Hearing on secret campaign contributions backing Idaho Props set for Friday

Fourth District Judge Deborah Bail will hold a hearing at 1:30 p.m. Friday on Secretary of State Ben Ysursa's lawsuit which seeks a court order requiring disclosure of the source or sources of over $200,000 spent to back Propositions 1, 2 & 3.

Ysursa on Monday sued Education Voters of Idaho and its directors, Debbie Field, Phil Reberger and Mark Dunham, which formed in August. The group gave $200,350 to an affiliate, Parents for Education Reform. All but $32 was spent on broadcast ads supporting the propositions on school reform.

Education Voters of Idaho says it will fight Ysursa's quest for disclosure, arguing that federal tax law and the First Amendment trump Idaho's Sunshine law, which requires political committees to report contributions of $50 and over.

Ysursa's lawsuit seeks a temporary restraining order and preliminary and permanent injunctions that would force disclosure. He has said it's important the contributor(s) identity become public before the Nov. 6 election. The hearing will be held at the Ada County Courthouse in Boise.

Though he has not gone to court with the Idaho Education Association and National Education Association, Ysursa has asked both groups to disclose the source of $280,000 and $1.06 million, respectively. IEA and NEA contributed all but about $36,000 raised by the "No" campaign. Both groups say membership dues are the source, but have not itemized who gave or named any contributors over the $50 threshold.

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Sounds like Ysursa will lose when

election is due....

I would like to know where the money comes from both sides....publish both sides so that we know....

Already Said

The really BIG donations came from the UNIONS to the tune of $1.6 million. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLxZ9V2ns84&feature=related tells us all we need to know.

Attack on Education

There is a concerted attack on education throughout the US; Florida, DC, Georgia, Ohio, Wisconsin, Idaho and etc.
As a NATIONAL organization it would be stupid for the NEA, who I give money as part of my dues, to sit back and allow people who have little or no real educational experience to determine the course of education.
It would be nice if someday those holy than thou education reformers would actually reform rather than promote their own agenda and the best way to reform is to ask the people who work in the schools how to best run their school. Instead its hack after hack that comes along and drums the anti-union card.
Please refrain from the following union provided benefits gained over a hundred years and at the cost of many lives;
40 hour work week, minimum wage, health care, vision, dental, workers compensation, unemployment benefits, training benefits, student loan programs, equal opportunity laws, and etc.

When you stop feeding at the teat of Unions, you can complain all you want.

No, That Is Not Right

There is a concerted attack on UNIONS. There is a huge difference. One is like a plague on the other. Unions demand that in order to earn a living teaching you MUST give up your freedom of expression and you MUST support the politics of the socialist (and Communist in some cases) union bosses.

The NFL Has a Union...

So, are all the players socialists and communists too?

How about all those cops and firefighters?

When they sign with the union, do they sign a paper that says they will pledge their allegiance to socialism?

This is the problem when we start to overgeneralize.


HP stands to make big bucks if these laws stands. Could they be the donor that wants to remain unknown???

You're referencing a YouTube Video?

Did you reply to that email from a Nigerian Prince wanting to give you millions as well? Wow, the internets are a powerful tool, but you can't believe everything you see and hear. Look up the WHOLE speech and it will give you a perspective on what he really said. Not the edited version put up on YouTube where my 6 and 9 year old watch Justin Beiber and Taylor swift videos. Lord help us.

For the most part, I know where the IEA money is coming

from and their motivation behind spending on this. Is there anyone who doesn't know who the IEA represents?

On the other hand, I have no idea where the EVI money is coming from or what this organization does, other than function as a secret PAC.

OK. So What?

Does it matter and why? Who cares if HP or any other potential vendor provded ALL the money for the pro campaign? Why would it matter? The unions provided the money for the anti-campaign. It does not matter. People like you and I know, so what?

Wow. If you don't understand the basics, I'm not sure I can

explain it to you. Do you know what the Sunshine Laws are and why they were passed? Maybe you should start with that. Look up Chapter 66 of the Idaho Code. Let me get you started...

67-6601. PURPROSE OF THE ACT. The purpose of this act is:
(a) To promote public confidence in government; and
(b) To promote openess in government and avoiding secrecy by those giving financial support to state election campaigns and those promoting or opposing legislation or attempting to influence executive or administrative actions for compensation at the state level.

How many teachers does IEA

How many teachers does IEA represent? IEA won't publish that information. Why not? Is it because over the last decade they have been attracting more members from among school custodians and lunchroom workers than professional educators?

I don't know how many members they have.

If you take a look at their website, they clearly state that their members include school workers. No surprise to me.

Ben Ysursa

Will be fired for not going along with the GOP good-ol'-boy agenda, just like Pam Lowe.

He won't get fired

He is elected by the citizens of Idaho, not appointed by the Governor. He can't be fired by anyone but the voters.

You really think

that will protect him?

They'll just find a way to oust him, or find a fringe conservative to run against him. Idaho voters elected Luna, after all.

Sure, the ultras might try to beat him in the next election

But they can't fire him like Lowe.

Oh, Stow It.

