Sophomore Tyler Horn the latest young Boise State defensive end to emerge; Big East's place in new bowl system in doubt

By Chadd Cripe
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Boise State sophomore defensive end Tyler Horn of Mountain View High has come on strong in recent weeks.

He started for the first time last week with Demarcus Lawrence suspended. Horn made a sack, his second this year, and was part of a defensive line that pressured UNLV quarterback Nick Sherry all day.

“Every game I feel more comfortable and more confident,” said Horn, who played as a true freshman last season. “I just feel good out there. Experience is everything. Just trying to improve every day is what my mindset is right now.”

Horn plays about half the snaps in games even as a backup, but he said he was “fired up” to start last week.

“Playing next to (defensive tackle Mike Atkinson) was kind of nice,” he said. “He takes up a lot of attention.”

Horn has 12 tackles, 4.5 tackles for loss, a pass breakup and a fumble recovery this season. He made seven tackles, 2.5 tackles for loss and 1.5 sacks last season.

“He has taken a step, and it’s good to see,” coach Chris Petersen said. “That freshman year, especially in that D-line, things can be kind of tough. He’s starting to take the next step in terms of details and actually getting off of blocks and chasing the quarterback. He’s a guy who is very conscientious. He cares a lot. He practices hard. It’s starting to show up on Saturdays.”

Horn is part of a young group of ends who have made a big impact this season. Lawrence, a sophomore transfer, leads the team with 5.5 sacks. Sam Ukwuachu, a redshirt freshman, is tied for the national lead with three fumble recoveries. And junior Kharyee Marshall, who didn’t play much the past two seasons, is coming on strong.

Horn predicted as much the week of the season opener, telling me: “We’ve got a lot of talent, I’d say. We all bring something a little different to the table, but overall I think we’re pretty talented and we’re pretty hungry to get out there and play and just prove people wrong about our young D-line.”

Asked now why he was so confident, Horn said: “I just saw a bunch of guys who wanted to get better. We compete all the time.”

Defensive line coach Andy Avalos also likes the work habits he’s seen from the group.

“They’ve just been really working hard and really putting the time in to learn these techniques and study film,” Avalos said. “They’ve really been good students of the game. They’ve been very receptive to (defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski) and myself in the things we’re trying to get done with them. The biggest thing is they just go out there and have fun and want to learn and play fast.”

Avalos credited the veteran linemen like Atkinson, tackle/end Darren Koontz, tackle Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe and tackle Greg Grimes for helping the young ends develop.

“When we came into fall camp, there was a noticeable difference with the fundamentals and the techniques and we just tried to build off that,” Avalos said.


Here is a video of ESPN’s BCS guru, Brad Edwards, talking about Boise State’s BCS hopes this year.

A couple highlights:

— “I think I’m in the majority by saying Boise State was robbed last year. … They should have been in the Sugar Bowl.”

— “In some respects, there would be a little bit of justice in Boise State maybe getting in a BCS game this year when they don’t deserve it.”

— “In a way, I’m kind of rooting for Boise State to get there because I’d like to see them get what they didn’t get a year ago. … I think Boise State has a decent chance to get there.”


True freshman defensive tackle Armand Nance got some extra playing time last week because of Lawrence’s absence. Avalos expects to use him more going forward.

“He’s getting better every practice,” Avalos said. “He’s just got to continue to build and learn the defense, learn the scheme and the fundamentals like he has been, and we’ll keep throwing him out there more and more. … One thing about Armand — he’s going to play hard. And he’s very explosive. He’s physical. He’s got some great natural things going on for himself.”


ESPN reported Wednesday that negotiations to create a seventh big-money bowl as part of the new playoff format have hit a snag. The game was supposed to provide guaranteed access for the highest-ranked champion from the five conferences without contracted spots in the new bowl system — the Big East, Mountain West, Conference USA, Sun Belt and Mid-American.

Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco said Saturday in Boise that he expected the game to become a reality and that the Big East should have a team in the game nearly every year.

