Boise State freshman safety Darian Thompson makes most of opportunities

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

Boise State redshirt freshman safety Darian Thompson doesn’t play full time, but when he gets in he seems to find the ball.

Thompson, the Broncos’ third safety, has two interceptions to tie for the team lead and a fumble recovery this season. He’s tied for 12th on the team with 19 tackles.

Thompson rotates into the game in place of free safety Lee Hightower or strong safety Jeremy Ioane. He also plays special teams.

“The more I’ve been in, the more I become familiar with the game,” Thompson said. “I just have a knack for going for the ball and it’s been working out.”

He says he prepares for his appearances by watching Hightower and Ioane from the sideline.

“By the time I get in there, I know what (the offenses) are doing,” he said.


Senior nickel Dextrell Simmons has made huge strides since last year, his first with the Broncos after transferring from Blinn College.

Simmons has 31 tackles, an interception, a sack and three pass breakups.

“I just feel like I found my mojo again,” he said. “When you step into a new environment, you don’t feel as comfortable. That’s how it was last year. I didn’t know the defensive schemes. I just took it to a whole new level this year.”


Senior tailback Drew Wright said Wyoming’s defense is not overly complex, but like many teams he expects the Cowboys will have some new wrinkles for the Broncos.

“They’re tenacious. They run to the ball well,” Wright said. “They don’t blitz a whole ton, but they’re playing us, so they’ll probably come out with something new.”


Wyoming ranks fifth in the nation in red-zone offense. The Cowboys score 95.7 percent of the time with 18 touchdowns and four field goals in 23 possessions.

Boise State’s defense is tied for eighth in the nation in red-zone stops, allowing scores just 63.2 percent of the time. Opponents have 11 touchdowns and one field goal in 19 possessions.

Offensively, Boise State is last in the Mountain West and tied for 105th nationally in red-zone scoring. The Broncos have 14 touchdowns and nine field goals in 33 possessions.


Tight ends coach Scott Huff on his young group: “Everybody is going to be really happy in the next year or so with the young guys we have, so these reps (this season) are going to be really valuable down the road.”


Senior linebacker J.C. Percy on his big year: “I feel like getting more playing time than I ever got before has allowed me to mold into a better player and I’m very grateful for that. I played with one of the greatest linebackers ever — (Aaron) Tevis — the last three years. We complemented each other great and I learned things from him and he learned things from me. Now I’m able to perfect all those things I’ve learned over the last three years and this year.”

••• reports that the Big East and ESPN will not reach an agreement on a TV deal before the exclusive negotiating window closes at the end of this month.

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Found this on another blog

Interesting stuff

Here are the average football viewership totals by conference according to Nielsen:
1. SEC - 4,447,000
2. Big 10 - 3,267,000
3. ACC - 2,650,000
4. Big 12 - 2,347,000
5. Pac-12 - 2,108,000
6. Big East - 1,884,000

Here are the average basketball viewership totals by conference according to Nielsen:
1. Big Ten - 1,496,000
2. ACC - 1,247,000
3. SEC - 1,222,000
4. Big 12 - 1,069,000
5. Big East - 1,049,000
6. Pac-12 - 783,000

Here are the average football/basketball viewership totals by conference according to Nielsen:
1. SEC - 5,669,000
2. Big 10 - 4,763,000
3. ACC - 3,897,000
4. Big 12 - 3,416,000
5. Big East - 2,933,000
6. PAC-12 - 2,891,000

Φ Big East

Sinking into irrelevance, is it? By "viewership" does that mean TV only, or does that include TV/webcasts/game attendance?

Got any numbers for the MWC and WAC?

Question: Best BSU defensive backfield ever? This edition or prior (maybe during the Scandrick, Wilson, Iloka years)?

Last years...

without the injuries would have been up there.

Jeron Johnson

Didn't he play in that defensive backfield as well and lead the team in tackles for two straight years?


Johnson graduated in 2011, Wilson in 2010, Scandrick in 2008 (pretty sure about those). Don't recall if Johnson played as a frosh along with the other two. Still, that's three NFLers right there. Very impressive.

You may be right about leading the team in tackles. I don't remember. tfunk will probably know.

Martin was terrific last night. Glad I watched it. Heard him described today as fast and shifty as a tailback, but with the power of a fullback. Many great comments about him.

Games this weekend...

that help BSU and a BCS game

Nebraska over Michigan
(Michigan has it easy until Ohio State in the last game)

Michigan State over Wisky
(help keep the B1G out of the top 16 and assist our SOS)

Cincinnati over Louisville
(it would be nice to keep the Big East out of the top 16)

Bama over Miss. St.
Florida over Georgia

Notre Dame over Oklahoma
If ND loses this then we need USC to crush them)

Given Mr. Gee's past comments it's weird that BSU going to a BCS bowl may be in the hands of Ohio State.