All of this braindead wet and flatulent routine is enough to spook a tailgunner!

If it all died tomorrow I wouldn't bury it so I could photograph it's rotting in time-lapse!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<


is an elected official, he can be voted out of office not fired, but why would anyone, regardless of party affiliation, want to get rid of someone with integrity, honesty and someone that follows the letter of the law and intends to enforce those laws? This is not rare in Idaho, but it is refreshing when elected officials work for all of the people in Idaho and not just special interests.

Could it be HP

Could the reason that it's so important to keep the donor secret is because it's HP who just got the laptop computer contract?? Or maybe just another of companies who donated to Luna and would benefit from his plan>

Keep Asking about HP's Involvement, Voltaire

I've been wondering about that question all day. If these laws pass and we find out it was someone with a conflict of interest (which is what it's smelling like), all we can do is be outraged...Again.

Hopefully the ruling and report come before we vote.

I would guess more than a few would question voting YES if HP were on the list.

And What if it's LENOVO??? EDIT: NOPE HP...


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Ben Is Messing in His Bed

Anytime a Republican does ANYTHING that enables the unions to defeat Republican goals he is on a downward tilt. Unions are hated and considered the enemy and for very good reasons. Why Ben is doing this is almost irrelavant. But he can retire anytime I think so it may not matter to him. Now that that is out of the way, the pro people ought to have complied with the law. Who really cares where the money came from - other than union thugs and big shot union bosses back east?

So. we should just ignore the law?

As long as we are fighting the unions, it is ok to ignore the law? Who really cares where the money comes from? I DO! We all should.

It Depends

Barack Obama seems to think the end justifies the means and the Democrat party agrees with him. He has done it like there was no tomorrow. So, when you are the fighting domestic enemies of our nation (radical leftists, socialists and unions) I can live with it. I would prefer the good guys follow the law but give the Democrats don't, so what? It is a minor thing. Ask any Democrat and hew will tell you to do what you want. Unions do it all the time.

Union Thug

As a union thug I'm interested to know exactly why I am evil and need to stopped.
I show up, I teach and I care about the education of kids. I pay my dues to ensure my values, as a Republican, are represented in the union, to promote safer schools, a living wage for classified staff and many more reasons.
I'm still mystified why I'm a thug for being in the union.
You need to be clear on something very important. Unions are formed by the workers to promote safer work conditions, better wages, fair treatment and etc in their work areas. This includes promoting the welfare and betterment of kids. Its the MEMBERS of a Union that tell the union bosses what they can and can't do. Therefore as a BOSS of the UNION BOSSES I'm intrigued at my level of evilness. Please enlighten me with facts and not rhetoric.

Are You

a big shot socialist union boss? If you go back and read everything I have ever written about abusive unions I have never said anything about local membership. My squawk is about the bosses and their influence over how locals are operated and the lack of control locals have in ammending contracts when thier jobs are at stake. I also have heart burn with tax supported public employees who have undue influence, the right to strike or can force thier will on thier fellow employees. It is about freedom not servitude.

Yes I am

except for the socialist part.
You whine a lot about unions, rarely if ever give substantive evidence of abuses that occur. Nor have you been able to prove that said abuses don't occur in government systems or corporate systems.
I have never had the NEA tell me what I can and cant do, on the contrary its the Delegate Assemblies and Representative (see that non socialist term) Assembly that TELL THE UNION BIG SHOTS what they can and CAN'T Do.
If you stopped whining about whatever it was that screwed you over so bad so many years ago you might not suck.


Now you are saying the unions are not corrupt. Did you graduate from an accredited high school? On second thought, you may not have heard. Unions would not have allowed teachers to teach kids THAT part about the movement. OK. Just for you. Unions give bullies a bad name. But, you really ought to do some home work if you really don't know. Google "union corruption crime". Do some independant reading.

Google Corporate Greed...

...and you'll see the need for someone to represent the workers.

Time to reread The Jungle.

What does "accredited" have to do with anything?

Now you are exposed as a pulp fiction author.

Stick to football, my friend.


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Stop deflecting. Stick to the subject at hand

The issue has nothing to do with Obama or any other president.

This is an Idaho election and EVERYONE should have to comply with the law. If you don't believe that, then I have absolutely no sympathy for you when someone you oppose uses the exact same tactic against you.

Look at the bigger picture here. We are talking about transparency in election financing. If we don't think the laws apply to both sides, then we don't deserve to even have elections.

The Bigger Issue

This is always about the freedom for a person to chose, which is absolutely opposed by union big shots. Unions take that away from you. They demand compliance whether you like it or not and will deprive you of your right to earn a living if you do not go along with thier demands. That is tyranny. It is un-American. It is evil.

Your comment is so full of ignorance of reality, I wonder how

someone like you can actually function in society.

"No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government." Neil Peart

What is really startling

What is really startling about your comment is its hypocrisy, considering the argument - the first amendment right of association - that was used by the right wing of the Republican party to eliminate the open primary.

In Idaho, due to Right to Work, unions are nothing more than worker associations. So what you are saying is that people you agree with can associate together and work together, but workers, whom you don't agree with, apparently, cannot.

