St, TTech, Rutgers, WVU) and possibly 5 (if the polls dump on the Trojans) and hit the top 16 tomorrow.

Looks like the only team that could jump BSU is two-loss Michigan, which is losing at Nebraska (unranked) 7-6 with 20 seconds before half.

what if oregon somehow loses to usc?

Not saying they will, but will all that talent usc has, weirder things have happened.

Email sent.

Φ USC's problem ...

apart from giving up a 28-13 lead ... is they will have to beat Oregon twice. Unless Oregon somehow manages a loss @OSU in the Civil War. Not going to happen. USC is 3-loss minimum.

Well, Robinson is out

and they have a redshirt freshman that's getting eaten up in there.

Still only 13-6.....

Its probably over

Not enough offense it looks like for UM. Switched games to ABC.

ND still surprises me. They play very good D but still puzzled by everything else.

They haven't before. . .

They haven't before and they won't start now. I'm talking about the BCS. I, for one, would be ecstatic if BSU went to BCS bowl game but let's be realistic here. No matter what rank they end up with and regardless if they win the conference, the BCS will pass on them for a lower ranked team from a BCS AQ conference. Sadly they will base their choice on crowd draw, which is ridiculous considering BSU's past ticket sales.


You realize that if BSU finishes 16 or better and the Big 10 champ isn't ranked ahead of them. BSU goes to a BCS bowl, it's automatic.

You realize. . .

You realize that BSU finished ahead of an un-ranked Big East champ a few years ago and still didn't go to BCS bowl game, right? What makes you think this year will be any different?

'Cause it's in the rules

Really dude, it's automatic, I wouldn't kid you....

Φ As Michigan

is lost in the cornfield. Barring a comeback, there goes the BiG.

And, Oklahoma is about to drop 6-7 spots.

Go Nebraska!

Now, in a perfect world

MSU crushes Nebraska next week......

well then

if it all works out. which bowls pick when and where do we likely end up? and, who is going? i'm automatic.

Oh man....

I haven't got there yet....

BSU thru You may be getting hung up on

that when the BCS passed on BSU there was a higher ranked non AQ ahead of them. I believe you are thinking about the year TCU went. This year if BSU wins out and are in the top 16 then the BCS HAS to take them. The BCS has to take the highest ranked non aq that finishes in the top 16 and ahead of a conf champ. BUT they only have to take one. This year BSU will be the only one. Now the question will be will voters put BSU in the top 16. That is a biggie. BSU at 17 will be in vegas. But in 16-13 will almost definitely be ranked ahead of an at least 3 loss B1G team. And we have to win our conference that is the other rule. If we get to the top 12 and win our conf. Then it is automatic no matter where everyone finishes. So. BSU is almost in control of it's own destiny, if it wins out and the voters are fair then we are in.

Lets put it this way. This weekend really helped BSU's chances.

And I'll add

They didn't go last year because they weren't conference champs.

yes, I thought I put in there that you had to win your conf.

Come on guys lets be nice to the lesser fans that don't care enough to learn the rules of football. They probably have jobs or something to distract them from the important things in life.

First off,

I know the stupid rules, read them plenty of times since this idiotic system was put into place. Secondly, I've been a Bronco fan since '92, but I was but a lad then and only started to pay attention to the full roster after the '02 season. Third, my career requires 12 hours of my day so I can't sit at home and watch every game, but I do know the rules of football more than you obviously think I do. Fourth and final point, all I was saying is don't be surprised if BSU get passed up. You people need to take a walk outside and cool off. I too have gotten into some heated discussions with haters of BSU, usually on ESPN, but I usually try to make sure they are haters before I go off on them. (I have made mistakes in the past, even on this post, so I hold no ill feelings). I know that my blue and orange shades need to be taken off every once in a while and see how the world of college football is really ran, and it isn't done fairly or even by the rules. It's great to live in Idaho and be a fan of BSU but some people need to realize that the powers who are, could care less if BSU gets a "fair" piece at the end of the season. That's all I was saying but some people obviously took it the wrong way.


1) no, you dont "know the rules" or you would not have posted such drivel.
2) Welcome to the bandwagon, it is nice to have you we don't turn any fans away. Some of us remember when the field was green.
3) Good for you. 12 Hours though? That is an awful lot. You must really love your job. I mean LOVE your job.
4) The only way BSU "gets passed up" is if they are not in the top 16. the way the B1G is now that is pretty much it. It doesnt matter if the system wants to be fair or not. Legally they have to take BSU.....

This is something you dont understand. The only way BSU gets the "shaft" is not getting to the top 16. Which is possible, and I would not complain about it either. This team is nowhere near our best teams. So, if you want to talk about fairness..... talk to LA TECH.

I sense a lot of hatred for the BCS and some frustration too. That is understandable. The BCS and soon to be playoffs are anything but fair. HOWEVER, The BCS's unfairness has benefited BSU bigtime. The list of schools even from BCS conferences that have gone to multiple BCS bowls is very short. Have we lost money? yup, Has our conference been screwed? Yup, have we been past up before? yup. But we have also been chosen 2 times. This could be three... And next year gee we could go with 4 losses...
Perhaps you do not understand that next year we become part of the "system" that you hate so much.

The BCS is not fair, not even close to fair. It is the worst system in all of sports to determine a Champion and it's other bowls are old boy money grubbing, slick, corrupt, bowls. But you need to focus on football and not so much about hate. I know that when you work a 12 hour shift at the old folks home, emptying bedpans with your BSU nursing degree you have a lot of time to hate the "unfair" world. But cheer up sweeite, BSU has to beat Nevada in reno by a field goal in december before you can start whining about "unfair"


Nice to know an opinion is lethal. Okay, how's this: The universe revolves around BSU's football program! Oh, and they'll make it to a BCS bowl game this year.
FYI. I supported the move to the Big East from the beginning and no, I'm frustrated with the system, as any sane person should be. Another point, try green energy and a degree in light/lasers from ISU. Yes I love my job darling, but not enough to work 12 hours, hence the required part.

Could you please clarify wht you think the rules are for

BSU to reach a BCS bowl. Just to see if you have an educated opinion or an uneducated opinion. Thanks.

It involves the Yellow Brick Road and a Wizard.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Try and keep up, thru&thru.

Ohio State is ineligible. BSU will finish in the top sixteen and ahead of the Big Ten champ. Broncos are starting to gel. Great team effort, young guns are now vets. The future is bright indeed!

There was some bad injuries today

This team is getting better each week and will be a tough team to beat a month from now and two months from now in a bowl game.

I hate the injuries.

Look at above response

About keeping up and paying attention to history.


I don't want to be mean or anything, but you have to have been living under a rock not to know how BSU can get a automatic bid.

Φ I believe

you've been called a "meanie" before, on here, by some other poster, who you may or may not know.

Comma, comma, comma ... comma comedian.

ps - Nice job finally jamming the "you" in there with the quick edit and getting a completion. Good work.