Boise State football posts strong Graduation Success Rate

By Chadd Cripe
© 2012 Idaho Statesman

The NCAA released its annual Graduation Success Rates on Thursday.

The Boise State football program is at 81 percent, for players who enrolled from 2002 to 2005. The Football Bowl Subdivision average is 70.

Boise State’s rate has been on a steady climb in recent years — from 55 to 58 to 65 to 74 to 81. The football program also has excelled in the Academic Progress Rate under coach Chris Petersen.

Other highlights: Boise State was at 79 percent in men’s basketball, 89 percent in men’s tennis, 86 percent in women’s basketball, 100 percent in women’s golf and gymnastics and 91 percent in women’s tennis.

Idaho football is at 66 percent — down five points from last year but consistent with where the program has been for several years. Men’s tennis is at 100, men’s golf is at 88 and every women’s sport is at 90 or better.

Idaho State football is at 35 percent. Men’s basketball is at 56, women’s basketball is at 83 and softball is at 88.

You can find the full reports here.

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To be fair

Idaho is much more difficult to graduate from. Their academic standards are on par with the likes of Stanford, Harvard, Brown, name a few. Only the best are welcome at the states Flagship institution.

Flagship! That's Right!

And many students hold that flag high during the fall from their dorm room windows.

i hope you are kidding

I give you that Idaho is higher rated academically currently. But on the same scale as Stanford and Harvard, that is a bit of a stretch.

Did you really just compare UI to Stanford, Harvard, etc...?

Seriously? When you post idiotic messages like this, you must learn how to use the word (sarcasm) afterwards.

Idaho is as far from Harvard and Stanford as BSU is academically. UI is nowhere NEAR Harvard or Stanford. It's like BSU is the earth, and UI is the moon. You can reach out and touch the moon from BSU (academically) can only see the sun from either.

This was the stupidest post I have seen from a UI person ever.

Genious metaphor

thank you Obi Wan Kenobi.

Don't interrupt a Wookiee listening to his AM radio!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<


What school did you graduate from?

Ontario High.


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That would explain the foodstamps

and messed up mind....

you must learn how to use the word (sarcasm) afterwards

I think bronco24 expected you to recognize sarcasm when you read it without icons and explanations.

Freaking hilarious!

Thanks for the laugh. I needed that!!!

The Vandal faithful will start talking about their academic prowess in 3.2.1... US News will be cited several times although they rank #165th. Gasp! Furtherto, they will NOT inform you that this rank is based on the opinion of HS guidance counselors & neighboring school faculty who have no basis to compare them to. Garbage in garbage out analysis at it's finest but they are proud of their 165th ranking, dang it!

B81 - yes, lets be fair

First off, congrads to all Broncos who graduate with Bachelor degrees from college. I sincerely mean that.

The same with Idaho, ISU, or LCSC students.

Second, A BS degree from Idaho, ISU, and LCSC requires a minimum of 128 credit hours, per SBOE Regulations. The SBOE approved BSU's request a couple of years ago to reduce the matriculation requirement at BSU down to 120 credit hours.

Those are facts. We have discussed them many times on these boards in the past several years.

Look them up.

It is not fair to characterize Broncos as being 'lesser thans' or to down play the effort they had to expend to get their 120 credit hours, just because the SBOE granted President Kusra's request to reduce graduation reaquirements. It is simply not the Bronco football lplayers faults they have a substandard academic education at BSU.

The fools at Idaho should have chosen an easier college to greaduate from, had they been thinking about football, and not their education, to begin with.

So basically, the Bronco football players used better judgement by focusing on football at a footbal university to get their 'degrees'. I don't have a clue what they can do with Communications degrees or Ethnic Studies degrees, but at least they have a piece of paper that memorializes their ability to play football at a high level for BSU.

As most of you know, I do not get into discussions comparing the academic standards at Idaho versus BSU. There is no point to it. It serves no purpose to continually point out the fact that BSU is trying very hard to achieve academic recognition as a Region Destination University where students can attend and graduate once they have paid for 120 credit hours to be posted to their transcripts.

Kudos to all college footballl players who graduate from any college.


greaduate from?

Did you mean, "from which to graduate"?

To what fraternity do you belong?

It's a blog

spelling isn't always spot on, but aqfunk generally makes his point. Given the length of his posts, his spelling error/word count is probably .001

Did Rod Grammer approve of this message BTW?


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Did Ron Jeremy

approve your message?

I didn't ask him, he was busy!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

I'm not busy

and neither are you....

I went to karaoke last night, installed saddlebags on my bike.

Sorry. I am wiring it for signals and lights and designing the mounting setup for my fairng on my Rollfast bike. My "girl" is a 60 year old 26" cruiser named Tempest.


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Hey aqfunk ...

umm ... I graduated from Boise State with a communication degree (no "s" at the end of that word, by the way) and I edit and manage a nationally circulated magazine. Please do not arbitrarily slam something you don't know about.

How's a bout we just blindly slam it?


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Slam it



Is it one of those 'liberal' magazines out of Chicago?

I see the 'Chi' part of your name and am thinking you are one of 'them kinda people'.

You are right, I don't know about the nationally circulated magazine you manage and edit. It must not be much of a rag, as you would have told us what the name of it was, if you were proud of it.