He also said the game was critical for the Big East.

“This is a really important breakthrough for the Big East,” Aresco said. “The Big East deserves this. … If you don't have that, then the perception of you might be different.”

It’s unclear what kind of access the Big East would have to the system without the seventh bowl. A Big East team would qualify automatically for the semifinals if it finished among the top four teams in the country, but many of the other eight spots are spoken for by the five contracted conferences — the Pac-12, Big 12, Big Ten, ACC and SEC.


Todd Christensen is the color commentator for Saturday’s CBS Sports Network broadcast. Boise State originally listed Aaron Taylor.

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Seventh big-money bowl game.

The Big East might be left out? Boise State football,needs to represent the Mountain West.This soap opera has gone on long enough,anyone surprised?Bob what do you think of the report from ESPN ?

Hate to say I told you so, but....

I told you so....

Big East will be a Big Mistake....

LOL ugly

just like a magician at a Birthday party. Focus on BSU's conference situation and deflect from UI.

laughable. Imagine any vandal anywhere having anything to add about BSU.

Ugly, your house is on fire. Ours is quite fine. Big East= better TV money. And that is all CFB is about.

But as a vandie I guess you could never understand that.

funk has

explained it to him roughly 3 dozen times. i realize that is probably an inadequate amount of education on the topic for ugly but still.

I'm kinda at the point

of giving up on ugly. I can put up with his lack college football knowledge (along with other things). But his constant whining about Broncos bashing Vandals is making him sound like, dare I say, a "housewife pretended".

Φ Dont' want to pile on.

No need any longer. Did have a good laugh at your comment. Instead of a Jiminy Cricket we get Jiminy Parrot® (registered to Razor's Discount Outdoor Supply and Pressure Wash Emporium).

B1234567 - I'm kinda at the point

of thinking you guys in the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight are 'liberals'.

I saw this a little bit ago and it reminded me very much of meeting you and razor and B81 and RM, in Boise about a year ago.

Now I know why you guys got paper sacks sticking out of your pockets.

I knew there was a common name for your kind of gang, but I had no idea it was 'liberals'.


Thanks for your input Lindsey

Drive safe......

B123456789 - You have made my day

Thank you for taking the time to read, understand, and respond to my earlier post (above).

In addition, thank you for caring enough about me to want me to drive safely.

Your caring for me, means a lot to me.

If there is anything else I can write or post that will provide you with a deeper and richer education and philosphical enlightenment from that which you are accustomed to at BSU, please let me know what topic areas you are deficient in, so I can structure my topics accordingly, in an effort to help you learn thilngs.

Just let me know and I can begin opsting some stuff for you to learn.

If you want, also, let ugly or SIF know what you want to learn, also.

I am sure there are many things you don't know that we Vandals may be of service to you and help you learn many things.

Again thanks for wanting me to drive safely.

Your Buddy and Teacher/Mentor # 3,


PS - I am # 3 and ugly is # 2 and SIF is # 1. It is just a numbering system we have to keep us Vandals all identified as being different but the same. However, the depth of knowledge and ability to teach you and mentor Broncos is equally rich in all three of us Vandals - we just use some different numbers is all. I think you will get used to it, in time.

gee VNDL

should you be going on a public forum offering to service someone?
What if you want to deny it later?
think man, for God's sake -THINK!

VNDL....I thought Liberals loved to steal from the

rich and give it to the poor....

Why dont they suggest skimming some of the Bronco profits and provide it to others in need in this state, such as Idaho and ISU....

Or better yet ugly

Why doesn't BSU just "sell" some bonds and give the money to UofI........

I think I'm on a roll......

P2....Read article above....isnt that what I posted on just

3-4 days ago....

In the Big East, yes there will be more tv revenue at the start....

Read above article and you will start understanding alittle bit of what Ugly has been saying all along....

ugly - it willl provide more opportunities for

Bronco Nation members to go to games.