Φ Going to watch

both Nevada-Air Force and Cincinnati-Louisville tonight. Pretty good opening for the weekend.

This may be a different ND, but I keep thinking their bubble will burst as it has in recent years. Has Ron Powlus won his Heisman yet?

[Edit: May and Holtz just a couple of minutes ago ... arguing about ND-Oklahoma. Holtz is carrying on (about ND, of course) and May is zipping it while screwing up his face and rolling his eyes. They carried on right until the cutaway to the game. Hilarious!]

I know it's Air Force

and it's only halftime, but Nevada's D is really really bad.....

Φ Mt. Ault

blows if Nevada goes down. They have no idea how to handle the AFA option and keep getting sucked in on the occasional pass.

Looks pretty sparse in the stands.

Go Cincinnati!


up on luvlll


OK Cincy, follow up

with some D.....

Congrats to Broncos....the mwc is yours and you would have

won it even with 7-5 record....

Yes, as Edgar sang, it was a 'Free Ride'....

even Frankenstein is jelous....

go 11-1 and make fiesta or orange....

And ugly believes

Boise State should stay in the MWC.......

Just brilliant.....

Φ It's a

marked deterioration.

Really, how many times before "tired" tires oneself?

Pretty close to random keystrokes and whatever can be pasted from the kaleidoscope of e-info, news services, caffeine, and hallucinogens.

Have you read some of the stuff between P2 and aqrunt? Caught on by seeing P2's posts, so turned off the Blogsickness filter. These exchanges over the past couple of days are rippers. Seriously, if you were to write a story about two e-combatants, you couldn't get it much better.

We're talking no less than 7.1 surround BS meters on this stuff.

Oh!! ... that the IS blogs allowed graphics!

bsu4342....I do believe bsu should stay

in mwc....

the mwc is terrible this year....but others years, not so the potential merger may have pretty good conference....

the big east has no mergers other than Boise, and the best ones are leaving or have already left....

Φ Merger

Iceberg meet Titanic ... neither survives.

Big East will pick up some others to get to 16. With further consolidation, the MWC may face the same fate as the WAC. There will be a couple of new-era coast-to-coast conferences [Timezune (formerly Big East), and maybe ConfUSus], and BSU will wind up just fine.

Let's see "the big east has no mergers other than Boise". You've not heard about SDSU, Houston, SMU? That's okay; that would be taxing.

"... the best ones are leaving or have already left...." West Virginia maybe, but the loss was overrated just like their team. Morgantown isn't exactly ... well, you name it. Pitt and Syracuse are nothing to covet. Conferences and affiliations are now about survival. Timezune® will survive.

The notion that conferences are somehow geographically regional is well on the way to being over. Conferences aren't limited to your manner of mono-dimensional thinking. Sorry.

Ponder your cellphone.

Like I said, just Brilliant

I bring you the 2013 MWC (which BSU has a record of 62-11)

Utah State, San Jose State, Air Force, Colorado State, New Mexico, UNLV, Wyoming, Nevada, Fresno State and Hawaii...

PS Pitt and Syracuse are a combined 6-8 this year and neither has an outright Big East championship since 1998.

"but other years, not so bad"............Seriously?

Φ Ball winds up in Peoria

but Butch Jones ices himself and his team 2/10ths before the snap.

Giving the kicker a practice shot before the real one. Dumbest "strategy" ever! If you are going to call a TO, do it before the snap, dumbazz. If they snap it, the guy gets a free one. When was the last time a flag was thrown for an "illegal practice kick", no matter when the whistle?

Good chunk of that Cincy loss goes on the coach. Didn't he notice the driving rain? Everything was soaked, including the snapper's hands ... the first time.

and stats shows....

the majority of the missed kicks are just before the TO call....

then the kicker gets to correct himself and make it....

its like,

Meet the New Boss,
He is the same as the Old Boss....

Kickers Wont Get Fooled Again!....No No No No No No

jammin pete play the guitare....

Vandals !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Φ Okay, wiseguy.

You know how to spot golfers cheating from some distance, correct? You've made the claim. Now, whether you were intending a short or medium distance doesn't matter. It isn't tough to see a subtle toss or foot wedge. Fine.

Now that it's established that you know golf ... give a decent golfer an extra shot off the tee right after the first one wound up in the lake on the most difficult hole on the course. Chances are very good the second one lands on turf.

