Boise Education activists endorse Durst

Branden Durst, state Senate candidate in South and Southeast Boise’s Dist. 18 picked up an endorsement from Michael Lanza and Sue Lovelace, co-chairs of the recent successful Boise School District levy campaign.

Lanza, the chair of Vote No on Propositions 1, 2, 3, the campaign to defeat the Luna laws said, “Branden Durst is a passionate advocate for public schools and an ardent opponent of the Luna laws, which restrict local control of schools and impose an unfunded state mandate requiring that all Idaho students take unproven online courses to graduate from high school. Branden is the kind of voice for positive change that we need in the state Senate, and he's in a critical race against an incumbent who voted for the Luna laws — despite overwhelming opposition from his constituents. I urge all parents and anyone who cares about public schools to support and vote for Branden Durst for Senate from District 18."

“Branden fought for our schools and the levy and I'm confident he will continue to keep appropriate school funding a priority,” said Lovelace, who lives in Dist. 18.

“I am thankful to be endorsed by two important voices for education. There is so much at stake in this election and I hope that all District 18 residents are aware of the clear contrast between me and my opponent on the issue of supporting our public schools.” said Durst.

Durst, who served as a state representative in the past, faces Republican Mitch Toryanski in the Nov. 6 race.

wow how shocking

wow, how shocking that the no campaign folks are endorsing Branden Durst. I guess its a good thing that Durst is running during the whole Props 1,2,and3 thing because if he wasnt I doubt he would have anything to run on.


Just waiting for Toryanski to announce his endorsement by Tom Luna and the Yes campaign. Will do him a lot of good in District 18 where people care about education, not just education profits.

Thanks for proving my point

Thanks for proving my point qwertyman! Not even you can speak about Dursty without riding on the anti education reform bandwagon and spewing forth their partisan propaganda.

I was curious

Dursty. Dursty? I can see who the grown-ups in the room are. :-)


I mean, it would be about as mature as calling a politician named Marcus "Mar-klutz". Or one named Brody "Bro-dumb." Wouldn't really seem very professional or convincing to me.

I'll say this; if you are right about Durst, Mitch shouldn't have anything to worry about. And if you're wrong, you can always hope that he'll skate by and that no one will notice.

For the sale of consistency....

If you disagree with how Obamacare passed the senate, you should probably be against how Luna strong armed this legislation as well. I don't think anyone's anti reform, but this is decimation of Ed, not reform. Branden knows that. The voice of the Bench and southeast Boise is ill-served by Mitch.

small hickup

small hickup in your point....Durst supports Obamacare.

@qwertyman...yes I concede that referring to Former Representative Branden J. Durst of Boise Idaho (there is that a little more grown up of me?)as "Dursty" may come across as less than grown-up but I have a hard time looking at him and taking him serious as an adult. He just always reminds me of a young immature child still in college, thus a child pet name is applicable.

But once again you guys are proving my point, @qwertyman cant talk about the subject at hand so reverts to talking about petnames. @beninboise really proves my point by once again as I put it earlier "Not even you can speak about Dursty without riding on the anti education reform bandwagon and spewing forth their partisan propaganda."

I'm talking about you 208:

I'm talking about people like you who obviously support the Luna laws but not Obamacare. But good try. It's not ironic at all that you call Dursty child-like while being hands down the more childlike of the two......and if by propaganda you mean the thoughtful consideration and analysis of what the result of buying laptops and laying off teachers would be.... Then yes, propaganda it is.

Have You Even Read The Props 1,2,3

I keep hearing hype from radio ads, and peoples posts in forums demonizing these propositions. I hear stuff like: It is going to take parents out of the drivers seat, we are going to be laying off teachers, these laptops are going to cost money we don't have, they will replace teachers, and will all get broken.

It seems like a lot of miss information to me... if you actually read the propositions they seem to be trying to make our schools more efficient rather than just try to throw money we don't have at our problems. According to :

Idaho is ranked 47th in our level of education. This to me says we need to make changes in order to be a competitive state as far as education is concerned. We can't do the same old things we have already done, because we are going to get the same results. These propositions brings some great changes to our education system that will allow us to raise our level of education. If we want to improve our economy we need to take care of this issue or residents will go elsewhere. We do not have any more money, so we need to work smarter.

Prop 1 - put parents more in control of their childrens education, focus on teacher preformance not seniority, and reduces the control unions have over our education.

Prop 2 - makes sure we are rewarding our teaches that work hard a make a difference,

Prop 3 - makes sure students and teachers have the techonology needed to be competitive with other states in the union, as well as giving students a legup by allowing them to take up to a years worth of colleg by the time they graduate.

These are needed changes by our state that will make our our state more competitive, and bring the focus of education back to the student, parents, and teachers that are working hard to educate our children.


I just wanna know how you get those bullets to show up? (before you changed it).

regarding bullets

I wrote the original post in word, but it was to large and did not publish the entire thing, so I shortened it and summarized the bullet points...

It's Idaho, there are bullets EVERYWHERE!


Celebrating five years and one screen ID >|<

Prop 3 - will make Idaho

Prop 3 - will make Idaho taxpayers pay $10 million more in the next 9 months - $10 million that the legislature has no idea where to find. And that's only the start of the money Idaho taxpayers will be required to pour into prop 3.