Live! Parrotheads party with Jimmy Buffett


Jana Meikle came from Idaho Falls for her first Jimmy Buffett concert. She made the Mr. Potato Head in honor of the occasion. "It's got five songs in here," she says.


Indoor concert or not, Parrotheads turned out in force Thursday to pre-party in honor of Jimmy Buffett’s first-ever stop in the Treasure Valley. It looked like a game day by early afternoon in the parking lot outside Bronco Stadium, where RVs and canopies crowded into a miniature not-quite-tropical paradise. (Brrrrrr!)

The concert by Buffett and His Coral Reefer Band didn’t begin until 8 p.m., so revelers had plenty of time to show off their grass skirts, coconut-shell bikini tops and tequila-ingesting skills.

Were you there? How were the festivities? What was your opinion of the concert itself? (Assuming you remember.) How was the sound — and vibe — inside Taco Bell Arena? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments section.

Idaho Statesman photographer Katherine Jones took some fun photos of Parrotheads. View the entire gallery here.



Ten-year-old Reagan Cox, 10, and her dad, Doug Cox, drove from Pullman, Wash., through the snow, to Boise's Jimmy Buffett show. They also took in a show in Seattle on Tuesday. Reagan says she's been a Parrothead for 10 years, "since (I) was born." They got the license plates when they lived in Twin Falls years ago.


Cindy Wade is no novice to Jimmy Buffett concerts. "This is like my 31st," she laughs. She learned to blow a conch shell just for Boise's pre-concert party in the parking lot. She took in a show in Las Vegas last Saturday, too. "A true-blue parrot," teases a friend.

Since you posted this after 12 am...

I'm certain the happy hangovers haven't gone away yet.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

buffett show

It's impossible not to have fun at a Buffett show however Taco Bell Arena was not the best place to hold a show of this caliber. The sound to anybody not directly in front of the stage was bouncing off so badly, it was in inaudible unless he spoke loud and slowly. We were deprived of many of the spontanious ramblings Jimmy through out to the appreciative crowd on the floor. I've done my last show at TBA.

Taco Bell Sound quality

I've only seen one concert (Journey and Heart)there and wasn't too impressed with the sound, and i was in front of the stage. I thought it was just me. However, after the show, my car was parked near the Journey tour buses so my wife and i thought we'd hang around and maybe catch them walking to the bus. Awesomely, there was only a handful of folks hanging around so when they did come out they posed for pictures with everyone and hung around and chatted with us for about 30 minutes! When i was talking with Neal Schon he asked me if I thought they sounded alright. What am i gonna say, i said of course. He replied, "no, seriously, I hated the sound quality in that building" and he wanted me to be honest. So i told him that i noticed something different (My wife and i have seen Journey probably a dozen or more times around the country). He said to Jonathan Cain "told you so!" Then he mentioned next time they come back they'll probably play the place the other side of town (Idaho Center). Last summer they played the ampitheatre!

I don't know what can be done to the place to change the accoustics. It's a shame, the size of the building is just right for indoor shows.

Journey and Heart

Was the Journey concert you are talking about back in 1986? Cause I was there!!!! The sound quality? Couldn't tell you cause I was too busy checking out Steve Perry's business.


Was it sold out...were there still tickets available???

Re: tickets?

Only singles in the deepest recesses of the building.

I'd rather party with someone younger, like....

the Rolling Stones....


I've been to a lot of Buffett concerts - this was at least 12 - and I thought it was the best overall experience. Great song set, fantastic crowd and just a good all around feel. TBA sound does leave something to be desired, however, though I have been to worse. Think maybe next time the Idaho Center would be a good venue, but don't know too much about the rules there, etc.

26 for me, and it was great!

26 for me, and it was great!

Concert & Sound

We were in Parquet 7, row D. We thought the concert was incredibly awesome! First ever Jimmy Buffett concert. As for the sound quality, we thought it was fantastic. In fact, my husband mentioned that he could understand the words, both spoken & sung, better than any other concert any venue...and he's been to a lot of concerts in different venues. We has such a blast last night!! So thankful Jimmy & Coral Reefers added Boise to their tour dates!

Good show!

I was on the floor, up close, so the sound was really good. Last concert I went to, that was not the case and the sound was poor. But, it's a basketball arena, so can't expect much. One problem was the chubbies--those floor seats are not made for people of size, thus take up part of the space for those of us of normal size. And, why are there always idiots who just have to talk through entire concerts? Why do they even bother going?

The wife and I were row AA,

The wife and I were row AA, the only person in front of us was Charleston (his bodygaurd). Sound was great for us! FINS UP! Just like on my license plate.
I may be biased tho, as you can tell by my name!
Got there at 7am, left at 1130 pm. Tailgating was good, crowd was great!
Show 26 down! Rumor has it he will be back at the Gorge next Summer.

Sound and experience

The sound was typical for the arena, not good but acceptable (but just barely). We couldn't understand his missives but since we know most of the lyrics, those were understandable.

My first JB concert, I'm not a big fan, but I left a bigger fan because of the fun atmosphere. Would go again but only if it was summer, outside and not a work night.

But I remember a time in Boise when you were happy to attend any concert. Even if it was at the fairgrounds (pretty sure it was Cheap Trick circa 1978) so comparatively, this was like a cheeseburger in paradise!