Can Boise State make it to the BCS this season? Read our live chat replay

Chat about....


Not much to chat about until we see the BCS rankings by time of Nevada game....until then it is Ho-Hum....

Wyoming? Didnt the Vandals almost beat, or should have beat, Wyoming?

Good luck Broncos....but not much to talk about here....

Brian: CBS Sports still has the Broncos picked for a BCS Bowl

Last week we were picked for the Orange against Florida State.
This week, the Fiesta in a re-match with Oklahoma,

Oh yea...we got respect. However, just win baby!

It's not quite November and the Orange is in JANUARY.

Premature prognostication. And I don't care what P2 has to say, I don't want a date, I don't give a crap about their potential gayness, I'm grossly hetero and wonder if I have to hire a lawyer to put a stop to it.


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Any news on Big East #14 school

I keep hearing East Carolina now. I thought BYU or Air Force was a lock?

What is your personal opinion on ESPN?

Do you think they have to much control over college football? Also is there something Aresco can do to legally make the NCAA add not only the Big East but the MWC, Sunbelt, ect. in this new format?

They were much better in the tractor pull days.


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Black helmets

Bud- I am waiting for Boise State to get out the gray or Chrome helmet.

ECU to the Big East.

Yes or no on the rumor?

ECU has certainly

lobbied hard for it, they seem to have all the makings, good size stadium, decent athletic budget, part of a top 50 market.

I'm going to say no, I think the BE really wants AFA.....

I think the Big East needs a team with EASTern in their name.

It would lend some credibility to them, that's for certain.


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Too much love for the SEC

Besides that, BSU will struggle against SDS and Nevada. Get through those games first

With they schedule they

With the schedule they have? Not a chance. BSU's needs to switch schedules with Idaho. If BSU could beat LSU, S. Miss and Louisana Tech the I would say it would be a possibilty but with the current sched...not a chance.

Lame LSU Smiss and La Tech

Would be a NC type of resume. Are the Vandals NC contenders? Yes scheduling matters but so does actually being competitive in games.

BCS 2012

Honestly, the opening loss hurt BSU more than just about anything. But losing early can be forgiven! The keys will be to win out, no easy task for any team. Then it depends on a couple of the other small schools. Finally, I am concerned about national exposure. That's right. No more ESPN. Kirk Herbstreet said 2 years ago that BSU losing the exposure will certainly make it harder on the public and the voters to help BSU. Hopefully, the move to the Big East will change all that. For now, BSU has to do its part and win out!

Probably Not, I don't care for the BCS, restrictor plates...

in NASCAR and for God's SAKE, more driver brawls, it's good for all.


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ohhhh nascar

how very "bear" of you.

I like that.

Wrong tree, wrong racoon.


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and several years ago....

(when the schedules were set) Michigan State was on top of their game, So. Miss was winning their conference and LaTech was a WAC scrub. So who has the crystal ball to know when and who you schedule?
Face it, the schedule does not dictate how good a team is.
If Alabama played our schedule and went undefeated, would they be a worse team than they are now?
The SEC would like to think so, but if you use strength of schedule to dictate how good a team is, the regular season means nothing. You can set the bowl games when the schedules are released and everyone can make their travel plans.

Blamin' it all on McFly, eh?


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Biff just needed some love

as do we all. right?

Delusional to even suggest Broncos and BCS this year

Face a few realities: Too many teams with better schedules and records.

Michigan State ends up stinking.

Dead meat, the Broncos.

Do you even know what

the Broncos need to make a BCS bowl?


Don't worry...they won't

Don't worry...they won't

Wyoming game

Pack your heaters for the sidelines, it's going to be UGLY COLD up in Wyoming. Especially for the Bronco's from the southern states!



Sure enough, we did. Them Cowboys froze!


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