VanderSloot one-ups himself, reports spending $118k on new broadcast ads backing Props 1, 2 & 3

Melaleuca CEO Frank VanderSloot told me earlier this week that he would invest "tens of thousands" of dollars in new ads supporting Superintendent Tom Luna's 2011 education reforms. He's done better than that.

"Melaleuca's donating hither and yon," VanderSloot said. "We're trying to level the playing field."

When opponents of Propositions 1, 2 and 3 reported raising $1.3 million from Idaho and national teachers unions as of Sept. 30,
VanderSloot promised to get more aggressively involved.
As of Sept. 30, VanderSloot had given $165,000 to proponents and also has been spending $20,000 a week on full-page newspaper ads statewide.

His new effort is focused on TV and radio advertising. In 48-hour filings with the Secretary of State Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Melaleuca and Natural Guardian LLC, a company owned by VanderSloot, reported spending $118,101. Of that, $116,255 was for ads at stations across Idaho, including about $48,000 in the Boise TV market. Another $1,846 was spend on ad production.

At least some of the ads feature GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney knocking unions for opposing reforms, though the Romney audio came from a speech he made in April in support of retaining Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker during a recall campaign. Earlier, VanderSloot gave $1 million to a Super PAC supporting Romney.

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At least he isn't doing it in secret

I respect him for that.


Glad the message is going out. I've heard the radio ad. It's straightforward and honest in contrast to the ads done by the teacher's union. Let people evaluate and decided for themselves.

Straightforward and honest? Hardly!

Vandersloot's ads take Romney out of context. Romney wasn't talking about the Idaho unions (which are different, due to lack of right to work) at all.

I'm quite sure Mr. Romney doesn't mind

being taken out of context. What's more, I think he meant his comments to apply to examples exactly like this. He was not talking about Idaho unions in particular, but he meant all teather unions, including Idaho. This appears to be one instance where Romney actually meant what he said and hasn't changed his position.

straightforward and honest?

Straightforward and honest like the last ad that removed context and made the guy words appear to mean exactly the opposite of what he was really saying?

That was not only dishonest- it was embarassingly so- even my 7 year old spotted it as a charletan farce. He asked me- "How come that looks like on The Simpsons when they make fun of bad advertisements?"

I do agree- let people evaluate and decide for themselves. The best source is the Voters' Guide put out by Ysursa's office. Read it carefully, weigh your conscience, and vote accordingly.

I'll be voting NO on all three.

Laptops = "unproven technology"

At least according to opponents in the Idaho Voters' Pamphlet which you recommended (page 13). Yes, do read it carefully and ask yourself if the opponents are technologically literate? Doesn't sound like they are to me.

7 year old

I've been trying to figure out the type of parents who don't like these propositions. You just gave them a face....the ones who let their 7 YEAR OLD watch the Simpsons!

They're better than the ABC Saturday lineup...

Makes me almost MISS H.R. Pufnstuff!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

and I've wondered about what type of people...

are the naive type who buy into these charletan laws. Thank you for reciprocally supplying that face.

Are you

always this naive?

They worked hard to please you, show the love.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<


the money.

I'm about ready to turn off the radio and phone!

Hearing both sides of the Yes / No on the radio constantly. And now i started getting calls from the vote no folks!!! I can't wait for this to be over!!!

Haven't answered the landline...

I haven't picked up the landline in about two weeks. Between the "polls" that are trying to sell stuff and the "informative" opinion calls, I'm letting my answering machine go crazy.

At least they aren't calling the cell phone...yet.

You still

have a landline?

How quaint.

You still

feel compelled to make such predictable, trite comments?

How condescending.



Not condescending, through. If you construed it that way I'd recommend not being so sensitive the the comment section of a blog.

I have a leaky condescendensor!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<


What ya gonna do when power is out and your cell is dead? Never mind, you're probably one of those city dwellers.

Sometimes I answer just to mess with people

If I think the group is being misleading, I keep them on the line as long as possible asking all kinds of questions.

You could always listen to public radio. They don't have political ads.

That's why I have 101 CDs in the changer.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

People still listen to CD's?

This is a case where technology has far outpaced your preference.

And records, cassettes, EIGHT TRACKS...

VHS, Beta, Laserdiscs, CED and OCCASIONALLY DVDs!

I have several old tube radios, CRT TVs and projectors and reel to reel decks too.

I'm nearly finished installing the rack and saddlebags on my 60 year old 26" Rollfast cruiser!

Next up, lights, signals, a Honda fairing and brand new 1980s Pioneer Supertuner II. manual tuning. cassette and music search with 4" new 80's Pioneer two ways!

Oh yes, 12V lead acid storage battery with halogen lamps wherever possible and rechargeable from my shed.