As has been reported in the past, there are 4 living Bronco Nation members in Maine and 3 in Delaware. These people will have a better/increased/maximized opportunity to go to Bronco games that are being held in cities on the East Coast, as opposed to California, or Oregon, or Nevada.

People such as these people just can't afford to get on a plane and fly out to the West to watch the BSU Broncos play. Broncomania has to be imported to them.

As we know, most members of Bronco Nation live in Boise and are rich beyond compare and travelling to distant cities East of the Mississippi River to watch Bronco games is no big deal to them as far as spending money is concerned. They will get 6 opportunities per season to do it (away games at Big East cities). The Seventh Trip would be to a Bowl somewhere. So only 7 trips or basically one trip every 2 months throughout the year. Bronco Nation members can surely spend that type of money.

Presient Kustra has loooked at the numbers and BSU will make more money by having the Broncos go to the Big East, regardless if they get into a bowl game or not. The money is there.

Whatever President Kustra does, will be having the best financial interests of Boise and its team, in mind, as the Broncos are the revenue generating arm of BSU. The Bronco Football Team is a Profit Center for President Kustra.

As members of Bronco Nation, we all have to get used to the fact that joining the Big East, while seemingly reducing our ability to follow the Broncos, in all actuality increases the amount of money BSU gets, in the long run.

Reember - it is not about the success or failure of the Bronco Football Team - it is about how much profit can be maximized from the members of Bronco Nation who buy the Bronco Gear, season tickets, TV packages, and such.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - Thank you in advance to razor, B12345, B81, and RM for commenting on my post. Your having read it and commenting on it continues to validate the fact that you find my postings to be of value in your lives.

Thanks for your useless input Lindsey

Drive safely.....

B12345 - Once more

Again, thank you for taking the time to read and comment about my post and writing.

I know you are addicted to my writing and posts and cannot help but comment about them.

Am I wrong?

What say you?


VNDL....Here is my take on the Big East and I would be

interested on your take too....

Cant ask B-stats or radar cause they are in love with it from the tv deal alone....

I fully understand the tv deal....but that is where it an extra $5M to $8M tv bonus really the end result? A contiunuance of BCS Bowls will make Boise much more than the Big East, as I told B-stats and friends of B-stats, that the Big East will be a BCS dead end starting in 2014....why a BCS dead end? Very simple--I told B-stats and friends of B-stats that the Big East would have to share the one and only BCS Bowl with at least 4 other longer a 'best' non-AQ anymore....

Well B-stats and friends of B-stats mocked and laughed at that....calling Ugly stupid....doesnt this article today just about confirm where the BCS and Big East is heading?

B-stats and friends of B-stats laughed when I said there will be 4 main conferences and 1 minor one hogging the main BCS Bowls, minus 1 spot....and that one spot is to be shared with the Big East, MAC, CUSA, MWC, and maybe one or two others....

The only way for Boise is either the tops of at least 3 other conferences, or rated in top 4 of BCS....thus, in the future Boise's biggest revenue increase will be from this tv deal and then it ends....

Thus, the 4 team playoff system will hurt Boises chances because there is no more AQ or Non-AQ and the ratings will reflect alot more of whom plays whom....the Big East with its defectors wont be rated as high as playing a SEC team....


That has been my take since the the Big12 and SEC announced their own bowl game. It just seemed after that idea gained traction the conversation then became how the big 5 conferences would use the new system to seperate themselves.


The 4 team playoff system does make the chances for Boise for an NC or one of the major 6 BCS Bowls alittle more slimmer....

An 8 team playoff system, the Big East and Boise would of had great chances....

ugly - Maybe BSU should be a SEC team after all?l

I understand what you are saying.

It is just that I don't really care about whether or not BSU makes any more money or not off of Bronco Football or what conference the Broncos are in. If BSU sinks as a academic college - so what? No big loss to the futures of young Idahoans. I mean Dude, like, Big Whoop, if we learn they shut the doors on the Chick Filet at the Boise SUB.