That's absurd!

Moreover, if the money came from an eastern corporation, would it be any different? If the money came from a Chinese computer company, owned by the Red Army, would it be any different?

Here Is the Difference.

Primaries are for political parties. Casual observers and those who do not belong to one have no right to demand admittance. Right to work means thug unions can't force you to join if you do not want to. You have the FREEDOM to join or not. The socialist teacher UNION big shots ponied up $1.6 million and the pro people scraped up a paltry $250K or so? Where is the justice in that? You don't hear conservatives whining and crying about all that money do you you? We just hate unions for good reasons but where the money comes from? That is small potatoes.

So, back to my original question

You think it is OK to ignore the law as long as you agree with those breaking it? It's OK to break the law if we are fighting unions? No deflection please...

Who Sets the Rules?

Demcorats in Washington DC set the example and I am OK with following it. Unions do it all the time. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If you don't like it, stop it.

This is an Idaho law. The rule was set by the voters of Idaho!

This has nothing to do with Democrats in Washington DC.

Ysursa is trying to stop it in Idaho and I support him.

Your statement shows you are no different from those you scorn. You have no problem breaking the law as long as it meets your political agenda. Absolutely amazing.

77% of Idahoans set the rules

77% of Idahoans at the time voted this law into effect. This is Idaho. This has nothing to do with Democrats or DC. Try to stay focused.

Union Thug Here

Let's see, the majority of people are not stupid enough to vote straight party lines. They prefer to use their brain and choose the best candidate for the position, just because there is a R or D or L doesn't say everything about the person. Socialist Union? Really. I have never heard that the NEA, AFT or other associations have demanded a socialist type education system. That would require standardized testing...oh wait...my fellow Republicans are doing that right now. Can you not being an idiot and realize that the $1.6 mil doesn't come from Union BIG SHOTS. It comes from millions of teachers and staff that have given the association the money to defend education. It came from me and many more like me from a portion of my dues. BTW as a conservative whining about BIG SHOTS and 1.6 mil you really voided the whining and crying, oh and the CORPORATE EDUCATION Big Shots do whine about it.
Once again you hate me and my union, I'd really like a listing of vile, evil things I do that you hate.

You Folks Are

considered "indepenadants" which tranlates into Libertarian in Idaho. Libertarians have a party. Pay your dues and live with your candidate.

Independents and Libertarians are not the same thing

At least I am guessing you meant to say independent. I have no idea what "indepenadants" are. It appears you don't even understand who the parties are, let alone what they stand for.

He understands the following:

Narrow mindedness
(ok we'll stop there so he doesn't feel too picked on by his betters)
BTW what makes me better?
1. Marine
2. Teacher
3. Republican who actually understands government and the value of a multi-party system in a Democratic-Republic (don't try to play the we are a Democracy card)
4. Father and husband
5. You being you.

Dang Democrats

If you can't argue the points, attack the opposition. It seems my 8th grade debate teacher taught me that. Good teacher. Not a union member either. That was a long time ago.

It's a shame your debate teacher didn't teach you to prepare

arguments that are relevent to the subject matter or how to stay focused on the topic at hand. You frequently attack the opposition and try to deflect.

You folks?

I have voted as a Republican in every election since 1986. I have helped republicans run for office in this state. I value limited government, a helping hand rather than a hand out and the other tenents of being what a Republican is politically.
But, if you think just because someone has an R means their awesome and someone with a D is evil. You are part of the problem, not the solution.
Voting straight party line is a recipe for being a sheep who doesn't advocate for anything other than a party affiliation.

Whining that one side couldn't raise funds for bad laws

Strangely enough, we seem to agree on something: that people in Idaho have the freedom to join a union, just as they have the freedom to join a political party. In each case, the people who join get to vote on who runs the party or the union.

The point you make about the No on 1, 2, and 3 side raising more money than the Yes on 1, 2 and 3 side hardly provides a reason for opposing this freedom. Indeed, I would submit that the reason the Yes side has had so much difficulty with fundraising is that the laws are fundamentally flawed. They don't represent Republican goals, at least not well. They're just the result of a guy who is in over his head attempting some worthwhile tasks badly.

These laws should be voted down. Then, maybe, we can set about getting new ones passed that make sense. For example, why should we purchase laptops for every child, when many parents will do that on their own? It makes more sense to set some technical requirements and buy laptops for those that truly cannot afford them. The same goes for administrators. Can you give me a reason to buy a laptop for the senior administrators of the Meridian school system?

Similarly, why not set up a pay for performance system in negotiation with the teachers -- i.e., get them on board, rather than set up a system that pits the voters against the teachers.

Was Reagan a union thug?

By the way, Ronald Reagan used to speak proudly of having not only been a member of an AFL-CIO union - the Screen Actors Guild, I believe - but of having been its president for a time. Did that make him a union thug or a union boss, as you so derisively call them?


facts scare narrow minded people.

Face it, what union haters care about the most is the MONEY they can make if unions weren't around.
Meanwhile most Unions, some do need reigning in, care about fairness, safety and more people being able to live in the middle class than in the lower class.