Custom painted similarly to a 1941 Columbia crossed with Kawasaki colors and vinyl wrap and graphics.

Does that meet with your approval? I have not driven in seven years and I repair my USED audio and video gear wherever possible.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Sounds like a haunted house.

Any Sansui gear?

G-5700, needs a new output, own or have owned several...

SAX-200, 3000A, 5050, 7070, T- and A-80 can't recall the turntable model I last had but
a friend has it,some black plastic crap including a P-D15? TT that never worked, R-30, no Funai built except a fairly nice tuner, one lone 3-way(?) speaker.

Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

I still listen to vinyl

And I have a landline, does that make me a conservative?

Union Bosses

Just thought I should mention the term again. Oh, and they hate kids and stuff.

Go Luna!

If that is so...

have they eaten their own yet?


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Just say NO to union thugs!

Thank you, Mr. VanderSloot. The real message is getting out there loud and clear.

The Real Message Has Been Out There For Some Time Now

Those of us paying attention don't need Frank VanderSloot's ads to tell us that the Luna laws never had anything to do with so-called "education reform." We've known all along that they were meant to bust unions, punish Luna's political enemies, and reward contributors to the re-election campaigns of Otter, Luna, Nonini, Goedde, and a slew of other Republican legislators. Chief among those contributors is K12, Inc., the largest contributor to Luna's re-election campaign ($44,000 or nearly 20% of the total) and operator of Idaho's largest virtual charter school.

I disagree

The Luna laws are all about reform. Part of that is a power grab from the teachers' union which makes their response predictable.

But in numerous ways, the idea of government employees union of professionals seems pretty ridiculous. There is little resemblance between that and where private labor unions came from years ago.

I'm voting yes on all three because I don't think teacher's unions should be able to hold us and our children hostage. Case in point, the strike by the Chicago teachers this year with no end to their greed.

The Lunatic Laws

are all about Tom Tuna getting rid of political enemies and lining the pockets of political donors.

I think teachers holding us hostage

I think a teachers union holding us hostage to ensure conditions are acceptable to teachers makes for a better learning environment for children than adrministration and politics holding the teachers hostage.

VanderSloot....a good man....always looking out

for the little guy....

Glad he is donating to even up the odds....

Probably vote Yes, Yes?, No....

not sure on prop 2 yet....

Good for Vandersloot

Props 1, 2 and 3 SHOULD remain in place and I applaud Mr. Vandersloot's efforts to that end.

Teachers Union is all about power - and very little about educating my children.

You're all a bunch of pitiful sheep

Of Course, management wants to busts the Union- without a union the teachers will be at a disadvantage
Of course, teachers want to protect their interests and maintain some leverage against management

Never seen a bigger bunch of sissies than some Idahoans worried about collective bargaining. Let the process play out. Stop imposing legal restrictions under the guise of better education. And I thought the Republicans were worried about government meddling.

Apparently some people were fooled by the ads

showing the unions as the big bad guys. I'm proud to say I voted no on all three!

IEA's dismal performance

Judging from the amount of whining Idaho teachers do, I'd say the IEA is not doing a very good job for them.

Good grief

ALEC sponsored legislation like this is part of the far, far right wing agenda. It's so far to the right it makes John Birch look leftist. Of course that explains why Otter and Luna support it. They hate teachers just like the rest of the GOP. No wonder the kids in this country have no chance in competing globally. The U.S. will sink to third world status if these clowns have their way. The disgusting tripe Otter put out in the latest radio ads is beyond belief.

Can't Wait

to vote "No" and see the snake oil tycoon squeal like a stuck pig.

The Wife and I Get A Good Laugh

thinking of all the last minute attack pieces that will be coming in the mail the next week and we have already voted.

Just remember any negative ads from this point on were timed so that they would not be answered in time for the election.

new ads-

I'm looking forward to some new ads after Monday's Sunshine Law ruling. Either way it goes, it's going to spawn some interesting stuff.

They only got worse, as you well know.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

What about Prop 4....anyone voting yes or

no on prop 4 ????

Isn't that...

about paying for Cinderella's debutante ball?


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Vote NO on Props 1, 2, 3!!!

Who could possibly trust their child's education with these Lunacy Laws now that the proponents of these laws have been exposed as deceitful and manipulative? Oh yeah, and the truth that, in fact, the laptops were always a unfunded mandate.

There will be no money saved.
Laptops will replace teachers.

And Gov Otter nor Tom Luna do not want the citizens of Idaho to know who is supporting them in this quest to privatize public education.

It feels wonderful to know I already cast a NO vote for these abhorrent laws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This law screws teachers and wastes money on laptops that are just going to be abused and miss used by teenagers.

P.S. Vote OBAMA!