All I care about is the BSU Broncos winning a National Championship.

If BSU has poor academics and fools graduate from there, so be it. I am not gonna hire any of their graduates, so I don't care whether they are productive members of Idaho society or not. Welfare is on its way out so they are gonna have to get real jobs and probably move out of state to get those jobs.

By my way of thinking - it makes as much sense logically - for the BSU Broncos to be members of the SEC than the Big East. Actually, if we 'fib' a bit, it makes even 'more' sense cuz Boise is a Southern college in our Great State. We refer to the multitudes of nonnatives as 'carpetbaggers'.

Let the Broncos join the SEC and let the Boise graduates go to Florida and get jobs own there.

We can have our cake and eat it too - if the Boise Broncos join the SEC and the Boise Graduates go to the South and leave Idaho behind. It is a win-win for all of us.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

PS - I do remember waaaay back when, when you and I and SIF were discussing the creation of several new Superconferences and how the BCS was going to have to change to survive.

It appears as though we have been 'spot on.

VNDL....Your continual statement about Broncos of....

VNDL has said over 100 times,...."All I care about is the BSU Broncos winning a National Championship"....

That statement is very provactive....

How come it is only the Vandals that are saying that about Bronco Football and the ultimate prize of an NC? Do Bronco Fans want an NC, or are they just satisfied with tv deals, the Big East, and beating a 1-7 UNLV wearing Black Uniforms?

Yes, much of what us Vandals have talked about have been 'spot' on and we are now seeing it today. Does not the Common Bronco Fan realize that the BCS busting system of the non-AQ and playing in Big BCS Bowl is gone? Now, not only do you have to win the Big East Conference, but you also must be rated in the top 4 to have any chance at all. Plus you must also standout 'better' that the other little sisters with the Big East, such as CUSA, MAC, and MWC....

Thus, the BCS rating system of Coaches, Harris, and Computer will change drastically....

But Im not sure the Common Bronco Fan understands this, or even long as they got the Vandulls, they are happy campers....

Ugly, although you have put some dumb stuff on here...

This line takes the cake;

"I fully understand the tv deal....but that is where it an extra $5M to $8M tv bonus really the end result? A contiunuance of BCS Bowls will make Boise much more than that..."

One, do you really think that the MWC is going to have a "continuance of BSC bowls"?


Two, name the last school to take home $5-8M from a BCS bowl..

Now, I know you won't answer these, because you don't answer real questions. And I know your little buddy will jump in here and try and protect his little minion by changing the subject. But at least I know I've done my bit to try and educate the uneducated.

Todd Christensen?????


Guess I'll be listening to this week's game on the radio and watching it on TV

Surprised you actually

found a TV you liked enough to buy!

Bottom line..

Well duh! Nobody is going to host a big money bowl and pay the bucks for the stinkeroo champ of the Big Least Conference. Cupcake State left out of the big stage again. Time to schedule more cupcakes. Boo hoo nobody will play us because they are scared.

Hey pony...

A keyboard is a terrible thing to waste.....

Funny ...

It only took you 3 minutes to respond - me thinks you need to get a life besides being a Cupcake State football honk 24/7 - is that you coach "Cupcake"?

"get a life"!

You come in here constantly and post about a team you have repeatedly said you could care less about.....

Does "practice what you preach" ring a bell?

Bad Mood....

bad, bad, bad, mood....

I think BSU4342 is in a bad

mood today....

Probably saw the polls where Romney is leading....

Also good job to Horn, sounds like BSU has many young ones for the years 2013 and 2014....

Actually Ug...

I'm in a great mood today...

No your not !!!!

My online Human Psychology has a chapter of what you are going through....

You are using reverse say in good mood when can tell by your last 10 posts....mood has changed, thus mood swings....

Dont worry....In Orange Bowl they now have Oklahoma v Boise that would be a very good one and would also draw very high ratings....