DO NOT GIVE THE KICKER A PRACTICE SWING!! Dumbazzest strategy ever!!

razor, belive it or not....

Ugly agrees....

especially in college when they mostly miss them anyway....

the TO before Field Goal is the most over-rated stragedy of all time....I hate it....

GGGrrrrr....all it is is Gloooommmm annnd Dooooomm.....

razor, bsu4342, and all others....

not really too much to talk on Broncos, we know the mwc is now a fix....bsu has done well, but their schedule is their hindrance this year....

on Big East? We will see and time will tell....

Time has not replaced Chuck Berry, any better at guitar?

any better voice than Elvis or Nat King Cole?

Could Armstrong play trumpet better with PhD in music?

How come, 40 years later, Jim Ryun still has the fastest HS Mile?

Steve Prefontaine....Roman Gabriel....Jack Snow....Willie Mays ????

Time will tell....



BSU4342....did you mean?

golf ball, like mulligan?

ugly, I mean

as in "GOOFBALL" nothing more, nothing less.........

At least I didn't call you

"housewife pretended"........

that would kinda $uck

ugly - don't forget

Johnny U.

Dusty Roads

Forest Gump

Kitty Wells

Sam Cook

Dirty Harry

Fred Rodgers

Roy Rodgers

Will Rodgers

The Rodgers Brothers

The Rodgers Sisters

The Rodgers Family

Friends of the Rodgers Family

Except Fred, at the least is ROGERS.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

With any luck

cancer will consume your body soon and save our eyeballs from your nonsense.

Find a different hobby, fake 'fan'.

Brutus - you gotta be a member of the . . .

Out To Lunch Bunch to talk to me that way!!!


You just got thrown back into the pond to get bigger.

You be just a wee bit small to really make a dent around here.

Blah, blah, blah - as you infer, "I hope you die" and all manner of childish commennts and retorrs are kinda meaningless, if not down right boring. Heard it all.

Please, for God's Sake, at least be a little inventive and creative in your 'put downs'. Show us some new stuff.

Even RM has better put downs than you do (not by much, but a little better, for sure)

Stick around for awile and don't be a stranger.

Who knows you might have the makin's of a below average Extreme Vandal Hating poster, yet.


That's HARD!

Johnny Carson took all the good ones with camels, yaks and armpits!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

What's hard

. You tease.

I kid you not.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

I would like to take this occasion to announce that FO

and I have agreed to a "date" Time and day to be announced later.

VNDL....that is a great....


especially sam cook, jonny u, and will rodgers....

btw....ran into CR tonite and chatted....he said give a call and wouldnt mind hearing from you again....

PS....what are thoughts on Fred Blitnicoff???? any good on list?

ugly - Fred Biletnicoff was good

so was:

George Blanda

Maxie McGhee

Stanko Pavkov

George Dempsey

Toeless Bob

Shoeless Joe

Fingerless Czyrothivartur

Joe D'Amagio (my fav)

Babe Ruth (overated but a great party animal)

My uncle (member of the NY Yankees during their hey days in the '30s, and drinking buddy of The Babe).

The movie: Bambi And The Babe.

are you trying to post

Joe DiMaggio? and calling him your fave?

Φ Big East shopping for new TV deal

Some widely varying numbers being tossed about: "Media estimates have varied drastically, putting the Big East's media rights worth between $60 million to $130 million annually."

Looks like it very well may be the NBC Sports Network (which has to have this contract if it intends to compete).

razor....thoses millions in dollars or in....

us silver eagle rounds?

trust Ugly, in 5 years or less you will know why I asked....

trust Ugly, in 5 years or less if you diversified you will also be thankful....

you can thank ugly later....

that is a big choice for the big east....

ugly. you are real close

to becoming as irrelevant as your mentor.....

Desperately Seeking Pac 12 Network

I know this is off topic but does anyone know anywhere in the Treasure Valley -- like a sports bar -- where you can watch the Pac-12 Network? Carried on Dish, not DirecTV. I've called about a dozen places with no luck.

Φ Pac-12 Network

A search of the Pac-12 channel finder shows that it is available on the DISH network (channel 413) in the Treasure Valley.

Not available on either DirecTV or CableOne. Don't know which sports pubs may have DISH. Did you check the Crescent, Buffalo WW's?

poor Lattimore

That looked ugly...

Never like to see that...


Rumor floating around

that Hightower didn't make the trip

Φ As was the case last week,

this info was first posted by Murph just 40 minutes before the game. See Murph's blog on the Wyoming game in progress.

Hope Thompson's injury isn't serious. Maybe they'll have something by half.