Listen to both sides of the Idaho education debate

Our editorial board met last week with Idahoans on both sides of the debate over Propositions 1, 2 and 3.

And you can listen to the audio, in full and uncut.

Supporters. Tom Luna, state superintendent of public instruction; Ken Burgess, Yes for Idaho Education.

Opponents. Mike Lanza, Maria Greeley, Brian Cronin, Vote No on Propositions 1,2, 3; Sonia Galaviz, Boise teacher.

Our editorial board will make its endorsements on the three laws in Sunday's Statesman.

Let's see here

A national group representing a multitude of working professional role models to whom we have entrusted our youth's physical and mental development, versus an anonymous donor or donors with unknown motives they are unwilling to reveal.

Decisons, decisions, decisions...