PS....just saw a poll where Romney only leading by 7 points, thus hope for some that want more debt....

Ugly, fact check...

It's now the FIESTA Bowl that has the Broncos and the Sooners.

Psych is for wimps, stop whining and you and I are good.

Drop the politics, you have to do more than read page 2 of the Magic Valley times.

Had lunch yesterday in L.A. with some heavy Romney supporters. Don't believe everything you read.

Won't happen ...

Jerry Palm at CBS sports is a whacko (he now has USC in the title game). Nobody else has Cupcake State projected to a BCS Bowl. Cupcake State's pathetic schedule won't get the computer numbers required to get to either the #16 or #12 BCS ranking. Michigan State is sinking fast and Wyoming, CSU, and Hawaii games will hurt far more than help in the computers(as they should) - sorry. If your gutless AD or coach would grow a pair and schedule somebody the story might be different but again unfortunately the players will get hosed because they never had a chance to prove their worth against real competition. Boo hoo noboby will play us because they are scared.

Pony, this post, and this post alone.

shows how little you really know about college football.

You should probably post less and take notes more........

Ugly - regarding his mood swings

I think that is not good news.

It could mean some real serious physicological problems and complications.

Maybe bad mood because he found out the Viagra isn't working any more and amputation is being thrown out on the table as a Last Ditch Option.

I know they have small scapels at St Alphonsus in Boise, but not sure about St. Luke's, though. I am guessing they will perform it at St. Al's, just to be on the safe side.

Go Broncos.


BAA Member # 63799

VNDL....Limpness can definitely affect one's

mood, and even mojo....

Now in my mid-50s when people remind me of my balding spot, it even affects my mood....I hate clothing stores cause they always have mirrors....when looking at front mirror there is always a back mirror, and guess what, it shows my bald spot--and that affects my mood....

You might be on to something so we should show true concern....

You two finally found

a subject you have a little knowledge in

Good for you......

Well kinda think the bcs haters got what they wanted..

playoffs. But at the same time they now realize that the chance to play in a big bowl is about gone unless your in a big boy conference. I'm beginning to think people either dont follow college football or forget the history of college football or have their eyes wide shut? Playoff deal was about like the move to MWC. Everything that will/would happen is right there in plain sight. Utah was gone the day we accepted an invitation to the MWC, TCU was rumored to be talking to Big East, the Big East never had a big bowl tie-in before the bcs.
Its all right there to see. Lets just get on to more "exciting times" in the Big East, play some football, win conference championships and be happy we make it to a bowl somewhere.

iffiy....what you are trying to say in round-about way is that

the Big East could be a Dead End for the Broncos, with the exception of that all important tv deal....

I dont understand why more Broncos dont see this....maybe they just dont care?

Well put iffiy...

The BCS deal is out of our hands. But we can move on to better conference money, better conference schedules, and better conference bowl games (money and matchups).

A Lot Of Ugly Vandals.....

on here today. I think you must be getting more depressed everyday now knowing the Vandals will never again play in a bowl game at any level. While I agree BSUs chances of bowl games will be limited, at least they have a chance and a future. I have almost forgotten that we had another college in Idaho at Idaho State. I pretty much think in five years, football fans in Idaho will forget all about the Vandals once they join Division II. Heck, i can't even tell you the coach's name now that coach Gump is gone.


Not true....we Vandals know that Vandal football has along ways to go....

I root for the Vandals, but I know they are down now....You dont have to be anti-Vandal to be can be pro to both of those schools....

To me, college football is just entertainment and something to do....I went to Idaho for my education, football was something to watch and root for....

Like this Friday Night football....the Nevada v Air Force should be fun to will show if Nevada is real or will show if Nevada will give Boise a serious game, or not....

Im becoming more Bronco all the time....Im finding watching the Broncos beat an 0-8 souther miss just as exciting as if the Broncos were in an NC match with Georgia....Im a Bronco, I see no difference between the two....

you is no bronco

you make to much since