It is the type of thing Broncos can buy with Food Stamps at check our cashier lines in stores?

Seriously, I am very curious to learn what nationally circulated magazine you edit and manage.

Possibly you heard that Arnold is getting with Chris and Bruce is going to hit the road and try professional basketball as a manager of a team he and LaMar have been negotiating to buy in Italy.

You can read all about it in one of them nationally curculated magazines in the grocery stores.

Come on 'Chi' fill us in.

What national circulated magazine do you edit and manage.



...he's interested in maintaining is anonymity on Disquis. Magazines have something called a masthead that identifies the principal players at the publication. Undoubtedly that is something you are not familiar with since you probably only look at the pictures.

BroncoBro - pretty weak, Bra

that put down about reading things with only pictures kinda got used up as a slam in Fourth Grade.

Got anything better?

Let me educate you on how a proper 'put down' is executed:

A. Are you a friend of P2?

B. Do you still have to work for a living?

C. When you were swimming up the chute and got connected with the egg, did you curse your Daddy for having an interest in sheep - and then you found out, there was no way for you to go downhil, back into the tube?

Now, see. There is a big difference between your 'put down' and mine.

If you want to learn anything more about anything, please don't hesitate to just ask.




This STILL isn't DISQUS, friend. It never was.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Sorry, rare duplicate.



Somebody posts a response that factually dilutes one part of one sentence you posted, and your first response is to imply that person is lying. In the context of your haphazard lauguage usage and spelling, not to mention your frequent logical fallacies ...

... do you have any idea what that makes you look like?

But since I brought it up, I guess it's fair to mention that I edit a national magazine for a religious organization; not huge circulation, but it reaches about 100,000 people. You correctly guessed my location. The magazine stays away from politics, but its underlying attitude could be viewed as morally conservative and socially liberal. "Liberal" in this case meaning willing to accept that there are valid ideas out in the world, worth considering seriously, that do not come from the sphere in which I grew up. Basically a willingness to take a step away from ignorance.

Considering the tone of your posts, though, I think I have reason not to reveal much more. I personally could take your gaff all day but I don't care to subject my faith community to such rudeness.


Best to leave that train wreck be.....

Thumbs up on the "frequent logical fallacies" comment, it was spot on.

Chilibonk - Aha !!!

So you are that Watchtower guy !!!



PS - So, be honest with us Idaho Spuds out here in the West. Does the Reverend Right really have a prosthesis or does he use a 'stand-in'? I mean, you gotta have met him at some of them religiosity showdowns and conferences, you all have in the Windy City.

PS - For God's Sake, please don't subject your faith to any rudeness, less that faith crumble into dust. I guess it would then, kinda mean your faith wasn't really all that strong to begin with, if you are concerned with it being subjected to any rudeness.

PPS - you better not hang around these boards real long, or you are gonna get your faith subjected by rudeness, in time. None of us are angels and many of us are just down right rapscallions - especially razor, B1234567, and even some good Vandals like ugly and SIF can be kinda a handful at times. But the RM guys, he's kinda tame with not much ooooooomph to poke with.

JWs ain't prudes if that's what you mean.


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Neither am I

wink wink

Unless it's printed on pastrami, Food Stamps won't buy it.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

so you pin your argument on 8 credit hours?

I recall my sons took golf, swimming and, I believe, capture the flag at UofI. Why do you feel compelled to argue academics, then turn around and claim you don't? You must be a lawyer - the rules apply to everyone but you.
Any college degree has value in the correct labor market. There are many educated fools. You need look no further than these boards to see the evidence.

VNDL you may be the most IQ challenged blogger on here...

Your mindless drivel about UofI academics is hysterical. 165th is exactly where you sit in the ambiguous rankings. 165TH!!! Are you kidding me? No one & I mean no one aspires to attend the University of Idaho. It's a school you're forced to attend because you weren't accepted anywhere else or your parent can't afford to send you elsewhere. My goodness!

_ _ _ R SCH _ _ L S_CKS!

Would you like to buy a vowel?

Oh yes, and Boise State is

Oh yes, and Boise State is such a highly revered school that students actually dream of going to. Boise State is nothing more than a large Community College with a good Football team.

You can't even find avowal.


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Someday it will be legal

for us to take our vows.

Great news!

Congratulations to the student athletes and the coaching staff.

tats tadman says it aint all that hard


No public school is too hard for 98% of the entire population. UI included. It's schools like Harvard and Stanford that are the hard schools academically. The other schools take discipline and effort. Which BSU Student Athletes are doing quite well at.

SUCKS your post attempts to belittle their effort.

alls I did was brung up what tadman done said a while back

guees what - he probly knows more about it then you


You do know this comment board is supposed to be in English, right?

we live in america - not england

your bilingal - good for you

We kick'd thee Anglish from our bosoms! BAH!


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There you go talking about bosoms

just teasing me and trolling for a date.

Why must you be so negative?

You prefer they don't go to college at all? That the graduation rates decrease instead of increase? Is it so hard to simply acknowledge the improvement and congratulate them?

Becuz the Anglish gots Positive ground, all backards!


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There is just something abotu the way your mind works that

that I just get. I feel like we are two peas in a pod.

No Pods. Not into Apple.


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