An unorthodox candidate rebuttal, from Ron Twilegar

Usually, candidates who don't get a Statesman editorial respond with a case for their campaign.

Ron Twilegar, the Democrat opposing 30-year Ada County prosecutor Greg Bower, followed his own path.

His rebuttal focuses instead on our endorsement of state Sen. Chuck Winder, the sponsor of a misguided bill that would have required a woman to undergo an ultrasound before an abortion. Winder, who said he carried the ultrasound bill at the behest of anti-abortion groups, told the editorial board that he doesn't plan to bring back the bill, which passed the Senate but was stopped in the House.

Here's an excerpt from Twilegar's guest opinion:

"I didn’t pen this guest opinion to criticize the legislative sponsor, Sen. Chuck Winder (who I know), or to discuss the merits of the ultrasound bill (which I oppose), nor to promote Winder’s opponent. I write to highlight attention to the hypocrisy of the Statesman. ....

"The Statesman holds an important and protected position in our community. Sometimes it is the only voice rising above the noise of extreme elements of the dominant party. Their opinion matters. When the Statesman editorializes on important issues and then promptly and without a compelling explanation adopts a contrary opinion, they not only confuse the public but also render a disservice to the community of readers they serve."

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Ron old buddy, you got that wrong. The Statesman is the only Boise newspaper granted. But it is NOT the voice of reason in any sense of the word. Anytime an organ of the fourth estate is held up as an example of sanity, you have to wonder who the doctor was that signed that certificate. Like the crazy guy who told the judge, "I know I am sane judge. The doctor said so." Really? The Statesman and its parent, McClaskey News, is infested with leftist Democrats. You may take issue with my choice of the word "infested" but you cannot attack the reality of my contention. Any organization that takes pride in promoting a single partisan political ideology by denigrating and minimizing the other can in no way be described as a beacon of anything other than what not to be. As such they are not a beacon of sanity or as you put it "the only voice rising above the noise of extreme elements of the dominant party". It is only extreme if you are on the radical far left and look towards the center.