Idaho PUC approves Idaho Power energy efficiency expenses

Idaho Power Co. and its customers saved enough energy to power for a year more than 12,900 homes in 2011 and the Idaho Public Utilities Commission approved its program.

The Commission ruled that the vast majority of more than $42 million in expenses Idaho Power Co. paid to promote energy efficiency and reduce demand were prudent.

The decision does not impact customer rates, but it signals the commission’s approval for the expenses incurred to operate 20 demand-side management programs funded by a 4 percent rider on customer bills. Seventeen of the programs offer customers financial incentives to use energy more efficiently while three of the programs reduce demand on the company’s system by shifting energy use to off-peak times of the day.

The programs include financial incentives for customers to invest in efficient lighting, heating and cooling efficiencies, air conditioner cycling and irrigation load control. The programs reduced demand by 403 megawatts, a 20 percent increase over 2010 levels.

It's just a matter of time

before we go to time-of-day billing. Maybe that's not a bad thing, considering peak demand in the summer is more than twice that of low demand times in the spring and fall.

People need to realize you can't run your A/C full blast, plus your oven, clothes dryer, etc. in the evening on a hot summer day.

I already do a lot of clothes at 3 am. What'cha want?


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