Plans for Halloween grand opening of reborn Bouquet put on ice

The Bouquet's downward spiral into nightlife irrelevance has been a painful-to-witness exercise in squandered potential. During the last few years, it’s felt like one thing after another for the long-running music venue, which has been a part of Downtown Boise for decades: Is it open? Is it closed? Does anyone still care?


A few people do. (Though I suspect that number declines by the day.) There’s been a modest amount of excitement about the club’s supposed rebirth as The Ice Bouquet, a nightclub that had announced a grand opening Halloween party happening Oct. 27. Even if it does appear that the new Bucket would be more akin to China Blue II than the fondly remembered (to me) live-music chameleon club of the past.

But … no.

Despite the fact that advance tickets had been put on sale Oct. 10, The Ice Bouquet’s grand opening Halloween party has been canceled. It’s just the latest in a string of sad trombone “waah waah waahs” that you can imagine pouring from the Bucket’s underused P.A.

The Ice Bouquet’s Facebook page blames construction and indicates that the place will open eventually with an even better grand opening bash — in the "future." Wisely, no date was provided. Not even a year.

Hey, I’m rooting for the place to open. I don’t care if it’s an Ice Bouquet or an actual flower shop. Just open. And don’t mess with that mahogany back bar.

What do you think? Will the downtrodden Bouquet finally be reopened, like, for reals? And if it does, will it succeed in its reinvention as a “fancier” club catering to the see-and-be-seen crowd?

Ah, the good ol' days. Remember when Fishbone played there? And Thomas Dolby? And Derek Trucks? And Jazz is Dead? And Prong? And a billion other acts?

Been There

I was in the building today, and I will predict that the grand opening can be measured in weeks, not years. Of course, there is always the unpredictable when it comes to satisfying governmental regulations. So, weeks could become months, but far short of a year, I am certain.

I remember the first year I was here

it was still the bucket..and people would throw change up on top of the bar..and once a year the owner would sweep it down and throw the bar open..and pour drinks until that money was gone...Boise was still a small town then..when my husband moved here in 2005..I took him down there to see the bar itself..still an amazing piece of craftsman ship...but the drink were watered and SMALL and NOT cheap..haven't gone back since.